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Chapter 23

Hovering, hovering, hovering, everyone was on edge. It was almost painful waiting for Harrison to show signs of going into labor. He could literally do so at any moment, he likely should have already and yet nothing. He kept behaving like he was going to. Intense nesting, the desire to be alone, the decrease in eating and the strange disinterest in interacting when others were around. He hardly en showed interest in Touou of all people! His belly had dropped, fully, days beforehand. They had even completely canopied the platform Harrison's nest was built into to try to darken and enclose it a little more, but still nothing! It was stressful for everyone at that point. If it weren't so dangerous, Lin would have just cut him open and gotten it over with so he wouldn't have to deal with the tension anymore. It would have been so much simpler if Harrison were a human at that point.

After at least a week of fidgeting and watching Harrison like a hawk, Raizen had decided that his Harry needed to eat properly. A day or so would have been tolerable, but after weeks of slowing down on his eating, Raizen had become worried about him. Although everything, including his instincts, said to the contrary, he wondered if they had it wrong... Maybe Harrison wasn't ready to give birth? Perhaps he was just behaving that way because he didn't feel well? The kit was obviously a massive strain on him. It was the only explanation the demon king's mind could come up with. Harrison didn't smell sick, so it had to be strain and because he was so uncomfortable, Harrison wasn't eating like he should be. The demon king hoped that fresh prey, caught by him, would have him back to eating. Of course, they had plenty of food for Harry once he gave birth, but it was always much more special, right, when he himself brought something for him.

Of course, that was the day that the fox had decided to attack. Apparently gathering a rather large band of S and A class Demons to try and get his revenge on the demon god king and save Harry along with his friends from his terrible influence. It wasn't the fox's most intelligent moment. Raizen really wasn't in the mood to deal with much of anything, let alone the very person that had tried to poison not just him and his monk demons, but his Harrison as well.


Harry whimpered as pain rippled through his belly and groin again, trying his best to ignore the wetness still flowing out of him. Squirming and trying his best to curl up in an even tighter ball. The smell of his own blood began to become apparent.

After a time, the need to push had Harry on his hands and knees groaning and panting in discomfort. He was in absolute agony. His thighs were slick his blood and birthing fluids as he rocked through wave after wave of cramps and pushing eventually a horrific tearing feeling followed by gushing fluid screamed through a spot between Harry's balls and ass. A stretching burn began to filled his lower regions not long after. Harry reached down with one trembling hand and felt, wanting to know what was causing that strange feeling. A hole had apparently been torn through him. Something soft round, and felt of matted wet hair was pressing out of it... He was crowning. Harry realized. Muddled and confused, he shouldn't have even been able to get to that point he realized. He had been told that there was little chance he could birth their kit without assistance... And although terribly painful and scary, Harry... was pretty sure he was doing alright. He just wanted it out at that point, though.

The pain was so severe he nearly passed out on the next push pain pain pain pain. Waves and waves of dizzying agony. But he needed to get it out, get it out! And suddenly, relief. Harry, shuddered allowing himself to collapse automatically, reaching on instinct for his kit. Cleaning him and removing the placenta without thought, licking him clean. Tears weld up in his eyes as squeaks filled the air. Harry eagerly pressed the kit to one of his suddenly dripping nipples. It only took a few minutes to get the little creature to latch on. Harry was exhausted. His eyelids fluttered with sleepiness and then.. A sharp pain.

What the? This wasn't right, ow-ow-ow. Harry grunting in discomfort as his abdomen began spasming again. Hissing and whimpering in pain. He was so tired, he just wanted to rest!

This hurt, it hurt. The pains didn't let up like they had every few minutes when having his kit. The stretching burning fullness was back quicker than the last time, much quicker. The pain wasn't nearly as bad as Harry was expecting, though. He moaned in relief as he felt a second wave of relief hit him as something else slipped out of him.


"My lady, king Raizen is... busy right now, so I have brought you something to eat! I am sorry that we were taking so long... some... things came up and-" Hokushin froze, the smell of blood assaulting his nose. He didn't even notice the crash of the bowl to the floor. "M-my lady?" The demon sputtered, voice hoarse as he stumbled to his lady's nest, pure panic nearly suffocating him. Hokushin dropped to his knees, instantly ready to scoop the little demoness out.

