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The New Star-hero

-Early January 2023-

Amelia had to go into the office this Saturday morning, with Eric tagging along, building some of the Legos.

"Mommy," Eric said, holding up the creation and Amelia turned to look at her son. He had built a small pirate ship and Amelia smiled.

"That will be perfect for our Pirates of the Caribbean Lego ride," Amelia said with a smile to her son. The two had started their mother/son project to create a Pirates of the Caribbean Lego water ride, with moving gears to move the little boats, like one they had seen in a video online.

"If that's meant to be a pirate ship it needs a pirate flag," a new voice spoke, and Amelia looked up to see at the door of her office to see Theodore Knight standing there. She had known that the man had come over from their Opal Office for some tests on an invention, but hadn't seen him yet this visit.

"When the man is right, he is right. Go and put the flag on it," Amelia said, and Eric grabbed the Lego flag from his box and connected it to the top.

He held it out proudly so Theodore could see it. "Perfect," the man said with a smile.

"Thank you. Mommy and me are building a Lego ride. Mommy has set it up, so the water and boats move," Eric explained to the man.

"Well, she is one smart cookie your mom," Theodore said, and Eric turned back to the Legos at this. "The results from the test of our deep space telescope. We think we could set it up on Titania at the L-Corp base there."

"Thanks, Dr. Knight, I think…" Amelia began, but Theodore interrupted her.

"Please, call me Ted, or Teddy. I really don't like this 'Dr. Knight' business and Theodore is only for those who don't know me," he gave a pleasant wink to Amelia, who chuckled at this. She did like this man.

"Okay then, Ted" Amelia stated. "We would need someone to install it. Are you up for a working vacation?" Amelia asked as Ted came closer to her desk to hand over the results.

"If I could–" Ted didn't finish his sentence as both Amelia and Ted were shocked by the object smashing through a display case and flying at them. Amelia ducked before looking up – the Cosmic Staff in which the Life Force had given Barry, that Barry had asked Amelia to keep in her office, had finally activated. It was now floating in front of Ted who had put his right hand around it. The Staff all lit up at that.

"Oh, that actually makes sense," Amelia said, remembering the Staff had activated for her not long after she had shaken hands with Ted.

"What does…?" Ted asked, hand around the Staff, as Amelia got up and closed the door. Eric had looked up at the sudden sound but didn't seem interested enough to keep his attention and had turned back to his play.

"Ted… I don't know how to say this, but your life has just changed forever," Amelia said, taking out a cellphone. "But I think Supergirl, and the Flash should explain this one." Ted paused, not seeming sure what to say as Amelia got on the phone.

-Karry Universe-

Karen was flying through National City. She had left KJ at the Sanctuary today to be with his obvious mate while she was pregnant. She landed on a helicopter pad on the side of a building and smiled as three familiar people walked out: Alex, Sara, and her own mother Astra.

"Power Girl, what do you think of the new building?" Alex asked.

"Didn't the DEO just build the old building here not long ago?" Karen asked.

"We refurbished a building here. This one is entirely brand new with all the latest gadgets built instead of added later. STAR CO. shielding, L-Corp weapons, the best this planet has to offer," Alex said. "And a helicopter pad. Something we were seriously missing."

"Although we should paint a circle with the House of El symbol on it for Kryptonians to land on," Sara joked, but Karen frowned; she wore the House of Ze symbol on her outfit – her mother's house. It wasn't as big as what Kara, Clark, Connor, and even Jonny did for the House of El and easily missed, but it did differentiate Power Girl from Supergirl, for sure. She was sure she had seen dolls of her superhero counterpart without it on though.

"Is everything okay sweetie?" Astra asked. "You moved back into your apartment alright?"

"Yes," Karen said. With the new semester starting soon Karen, had moved back to her apartment near college. "I'm actually here to talk to Sara."

"Me?" Sara asked.

"If you don't mind?" Karen said, and Sara shrugged.

"I have to set up the training room for a training session this afternoon, but you can follow me and chat as I work," Sara said. Her main job with the DEO, after all, was training employees in fighting techniques and weaponry.

Karen gave a nod as she followed Sara off the rooftop and down to the room, not talking when she saw other DEO agents roaming the halls.

