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Start Chapter 1

"I found what made the rift." A short demon with red eyes and spiky black hair snorted. A sword in hand. He gave the equally as short if not shorter individual in front of him a wary look. Stepping back with a rosy blush over his nose when the person lifted their head to revel a lovely androgynous face with some of the most vivid green eyes he had ever seen and a head full of shoulder blade length wavy black hair. "Who are you and how did you manage to get here?" The short demon managed to growl.

"Um, I'm really not that sure actually... Where is here to be exact?" The green eyed person asked, panicked looking.

"The forbidden hall, of course!" Another voice answered. Standing nearby was a child, looking more like a toddler in age. He had a pacifier in his mouth along with expensive looking oriental clothing and 'Jr.' on the forehead bit of the cap that he was wearing.

"Forbidden what? I don't know what you are talking about! One minute I was helping clean out my grandmother's attic the next Kreature, my grandmother's house elf, was saying something about needing me to hold something and then I was here! I know he thinks I'm meant to do to better things and all that rot, but this is becoming ridiculous! Once I get back there I really need to be having a word with him!" The teenager grumbled.

"House elf? What are you talking about, explain!" The Black haired demon demanded.

"You don't feel like your from one of the new age light families... Actually are you human? You don't smell like it." The green eyed teenager suddenly said. Looking worried and confused and a little wary.

The red eyed teenager raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean? Of course I'm not, can't you recognize a demon when you see one?" The demon asked, confused.

"Demon? I thought that was just stories grandmother bragged about. Anyway, I have no idea what that child is but it defiantly isn't what you are... How do I know that you won't use any of this against my family?" The teenager asked suddenly suspicious, Having a bad feeling brewing in his guts.

"Have what against your family? Are you planning to do something evil or kill me?" The strange toddler looking individual asked, suddenly pushing an ogreish looking creature in a loincloth in front of himself.

"What? Of course not! Why would you ask that?" The green eyed teenager asked, horrified.

"Then we are probably not going to have any problems. What's that by the way?" The child said eyes suddenly sparkling at the sight of the shiny object on the floor. He pointing at an amulet laying on the floor next to a trunk.

"What? Wait that can't be..." The teen mumbled, a look of understanding suddenly crossing his face as it grew pale as paper. "Oh gods no! He couldn't have? He did! Oh to the gods he actually did it on purpose didn't he?" The teenager said, opening the trunk and saw that it was filled with books and clothes and parchment and a bag full of what looked to be gold coins. He snatched up the item from the ground that the house elf had given him before he suddenly appeared in this new place. "Wait, place of blood's origin? What is that supposed to mean?" The green eyed teenager muttered growing almost gray in his horror.

A letter fluttered unnoticed by the panicking green eyed teenager. The red eyed demon picked it up and immediately began to read, already suspecting what may have happened. The scent on the teen smelled very much like caged demon blood. A dangerous thing to do to someone that had so much. The scent was lovely, almost like one of the fabled submissives that he had only heard about. Having both the slight hint of male and the perfect sweetened scent of a female to even out the sickly sweetness. Submissive males were very rare among many demon species, his especially. Often times being better mothers and having gentler more docile temperaments. They were known to be far more dangerous than the average demoness though.

He snorted at the letter. Apparently the servant thought it would be best for his young 'mistress' to learn of his heritage and thought that his mother and father were tainting the boy with human ideals when he came from some great line of demons. He being the greatest and with the strongest blood since his great grandfather had decided to taint himself with a human bedmate. The only way that the locket would take him back to his realm would be when his bloodlines had consumed him like a proper demon so he could bring unending greatness and fear back to the lines of the Black family and even more respect to the lines of his father's family, the Lupins. Which he was apparently also the heiress to. He smirked, he was right, the green eyed anomaly was able to bear offspring. As he read farther more and more. The letter was apparently for whom ever found the boy. There it was, a fail safe in the amulet that allowed for the bearer to return home safely. It would be a few hours before it could be used though. He wasn't sure if he wanted to use it to help the teenager. The place he was from didn't sound like a place for a submissive, too much restriction, it was more like he was a servant to his family than anything. A submissive was never to be treated that way even among the worst of the demons. Maybe he should just burn the letter or something?

"Hiei, let me read!" The toddler whined. Waving his arms around and pouting.

The demon rolled his eyes, tossing the child the front page of the letter, stashing the rest of it way. He decided against burning it until at least the toddler had been satisfied so he didn't throw another one of his awful baby tantrums that he insisted that he never did. The first page of information was just the basics, the boy's name, what the elf creature was trying to do and how to fix it. Nothing that would be particularly revealing.

"Okay so your name is Harrison Lupin-Black and you apparently are from a whole other world and are like a wizard prince and your grandfather was a demon but your servant is trying to make you one to?" The child asked.