An utterly dumbfound look took over the monk demon's face as he eyed two little... things laying on his lady's chest one greedily nursing while the other smaller, still rather messy one, squeaked pitifully, nuzzling weakly at his lady's chest. Hokushin tried his best not to eye his lady's markings too much or his lower region, but it was hard to when he was still laying and was covered in fluids and blood. He was pale too. Hokushin made a distressed noise Harrison should be freaking out over the kit's distress and yet... nothing. No way would lady Harrison ever allow such a thing if he were able to do anything.

He needed to get Lin immediately, but at the same time, the need to guard his lady and his... kits was powerful. The sounds the smaller kit was making was extremely distressing. How long ago had his lady had them? Surely it wouldn't last much longer if it didn't start nursing! Kits need to nearly constantly nurse, after all, especially bearer kits.


"Twins?! But- how is this even possible? I've never heard about anything like this happening before! This is like the biggest mind fuck I have ever experienced! I never thought for a damn second that he could have been having twins! At least Raizen was too busy swinging his dick around for that shit show of a pissing contest and hunting for our lady. They should be fine now, especially since I managed to get the afterbirth expelled. Though, Raizen better get his ass back here soon. Lady Kuro-Kuro's going to need all of the extra nutrition that he can get if he's going to be feeding not one kit but two, especially with a bearer kit in the mix. It would have already been hard enough for him to keep up on milk production if he were going to just have a bearer kit let alone this." Lin said, gesturing at the pair of little dark pink stained heads sticking out of the pelts Hokushin had lovingly tucked around Harrison and the pair of kits.

The sounds of the tiny greedily suckling kits were loud and healthy as they curled against their mother's chest. Lin growled and rolled his eyes as he realized the pair, Hokushin and Seitei, were more interested in gushing over how tiny and cute and helpless the kits were then at listening to him. It likely didn't help that Harrison was also so weak at the moment. The freaks.


Raizen was more protective and aggressive then anyone had expected when he got back and smelled his Harrison's blood. He was enraged that no one had thought to get him. Like the birth of his kit wasn't important enough or something! Confusion hit him as he saw not just one but two kits suckling away. A bearer and dominant kit. His instincts were muddled up, telling him that there should be one to focus on until the scents of the little ones hit his nose. Their scents a perfect mixture of him and his beloved Harrison. He hadn't left their side since. Eagerly nuzzling his mate and their tiny nesting kits. Making sure the air was thick with his protective domineering scent.


Raizen preened over their new little ones, laying the little bearer kit against his chest and purred as it mewed, making him melt even more. He grinned as he watched his Harrison groom their dominant kit obsessively. Getting delighted little mers as he got his mother's full attention. The king nearly laughed when the little one let out a positively affronted squeak when he settled it back on his narrow chest to offer it a weeping tit.

"Come on, sweetie~ don't be that way~" Harry baby talked, gently running his fingers over the little dominant, adoration making his chest feel like it would positively explode trying to contain it. Getting another squeak of protest. Harry carefully guided the kit's head to his sore nipple and smiled affectionately as the fussing little one immediately latched on. "Good boy, my good boy, yes, you are! My sweet hungry boy~" Harry gushed.

Raizen felt like his soul was trying to escape from his body from the level of cuteness that he was enduring. His Harrison was such an affectionate mother, he wasn't sure how to handle the love/devotion overload he was feeling for his mate. A softness filled him at the utterly loving smile Harrison was practically radiating. He couldn't help but think about how happy and lucky he was to find the submissive. Raizen carefully pet the tiny body of their bearer kit. Harrison was utter perfection in every way and he had even been so wonderful as to bear him not one but two kits! Even still, Raizen couldn't understand what good deed he had done to deserve such a happy, perfect mateship.

Within a few minutes, the little bearer kit squeaked insistently, searching for a nipple and smacking his lips. Raizen carefully laid him on Harry, helping him find a nipple before laying back down, curling against his little mate. He watched, almost transfixed as their little ones suckled away. A strange feeling of not exactly disbelief but simple... unrealness as he watched had the demon unsure what to think or how to react. These were their kits. Theirs! He helped make these tiny squirmy helpless, beautiful little things. It was hard to comprehend that they were kits, his kits. They were just so tiny! Blind and deaf. Though their squeaks strong and loud. So full of life somehow. He couldn't be more enamored with them, with what his Harrison so lovingly made for them.

