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Future's End, Part Two

-Still, early February 2023-

Caitlin was calmly watching Kent and Morgan and chatting with Rein.

"It's fascinating meeting you," Caitlin said. "After… our version."

"So, you had a me?" Rein said. "She couldn't have been, well, sane. What was her history?"

"After Krypton, she somehow ended up with Galactic Conquest," Caitlin said.

"Them?" Rein said, making a face. "Grandpa Seg led to their destruction years ago with King Mon-El." There was a lot to unpack from that statement, but Caitlin decided not to question it for now.

"Well, we defeated them last year," Caitlin said, simply. "But before that, Kara was selected as Earth's Champion. She fought three enemies to defend Earth – the last was Regin. You."

"The Reign name is how I got my unusual name, Rein. It doesn't end in an 'a' like most Kryptonian girl names," Rein mused. "I was part of this… project. The name for the project was Reign – R-E-I-G-N – but when that sorry affair was abandoned and I was freed, dad gave me the name Rein – R-E-I-N – as a homage to the project."

"I'd like to know more about that," Caitlin mused, "as it may help with our Reign."

"What did happen to her?" Rein had to ask.

"Well, Kara and Barry combined their powers for the first ever time during the fight with our Reign," Caitlin explained. "Kara gave a death-like blow to her, making Galactic Conquest believe her as dead. Kara was declared victor and chose Star as her prize – one of her adopted daughters, Star," she quickly explained to the look Rein gave her. "Galactic Conquest left Reign's body, I assume they didn't care about their dead, but I just managed to save her. Unfortunately, we can't get passed this Regin persona. We know there's something buried under the surface, but we just can't get access to it. She's in lockdown."

"She didn't receive treatment young, but maybe the treatment I was given could still help her in some way," Rein mused. "If I could contact my Earth?"

"Go for it," Caitlin said.

As Rein went to go call her Earth, Caitlin was surprised by a portal opening. It was unusual that their multiverse portal detectors did not go off, but out of this one came Kara, Barry, Krypto, Hex, Mon, and Cisco.

"Cisco," Caitlin said with a smile, getting up and giving the man a hug.

"Daddy!" Morgan yelled, jumping on Mon right away to the surprise of the man, but he gave a smile and hugged Morgan.

"Hey there," Cisco said smiling at one of his oldest friends.

"What are you doing in this century?" Caitlin asked, knowing this was their Mon from the future as Kara went to go pick up Kent and give him a kiss.

"Weapons Master," Cisco said, and Caitlin gave a nod.

"It's a long explanation Cait, but we need you to continue to watch Kent," Barry said. "Gideon, we need a meeting in Watchtower. We need Atom and Sideways, Team Canary, Wonder Woman, Static and Gear, the Totem Bearers, White Canary, and Superman."

"Plus, Alex," Kara added. "We need the National DEO," Barry gave a nod.

"Will send the message," Gideon spoke at this.

"And add Golden Gilder," Cisco said, making the pair look at him. "I know she wasn't on the list, but I don't get to see my wife often."

"Add Golden Gilder and Citizen Cold," Kara chuckled, and Gideon confirmed she would. "Open us a portal to Watchtower."

The zap tunnel opened as Kara put Kent back down.

"Come on you two," Barry said, and Mon and Cisco followed them through leaving Caitlin with Rein and Kent and wondering what was going on.

-Karry Universe-

Zor and Alura worked effortlessly together, both deciding to test Clark's DNA first; Zor reprogramming the computers slightly. The two chatted while this went on, mostly comparing their own relationships with their Alura and Zor, respectfully and seeing how much they aligned. So far, their histories were very similar – until the point of Kryptons imminent destruction.

"…and there we go, Clark's DNA," Zor said once the computer had run it's analysis, looking through it on the computer. "It seems pretty normal for a Kryptonian… for an El..." Zor scanned through it and then stopped. "Wait… this gene…"

"Is that what I think it is?" Alura asked, not knowing genes as well as Zor.

"It is," Zor said with a nod. "I think... see, the markings indicate Clark underwent treatment to keep this gene dormant."

"Would that treatment have been inherited?" Alura asked.

"No," Zor said shaking his head. "Get started on Lois, just so we're not met with human surprises when we test Ella and Jason. I'm going to start on the kids," Alura gave a nod as there was a more energy in the room as the two worked.

