The Big Move

Alternate Part 7

Disclaimer: I've never been all that satisfied with the original part 7 so I thought of this. Which ignores the whole Alpha Pack/Darach situation.

Summary: In the aftermath of a team up with Chris Argent, Scott realizes something.

"I just realized something." Scott remarked as he and Chris Argent watched a van drive away.

One that contained a dangerous Werewolf who was now bound for a nice new home outside of New York. One that was a branch of Eichen House from California and had been made for situations like these. Scott had got pulled into the hunt when he accidentally ran into Chris in an alley a few days before and saved his life from the Werewolf he'd been after. And getting to learn in the process that Allison had talked her father into getting back into the game but with a few changes such as protection being more of a focus and only killing as a last resort. Resulting in the new code of 'We Protect Those Who Can't Protect Themselves' and something Scott found himself liking. Of course his mom and Cora weren't happy about him running around with the man for a few reasons. "What's that?" Asked Chris curiously as he turned his head to look at the teenager.

Whom he could tell that living in New York seemed to agree with him quite a bit and forced himself not to think too much on what Derek thought of the kid dating his only living sibling. That is, if the man even knew as it is. "I missed this."

"You missed this?"

"I, I don't mean the fear and danger. I meant more the doing my part to help out thing, to protect others from dangers like Shymin."

No way in Hell does he miss the fear and danger, but the knowing he's doing something good that involves protecting others? Scott misses it. Chris nodded in understanding. "Its the burgeoning protector and Alpha in you, Scott. The caring healer within you. You may resent how you were brought into this life but it has given you a purpose to protect others with the abilities you now have." The man told him.

Scott thought about that for a minute before nodding as he realized just how right the older man was. "To be honest, I think you were part of what helped inspire Allison to create our new family code."

"You think she'd be alright with me using it as well then?"

"I think she'd be happy with it, Scott." Replied the man and making Scott quite happy in the process.

"Now, come on, let's get you home before your mother calls the Police on me."

Unable to help himself, Scott laughed as they went for Chris' SUV and then made for home.

Author's Notes: Now that was more satisfying.