The training room was a large area on one of the bottom floors, though – there was equipment lined through the room, such as punching bags, human-shaped targets and even a small city street-like area for more intense training.

"You know we have similar equipment here that Watchtower has; holographic enemies to battle," Sara said, seeming happy with her new room.

"Nice," Karen said as Sara started to take out equipment.

"So?" Sara asked as Karen thought where to start.

"Sara… we're good, right?" Karen asked.

"Um… yes," Sara said.

"So, there is nothing between us I am not aware about. Something you're holding in?" Karen asked.

"Karen, we're fine. Did I do something to make you think I was mad at you?" Sara asked.

"Yes… well no… well, not yet" Karen admitted, and could see the strange look Sara gave her. "I went to Rose to ask about me getting in the Justice League and she said you are a very big no vote all the time."

"Oh, Rose…" Sara said with a nod, getting Karen now.

"And I just can't understand it," Karen said. "I mean, you trust me to watch your kids, you've known me my whole life, I have a home above your garage with mom… So, why?"

"I honestly haven't given much thought on how I would vote for you if you were put up for a vote," Sara admitted. "It never crossed my mind so I can't tell you why Rose foresaw that. I've made no decision about you one way or the other."

Karen paused for a moment in surprise. Was Sara's lack of decision equaling Rose power seeing her say a no? Was that a possibility?

"Well… now that you know I am trying to get into the League," Karen asked, "any idea?"

"Look Karen, if I do say no to you, it would be because I want you to actually live," Sara said, this also surprising the Kryptonian. "I was happy when you retired as Power Girl because there is so much life outside of being a hero. I might have gone a little crazy when I was younger but before that boat wreck, I lived. I got thrown into this and I love my life, but it took time for me. Maybe I see that you need to do a little living yourself; mess up in human ways – have fun."

Karen let out a breath of relief. Sara was being like Kara, wanting Karen to live her human life. "I have been to Italy. I lived there and had a life... had a boyfriend. I have lived and have fun. I just also want to be a hero now as well," Karen said. "I want to be in the Justice League."

Before Sara could respond to that, the building shook. "Is that some technology in this building?" Karen asked.

"No," Sara said as lights went red and a screen in the wall showed Weapons Master flying outside the building tossing weapons at it. "We're under attack."

"Not again…" Karen mumbled, beginning to wonder if there was some sort of connection between her and the villain, she wasn't aware of – wherever she went, he seemed to follow – but before she could leave the room to respond, the building shook again – harder – and this time pieces of the ceiling fell in, blocking the door and one heading right for Sara. Sara reflexes honed over years to let her jump out of the way as Karen went to grab hold of another piece before it hit into them.

"Are you okay?" Karen turned to Sara as she asked. Sara got out of the way in time to avoid serious injury, but she clearly hit her head as blood was coming out of a cut. "I've had worse…" Sara mumbled.

"We should get you checked out," Karen said as alarms went off and metal walls came down, incasing them.

"Lock down to avoid a prisoner escape. Some of the cells must have lost power. Ironic is we haven't transported any of our prisoners here yet, but doesn't matter. The system is in place, we're going nowhere," Sara explained.

-Karry Universe-

When Barry got Amelia's call about the Cosmic Staff choosing its wielder, he almost couldn't believe it. He and Kara left Kent, Alura and Nora with Caitlin; Romana and Star asked to stay in the Penthouse by themselves and Jason was doing some work at CatCo with Cat Grant this weekend, so they didn't need to worry about him.

Barry, as the Flash, and Kara, as Supergirl, quickly came to Amelia's office where Amelia introduced Ted Knight. Then, Barry ran the man to a spot in the wasteland so they could have a more private conversation – much to the surprise of the man.

"So, what exactly is all this?" Ted asked, holding up the Staff that was still lighting up and even pulsating.

"It's called a Cosmic Staff," Kara said to the man. "It is powered by one of the Seven Forces of the Universes."

"Specifically, the Life Force," Barry said.

"Seven Forces…?" Ted asked.

