Chapter 2

Welcome to Beacon

"If the sky could dream, it would dream of dragons."

― Ilona Andrews, Fate's Edge

One day after the incident, Patch, Home from Long/Rose family.

It was a cold night in Patch; Taiyang the father of Yang, Ruby and Mikhail was currently in his working office.

"And again more paper work…." The blonde man sighed, by the amount of paper stacks. "Hah," He sighed again and rubbed his eyes, he was really frustrated. Taiyang wasn't even gone for two hours, yesterday and his youngest children were involved in a robbery, property damage and interference in police and huntsmen matters. If it were up to him, he wouldn't even let his children into Vale anymore. "Why must all my kids be such trouble makers?" He groaned after he finished the last paper, he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes to relax a bit.

He was concerned, his little girl and boy, already in Beacon? Scratch that he was anxious about it. The father was worried, if Ruby would be ready for so much responsibility, burden and studying in a school with older boys as well. "Oh my little girl!" But he was more worried about Mikhail.

Taiyang loved his son the same as his little princesses and hell, he was proud to have such and awesome boy as son.

His son was responsible, polite, good-natured and patient, which was rare trait in this family. He was also smart, had good-grades and was an extreme good fighter with his scythe and in hand-to-hand combat. Every father would kill to have such a son.

But, unfortunately he was also too good and naive and a little big reckless as well, but reckless in a good way. The boy was so kind, that he would help everyone in need and would never give up until he succeeded. "Well," He chuckled "He has that from me and Summer." But the smiled vanished when he remembered how he almost lost his little boy. He sighed "No matter how much I tried to convince him, that he shouldn't become a Huntsman, he never listens to me…." His gaze wandered to a picture on his desk. He took and looked at it.

It was a picture of him and his family, taken before Summer went missing.

On the picture was he, left and Summer right, her arm linked with his. Before them, were their children smiling and laughing, too. Yang was left while hugging Mikhail and right was Ruby, who did the same. Mikhail was smiling so bright in joy, even though he was being suffocated….

Taiyang let a chuckle out, before his scroll began to ring. When he looked at the caller, his face scrunched and he sighed. He tapped at the receive sign and "Qrow, what…."

"YOU JACKASS!" Taiyang was forced to cover his ear, as the loud shout from his brother-in-law came out of the scroll. When he faced the screen, he could see the angry face the man.

"One way to say hello, Qrow…" The man answered with a deadpan face.

"You know you deserve more, what the hell is wrong with you, why did you do it!?"

"More details….please?"

"Why the hell did you sent him to Beacon, too!?"

Again a groan escaped from Taiyang's mouth, he shook his head "Listen, Ozpin said, that Mikhail should also go to Beacon. He is talented, even though, I think he should rather be a weapon developer….."

"Then why in Remnant's name did you sent him, too!?"

"Look Qrow, you know how hard it is to separate him and Ruby…."

Qrow scoffed "I don't give damn about it!" Taiyang only rolled his eyes about the crass remark of him. "Don't give me that Tai, it should have been only Ruby and now you sent your son, Summer's son…."

"Then you shouldn't have trained him, too Qrow!"

Qrow growled now in his response while taking his flask full of whiskey from his jacket. He opened it and took some gulps from it. "Goddammit!"

'Why is he always drunk!?' Taiyang took a moment and spoke "Look, the moment, he is in danger, I will…."

But he was interrupted "He is the freakin' danger Tai!"

Taiyang scowled "Qrow, be careful with your words."

Qrow took again a gulp from his flaks and put it away "Look, I know Mikhail is strong, hell the boy could take me down in one or two years, I never saw such a talented kid, even though he sucks sometimes and explodes more than Ruby… a literally way…."

"Qrow, can we just jump to the part where you are about to be finished, I have work to do."

"Oh, I am not finished, Tai, Mikhail will not attend Beacon."

"You know I can't…"

"The hell, you can moron. You're forcing me to be the voice of reason and it's not a good image for me!"

"Qrow," The blonde man became slowly frustrated "What do you expect me to do? Should I take my son, and lock him up for the rest of his life?"

"Oh come on, don't be so melodramatic…."

"What then, what would you do!?"

"I would respect Summer's last wish!" Qrow yelled in rage.