A knock on the bamboo of the screen used as a door to their nesting chamber had Raizen automatically growling deep and low in warning. It didn't matter to him who it was. He didn't want anyone anywhere near his vulnerable mate or kits. His kits were far too young to be allowed to have any interactions but with them. The smell of prey blood hit his nose as he calmed down a bit. "Oh." He muttered.

Raizen immediately got up to grab what the monks had left them. The kits, of course, squeaked and mewed in protest unhappy that their protector and heater pulled away so abruptly. They made it clear that they were distressed by him being gone for even a minute as their unhappy noises quickly changed to frightened needy warbles when he decided to go to the bathroom before curling back up in the nest with them. It was a sound they both found they absolutely hated. It took a good 20 minutes before the pair of kits settled back down once Raizen was back in the nest.


"I don' understand why we can' check-in? I mean, it's been so long!" Jin whined. No matter how much it saddened him that Raizen was mated to Harrison, he still wanted to see him happy and healthy, along with the kits he had given birth to. They were probably so so adorable!

"Yeah! I haven't even seen the squirts yet!" Yusuke pouted.

"We have already gone over this. If lord Raizen doesn't kill you, our lady will! He is going to be extremely protected of his kits for quite some time. Demonic god kits are as a whole very fragile and rarely birthed, particularly ones from individuals of Raizen's and most definitely Lady Harrison's species as well.. so parents are very protective. At the moment, they have to be cared for day and night." Hokushin explained.

"Yet, you all still hover." Suzuki snorted.

Hokushin snorted. "You cannot expect us not to. They are the most delicate and youngest members of our tribe. Of course, we are protective as well. We cannot help but to already adore them! Our lady is a superb mother!" The demon crooned adoration clear as day on his face and in his tone of voice.

Yusuke rolled his eyes, "What's up with the extra fawning lately, I mean… I know he had brats and all, but it's extra obnoxious lately!" He teased.

"Why wouldn't I? Our lady is amazing! How many other Matriarchs of the same species branch would be able to produce twins? He birthed them on his own at his size and age, even. And you haven't even gotten the chance to see him take care of the little ones! He's so gentle and sweet with them! He's an even better mother than what we all imagined him to be like!" The monk demon couldn't help but gush.

"Does tha' surprise ya' wit' the' way he fawned all over tha' Monk Kits? Kept tha' poor ankle-biters hostage most days, yeah!" Chu joked.


Raizen pouted when he realized the softness from pregnancy had finally nearly disappeared from his mate's belly. Harrison was definitely curvier and had a healthy weight on him, unlike when he gave birth. But he didn't have that softness anymore that Raizen had loved so much. The fullness that was beginning to form around his hips was nice, though. That and those dark healthy markings that ran seductively from lower thigh to the edges of his face. Teasing his swollen dusky nipples so prettily and cupping and covering his crotch enticingly leading him to that delicious plump ass and breeding hole.

The demon king took in a shuddering breath, startled at the realization he was so hard his knotting glands had a bulging to them. It didn't make any sense! Their kits had just started being able to see and hear! They hadn't even ever been out of the nest yet! He hadn't felt aroused since before they were born and he was certain they were not ready to be shown to the pack yet. Nowhere near ready. Raizen was sure Harrison wouldn't be interested in being mounted either. He was only interested in taking care of their little ones and being cuddly at the moment which Raizen completely understood.

The ability to become sexually aroused should have been practically impossible with the kits so young and helpless. It was a built-in mechanism to help focus every tiny bit of energy they had on caring for their kit or in this strange case, kits. Harrison and the kits comfort and happiness were the only things that mattered to him as well if only his rouge dick would understand that! The urge to mark and established a proper breeding pair scent was almost overwhelming. Violet eyes ran over the area that he knew to now have a nicely healed breeding slit, heat and hunger flared up again. It wasn't like the Kits would understand what was going on...