"There are Seven Forces of the Multiverse, but they call themselves the Seven Forces of the Universes, made before the multiverse was even created – oh, yes there is a multiverse," Barry said, seeing where the question was going. "These Forces are very powerful. My power comes from the Speed Force, the oldest of the forces, and I am considered a child of that Force. The Forces have also created certain objects – the Totems of Zambezi being such objects. You saw the Totem Bearers on the news as a giant Snoopy last Christmas."

"Really?" Ted asked, seeming stunned and looked at the Staff in his hands.

"But the Totems are a special case of all Seven Forces combining power when used together. Your Staff is only powered by one Force and can't combine with other objects," Kara explained, calming the man down. "A similar Cosmic Staff on this world was previously used by a woman during World War Two who called herself Stargirl. She died without heirs, and thus, without anyone to continue the line – until now…"

"According to the Life Force that one, the original Staff, broke anyway. She re-made this one for us and gave it to me when I went to her – once again, don't ask," Barry said, seeing where questions were going and didn't want to explain why he had traveled into the Life Force. "The point is, the Staff chose you, making you our new… Starman." Barry looked at Kara, who he could tell approved of the name and gave a nod. "Starman," he nodded to himself as he said the name.

"Why me?" Ted asked.

"The Staff would only choose someone pure of heart who would use it to fight for the right causes, someone who wouldn't use its power for selfish or evil reasons," Barry said.

"Then it should have chosen you two. Or Amelia Allen. Or even Lena," Ted pointed out.

"Oh, I'm not a candidate," Barry dismissed. "I am the child of the Speed Force. Her power runs through my veins – I can't use an object powered by another Force."

"And Amelia and Lena are not candidates either for… other reasons," Kara said, and took a step forward. "You're right, the description could have been a lot of members of the League, but it chose none of us. It chose you. Why, we cannot specifically say. Maybe you align to the Life Force's power better than us? Maybe there is more? But this is yours now. We will help you learn how to use this as best as we can."

Ted seemed nervous but gave a nod. "What can this do?" Ted asked.

"We have seen the Staff throw out energy beams," Kara said.

"And you should be able to use it to fly, like a witch's broom," Barry added. "We don't really have a lot of knowledge on its power, though. We should call other Earths who have a Stargirl and ask for information."

Ted twisted the Staff a bit and then pointed with it. A light beam came out of it and Barry had to duck not to get hit. "Flash, oh god, I'm sorry!" Ted said, letting go of the Staff, but it didn't fall. It stayed floating next to him.

"It's cool, no harm no foul," Barry said waving it off. "I've suffered way worse. We need to get you some training dummies to target."

At that moment, though, both Kara and Barry's communicators went off.

"Gideon, what's the word?" Barry asked, taking out the communicator.

"The new DEO headquarters in National City is under attack," Gideon said.

"DEO?" Ted asked.

"Secret government organization that deals with aliens and metas," Kara explained quickly, but was worried about her sister. "I've got to go." Kara was already in the air before she finished her sentence.

"I'll drop you off at L-Corp on my way," Barry said to Ted, figuring it wouldn't be that far of a detour since L-Corp was in National anyway.

"Can I help with this?" Ted asked, putting his hand back on the Staff cautiously.

"Someday, hopefully soon, yes, but you are way too green to even lend a hand right now. Before you properly know how to handle the Staff, you would just put yourself in danger. Right, Cosmo?" Barry looked at the Staff as he asked this last question, going to Splitsville's Courtney's nickname for the Cosmic Staff. The Staff's light moved up and down, as if nodding, to give an agreement. "Oh, by the way it weirdly has a personality."

Before Ted could say anything to this, he was being run by Barry again, being dropped off in Amelia's office and Flash was gone.

"That was fast," Amelia said. "I thought they would bring you training."

"A… DEO is under attack," Ted said, still getting used to all this.

"Oh that… seriously?" Amelia asked. "I bet it's Weapon Master," Amelia sighed, wondering for a moment if she should go out and try to help but decided she was better off staying with Eric here for the moment – and maybe figuring out how to help Ted train with his new power given that Barry and Kara were currently preoccupied to help.

-Karry Universe-

Sara was sitting on the floor, using a towel they had in the room for after training sessions to try to put pressure on the bleeding wound on her head. Meanwhile, Karen was pacing the room.