The father of Ruby and Mikhail scowled and looked back at the picture. Qrow comprehend what he just said. Great now he felt like an idiot. He rubbed his eyes and finally calmed down "Look, Tai, I am sorry, it's just, the boy died almost three-times, freaking three-times! And he is only 15 years. Not even his sisters know that his own Aura almost killed him when he wasn't even two hours old. I just don't want to see another grave stone beside Summer's….shit….."

"I know it's alright."

"The boy is reckless, more than us...or Team STRQ (Stark)."

Both men didn't say anything for second.

"Taiyang, as your friend and brother I ask you this, think about it. That boy's Semblance is bad news, really bad news; if he loses control over it, he could harm himself and others. It could kill him, it almost killed him."

The blonde man still didn't say anything and looked away.

"Fine you idiot, have it your way, but if something happens to him or the kids because of this, my scythe will be first thing that will shoved up, into your sorry ass!" Qrow hung up.


1 hour after the robbery

Mikhail was nervous, nope extremely anxious, the reason, that woman who threw fire at him and caused explosion. "That woman, she had mana in her body!" How is this possible, she had Mana in her body, how in the hell is that possible! While it is possible, that there is magic in this world. Like Midgard, Remnant has also Leylines or Dragon Veins. 'I thought I am the only one with magic in this world…' Yes Mikhail still had his Mana in this body. No matter where, if there is a Leyline then a dragon could use them as second Mana source. But what caused him more headaches was the scent of the woman. Her scent was so….. sweet and tasty, so alluring, like those of the Intoners, but there was no corruption, no malice or wrath in her power. It was more that her power is needed, she smelled like 'The season, her scent was similar to the season autumn…..' But now it has to wait…It needs more research…..


"I don't know what we did wrong, we just wanted to stop the robbery, so why are we here?" Mikhail asked with crossed arms as he and his sister Ruby sat in an interrogation room with a single table and a single light hanging, while Glynda Goodwitch was walking around them in circle. She scoffed. Well the boy with the awkward hair and eyes, said words of trueness, but at the same she couldn't comprehend how dangerous their actions were.

Now Ruby started to protest, too "Yeah, as Mikhail said, we just wanted to help!"

"Silence!" Glynda yelled at the twins, to shut them up.

Both Mikhail and Ruby winced and closed their mouth.

"You both wield and fought with the most dangerous and deadly weapons ever designed" She looked at Mikhail and furrowed her brows "Especially yours young man. We needed a grown man with activated aura to lift your weapon. Heaven knows how you can easily fight with it.

Wait, they touched Zero Rose!? Those sons of bitches! Mikhail began to growl and clenched his teeth, they touched his weapon. He wanted to yell, to lash out, but his hand was suddenly gripped by Ruby who just smiled at him "It's alright, easy…." She spoke in a soft tone and patted his head. The wrath he felt faded away and he smiled back.

Glynda a teacher of Beacon Academy continued her scolding "I hope both of you realize, that your actions tonight will not be taken lightly. You both put yourselves and others in great danger, even if your teamwork was almost marvelous, you could have died because of one wrong move!" Her tone became softer.

"But they started it!" Replied Ruby, she knew that she and Mikhail were justified in their actions.

"My sister is right, what should we have done; nothing!?"

Glynda sighed, her glare intensified "If it were up to me, both of you would have been sent home, with a pat on the back," Both sighed and smiled in relief, but then Glynda started to glare at them, again "And a slap on the wrist!" She smacked her crop on the table before Ruby and Mikhail. Both squeaked and hugged each other in fear. Mikhail never thought that there is woman scarier in this world than Three, but hell even that mad scientist would, compared to this blonde witch, giving her a run for her money. "But…..there is someone here who would like to meet both of you.

Both twins, still hugging, glanced at each other and parted.

Behind them appeared another person. It was a middle-aged man, and Mikhail recognized him. It was Professor Ozpin, the headmaster of Beacon. In his hand was a plate with chocolate chip cookies, Mikhail's and Ruby's favorite ones, and a mug in his other.

Ozpin was a man with tousled gray hair and thin brown eyes. He had a light complexion and sharp facial features. He wore shaded glass spectacles and a dark-green scarf with a small, purple, cross-shaped emblem on it. His outfit mainly consisted of an unzipped black suit over a buttoned vest and green undershirt. He also wore black trouser shoes and long, dark-green pants.