The demon king pouted when, as predicted, Harrison hissed at him and snapped at his petting hands. Chasing him from the nest until he had rubbed it out and calmed down a bit, his cock still releasing little streams as it softened. Raizen was sure that even though he wasn't trying to encourage his mate into arousal, Harrison hadn't appreciated him trying to ease his discomfort by discreetly... or not so discreetly rubbing against him. It was clear that they wouldn't be exploring that lovely new addition any time soon.

Harry, like a good Mazoku mother, had no interest in anything that didn't have to do with nurturing their pair of squirmy demanding kits. Raizen was the issue. He knew he was, but Raizen wasn't sure how or why at least until he watched how sweetly his Harry was cooing at and fawning over their tiny kits and the irrational, intrusive thoughts that he and his Harry needed as many kits as he could fill him up with popped into his head. About how sad he was not to see his Harry beautifully round and growing so prettily with a litter in his belly. This was then followed by a burning need building up in his groin again.

Raizen sighed longingly. What a strange fetish for him to develop. The pregnancy fetish he could understand, his Harrison was absolutely stunning pregnant and as a dominant, in a happy breeding pair, it would almost be odd if he didn't have such thoughts… What was weird was that even after putting two kits in his beautiful mate, he still wanted so so many more with his lovely one.

Demon gods of at least Raizen's species rarely had more than a single kit in a lifetime. Usually, they lost the urge to have anymore once they had the one. It was less unusual for the urge to come back, though, if the kit had been a dominant and eventually left the territory or became independent of their parents. Which would usually eventually end up in another round of raising a dominant kit and ultimately possible desiring another kit or a bearer kit being born and the breeding pair intently focusing on it for the rest of their days, this usually resulted in an absolute obsession and because of this fixation the bearer parent often stopped with heats all together. Their bodies convincing them that it needed to focus on taking care of it at the level one would a denning kit indefinitely.

Although, Raizen felt the need to protect and nurture their kits, he didn't feel that overly intense fixation on the bearer kit that he had heard so much about. Anytime that he began to feel that inkling, his dominant kit would need his attention and as time went on, it became less and less stressful to take his attention from their noisy demanding little bearer kit.

Harry clearly felt the same way as he fawned over both equally and had long since felt comfortable enough to go to sleep while Raizen tending to the pair even when they fussed. It would be considered maybe more unusual behavior. Raizen suspected that having two kits had split some of the obsessive fixation Demon gods were so well known for having for their little ones, particularly the next level ones they often felt for their submissive kits, into a more manageable level between the twins.

It felt like a crime against nature for his beloved one to only ever care for the two, though. Raizen couldn't help the way he felt when he watched his Harrison cuddle and coo and care for their little treasures with such sincere tenderness and sweet dedication that Raizen sometimes felt like his throat would close off with the emotion he was feeling. He loved caring for their tiny squeaky kits to. Croaning to them and petting them and holding them while their tiny, frail little bodies were so very vulnerable and breakable. He felt like his chest was being squeezed far too tightly, like he couldn't breathe when they would clumsily nuzzle him and make those special little warbling merrs that had him rumbling and chuffing his utter affections.

Raizen loved to cradled them close, tiny bodies nearly fitting in the palm of his hands as they vibrated almost comically with content trusting little chirpy purrs of utter relaxation and contentment. Was it so wrong to desire to always have a litter of tiny little denning kits so small that they could be cradled and tucked against his neck and chin, warmed by his jugular and snuggled up in his cottony soft pelt? To watch his Harrison nurse them and love them with such sweetness and doey eyed happiness as his purrs vibrated through Raizen's side?


Harry sighed pleasantly as their plump bearer kit took lazy drags from him, letting out sleepy 'comforted' and 'love you' merrs and grumbles. Clearly eating more for enjoyment and contentment than hunger. It made such nice feelings blossom up in him. Harry loved it when his kits were happy. He didn't hold back the purr that bubbled up in his chest.

Harry carefully rolled over, cradling his sleepy Kit and grinned at his Raizen cuddling with their dominant kit. The little one was purring up a storm happily, letting out squeaky sounds as he nuzzled against Raizen's vulnerable throat. The demon king answered back with just as much affection as he carefully nuzzled back and cradled the kit to the side of his throat. It made Harry melt, seeing his Raizen so sweet and loving with their denning kits. He was a better dad than Harry had even thought possible, more than exceeding high expectations by leaps and bounds.