"Apparently." The lovely teenager growled. "Though I really would have liked some say before this happened." He grumbled.

"Someone is a little catty today." The toddler snickered to a gray-blue skinned ogre looking creature standing next to him. Who gave him a disapproving frown.

Harry growled, "I am not being catty okay? I got zapped, attacked by a horde of doxies, nearly eaten by a rug until it recognized me then chased me around trying to cuddle me for a hour, thankfully I can't seem to be possessed by dark artifacts my grandmother has laying around, and then I get tricked by the house elf and sent to an entirely different dimension that has real live demons! Talking ogres and toddlers that seem more like adults than babies and I find out all those crazy stories my grandmother told me about having demons in the family is true! Now I am expected to be one and to my knowledge demons eat people, I don't want to eat people! It's just not my thing!" He ranted. Seeming to be completely sick of everything already and he hadn't even been there more than 20 minutes!

"That's not true. A lot of demons eat humans but only Mazoku require them in their diet to survive, the others only eat them for pleasure... I don't eat the filthy creatures, they really don't taste that great, and I really do have to agree. This wouldn't be the place I would want to take a vacation to either... You are going to have to deal with it though so suck it up. This is the hand your dealt. Do you think I would be working for this brat if I had a choice either?" Hiei said, snorting.

"Hey, I take offense to that, remember who cleared your record?" The child sniffed.

Hiei rolled his eyes.

"Okay so this should be simple enough... Just say this chant after the amulet has had a few hours to revitalize itself, no big deal. It is the only way back that I can tell, but as long as it isn't damaged you can get back." The child said, after he snatched the amulet from the teen.

"That is quite the relief that I have the ability to get back at least." Harry said. Taking a deep breath calming breath. He was worried that he would never be able to get back to his home and family. What a relief to know that wasn't the case!

Hiei grimaced, he rather have the time to at least get to know and convince the submissive to stay for a time. He went wide eyed at a sudden crunching noise. The distinct crunching of old brittle glass.

"What have you done sir?" The ogre creature shrieked.

"Gah, it was an accident! How was I supposed to know it was so fragile? This is your fault ogre, you should have known this!" The small child god yowled.

"Oh no, you can't blame this one on me, It's made of glass! Of course it is fragile!" The ogre pointed out.

"Are you both morons? How will he be able to get back when that thing is now in a thousand pieces?" Hiei hissed.

Harry stood mouth hanging open and eyes watering. Sparks began to run down his arms and filled the air with static. A wind began to swirl around him and his lips began to tremble. "Was that the only way-way that I could get back? Did, was-is the only way I can get back home destroyed?" Harry asked, beginning to make strange whimpering noises in the back of his throat. That immediately put Hiei on edge, protectiveness suddenly swelled his chest.

"Maybe... probably, I'm like 99.99998% sure. Okay yes, yes it was! Please don't destroy everything! I'm a toddler I have a long life to live ahead of me! Don't rip me limb from limb! Take your anger out on ogre instead, he's the one that deserves the blame, he's the one that didn't tell me it was glass after all!" The toddler begged.

"It was glass, there shouldn't have needed to be a warning! Stop using me as your scapegoat! I have a decent bit of time left to live to! Mother still wants grandchildren and stop calling me that, my name is George sir!" The ogre growled flinching away from Harry as energy began to whip around like lightning in a tornado.

Both squeaked and fled farther back when energy seeping from Harry's body nearly struck them. The wind began to get so strong that paintings and knickknacks began to pull away from the shelves and walls and were being hurled around in the air.

"That soul-eating vase was dad's, mom's, favorite go save it ogre if it gets destroyed he's going to spank me until I can't sit for eons!" The toddler whined.

"No way! It would serve you right!" The ogre insisted, diving under a bench that sat at the end of the hallway.

"You're so mean! I'm docking your pay after this, just so you know!" The toddler huffed, curling up next to the ogre who laughed.

"You don't pay me anyway so that isn't a threat." George said.

"I'll reassign you to the darkened pit of paperwork then!" The child smirked.

"What? Anything but that!" The ogre whimpered, scurrying out from under the desk. The immediately sprinted to an ugly puke green and powdered pink colored vase that had not been lifted into the air and snatched it, nearly dropping it to avoid a painting being whipped around and slid underneath the desk. He glared at his employer, "happy?" He snarled.

"I'm ecstatic! You saved the vase and I think I know an easy asignment to cheer Yusuke up with since this one is so horrible." The child said, grinning.

"You aren't going to-" The ogre got cut off.

"Of course I am, I think Yusuke is just the person for the job of helping Harrison get out of his homesickness." The child said proudly.