"Ruby and Mikhail Rose…you have both….." He started to spoke, before he leaned forward over the table, to take a better look at the children "Silver eyes….." Ruby looked worried, while Mikhail was calm. Even though his sister was a little bit nervous, he couldn't feel any ill intent coming from the man. On the contrary, he could feel that Ozpin was a little bit…. delighted.

Meanwhile, his gaze wandered from Ruby to Mikhail, and when he looked at his eyes, the man looked surprised. Well, the former dragon was used to it. Heterochromia iridum was rare; the combination of his eye-colors was even stranger. Were in the name of all Dust would you find someone with a silver and ruby-red eye!?

"Ahem, sir, is everything alright?" Asked Mikhail and broke the man out of his trance-like state.

Ozpin shook his head slightly "Of course." Then he backed up and looked at Glynda who had a scroll in her hand, that showed a footage of the sibling's fight with Torchwick and his henchmen "So, where did both of you learned to such things? His voice became louder than before.

Ruby wanted to explain, but she couldn't. Instead her eye met her brother's and he smiled. He faced both adults "Our uncle Qrow, that is with a Q instead of a C what people often think, trained us in the art of the Scythe. He works as a teacher in Signal Academy. He saw my talent and asked me if I want to learn from him. My sister wanted, too.

His twin sister continued "Unlike my brother, I was complete garbage at fighting, so my uncle took me under his wings, too." She remembered how cool it was to see Mikhail fighting, but at the same time she wanted to become stronger. Not because of jealousy, she loved her brother too much for that. She just simply wanted to close the gap between them, before it became bigger. "And with because of him I can do this cool stuff, Washa, Huuh." Ruby began then to make various karate hand moves.

"But you still suck in hand-to-hand combat, sis, I can take you down, with just my pinky…" Mikhail then raised his hand with said finger.

His sister looked with open jaw and betrayed eyes at him; followed by a huff with crossed arms. 'But he is right; he could tear a simple Beowulf apart, without breaking a sweat…..'

Ozpin nodded and sat the plate down in front of them. Mikhail's mouth became watery; the smell of the cookies was good, but not as good as his mother's cookies but good. He reached out and took one of them. He noticed Ruby, who made a puppy face, she always wanted to eat the first one. Mikhail smiled and held it out towards her face. She bit on the cook and giggled in delight. Then she grabbed a cookie, too and did the same to him.

Glynda and Ozpin looked at each at while shrugging his shoulder. Those two were really close and then…..


Both winced from loud sound of snapping teeth. It seems that Mikhail had a really mean bite; both understood now that his canines were more or less fangs, even though it is clearly stated that he is human not Faunus.

Both twins giggled and looked happy while feeding each other, Ruby didn't even care of the threat that Mikhail could bite her finger off, maybe he is careful or she is just used to it?

"Ahem," He coughed and brought the attention of twins to him. He sat down and Glynda gave him the scrolls with the personal data of the twins.

Mikhail could see that those were their personal records.

Ozpin began to read "Ruby Rose, Age 15," He narrowed his eyes "Your Semblance is 'Speed', am I right?"

"Yup! There is no one quicker than me. She joyfully threw a fist in the air, she noticed shortly how childish it was, when her brother smiled and both adult looked at her with weird eyes. "Sorry, hehehe." She rubbed the back of their head, while smiling sheepishly. "But I have not fully mastered it. Still I tend to learn really fast!"

Ozpin smiled and looked now in Mikhail's file and raised an eyebrow "Mikhail Rose, Age 15, your Semblance, he red it again, its name is…."

"Dragon's Soul….."

Ozpin looked again, in expectation "It says that it is some kind of Transformation Semblance, would you be so kindly to show it to me?"

Mikhail didn't answer, he just shrugged and he raised his hand and activated Dragon's Soul.

One moment, his hand looked normal, in the next his hand suddenly transformed. Where his pale skin was, were now scales. The hand back was covered in scales, whiter than snow. The palm was covered in black ones, darker than the night. On each five fingers were now barbed claws or rather talons. All of them were yellow, almost golden with a tint of red, the same colors as his hair.

Ozpin and Glynda were taken back. His eyes widened in curiosity, while Glynda adjusted her glasses in astonishment.

"Fascinating!" Ozpin leaned forward to take a better look "I saw Shapeshifting Semblances before, but not such a one of this degree, were you can control the transformation so accurately."

