Karry One Shots

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Camping Trip

During a long weekend Joe had decided to travel out to Metropolis and take Barry and Iris camping. He had invited Kara along and since both Barry and Iris begged her she agreed to go. She had nothing else to do anyway.

Now they were sitting around a campfire as the sunset laughing at one of Joe's stories. "Okay I'm going to go get more fire wood. Iris why don't you dig out the marshmallows," Joe said and Iris nodded heading into a tent to look through a bag while Joe went off into the wood.

"Joe's a great guy," Kara said with a smile.

"Yeah I got very lucky with him," Barry said.

"I know how you feel," Kara said. "I got very lucky with my foster family as well."

"Why are you in a foster family?" Barry asked and noticed Kara look down at the fire. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

'No, its fine," Kara said looking up at Barry. "Years ago my parents died in a fire." It was the basic lie they came up with. "A really bad fire. Took my parents, Clark's parents, my Aunt Astra. Basically everyone. My parents could have gotten out but they couldn't get me out and live. They choose to get me out instead." A tear fell down Kara's eyes but she refused to cry. "I was sort of in limbo for a bit until Clark found me."

"What took him so long?" Barry asked his relationship with Kara's older cousin not much better than when they first met. Clark still gave Barry I will kill you looks.

"His parents gave him up for adoption when he was a baby. After his adopted parents died he went looking for his real family and found me," Kara said the lie they had easily come up with to explain that they were cousin. "We bonded like right away. He rescued me but he wasn't able to take care of me. He had some friends, the Danvers, who were able to take me in. The two were very nice. Eliza never expected me to call her mom. Her husband before he died never expected me to call him dad and they had a daughter. A few years older than me who became a big sister to me in every sense of the word. Clark came by as often as possible as well. Most of the reason I choose to go to Metropolis University was to be closer to him."

There was a moment of silent when Kara finished as Barry took in what she said. "So I told you mine. You tell me yours. Its only fair." Kara said even though she knew most of what she told Barry had been a lie. There had been portions of the truth in it though.

"When I was a kid by mother was murdered," Barry said. "And my father was arrested for it by Joe actually."

"Seriously?" Kara asked shocked.

'Yeah, but my father his innocent. I was there that night. When I walked into the room it was like there was lightning everywhere running around my mom. Then suddenly I was on the street. By the time I ran back to my house my mom was dead and my father was being arrested. No one believed us." Barry said. "But I was friends with Iris so my dad gave custody of me to Joe so I didn't go around from foster family to foster family. They have been great to me, but I really want to prove my dad innocent. Get him out."

"I could ask Clark to look into your father's case," Kara said after a moment surprising Barry. "Or I could ask Lois who could possibly ask Superman." Kara added even though she knew asking Clark was asking Superman. "I don't know if there is anything they can do but they might be able to find something as reporters. If you want?"

"That would be great. Thank you," Barry said and kissed Kara.

Iris had found the marshmallows a while ago but had heard what they were talking about and decided not to interrupt them. Joe was behind a tree and heard. When they were done he came over pretending he heard nothing and dropped the wood he had collected next to the campfire.

"Found them," Iris said holding up the marshmallows and tossing them at Kara who easily caught them. "Who besides Kara is ready for s'mores?"

"Hey," Kara complained but laughed.

"Oh you are always ready for a snack. With the amount of junk food you eat I'm not sure how you keep that figure," Iris joked.

"It's a superpower,' Kara said truthfully but made it sound like a joke as the group started making s'mores.

Later that night Kara rolled in her sleeping bag unable to sleep and she knew why. It had been a while since she thought of her parents and home. Now that they were brought up it was racing through her brain. She knew when she closed her eyes she would have nightmares of her home. Of seeing it destroyed. Of her now dead family.

Quietly leaving the tent so not to wake Iris she stood up and looked up at the night sky. Here in the woods you could see every star. She fondly remembered the days when her Aunt Astra sat her on her lap and taught her the sky. Of course the stars were in different locations here on Earth and there were some different stars that Krypton had been unable to see, but using books and star maps she had long ago managed to find where her home star was. The star of Krypton light still burning brightly here on Earth even though the planet was long gone and she looked to that star now and started to cry missing her home.

She was startled when she felt an arm around her not having been paying close enough attention but saw Barry there. "Did you know that even after million of years after a star is dead we will still see the light shining here on Earth?" Kara asked him between tears. Barry shook his head not having known that. "Sometimes I just like looking at them."

"Yeah they're nice," Barry said as him and Kara sat on the ground and Barry pulled her close and let her cry into his shoulder. He didn't ask a single question. He didn't have to. He knew how she felt.

"They would have loved you," Kara said even though she knew if her planet hadn't been destroyed she would have never met Barry. Hell she'd be a lot older than Barry.

"My mom would have loved you," Barry said back truthfully being able to picture his mom taking Kara into the kitchen and talking non stop. "My dad will love you. During the summer maybe Joe could set it up so you can meet him."

"I'd like that," Kara said and the two stayed out there holding each other until they eventually fell asleep under the stars.

The next morning Joe and Iris found them like that. 'Should we wake them?" Iris asked not wanting to with how peaceful they looked. Kara seemed to fit perfect into Barry's arm and was using Barry's chest as a pillow. Barry himself only had grass under his head but didn't look uncomfortable at all.

'Let's make breakfast and hope the smell wakes them up," Joe said with a smile.

"Who'd have thought Barry would go to college and find his soul mate. They are perfect for each other," Iris said as they started cooking breakfast.

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