The Armor

Disclaimer: I own nothing but what you see here. Though if I did own Teen Wolf, I wouldn't have killed off Allison, Erica, Boyd, and Aiden. Also Allison and her father would have been smart cookies and would have gotten the bright idea to start wearing armor. I've decided to start this as I have a ton of ideas in my head related to Teen Wolf and since its worked out fairly well for my Arrow/Flash fic and the Girl Meets World fic, I figured I'd try it here. Now, let's roll on!

Summary: Allison's been working on a secret project of her's for some time now, and with Lydia in the hands of the Nogitsune, feels now is the perfect time to bring it out.

Some time after returning to Beacon Hills, Allison had an idea come to mind that only Deaton and Ms. Morrell were aware of since they had been people she consulted with on her idea. Research had also been a vital part in her idea and over the months since returning she had put a lot of focus on it anytime she was able to do so. And all the dangers she, her father, and her friends faced really gave that focus additional drive too. Her idea was a set of armor made in three different layers: Tungsten being the first, Silver being the second, and the last being Titanium and each of them having Rune symbols that allowed things to be light when applied carved into each layer of the armor. Each layer also had Mountain Ash and other means of protection laced within its layers as well, something that had proven to be quite the trial all things considered.

But highly worth it in her view despite the fact it had yet to be tested. It'd been ironic that her father had decided later on to have her graduate from her hunter training with the Silver Bullet test. Or rather Silver Arrow since the bow was her weapon of choice as her set of armor would have probably guaranteed immediate graduation. Well, after it was tested of course. But Allison had every faith her months long project would do the job it was meant to do. Such as providing protection from bullets, knives, arrows, claws, teeth, swords, and any other Supernatural form of harm. Though so far she only had the chest and back piece made but if it was a proven success, she would start working on more armor parts to better protect the body.

Granted, no other hunter except for the Argents and anyone who allied with the McCall Pack would have access to the armor. A decision she felt was for the best since no doubt there was other hunters who probably would have preferred a Werewolf or any other Supernatural being dead without just cause. And when her best friend Lydia Martin was kidnapped by the Nogitsune who now had his own Stiles body, she knew then and there that it was likely high time her armor was brought out for a field test as getting her best friend back would no doubt be dangerous as Hell.

She made certain to hide it underneath her outfit and hoped like crazy that her work proved to be a success. And during the fight with the Oni who were now under the Nogitsune's power, Allison would find out first hand about whether or not the armor worked when one of the Oni proceeded to try and impale her with its sword after she had killed one of its own with one of her Silver Arrows. A scream of 'no!' had been heard when the Oni went to stab her, only for the sword itself to shatter when it hit her armor and left a nice little hole in her top. Which the young Huntress wasn't minding all that much since well yeah, her baby worked!

Everyone stood where they were in a state of shock and surprise over what they had all witnessed. Isaac though soon found himself grinning largely over the fact his girl had obviously done something to protect herself. God that girl is great!

The Nogitsune however was not happy at all and decided that a retreat was in order and walked off before anyone found him. His Oni soon vanished as well, leaving the stunned group behind. Allison was the first to speak however. "I can't believe it! It worked! It really worked!" Exclaimed the girl happily as Isaac forced himself over to his girl and hugged her tightly.

And once everyone fully learned of what she had done after getting Lydia and a weakened Stiles out of the area, pride was in abundance over her work that she had put so much thought into. Lydia had even suggested finding a way to somehow replicate the idea with clothing since it would probably save on having to buy new clothing after it got ripped up from fighting or whatever. It got everyone to laugh but they had to admit it was a damn good idea to try out. Though those of the Supernatural variety would likely be out of luck considering what was used to help make the armor. But Allison, her father, Deaton, and Ms. Morrell figured that something could be eventually worked out.

Something that got some focus on, along with more of the armor being made after the Nogitsune's defeat and Stiles' full on recovery. Though the project would gain some interesting aide when not only Noshiko provided input, but also Stiles as well when it was discovered that the demented Fox had left a few things behind that the young man put to good use for the Pack and those they protected.

Author's Notes: Hope you guys liked this! Them wearing armor really is a smart thing to do and would have probably prevented a few problems from happening too. I do accept prompts (aside from Sterek ones as that is not my thing) as well so if you have any, please send em my way!