Mikhail explained "Yes, it is. My Semblance allows me to transform parts of my body, into those of a dragon. It is unique to me."

Glynda narrowed her eyes "Such nonsense, Dragons doesn't even exist; they are fairy tales and fables…"

"Glynda." Ozpin exhorted his colleague, she rolled her eyes; and then he faced the boy again "Excuse her, Glynda is more a person, which lives on the ground.

The boy shook his head in amusement "It's alright, many people reacted the same she does, when they hear my explanation.

"But why did you call it Dragon's Soul?"

"I have also wings…." Mikhail stated that fact in a deadpanning manner.

Both adults looked surprised.

"Those this mean, you can fly, Mister Rose?"

"Yes, Professor Ozpin, with my Semblance I have also the ability to fly." Both adults looked at each other; Glynda shook her head in denial. It seems she still wasn't persuaded.

"Would you be so kindly to show them to us?"

Ruby smiled, because she knew what will happen next. No matter how much she was present in such scenarios, it was and is always amusing to see the reactions of the people.

Meanwhile on Mikhail's face formed a grin and with no warning, two large dragon wings emerged from his back. It were the same wings, he had in his former life, the second stage. Well not as large as before, but enough to, almost, touch the walls of the wall. Those wings were, like his claws, covered with white scales. On each wings sprouted two claws also golden and red. (Look at my profile picture)

While again Ozpin and Glynda, were shocked.

"Incredible…" The man muttered, while looking from Mikhail to the tips of his wings.

"I can't believe this, Ozpin do I hallucinate?"

The middle-aged man chuckled "I fear not my dear Glynda, Mister Rose, your ability is simply striking, if I may say so."

"Thank you!" He deactivated his Semblance, and his dragon hand and wings, dissolved into white, black, yellow and red flower petals. "If you want to know, my Semblance also increases my vitality, physical strength and enhances my senses."

"Like I said simply striking, does it have also some backlashes?"

Mikhail nodded "Yes, my Semblance consumes large amounts of Aura; I also act more reckless; I am also prone to certain things….as well…."

"And these are?"

"Did you ever read books about dragons, Professor Ozpin?"

"Yes, when I was younger, why the question, Mister Rose?"

"Then you know, that dragons are symbolizes certain aspects…"

"Yes, dragons symbolize Wrath, Pride, Greed and Lust…" Ozpin's eyes widen "Does it mean…..?"

"Yes, I get angry, reaaaally fast, I become more arrogant, and….." Mikhail's face turned slightly red.

Ruby tilted her head, and then she suddenly understood it, lust. Her cheeks also started to burn up.

Ozpin tried to attract this awkward situation "Remarkable, I have never seen such a versatile Semblance." He bent his head to Glynda "Do you have any questions?"

"No," The witch shook her head and pinched her nose "Right now I have enough for today."

The younger Rose continued "Well, like my sister, I also haven't fully mastered my Semblance."

Ozpin nodded and could only smile; these children are talented, each with skills and Semblance. He started ask more question "You are going to Signal Academy?"

Ruby answered cheerfully "Yes~! In two years, I and my little brother are applying to Beacon, and we will become a Huntsman and a Huntress~ like our sister!" Her brother nodded.

The headmaster of Beacon leaned forward "You two want to go to Beacon?"

"More than ever!" Both twins answered in synch.

"Then can I ask you something, both of you?"

"Sure!" 2x

"Why do want to become a Huntsman and Huntresses?"

The Rose twins looked at each other, they blinked, and shortly they smiled and faced the Headmaster. It was amusing to say, how they did all of this simultaneously.

Ruby explained "I want to slay monsters, I want to help people, because our parents taught us to help people, I mean the police are alright but Huntsmen and Huntresses are just so much more romantic and exciting and really, gosh, you know!" She opened her eyes, only to see Glynda looking at her, with perplexed eyes. Ozpin, looked neutral and stoic at the quirky girl. Ruby's cheeks became red as her hood and he hid her face under it.

Ozpin asked now Mikhail "And you Mr. Rose?"

Mikhail leaned back, he breathed in and then out. He leaned forward and looked with determined eyes at Ozpin "Like my sister, I want become a Huntsman to help people and to protect the things I love." He put his hand on his chest and formed it into a fist "I want to become the best and strongest Huntsman in the history of Remnant."