-Karry Universe-

Inside Watchtower Kara and Barry waited for the members and non-members of the League which they had asked to show up, while Mon and Cisco both took a seat.

Mick was the first to show, since he basically lived in Watchtower; he gave a nod to the two as he sat; then Laurel, Ava, and Ray all showed up together next – they must have been waiting.

"Cisco?" Laurel and Ray said together.

"We had a visit to the 31st Century," Barry smirked. "But we can't say more than that right now…" the three nodded as they sat down while the rest of Team Canary arrived together.

"I gave the girls to Nora Darkh. She's getting good babysitting money from us," Oliver said to Laurel when he sat down, and Thea gave a chuckle.

Static arrived with Gear and Derrick – both non-members seemed excited to be included in a meeting. Then, Sara and Alex arrived together; Alex seemed a bit confused to be included and maybe knowing what to be concerned about. Lisa and Len also arrived together and when Lisa saw Cisco, she jumped to kiss him and sat on his lap. Len giving the man a look before sitting next to them.

Tantu arrived on her own, but soon after her Diana and Clark came in together, while Amelia and Lena were the last to come in, too.

"Sorry, had to take care of some things at L-Corp real quick," Lena said and Kara and Barry gave a nod, knowing how that was.

"Well now that everyone we asked to be here is here," Kara said, "welcome Cisco Ramon, back from the 31st Century, along with Mon-El, otherwise known as Valor." The group gave a two smiles and waves. "They are here to help us defeat Weapons Master. Today, once and for all."

"What do you know that we don't?" Diana said to that.

"A lot," Barry said. "Some things we cannot tell you." Kara and Barry had agreed in their heads that the fact they were alive in the 31st century needs to be kept a secret. "But to tell you what we can, Weapons Master is from the 31st Century and he has been misled to believe he has taken all of you out."

"Which gives us a perfect surprise when he launches his final attack on us today at Buckley Field in National," Kara said, and could see the confusion. "It's time travel. Do we really need to explain more?"

"Not really," Clark agreed. "What are we doing."

Kara and Barry had to smile at the willingness of their League to follow them to the unknown. The absolute trust. "The two of us are bait; we're to be around the field, waiting for his attack. Alex, the National DEO is going to secure the field, get civilians out and set up a trap so Xotar cannot escape," Kara said. "On the downlow though, he believes the National DEO is in ruins after his attack on your new headquarters."

"Plain clothes then," Alex said, nodding. "We have those new STAR Co portal forcefield. One of my people enhanced it with some L-Corp weaponry."

"We're going to need to take a look at that," both Kara and Lena said together and almost laughed at that.

"Perfect, Alex," Barry added for the two girls. "But his giant robot will be summoned to save him. Totem Bearers, the robot is yours. Kick its ass Snoopy-style." The five girls gave a chuckle as Mick gave a grunt.

"Team Canary, Weapons Master will have some attack robots with him so you will be the Totem Bearers' guards as they power up. Golden Gilder and Citizen Cold, you will join them making sure the Totem Bearer are safe and help the DEO make sure no civilians get in the crosshairs," Kara said, figuring that was the best place for the two of them since their older selves hadn't mentioned them at all.

"Sideways, you will portal everyone else into the trap to help us fight," Barry said to the young adult.

"But you are not to come through. Let them in fast and close your portal. We do not want Weapons Master possessing you and escaping like that," Kara said. "Understood?"

"Got it," Dereck said.

"Everyone understand?" Barry asked and everyone signaled they did. "Good. Today, we end this. Let's get going." Alex was already on the phone before she even went through her zap tunnel and everyone else also went. Ready for the fight.

-Karry Universe-

Kara and Barry were at the baseball field, looking around. Krypto and Hex were with them, and they were just trying to look normal – thankfully there was no big game today with just practice and some fans watching. They could see the DEO agents setting up the devices for the trap and secretly getting people out, replacing them as 'fans' in their plain clothes, and even the players were heading towards the locker room.

That was when an explosion near them forced them onto the field; looking up, they could see Weapons Master in his armor had arrived and, just like the elder Kara and Barry had said, he did have little robots with him too. Xotar had a smirk on his face as he quickly threw down a device and Kara and Barry felt their bond weaken – a psychic suppressor, just as they had been warned.