The ogre groaned, "you know that this isn't just going to stop over night right? I mean he just lost his entire world and family! He is probably going to have major culture shock if he isn't use to living with average humans from here. He doesn't even have any of his family or anything anymore, the poor guy!" The ogre said, giving Harry who was still flipping out, a pitying look. "wouldn't it just be better for him to stay here? What if with his help we can find a way to get him back home?" The ogre asked.

"Are you saying that you think I don't know what I am talking about? Of course if I say he can't get home, he can't get home! And anyway do you really want to be dealing with all of those... emotions? No thank you I just got new furniture for my office! I refuse to let it get destroyed after waiting nearly 400 years for dad to give me the okay in the budget. I'm not going to let that go into jeopardy." The child said, nodding his head.

"You're totally heartless." George grumbled.

Both were relieved when Hiei had managed to talk the wizard into calming down. Though the young wizard still looked depressed and completely miserable. Moving to the toddler's office with the jumpy wizard was rather amusing as he seemed to panic over things that were rather mundane to the other three. It didn't take long for exhaustion to take over as Koenma had to finish up some emergency paperwork before he could begin to talk with the dimensional traveler.

"Hiei, I have a mission for you!" The toddler sang.

The demon gave the toddler prince a glare. "If you can't see, I am extremely busy cleaning up your mess right now." He hissed.

The child rolled his eyes, "You don't have to be so rude you know. I mean I am being nice enough to give you something to do. Now, you will be watching Harrison until he is able to be given to Yusuke since you seem to be able to calm him down. He will be so glad that his friend Koenma was thinking about him." The child said, completely delighted by his idea.

"Wait, what? I'm sorry but there is no way that I am letting him be taken care of by Yusuke and his mother! The only food to be found in that place most of the time is 5 year old pickled eggs and quarts of sake. Even a demon can't live off of that shit. Also, Yusuke defiantly isn't the type to be able to teach someone who doesn't even know what a lightbulb is about the human world that is like sticking a regular human in the deepest bowls of demon world and telling them to survive. At least with a human there wouldn't be any major destruction. Harrison seems to be quite a powerful individual, slipping up in the human world could be disastrous. And as big of a dumb ass as Yusuke is, I have no doubt he would upset him to the point of loosing his temper. The moron could do that to a saint after all! And anyways, isn't he busy saving the world or something?" Hiei said. Giving Koenma a look that obviously indicated the thought he was a fool.

The child stuck out his lip. "You don't have to make me sound like an idiot! Just give me a second... Yes, that could work." The child said, smirking he eyed the teen sleeping with his head on Hiei's shoulder. "You will be watching him until he is able to adapt. Yes, this is an excellent idea!" The child said nodding his head to himself.

"Well then, I guess I better get living arrangements in order then shouldn't I? Being as stingy as you are I doubt I'll be getting any help from you." Hiei said, gave a small sadistic smile. The child in truth had fallen into a trap. He wanted to learn as much as possible about the teenager if he was truly a demon trapped as a human and a bearer, a potentially compatible one.

"Wait, what? I thought you would at least yell a little!" Koenma grumbled.

"Why would I?" Hiei snorted.

The child sniffed haughtily and looked away, crossing his arms. "No reason. Now go before dad catches wind of this! Take this to, I can't let him see this or he might jump to conclusions and make me take responsibility of him since he's a prince or something." Koenma grimaced, waving the demon away after handing him the page of the letter he had been given to read.

Hiei sneered, picking up the trunk that Harrison had already shrunk and put it in his pocket. He picking up the teen bridle style. He was almost amused at how small he was. Smaller than even he himself and much more slender framed. It seemed like the teenager didn't have a bit of muscle on him. Fitting nicely in his arms unlike most other people.


Koenma and the ogre returned to the destruction area to check on progress once Koenma could sense the other two were gone and at the gates to the living world.

"This seems so wrong sir." The ogre said, frowning.

The toddler rolled his eyes, sucking in his pacifier furiously. "I don't pay you so you can tell me my moral compass is messed up, I pay you to do as I tell you to. Now help those other ogres clean up this mess and rebuild the hallway before dad finds out!" The child whined.

"You don't even pay me." The ogre muttered, doing as he was told. He shrieked in terror when part of the over 100 foot high ceiling collapsed in right on top of the cleaning crew.

"Are they alright?" Koenma said, pacifier nearly falling out of his mouth in shock.

"Uh, roof tiles the size of your father just fell on top of them, of course they aren't okay!" The ogre yelled.

"Are you sure?" The toddler wheedled.

The ogre face palmed, "Of course I'm sure, it happened right in front of us!"

"No, so much paperwork! Can't we just say they all stayed home in protest or something?" Koenma whined.

"Koenma sir." the ogre growled hands on his hips.

"Nooooo! I don't want to, I'll be filling out paperwork for weeks on these idiots for this!" Koenma wailed throwing himself on the ground and began to roll around. "I'll never get to leave now!"

End Chapter 1

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