Ozpin was surprised "May I ask why, Mister Rose?"

"To gain influence."


"Yes, Professor Ozpin, with influence," Mikhail stated something obvious, for him, of course "I want to bring peace between Humans and Faunus."

Ruby smiled as ever at his wish. Since she could remember, her brother always said that he want to bring peace between the races, he also participated in every peaceful protest and boycott with the old White Fang.

"Why?" Asked the man

"Even though I love good fights, I love peace, faunus and humans more. So many died because of this conflict, and with my talent and strength I strive for peace, so that we can live, one day, together in harmony." Mikhail once brought peace to Midgard, even though he had to sacrifice many things and even though he was now revered as a god in his former home world. He knows that one way or another, there will be a war, but at least he saved the world from the Flower, the Gods and the Machine Children.

The headmaster folded his hands together "That is a big goal, Mr. Rose."

The former dragon smiled and leaned back "I know, but I also know, that I will accomplish it."

The headmaster smiled 'Summer….he is, no both of them, are truly your children…' He nodded in satisfaction and tented his fingers "Do you both know who I am?"

"You're Professor Ozpin, the Headmaster of Beacon." Both twins said it in unison.

The Headmaster chuckled "Hello."

"Nice to meet you." Again, spoken in synch.

Ozpin was slightly amused of both Rose twins "Do you both want to come to my school?"

"More than anything."

Glynda couldn't help but shook her head; do those siblings communicate in a telepathic way, seriously?

Meanwhile Ozpin could nothing but smile and look amused to Glynda, who just huffed, while crossing her arms.

The headmaster slightly tilted his head in an acceptable manner "Well okay."

Both twins smiled.


Some days later

"Oh, I can't believe my baby sister and baby brother are going to Beacon with me~! This is just simply the best day ever!" Yang, the elder half-sister of both Ruby and Mikhail, shouted happy as she bear-hugged both her siblings. They were currently in a bullhead on the way to Beacon Academy.

Yang was a teenage girl who wore a tan vest with gold piping over a yellow low-cut crop top with a black crest that resembles a burning heart. The vest had puffy cap sleeves with black cuffs. On the sides of the cuffs, there were two small golden buttons.

She wore a brown belt with a buckle, a pouch, and a small banner-like object. The same burning heart crest was also on this banner, except golden in color. She wore black shorts under her belt, which resembles a pleated skirt in the back. Over the short shorts but under the belt was a white asymmetrical back skirt.

Aside from an orange infinity scarf around her neck, she had no discernible jewelry. She wore brown knee-high platform boots made of leather, with orange socks of different lengths. Her left leg also had a gray bandanna-like object wrapped around the top of her boot. She had fingerless black gloves underneath her weapons, which resemble two yellow mechanized gauntlets with a black design. Their names were Ember Cecilia.

Her long blonde hair was lighter in color at the tips and flows in a loose and messy manner, with a few locks that stuck out and a small cowlick on top of her head. She had a pale complexion and lilac eyes.

When she became older and more endowed, Mikhail couldn't help to compare her with Five. Blonde hair, a playful and flirty attitude, paired with gluttony and skimpy outfits. But at least, she is not a bitch, as the Intoner was.

Mikhail knew from the beginning, that she was his half-sibling, because of her slightly different scent, but he loved her from the bottom of his heart. But sometimes, he had disagreements with Yang. Especially about being him becoming a Huntsman. She was always overprotective of him, when he was sick, she literally chained him on the bed, when he wanted to fight Grimm, she immediately tried to kill them, when he was talking to girl or tried to having a girlfriend, she wouldn't hesitate to scare her off. She even beat up bullies, who picked on him, because of his hair and eyes. It became worse, since certain events happened, where he almost died.

And know he looked amused at his twin Ruby, who gasped for air.

"Please…..stop!...Can't breathe….." Ruby said, while breathing for air.

"Yang, Ruby is dying…." Well at least he was amused, while waiting to arrive to be let go.

The blonde released the happy and tight hug, while chirping happily "But I am so happy for you, both of you!" Well she wasn't really pleased with the idea of him, becoming a Huntsman, but at least, she could keep an eye on him.