"No combining" Xotar laughed but was surprised by a glow around the field, making a dome as the DEO activated their trap.

"No escaping," Kara responded back as one of Sideways portal opened and out came Clark, Diana, Sara, Static, Gear, Mon, and Cisco. Kara could also see Ray, who was small, and could see him going for the attack robots – a lot of these robots were in the trap with them, but there were those outside the DEO was shooting at already.

"But…. Oh, you two!" Xotar said, quickly able to work it out at seeing Mon and Cisco, but didn't have more time as the group started to fight; Ray already had some of the robots powered down and Gear was sending his own weapons at them to stop them. Diana had her sword, as the robots and Weapons Master started to attack.

The DEO force field did seem to have some weapons with it as when Xotar shot at it to try to get it down, it shot back. "Okay, DEO did good enhancing there," Kara mumbled as she punched a robot and Barry went to take on Weapons Master.

That was then they saw in the sky the giant robot of Xotar was showing up...

Outside the trap, the DEO was ushering people out and protecting them as best they could with Len and Lisa helping using their cold and golden gun against the attack robots to freeze them in ice and gold.

Team Canary was also fighting but staying close to the six Totem Bearers; Paula was turning random objects on the floor to weapons to hand out to her own team and DEO agents who passed by, while Jack was shooting and Oliver had one of the robots with his own robotic arm, breaking it. Laurel's cry was sending them back.

"Robot coming," Paula called to the Totem Bearers. "It's now or never."

The six of them took their hands and nodded to each other as they took a break – their Totems glowing from their positions as the six started to combine.

The power brought them up into the air as the glow surrounded them, forming a shape.

"Well… that's not Snoopy this time," Jack mumbled as the shape took form.


As the giant robot approached the trap, the group inside could tell Weapons Master thought he would escape, but as the giant robot was attacked, the man's hopes obviously fell.

The figure that attacked the robot seemed to be a warrior but made completely of light.

"Well… that's different," Kara said, sending a heat vision at one of the robots inside the dome.

"I was hoping for Beebo this time," Barry said.

"Copyright STAR Co.," Kara responded, almost automatically, and Barry gave a chuckle at his line from Amelia's wedding. "We should tell Charlie to do a Totem movie."

"Beautiful is doing a three-part movie, but Charlie could produce a one-off, for sure," Barry mused, knowing this as fact.

"No, this can't be…" Xotar mumbled.

"Hey, I am in his armor," it was Ray's voice. "I think I can disarm him completely… buy me some time."

Kara agreed as the battle continued; looking up occasionally to see the fight with the robot and the Totem Bearers.

Suddenly, though, an extra light source hit the robot and the two saw Ted Knight in his newly made Starman outfit joining the fight, flying with the help of his Staff.

"Starman is in," Barry said with a smile.

As Starman joined the Totem Bearers, it seemed to cause a malfunction in the robot, which didn't seem to know who to concentrate on: Starman hitting him with light beams or the giant light warrior. That gave the Totem Bearers the opening they needed to give a death blow.

The metal of the robot cracked and with a force-full that pushed the giant figure, tossing the robot into the stands, breaking it into pieces.

"NO!" Xotar screamed at that.

The light figure disappeared after it landed on top of the robot's remains, with the Totem Bearer separating from it.

Laurel, Oliver, Jack, Paula, JT, Len, and Lisa came running up to the ruins, to see the Totem Bearers were unharmed, getting up. Len held out a hand to Lena and brought her close to kiss. Lisa helped Mick up as the others went to help the other four.

"Still the worst orgy ever," Mick grunted, to chuckles and eyerolls from his fellow bearers.

Starman landed near them, and Amelia and Lena made sure their masks were in place on their outfit – he may be a hero and helped in the fight, but Starman wasn't automatically allowed to know their identities, or be part of the League.

"Nice timing," Ava said to Starman.

"Glad I could help," Starman said, and the Staff lit up, as if agreeing. "Can we do anything about there?"

"DEO defenses are still up. The ones inside will have to defeat Weapons Master on their own," Ava added. "What about around here?"

"DEO has successfully gotten all civilians out of harm's way and are still destroying these smaller attack robots," Laurel explained.

"Then we should help," Thea said and there were nods.

