Karry One Shots

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AN: okay this will be taking place in an alternate universe for both Supergirl and Flash. Each one shot takes place in the same universe but is also its own little Karry cuteness.

First Meeting

Kara was sure she wasn't making a mistake. No matter how many times Eliza and Alex told her she was. That she should go to a local college and compute, but Kara wanted to go away. She didn't want to hide all the time. She wanted to be normal. She had enough control over her powers to be able to dorm. She also wanted to be able to spend more time with Clark than she had been able to over the last few years.

Which is why she decided to go to Metropolis University. Clark had helped her move into the dorm that morning and then had brought her out for lunch. She was happy her cousin was supporting her decision and even seemed to be happy for her as he dropped her off at the college after lunch was done.

"Wish I could spend more time with you today but I was only able to get the morning off," Clark said. "This Saturday we'll go out for dinner and I'll bring Lois."

"Does Lois know?" Kara asked a question that's been on her mind for a while.

'Yes," Clark said as he seemed to be looking through his pocket. "Ah here it is." Clark had taken out a key as he said this. "For you. It's a key to my apartment incase you ever need to get away from here. You're welcome anytime."

Clark placed the key in Kara's. "Thank you," Kara said as she took the key.

"Also if you want you can join me saving the day," Clark whispered this part to her. "I can train you."

"I think your fine without me," Kara whispered back not thinking Earth needed her to be a superhero when it had Superman.

Clark didn't say anything as he hugged Kara and then left. Kara watched him leave and headed back to her dorm room wondering if her roommate had shown up yet. That was when she first saw him.


Barry had wanted to stay local. Didn't want to be far from his wrongly imprisoned father, but plans had changed. Joe and his father had both told him he should go away. His father even mentioned going to Metropolis University knowing that was where Barry had said he wanted to go as a kid. So he had applied and been accepted. The final nail in coffin was Iris deciding to go to Metropolis University as well. Barry had given up a while ago of getting together with Iris. He knew she only thought of him as a brother and if he was honest with himself deep down he knew she was just a sister to him, but Barry had decided he wanted to be with his best friend.

"Seems your roommate is already here," Joe said to Iris as they walked into the room with boxes.

"Considering we moved Barry into his dorm first I am not surprised," Iris joked back.

"It was closer to the car," Joe said. The three had made a bit of a road trip out of coming here

Iris laughed as she put her stuff down on the other bed her roommate having taken the one closer to the window. "Well at least we got here before dark and didn't get lost," Iris said.

Barry was about to say something back but stopped because that was when he saw her. She was beautiful blonde standing in the doorway and she took the words away from him. "Um…hi…I'm um… I'm Barry," Barry said finally being able to get the words out as Joe and Iris turned around to see the girl standing there as well. 'Barry Allen."

"Hi," she said seeming nervous herself. 'I'm Kara Z…." Kara stopped herself before she said her krpytonian name. Even after six years on this planet it seemed weird not to use her own last name "Kara Danvers."

"You must be Iris's roommate," Barry said pointing at Iris but not taking his eyes off of Kara.

"Hi Iris West," Iris said holding out her hand to Kara who shook it.

"Hope you don't mind I took the bed by the window," Kara said even though her eyes were still on Barry and not Iris.

"Not at all," Iris said looking between them. "Dad don't we have some more boxes to get."

'Yeah," Joe said getting the hint and smiling to himself as the two walked out. "Wow Barry was just hit by a lightning bolt."

"I think the feeling is mutual," Iris said smiling as well.

The next few hours were spent unpacking and with Kara and Barry being completely nervous with each other. Joe was taking Barry and Iris out to dinner since he was heading back to Central City in the morning.

Once Kara was no longer near them Joe put an arm around Barry. "Want my advice. Ask her out before it's too late," Joe said making Barry blush.


Once they were gone Kara took out her cellphone and called her sister. "Are you okay?" Was the first thing Alex said when she picked up.

"Fine," Kara said. "Was just wondering if you could…" Kara paused for a second "give me some boy advice."

That was not what Alex was expecting to hear but listened as Kara told her about Barry and asked if Barry liked her. "From the sounds of it definitely," Alex said. "Seems like little Kara has her first crush as well. You should go out with him."

Kara didn't say anything back to that and the sisters spent the rest of the time talking about other things.

When Iris got back to the dorm after dinner she found Kara sitting there eating food clearly bought on campus. 'You didn't go out with your family?" Iris asked as she sat on her bed.

"My cousin had to work. We got lunch together," Kara said. "And my foster mom and sister didn't come with me here. They are back at home."

"Foster mom?" Iris asked but then nearly hit herself for asking.

"My parents died a few years back," Kara said looking down. "My only blood family is my cousin but he couldn't take me in. He set me up with friends of his though."

"I'm sorry," Iris said not knowing what else to say.

There was silent for a while and then Kara asked, "What's the deal with you and Barry? Are you two dating?"

'No," Iris said fast. "He's been my best friend for a long time. My dad took him in when we were young because of things." Iris didn't want to actually explain about Barry's dad. "So he's like a brother to me."

Kara nodded and Iris saw the smile on her face at this.

The next morning Barry came up to the two at breakfast. 'Hey," Barry said sitting next to Iris. 'Kara…. There's this…um… thing going on tonight. I think its like barbecue for all the dormers. Any interest in going…. With me?"

"Like a date?" Kara asked.

"Um… yeah… if you want," Barry said.

"I'd love to," Kara said and Barry smiled.

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