He was, how she could say it, a magnet for trouble, and what made her and their family more worried, for women, especially the older ones. Because of his androgynous appearance and his eyes and hair, he was more targeted by girls. Mikhail hadn't much male friends, so tended to have contact with the other sex. But even now, Yang knew, that Mikhail was too naïve for his own good. How many times did she heard and saw how girls wanted to use him. Some of them wanted to have a handsome boy or a trophy boyfriend. Some even wanted to use him for revenge, to show their ex-boyfriends how awesome their new man is. Someone wanted to use him as a toy; they didn't found a boy good enough, for their petty standards, for their first time. So why not asked the nicest boy in Patch, to have an awesome first time, which you can brag about?

Yang beat them up. But two years ago, somehow the entire Island and the students in Patch grew fonder of Mikhail. It was also at the same time, when talks about a championship could be heard, but Yang immediately shut down, she didn't like such things. The strongest or best in this generation, such things were bullshit for her. But what was stranger is Mikhail had a fan club, with female and male admirer. Okay she admit it, he was a looker. Males and Females were interested in him. But what made her really angry was the racism against Mikhail. Because of his long canines, some of idiots said really awful things to him and their family.

In the small Island of Patch, there lived also Faunus. Racism wasn't really tolerated. But when there were in Vale or in other big cities, some people whispered about the family and their beast.

There were also some folks who said, that their mother was a bitch who cheated on their father with a Faunus, and Mikhail is the outcome of this.

Of course the entire family wasn't really happy about it and made it entirely clear….

But now, she was sure, that he will not be harmed, not under her watch.

"Mmmh…" Ruby began to grumble and looked nervous.

"What's the matter Ruby?" Yang asked her little sister.

"Yeah, why are you looking so…

"Withered, eh, you know because of your name Rose, eh? Eh!?" Yang ended his question, with one of her puns and looked between her younger siblings with expectations.

*Slap* Mikhail could only palm his face, Yang wasn't just infamous for her temper, strength and obsession to protect her siblings and her hair, she was also well-known for her extremely bad puns.

The loud slapping noise of the facepalm, echoed through the Bullhead and brought the attention of the people onboard on them, but after some seconds they continued with what they were occupied.

But even this, didn't broke the every cheerfully girl from her affliction.

Mikhail put a hand on Ruby's shoulder "Sis, are you alright?"

"No it's just….I got moved ahead two years, I don't want people to think that I am special or anything…"

"But you are special; everyone in Beacon is going to think that you both are the bee's knees!"

Ruby wasn't really happy about that "But I don't want to be the 'bee's knees', okay? I don't wanna be any kind of knees! I just want to be a normal girl with normal knees, okay!" She looked on the ground with sad eyes, while rubbing her arm.

Mikhail frowned and he did that, what he always did when Ruby was sad. He hugged her "It's alright, sis, I am here, too. You earned it, and for me you are just you."

Ruby smiled, it seems Mikhail could brighten her up. She hugged him back. "Thanks Mike…" At least her baby brother is with her, it was a little bit scary and she was worried how she could fit herself into Beacon, since she is younger than the other students. 'Well at least I have him…'

While Yang smiled at the sight of her hugging siblings. Mikhail was more of a happy-go-lucky child than Ruby. He had also some kind of weird charisma or vibrancy, which made people comfortable around him. He is like bright flower that brings light and happiness, like their mother.

"So you're okay sis?" He parted from her.

"Yeah, thanks."

"No problemo!"

"But still, I don't think I am that special like Yang, who is well known in every bar of Patch or you, who had one stalemate and a win against Pyrrha Nikos…..oh….ups….." The girl in red put a hand on her mouth and glanced terrified at her siblings…

Mikhail looked, with a paler face to his twin sister and Yang, well Yang looked with wide eyes at her and then with a scowl at their brother.


"Oh shit, Ruby!"


Yang pinched his ear.

"Ow, ow!"

"What's the meaning of this!?"

"Ow, please let go!"

The blonde girl did it and looked at her brother with crossed arms and a tapping foot. Her face caused him to sweat.

"Explain, now!"

"Okay, okay….I participated in the last two Mistral Regional Tournaments and won the last.

He rubbed the back of his head and smiled sheepishly at his older sister, who looked ether with shock or disappointment, maybe both, at him.


And a smack on his head back followed…


"This is the reason, I….what were you thinking!"

"Sis, please I wanted to fight the strongest….I needed it to become stronger…I still need it….."