"Starman, think your up for more?" Oliver asked and the hero gave an eager nod, twirling his Staff as he went to attack the robots of Weapons Master. "I like his attitude." Oliver chuckled, but there was little more discussion as everyone went to destroy robots.

The destruction of the giant robot of Weapon's Master had caused the man anger which had delayed Ray in his miniature in stopping the man, and caused more trouble inside the shield dome, with those within having to fight harder against the future man and his robots.

"I got it!" Ray called into coms, finally. "Turning off all the robot now…"

All the attack robots not already destroyed suddenly turned off at that. "And his personal weapons are down – everything is connected to one control! His shields are down. He should be easy to stop now. Oh, and I also shut down that psychic suppressor."

Kara and Barry could feel their bond return to full power as the two together went right at Weapons Master; their League following them as, without his fancy weapons, the man was easily taken down. His armor ripped off him and destroyed as Diana then held a sword to his throat.

"Don't you dare move!" Diana said, the man on the ground, looking around at those gathered – probably looking for a possession candidate to escape.

"Power suppressors," Gear said holding out a device as Ray turned big again and they put it around Xotar's wrists, the handcuffs forcing them together.

"Director Danvers, you can take down the trap?" Kara said into coms and, a moment later, the shield was lowered. Xotar seemed lost for words as he couldn't do anything.

"So, what do we do with him?" Clark asked.

"I think we should take him," a new voice spoke, and many turned to see that Zari was on the field with the Waverider now above them, in the air. Zari had Jenni with her.

"XS," Mon said with a smile.

"Valor," Jenni said giving him a smile. "My many times' grandma and grandpa..." Jenni gave Kara and Barry a smirk, making eyes turn to them.

"There are too many 'greats; to list before that grandma and grandpa title," Kara added making them giggle.

"Xotar will be going to a Time Master prison," Zari said, going to grab the man and putting a device over his mouth so he couldn't talk now.

"Hold on a second…" Kara said, taking some hair off the man causing him to yell into the mask. She then took a book she saw he had in a large pocket – it was Karen's journal. "Now you can take him."

Zari gave a nod as she handed the man off to Jenni.

"Have Blue Beetle and Booster Gold lock him up," Zari instructed, and Jenni gave a nod now, taking the man and opening a portal into the ship above. "You two need a ride home?" Zari turned to Cisco and Mon at that.

The people on the outside of the trap had walked over into the field and Lisa already had an arm around Cisco.

"Can't we stay for a while?" Cisco asked.

"Morgan would be happy with some father/son time," Mon added.

"You have to be back in the 31st century by tomorrow," Zari sighed, the two who gave a nod as Zari used her own portal devices to go right into the Waverider.

I'm going to go get this DNA to mom and dad, Kara thought to Barry of the DNA she had taken from Xotar before flying off, and that was the cue for everyone to break apart with Alex calling to the DEO to get clean-up crews in place.

-Karry Universe-

It was later that day with Kara, Barry, Clark, and Lois in the SuperFlash waiting to hear Alura and Zor's report on what they found in their DNA investigation. Caitlin was off to the side as Kara had Kent on her lap. Rein was still here, watching as well.

"I didn't expect to find this when I started," Alura stated, walking into the labs with Zor and pulling up a DNA strand on the monitor; but the picture didn't do much for the group. "It's… well, let's just say a bad gene. It causes increased anger and long-term mental problems. Usually starting around puberty. My Krypton eliminated this gene a long time ago, long before you two were born," she addressed Kara and Clark at this.

"But on our Krypton the go-to was treatment," Zor explained. "Genetic tastings when born and treatments to keep unwanted genes dormant."

"And we both have this gene?" Kara asked.

"No," Alura said. "Kara, you, and your kids are free and clear. But Kal – Clark – has it, likely inherited from Lara's line. There is indications that Clark received the treatments when he was born, which kept the gene dormant and unharming to him, even with activating powers. But that treatment is not something inherited."

"So, all my kids have this gene?" Clark asked, worried by this.

"Only three out of the five," Alura said.

"Five?" Clark and Lois said together.

"Who's the fifth?" Clark asked.

"Mitch," Kara and Barry said together.

"Who's Mitch?" Clark asked.

"Project Match, the exact clone of you from Cadmus," Kara said. "The DEO has named him Mitch."