"My x-ray vision is not working," Karen said.

"The protection walls are lined with lead," Sara said.

"Wasn't there a hole in the ceiling a minute ago?" Karen asked. "Let me guess these walls are designed to encase the entire room."

"Well, it wouldn't be that secure if the prisoners could escape from above," Sara said.

"Then I will just have to punch my way out," Karen said.

"Wait no!" Sara yelled, but it was too late as Karen had punched one of the walls – not only did the punch not put a dent in the wall, but a device came out of it and sprayed a small amount of green gas at Karen, forcing her backwards and making her cough.

"Kryptonite gas…?" Karen complained feeling weaker.

"The lock down barrier is Kryptonian proof," Sara said.

"Why the hell would they do that?" Karen complained.

"Because we do house several Kryptonian prisoners. Astra's former army. Plus, I think I saw there's a Dru Zod locked down from a defeat Clark did years ago," Sara said, and Karen paused for a moment at that, remembering what Jonny had told her about his Zod not long ago. "It wouldn't hurt our Kryptonian allies because we were planning on putting their scans into the system, so the system would reference them as friendly. It's just not completed yet."

"And you don't have a code, or your face in the system, or something to let us out?" Karen asked.

"The system isn't complete yet. Only Alex's code and body scan are in the system. She's the only one who can unlock this," Sara said. "Karen, just calm down. Take a seat. Part of being in the Justice League is knowing when to be patience and when you're out of a fight. We're not in this fight. We've got to trust in our allies to finish it and let us out."

Karen took a breath, but realized Sara was right and took a seat next to her on the floor, the weakness of the Kryptonite gas already wearing off. She was glad she hadn't brought KJ with her now, as the dog would be going nuts more than her at this moment.

-Karry Universe-

Kara and Barry were fast at arriving at the DEO headquarters. When Barry got there, Kara was already fighting Weapons Master. Barry ran up the building and jumped at Weapons Master to deliver a punch of his own. With the DEO own defenses helping, it wasn't long before the man gave up the fight and, in a puff of smoke, seemed to just disappear – his giant robot didn't even appear this time.

"Good job Supergirl, Flash," it was Alex who walked out of the building after the protection wall went down. She looked up at the building as the two floated down besides ger. "Ah man… I just signed the lease, too."

"Thought you built this building from the ground up?" Barry joked back.

"Director Danvers," it was an agent rushing out of the building. "We need you to undo the lockdown everywhere! Agents are trapped inside."

"We better find White Canary and Power Girl," Alex said, worried about her wife and she had started to consider Karen like a niece, as she took the tablet the guard was holding and had it scan her face to undo the lockdown. "Overall, this could have been worse. At least the building is still standing…"

"Get a couple of STAR Co. worker-robots on the building and it will be as good as new in no time," Kara said to her sister as she went into the building. "And Power Girl is here?"

"Came to talk to Sara," Astra said, and Kara gave a small smile, getting it was part of Karen's quest to get into the League. "There we go, training area. Seems this room took a lot of damage."

The group went inside.

"Sweetie," Sara said as Alex came in.

"Oh, that looks nasty," Alex said going over to her wife. "How are you feeling?"

"Good, it just hurts. I'm a little dizzy," Sara said as she got up and Alex put an arm around her.

"Let's get you to a doctor," Alex said and the two walked out.

"Power Girl," Kara said as Karen got off the floor.

"What are you doing here?" Barry asked as the trio walked out with Astra by their side too. "I thought Sara would be an easy yes for you."

"Me too," Karen said, not sure where she stood with Sara but decided not to pry further – not while Sara was injured.

"Easy yes for what?" Astra asked and Karen paused as Kara and Barry both turned to look at her.

"You didn't tell Aunt Astra?" Kara asked and Karen gave a nervous smile and laugh.

"It… slipped my mind," Karen said, but knew from the looks she had to tell her mother now. "Mom, I think we should talk."

-Karry Universe-

Barry stopped in the L-Corp section in the Wasteland. It was where Totem Bearers like to have private meetings and where L-Corp tested equipment. Amelia had told him that she had set Ted up here. He was aiming at targets with his new Staff.