Yang put both hand on his shoulders, a mix of anger and worry showed on her face "But what if something would have happen." She caressed his right cheek.

"Sis, there are specialists who watched and controlled everything…"

"Still, you could have been hurt…" She hugged him again "Why are you so stubborn?"

Mikhail snorted "I am your brother, what do you expect?"



"That was for being a smartass."

He could only smile while rubbing his throbbing head. Ruby giggled and Yang hugged him again.

"Please don't do something rash again, okay?"

"I try," A glare followed "O-okay…."

Yang nodded and "Now, with this day you are under Yang watch!" She placed her fingers in front of her eyes, and pointed them at him. "But one thing how was it that I didn't hear about them?

Both twins looked at her with deadpanned eyes.


"Yang, you said that …" Ruby started.

"Those tournaments are bull...crap and the news can bit my juicy ass!" And Mikhail ended it.

"Okay, okay, sheesh, did Dad knew about it?

Mikhail nodded "And he wasn't happy, he grounded me for one month."

"Then why didn't say anyone from Patch or Signal to me?"

"Uncle Qrow…"

"Wait, Mike, you mean…okay Uncle Qrow brought you to Mistral, right?"

Mikhail nodded "He said (threatened) every students and teachers, that if they say something to you, he will rip off their anuses….."

"Okay, that's our Uncle…." She sighed "Guess that would explain your Fan Club…"

"Wait, I have a Fan Club?"

"Had one…." She shrugged an grinned.

Mikhail couldn't help to be amused of his sister's antics and Yang narrowed her eyes. Her brother is probably the only person, who could stomach her shenanigans without the backlashes.

*Sigh* Why are both, her siblings such hot-blooded, drill-seeking, flame-loving fighting freaks?

Both blondes broke the staring contest and looked at their sighing sister "Come on Ruby," Then something in came up "You should show your best side, you now because there are older boys in this school; I hope you have a liking for older ones!"

Their brother looked surprised at them; Yang would welcome it, when Ruby would get a boyfriend. Then maybe she would allow…..

"And you Mike," She flicked his nose "You are not allowed to date anyone, until I allow it!"

"Oh come on, sis!"

"Talk to the hand."

Seriously why is she so overprotective? He almost died only three-times, and had sometimes fractured bones and some flesh wounds. His Aura healed such wounds in one or two days after some sleep. But right, he is not a dragon anymore…..

"Argh," He scoffed and looked out of the Bullhead window.

"Don't even think about it…" Yang put a hand on his shoulder.

"I didn't think about it…" Oh yes how he thought about it. He missed it to fly, to feel the wind on his skin, he was…

"Nope!" He was now in a headlock….

"Okay, okay…sheesh, sis…." She released the grip and glared at him again…...

"Don't give me that Mike!" She punched him on the sides "You know what happened! The last time you fell from the sky; you broke yourself three ribs, both legs and tore a muscle!"

"Yeah, but after 4 days I was already fit…"

"Because you have a powerful Aura doesn't mean that you can be reckless…

Now again, both blondes glared at each other, while Ruby tried to prevent a fight a la Rose/Long style, Yang cracked her knuckles for an incoming thrashing.

She placed herself in the middle "Come on guys, don't fight…"

They looked at her and then blinked at each again, Yang rolled her eyes and Mikhail apologized.


"Sorry, sis….."

Ruby put a hand on his hair and ruffled it softly "But she is right Mikhail, please be more careful, do it for me and Yang, please~.

Mikhail glanced at his sister who looked worried; he sighed and gave up "Good." He nodded and saw how his twin looked back at Yang, who gave a thump up to the girl.


Their little family moment was interrupted when they heard the Vale News, reporting about the incident with Roman Torchwick.

"….The robbery was led by the nefarious criminal," The screen showed a mugshot of the crook "Who continues to evade authorities. If you have any information on his whereabouts please contact the Vale Police Department."

Mikhail and Ruby scowled.

"Back to you Lisa."

"Thank you, Cyril. In other news, this Saturday's Faunus Civil Right's protest turned dark when members of the White Fang disrupted the ceremony.

Now the scowl on his face darkened 'Idiots, all of them, they are not better than the Vanguards of Humanity…' He growled and clenched his fist, until his knuckles turned white, while Yang sighed in relief.