"I completely forgot about him," Clark blinked at that.

Glad we're not the only ones, Barry thought to Kara, who was relieved as well that they weren't the only ones. "Go on, Alura."

"Ella won the genetic lottery. The best of Clark and the best of Lois," Alura said, showing DNA that they assumed was Ella's. "And as for Connor, it seems this Cadmus had realized what was causing the problems in their cloning; the area where the gene is, well, it just isn't there – it's what they filled in with Lena's DNA."

"Combining Mon's DNA with yours was their attempt to completely replace the gene and, while Morgan's reaction to it was lesser," Zor said, "he still has it. It's what caused his simple ways."

"And Mitch, being an identical clone, had the gene without the treatment. Being grown right to maturity with full powers it's why he's almost not a person," Alura continued. "And then there is Jason. Lois, don't think you are off the hook. Clark's gene was combined with some not so good human genes as well. It's the reason for his intense anger and fit – his powers don't help; the solar radiation mixed in has intensified the reaction."

"The best thing you did for him was send him to Mutant and force him to have no powers for an extended period of time," Zor said.

"So, what do you do for them? All of them?" Clark asked.

"There's no reason to do anything for Morgan," Zor said. "He might be simple, but he has handled it well. I think his love of animals has provided some form of animal therapy as well. Morgan is fine."

"As for the other two, on my Krypton we have a school for people with genetic problems. I used the system and contacted the head of the school. He can take the two for treatments," Alura said.

"Sounds like an asylum," Lois mused.

"It's not," Rein spoke up at that, eyes turning to her. "I was in there myself for a lot of my youth due to my unusual birth – my creation."

"Reign the Worldkiller," Zor spoke up. "You remember in Galactic Conquest? Kara faced her. It seems that across the multiverse Reign was made as a Kryptonian project, to enhance the superpowers we have under yellow suns, on most Earths the projects went wrong, or were manipulated and created the supervillain, the worldkiller, Reign…"

"But on our earth, Rein was the outcome of the project when it was dismantled, with problems, yes, but with the very best help Krypton could offer, too," Alura added on, smiling at her daughter.

"There were medical treatments done, to begin with," Rein continued, now the explanation was out of the way, "but it's a real school. They teach us and help us overcome our problems. I would not be the woman I am today without that place. And Jason and Mitch would be going in as members of the House of El; they would be cared for very well and even be allowed to come to our ancestorial home on weekends and holidays if they are not dangerous."

"The last part more for Mitch… Jason would definitely be allowed out," Alura mused. "The added bonus is no yellow sun so Jason can't pine for his powers, which has held him back from any progress with them," Alura mused. "The school won't accept them without their parents' permission, of course, and I won't dare take them unless you agree."

"Can we think about this for a bit?" Lois asked.

"Of course, but I need to know before I leave. The school is holding their spots right now, but if you were to reject, they would need to find someone else for them," Alura said.

"Caitlin, get on the phone and ask Winn to bring Mitch here?" Kara asked, making eyes go to her now. "The boy needs it." Clark gave a nod, knowing giving Mitch to Prime for treatment was the best option.

Clark and Lois moved away from the group at this and talked quietly on the other side of the room.

"So, what about that other DNA I gave you?" Kara asked wondering about Weapons Master.

"Yes, where did you get that?" Alura asked, bringing up another DNA strand. "It's mostly human, but a lot more alien crossover than I would expect of a human. Then there is this..." Alura zoomed in. "It's Kryptonian. The same bad DNA strand that Clark has."

How the hell can Weapons Master have that? Barry thought to Kara, shocked.

Inherited, Kara thought back. Ten centuries of passing down from Clark to Jason all the way to Xotar. Xotar is Jason's descendant.

"It's Weapons Master," Kara now answered aloud.

"He's a descendant of Clark's?" Zor said seeming to get it right away. The fact this villain was from the future wasn't unknown to the Super Family and it was the only thing that made sense.

"Of Jasons…" Barry spoke up. "We had our suspicions, but this just confirms it."

"Then it means that, should Jason come to our Krypton, he would need to return here for Weapons Master to even exist," Alura was the one say this, to a surprised look from Kara and Barry. "I know my fundamental to time travel," she smirked at her daughter and son-in-law.