He had no interest in being mounted, but Harry couldn't help but see him and Raizen definitely having more Kits in the future. Harry had always wanted a whole house worth of children. It was lonely being an only child and he wanted so so bad to be able to mother as many kits as possible, especially after seeing Raizen so good with them.

Patient and incredibly loving and gentle. Harry felt his cheeks heat up ever so slightly at the sight. His Raizen was just-just so cute with them! And so so handsome! Harry forced his face into the crook of his arm. Embarrassed of the blush, he was sure he was sporting. So so handsome!

Harry curled around his Bearer kit and shoved his burning face into Raizen's side. Nearly groaning, he felt so lovesick when Raizen began to whisper sweetness to the kit he held so so carefully. Cradling with utter carefulness and devotion. Yes, they definitely had to have at least a few more litters, they had to! Harry couldn't stand the thought of eventually not seeing and hearing his Raizen loving their tiny little kits so sweetly. He was so-so glad that the monks had found him and that he had the change to fall in love with such a wonderful demon. That they could find a family within each other. He knew that some may think Raizen as unattractive, but just a glance had Harry's face hot and his heart-melting. Especially when he found himself watching moments like the one between his son and mate.

Their bearer kit released the nipple he was suckling from with a messy pop, making Harry wince as he felt milk trickle down his chest. Raizen let out a chuckle when the kit made a demanding little chirp, the pair recognized the noise as him wanting Raizen's attention as well. It was something that the couple had long gotten used to as he to enjoyed the boiling hot warmth that Raizen's neck provided and the gentle affection peppered on him by his father.

Harry let out a breathy little snort as Raizen very carefully picked up their bearer kit and gave him a few firm licks to clean up the milk the kit messily spilled across his chin and neck and smeared across his left cheek. The kit letting out the most affronted little squeaks and chirps at him stealing away the droplets. "So, grouchy!" Raizen laughed at the little pout he got. "I think it is time for sleeping little one."

The dominant carefully cradled the kit against the unoccupied side of his neck. Grinning cheekily as the kit quickly quieted and practically melted into his heat and lightly combing as he very-very carefully began running his claws through both kits' short fluffy white heads of hair.

It was already clear both, although had the non-recessive coloring of his own species had his Harrison's exotic and incredibly unusual trait for curly hair. Something that had the demon king swooning as much as a demon king swooned over such a discovery. His precious tiny ones with his Harrison's rare beautiful curly pelt! He had been so happy! Their shock white little mops were so lovely! Raizen had wished the pair would have developed his Harrison's incredibly rare jet black hair or his stunning, practically legendary rare electrifying poison green eyes, too, though.

They still had time for the eyes to settle their colors as they still had a lot of the milkiness of their blind stage of life. Still, Raizen suspected at their current color that neither would end up with that stunning shade of green his love possessed. Not all that surprising, no, Raizen suspected that they would likely end up with his own unusual Violet colored eyes. Those of his own species had offspring with mostly yellow eyes. Violet was considered unusual and was recessive. To produce a kit with violet-colored eyes, both parents had to have the proper recessive genetics. It was unlikely Raizen would ever be able to produce kits with yellow eyes, especially with a bearer mate with genetics that were considered to be so unusual.

Still, Raizen was just happy that their kits at least got their mother's lovely curls! Their Bearer kit more so than their dominant kit and anyways, they would have plenty more kits in the future that may pick up some more of his Harrison's stunning beauty. Clearly, the pair cuddled against his neck had already benefited from more than just the hair department when it came to looks. His mug surely hadn't been the main contributor to the pairs churib like looks no matter what Harrison may have said or thought. The pair were pretty and he, he wasn't that. He may look and feel far better now that he was eating, but he could never be called a pretty guy. There wasn't anything beautiful or delicate about his features either. All dominant thunder god. Tall, broad-shouldered, and clever feral elegance and brutal ruthlessness and bloodthirsty possessiveness.

The kits had that soft sweet smell too. More like his Harrison than himself and he loved it. Raizen loved every bit of them that said they were his Harrison's just as much as he loved how much they took after himself. It felt right, perfect, so perfect! He loved those little squirmy kits so so much he would never allow anything to hurt them just like he would never allow anything to hurt his gorgeous Harrison. They were his, the three of them.