'Thank god that we could convince him, not to go to that protest…' Since the 'White Hood Incident' She, Ruby and their father begged Mikhail, not to participate on them anymore, much to his displeasure.

Their family didn't hate Faunus; on the contrary, they despised the racism against them. But since that incident that occurred, three years ago where he was almost killed, they simply wanted him to not to protest on them anymore. But he was stubborn. He still went to them; shortly his family gave up persuading him.

Lisa continued "The once peaceful organization has now disrupted….." But immediately the news were cut off by a projection of Glynda Goodwitch.

"Hello, and welcome to Beacon!"

"Who is that?" Yang asked.

"My name is Glynda Goodwitch."


"You are among privileged individuals who have received the honor of being selected to attend this prestigious academy! Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace,"

'Suuuure….' Thought the former dragon….'And I wasn't a dragon in my former life….who fought demi-gods, gods, daemons and angelic dragons and Machines…who threatened the world by destroying or devour it…They think they deserve piece, they think they can turn around and ignore the real threat. The Faunus conflict isn't over, the Schnee Dust Company will not stop with their thirst for more, Haven and Atlas, the White Fang the Vanguards of Humanity are nothing but an eyesore…all of them should….'

"Mikhail?" Yang placed a hand on his shoulder an woke him up from his…..rather angry thoughts…."Are you alright?" Her face was full of worry and her cheerful attitude was gone.

"Ah, yeah….sorry….I'm fine…"

Yang looked for some seconds at him and frowned 'He had that those eyes again…'

"I am fine sis, don't worry!" He smiled and took her hand "Really…." The blonde boy's body tensed up, while he hid his other hand or rather his claw. 'Shit, I unwittingly activated my Semblance….'

Her frown deepened "Okay, if you say so…."

The trio continued to listen "And as feature Huntsmen and Huntresses, it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task, and now, it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and the training to protect our world." Then the hologram faded.

Ruby's eyes widened "Wow!" She walked forward and looked through the window. "Look, you can see Signal from up here!

Her brother did the same and smiled "Yeah!"

Yang walked behind them and put her arms around her sibling's shoulder "I guess home isn't too far away after all." They looked at her and she smiled "Beacon is our home, now.


Their moment was interrupted, again, when a blonde boy behind them groaned. His stomach made weird noises and he passed them while clutching it and holding his mouth.

"Guess someone has motion sickness…." Mikhail scrunched his nose when he could smell the scent of vomit….

"Well…I guess the view is not for everyone." They looked at him while he passed behind them, Yang shrugged with her shoulders…

"Well, it was a nice moment while it lasted."

The blonde girl smiled "I wonder who we're gonna meet!"

Ruby sighed "Well, I just hope they're better than 'Vomit Boy'." Ruby then noticed something on Yang's shoe "Oh, Yang, gross you have puke on your shoe!" She backed away from her sister, in disgust.

The girl gasped and raised her foot while going after Ruby "Gross, gross, gross!

"Get away from me! Get away!" The young girl in black and red shrilled while running away from the blonde with puke on heir shoe.

Meanwhile their brother shook his head and tried his best not to laugh at them.

"Mikhail," Yang jumped with one leg before him, her eyes were watery "Please help me it's so gross and stinky!"

The younger Rose rolled his eyes and took a handkerchief out, he crouched down and cleaned Yang's shoe. While he was a young dragon, he didn't learn much about personal hygiene. Zero didn't even bother to teach him about such. When Angelus took him under her wings, she immediately bit his snout as a punishment for not taking hygiene serious. She showed him how to clean himself and after he was allowed to live in the palace of Caim, he was bathed everyday by female servants or maids. Mikhail also loved hot springs. He and Furiae often visited them together.

And even now he was still finical, if it's about cleaning and hygiene. After the death of their mother Summer, Mikhail was the one who cleaned the house, made the laundry and did the other chores. Besides, what is a little bit puke, when you fought hundreds of battles, were guts, corpses and other things can be seen and smelled on the battlefield.

"Done." She stood up and threw the handkerchief in a trash can.

"Thanks, I love you!" Yang hugged her younger brother, lifted him up and shook him around.

Mikhail sighed and looked through the window, somehow he could feel it. It is the beginning of something, but he couldn't comprehend of what…..

Changed a bit, so that Mikhail has only one victory.