The two knew it made sense, though – it couldn't be Morgan as there was no way Morgan would ever have children. Mitch was always a possibility, especially if Prime Krypton helped him and he came back, but they both remembered the reaction Weapons Master had during the time loop when Jason died. He'd looked weak, because for those few seconds his many times great grandpa had died, and he was being written out of the timeline.

With this reveal, the group sat there talking between each other as Winn finally brought Mitch in; the older teen looked exactly like Clark and Connor, but there was nothing behind his eyes. He had red sunlight bracelets on both his arms, probably to be expected. Alura brought the teen into a hug though, but there was no reaction from the hug.

"Oh dear…" Alura remarked, pulling out of the hug. "You will be a person, Mit-El, son of Kal," Alura said to the boy.

"We have made a decision," Lois said, as the two came forward but paused at seeing Mitch. "We think Prime should take Jason. It would be the best thing for him."

"We would like to tell him ourselves, though, before you take him," Clark said.

"Hold on," Kara said before anyone could react. "Prime can take Jason but you have to return him here to live permanently by his 18th birthday."

"What?" Clark asked. "If he would want to stay...?" There was an almost hopefulness in his voice as he said this, Kara knowing he wasn't too fond of his first-born.

"No," Barry said. "There is no choice. He can be treated until his 18 birthday and then he comes back here. If you won't agree to that, then they can't take him."

"Kara, Barry, what is with this insistent?" Lois asked.

"That DNA I had Alura test, the one that also has the Kryptonian gene in it. The DNA came from Xotar, from Weapons Master," Kara explained to her cousin/brother and sister-in-law, "who is from the 31st century. He only got it one way: inheriting it… from Jason… from you, Clark. If Jason is not returned to this world and doesn't have kids here, then he is erased, the past is changed."

"Which could destroy us," Barry said. "You don't mess with time."

Kara could see the horrified look on Clark and Lois's face as Clark brought his wife close to him. Alura gave a knowing nod.

"He will be returned to you. You have my word as a member of the House of El," Alura said, and Kara gave a nod, knowing she meant it.

"Clark?" Kara said.

"There's no need," Clark said, knowing his cousin was about to try to comfort him. "That man, that Weapons Master, is my descendent, but he won't define my family. Ella, Connor, me, Lois. We are the heroes." Clark gave Kara a smile and then opened his arms, bringing his cousin into a hug. "Nothing changes."

"Let's go tell Jason the news," Lois said. "Urm, can we borrow Krypto and Hex..?" The animals, after the fight, had been sleeping and Kara gave a chuckle, sending her dog and cat with her cousin and knowing they would act as guards, almost, against any anger Jason projected to his parents - especially his mother, given how weak Lois still was, as she was still walking with a cane and couldn't stand for too long.

"I will bring Mitch home now. Rein, can you wait for Jason?" Alura asked, and Rein gave a nod.

"Can I come?" Zor asked his alternative wife. "I would like to see your Krypton and see this school."

"You are most welcome to come," Alura said, and Gideon opened a portal for them with the system as the pair left for Krypton. Kara couldn't help but smile at her parents being reunited, even for a short period of time, across worlds.

Winn had already excused himself to go back to work and Caitlin moved off as well, leaving Kara and Barry with Rein.

"What an interesting day. Everything with this Xotar, time traveling, and learning about other mes," Rein stated.

"Ours couldn't have been that exciting to talk about," Kara said with a shrug. "I mean I just fought with her during Galactic Conquest and ripped her heart out of her chest."

"First time we shared powers," Barry said with a laugh, the two not seeming to see Rein's confused look. "But we need to go to see Karen…"

"I'll go, you go back home," Kara said to Barry, giving Kent to her husband and flying off. Barry gave Rein a nod and ran.

"Ripped her heart out of her chest? That isn't what Caitlin told me," Rein mumbled, confused on why Caitlin had said her alternate had been saved and then locked up, but Kara and Barry said she was dead – after all, Zor didn't say that their Reign had died when explaining Reign to the group. Rein shrugged it off though. It wasn't her world and not her problem.

-Karry Universe-

Karen was just sitting down, ready to write her thoughts for the day when she heard KJ give a bark. She looked to see Kara in her Supergirl outfit had entered her apartment and was petting KJ.

"Kara," Karen said with a smile.