"STAR Co. targets are better," Barry said with a smirk; he was still the Flash. He didn't trust Ted enough yet to reveal his identity. Ted turned to Barry giving a smile.

"I think both have their merits," Ted said, putting the Staff-end on the sand. "Me and this Staff are really getting along."

"I figured," Barry said. "We sent our costume designer a message. She will need your measurements, but apparently, she has been mocking up costume designs for a Star hero since we got the Staff." Barry held out a flash drive to Ted. "Look through it. You can tell Amelia when you make a choice. She obviously knows how to get in touch with us."

"Wow, you really are setting me up," Ted said as he took the flash drive.

"We do like to help new heroes who have great potential and that Staff made you top of our list. Honestly, with some of the hits the League has taken recently, we need to bring new members in. You're not there yet, but definitely a possibility for the future," Barry said.

"I'd like to help you when I can. My city certainly needs a hero anyway. Now I guess that's me," Ted said. "And I better get back to Opal City."

"Oh yes you're there full-time and only come to National every so often," Barry said, and Ted gave a nod. "Well, I can give you a lift back to L-Corp." Barry said and took hold of Ted before he could protest, running him back to L-Corp before leaving.

-Karry Universe-

Amelia and Eric had returned home, picking up Alura, Nora, and Kent on the way. Romana and Star were happy to see them, and all had gone to Amelia's floor, downstairs. Eric was showing off his Lego pirate ship. Alura and Nora were very interested in the design as well.

"Where does it go for the ride mommy?" Eric asked once his cousins had all taken it in.

"Right around here," Amelia said, pointing. "Right after the drop is where the pirate ship is. We also have to make this section look like it's on fire…" Amelia pointed towards the end of the ride. The Lego Pirates of the Caribbean was still in its infancy – Amelia had gotten a track set up to move water and a Lego boat around, but they still had to make most of the decorations. Even with just that, the ride was big – now taking up a huge portion of counter space in the kitchen area, but Amelia and Winn were happy to keep it there and eat on the couch or upstairs. "I think the skull needs some work."

"Amelia," it was Jason appearing at the top of the stairs. Cat Grant must have dropped him off. "Take this off." He held up his arm as he came down, indicating the power dampening device he wore.

"You are not allowed down here," Amelia reminded the boy. "Go back upstairs and I will be there soon."

"I want it off now," Jason said.

"Then you better go back upstairs," Amelia said as the kids stayed out of the conversation. Nora grabbing some Legos towards her.

"But…" Jason started.

"Upstairs!" Amelia reiterated, this time physically pointing back to the staircase.

Jason huffed and turned to make it look like he was going up the stairs but then picked up a tennis ball Star had left on the floor. He turned and threw the ball at Amelia.

The ball missed the woman, who blinked in shock, but the group hadn't been expecting the throw. The ball hit right into Eric's pirate ship, breaking it into pieces and then bounced off, hitting into the Lego ride, and destroyed one part of it as Star went to grab it before it caused more damage to the creation.

Eric looked at his pirate ship in shock as tears came in his eyes and then she started to cry. Kent, who had also been downstairs and asleep in his bassinette up until now, woke with a cry as Star moved over to calm her little brother. Alura and Nora stepped back seeming shocked themselves and not sure what to do.

"We can fix it," Romana said quickly to Eric, bringing her cousin and sort-of-nephew into a hug. Eric, being the son of Mik and she, being the sister of Mik, made him her sort-of-nephew, after all.

Amelia turned, furious. "Jason John Kent! Upstairs! Now! And if you think I am taking that off now a minute before Kara and Barry get home, you better rethink!" Amelia said, physically moving forward, grabbing Jason by the arm, and forcing him upstairs, much to the boy's shock.

She didn't wait for any of Jason's usual grumpiness as she left the boy on the couch upstairs before running back down to her floor and to her son. "Hey Eric, we can fix it," Amelia putting an arm around her upset son. "Let's get this fixed up now. Right, girls?"

"Yeah," Star said with a nod and the group went to work. Amelia sending Kara a text explaining what just happened.

Kara returned home soon after the latest Jason incident, getting Amelia's text.

"Jason," Kara said, the boy still on the couch, his arms folded and scowling, "explain to me why you decided to throw a ball inside the house at a Lego project?"