Raizen sighed blissfully as both kits settled, their happy little purrs petering out as they began to nod off too small and young to be able to keep going in their sleep like adult demons could. His Harrison snuggling into his side, clearly in and out of it as well, his purrs going from a full-bodied vibration in his side to his sleep heavied throatier purrs that Raizen positively adored hearing, like sweet songs of pure contentment. Practically humming to Raizen, 'I feel so safe and happy with you.' Raizen was so happy he had them all. That he hadn't let himself die like he was planning to do. That he and Harry and the kits and even his half breed brat had made themselves a proper family. A complete denning pack. It felt so right with their monks and even his brat's posy of trouble makers. It was all that he could have ever wanted or dreamed of. Raizen was finally genuinely content with his life.


"So like when we get to see the brats, I get first dibs, right? I mean, I'm sorta' their big brother and all!" Yusuke said, smirking as Jin let out a pouty whine.

"Tha' ain' fair, ya' know?! I was in lo've wit' him! An' I lov' 'em wee little lads, I do! I lo've pups, and kits, an' all them other names ya' got for wee little ones! I wan' a' see 'em first, I do!" Jin protested, glaring at Yusuke with narrowed eyes and a jutting lip.

Chu scuffed. "Like eith' of ya' will get ta' see 'em first! Maybe if ya' wan'na get ya' head bit off ya' pair o' drongos!" He snorted, rolling his eyes as the pair quickly went to shout defensively at him. "Mummy bear get's firs' dibs, I reckon he's feelin' Clucky, yeah? Tha' an' I don' doubt Harry an' Raizen 'll take our head's off if we get anywhere near them ankle bitter's before they're good an' ready to show 'em to us. Least, I ain' risk'en it."

"I'm as good as those brats big brother!" Yusuke guffed and pointed at himself. "Why the hell does stick up his ass, Touou bastard, get to see them before me?!"

Chu gave the young half-demon an unimpressed look, eyeing something behind the pair with trepidation as he took a quick, swig of ogre kill. Something he had been more careful with drinking as of his arrival to Raizen's new territory. "Well, I'm a' get goin' Seitei said he had… somethin' he need… me ta'… look a'." The man said, quickly getting to his feet and practically ran away.

"What was his problem?"

"I have a stick up my ass…. Do I?"

Yusuke flinched, unable to control the small startled squeak he let out.

"Yusuke, wha' did ya' have ta go an' say tha' for ya' fool! Now he's ganna' tormen' us he will, ya' know!" Jin shouted, making a squeak of terror as the demon snatched him from the air by the back of the neck like an unruly kit.

"No-no of course not! I was uh talking about Tadou that… uh monk guy from three doors down?"

"Do I really look that stupid to you? Do you even try anymore, lord Yusuke?" Touou grumbled, looking at the boy like the young half demon's words physically pained him; they were so dumb.

"Honestly… not really?"

Touou rolled his eyes and huffed. "You both with be grooming the beastadoes today along with the some of the naughtier kits."

"But I thought they hated baths? Don't they like get mean as hell or something when you get them super wet and like big?" Yusuke questioned.

Touou grinned, "Exactly. That is why we usually do this in teams of 10 per Beastado and we use large brushes to make sure they are cleaned in the most efficient manner possible."

"I'm really not like that smile!"

"You both will be using these." The demon almost gleefully held up what looked like fresh candy red-colored toothbrushes.

Jin made a choking sound.

"Were you planning this?" Yusuke accused.

"Of course. I know that you were the one that destroyed my meticulous sorting of color-coordinated, season oriented knitting pattern's I had so carefully looked over, trying to find the perfect item to create for our beloved matriarch's kits when I am brought in to get to properly see them! As my lady's devoted and most beloved servant and paternal figure, it is my honor to present his kits with only the most perfect first gifts!" Touou insisted, clearly enraged.

"Chill out, man, I literally moved two things! You can't get pissed off over that! Like they were literally blue and I put them with the green stuff! It wasn't a big deal!"

"Yusuke… my friend… please-please just shu' up, 'm beggin' ya!"

"Shit… we're so dead aren't we?"

"Oh, what gave ya' tha' idea, ya' wee brained twit?"

Touou would surely enjoy this.

End Chapter 23

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