"I need you to stop writing your journal for a second," Kara said, confusing Karen as Kara held up a familiar book. Karen took it and looked at it compared to her own. She frowned, confused.

"It's yours," Kara said. "I took it from Xotar."

"Weapons Master?" Karen said. "But…?"

"He stole it from the future," Kara explained. "It's how he has known everything; where we were, what to do... He took it from you. But it's not exact. We changed it. You need to change it."

"Oh Rao…" Karen gasped at that. "I didn't know… I mean, it was odd how he was always there, where I was. I saw you guys take him down on the news earlier, but I didn't…"

"It's okay," Kara said, comforting her sister/cousin. "We didn't know until… well, it's a long story, and it isn't your fault. The point is, you need to redo what's in your current journal with the entries written in this future one."

"How? I wrote in pen…" Karen asked, comparing her first post with Weapons Master in the journal Kara gave her to the one she wrote. She could see the minor differences which intrigued her. Kara held out what looked like a bigger pen.

"STAR Co. tech; should erase the pen perfectly," Kara said, and showed Karen how it worked – together the pair of them erased the passages Karen originally made and Karen replaced them with what was written in the future journal. - until she got to this day, where she copied word for word what was in the journal, which was wildly different to what she had intended to put as it involved mentioning Weapons Master defeating the League and destroying the stadium – and no mention of time travelling heroes from the future sending Xotar back to where he came from, obviously.

"What now?" Karen asked, tempted to flip to the next page of the future diary, to see what she would write tomorrow, but Kara already took the future journal away.

"Now, you continue to write a journal, as if nothing happened. Once that journal is finished give it to me and Barry to keep safe," Kara explained. "So, we mis-lead Xotar when he steals that one in 10 centuries."

"Time travel," Karen sighed.

"I know, I hate it," Kara chuckled at that.

"Shouldn't take long for me to finish this journal. I only have enough pages for a few more days anyway. I have a ton of blanks waiting in my closest," Karen stated,

"Good," Kara said.

"What about the Justice League? My vote? I think I got enough people on my side to get everyone," Karen changed tact at that, having wondered that. Part of the reason she hadn't gone to help in the fight against Weapons Master today was because she wanted to double down on her personal life and make a chance on her new friends here in college.

Kara paused at this; KJ having been licking her ear in good fun.

"This summer, Karen," Kara mused. "I don't want to combine your acceptance in with Weapons Master defeat." Karen gave a nod, understanding why. "Don't write anything else about Weapons Master in your future journals; he is to be forgotten, except for what you wrote during this time." Karen gave another nod as Kara left and KJ whined at the older double of his mistress leaving. Karen went to pet her dog at this.

-Karry Universe-

Kara returned home to the Penthouse after putting the future journal safely in the Fortress of Solitude – to be protected there until the day she and Barry had to give it to Mon.

"Clark took Jason to STAR Labs for Rein to take to Prime," Barry informed her once she'd settled in, and showed Kara the memories of the boy's tantrum. It seemed Rein hadn't wanted to see the tantrum, so Clark had helped and taken Jason to Prime with Rein following "He was not happy…"

"Prime will help him," Kara sighed, knowing that. "He will be a different man when he returns here. I hope…"

"You think they will bring Mitch back?" Barry asked and Kara shrugged. They hadn't said they needed Mitch back, so for all they knew Prime would keep the clone. Either way wouldn't be the biggest deal for Karry Universe if he returned or not as it seemed everyone had forgotten him, except for the DEO, of course.

Amelia returned with Eric. They are downstairs, Barry thought, and Kara gave a smile. Everything is back to normal.

For now, Kara thought back, knowing things wouldn't be quiet for long. They would get a new enemy eventually – it was just a matter of time, but for now they would enjoy the time they had with their family with no drama, no Jason and no more Weapons Master.

Post-Chapter Note 1: And that's it. Karry Universe's Weapons Master plot is done. Unfortunately, that's it for this year as we have SuperEarth and New Justice to come, not to mention the return of Beautiful Earth at some point, as well as Bounty. But don't worry, when Karry returns it'll be for the epic 'Multiverse Kidnapper', which is the biggest thing since Crisis! Or at least, that's how we're advertising it. Hehe.

Post-Chapter Note 2: Caitlin having a different history of Regin than Kara and Barry. I think by now you all know what this means. Crisis Change.

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