"Amelia wasn't taking off the red sunlight bracelet," Jason said.

"You weren't even supposed to be down there. We discussed that with you," Kara said. Jason rolled his eyes and held out his arm. "Oh no, you wanted that off so bad you made a kid cry. So, it's stays on until tomorrow." Jason frowned but knew better now than to argue. Instead, he simply got up and went to his room, slamming the door behind him.

Kara sighed, deciding to do some work at her home office. She wondering how Jason grumpiest was affecting all the kids but decide she could talk to Amelia and Barry about that later. She also had to plan Kent's first birthday party. They were doing something smaller than what they did for Alura and Nora first.

-Karry Universe-

Karen sat in her apartment and looked at her class schedule for the coming semester. It wasn't as busy as she expected, which was actually a relief as it would allow her to balance her hero and civilian lives quite well and proof to a lot of the doubtful League members that she could do this. After studying it, she went to grab her journal.

I am unsure where I stand with Sara. It seems like she would only say no to let me live a life so I just can't tell. Karen admitted in writing.

Anyway, today the DEO was attacked by Weapons Master – while I was there. Is there some link between him and me I'm not aware of? He seems to be there, wherever I turn… Luckily, there were no prisoners in the place yet, so no one escaped. The building is damaged but fixable – especially with STAR Co. tech. Overall, this was Weapons Master's weaker attack. Sara was hurt a little, but the doctors say she will be up and about in no time. She was glad about that, but she knew Sara was made of stronger stuff.

Also, according to Barry and Kara, the Cosmic Staff choose a wielder. I don't know much about this guy, but from what Kara and Barry said he seems nice enough and willing to help. Maybe a new ally against Weapons Master? She hoped they didn't let him into the League so easily though, given she was having to work for it.

On another note, I had to tell mom I am trying to get into the League. She's not angry at me for trying, but angry I didn't tell her earlier. She supports me though. I have a great mother. It had been an awkward conversation between her and Astra, but in the end, Astra just wanted what was best for Karen, and as this was something Karen really wanted, she was happy for her daughter.

-Karry Universe-

Xotar sat in his Giant Robot this time, looking at the journal smiling.

I am unsure where I stand with Sara. Seems like she would only say no to let me live a life so I just can't tell. He couldn't care about this.

Anyway, today the DEO was attacked by Weapons Master – while I was there. Is there some link between him and me I'm not aware of? He seems to be there, wherever I turn… He paused at reading this. Of course, following her diary did mean he had to follow Karen, but now she was getting suspicious, he may need to change tact. He dismissed it for now as he continued reading: It was bad. They had just put all their prisoners in there and a lot escaped… The building is damaged and currently unusable – even with STAR Co. tech the DEO, will be moving back to their old building for some time. Overall, this was Weapons Master worst attacks. The DEO is in shambles in National, Sara was hurt badly and doctors are not sure when she will be back in the field.

Also, according to Flash and Supergirl, the Cosmic Staff choose a wielder. I don't know much about this guy but from what they said, he won't be much help. He has no interest in joining them and fears fighting Weapons Master. Too bad, as we needed a new ally against Weapons Master. Xotar laughed as he read this bit – even going so far as to reread the line to boost his own ego some more.

On another note, I had to tell mom I am trying to get into the League. She's annoyed at me, given how big this Weapons Master threat is, but knows she can't stop me. I wish she was more supportive though. Xotar shrugged this off. He knew Karen continued journalling this time of her life, so what her mother thought of Karen joining the Justice League was neither here-nor-there.

Overall, Xotar laughed – weakening the DEO in National had been his plan. He now had a perfect place to take on Kara and Barry when the time came. Plus, hurting Sara was a bonus and deterring Starman from joining them for a while was even better.

He wondered why so many people had so much trouble fighting the Justice League. They were easy with the right information.

Post Chapter Note: And another chapter. I hope you liked, especially with Cosmo choosing a new wielder.

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Time and Time Again: During an engagement party for Ava and Crystal, Kara and Barry find themselves in a time loop which ends when Weapons Master attacks the party each day killing someone. How do they get out of this loop? And how do they stop a death? This is the 8th anniversary chapter.


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