The Big Move

Part 9

Disclaimer: So, how about that TW movie news, huh!?

Summary: Kira's been acting strange lately, resolving for Scott and Cora to confront her about it.

For some time now, Kira Yukimura had been acting strange and at first, there wasn't much concern about it but over time it started to be felt by her friends. Especially Scott and Cora and any questions to their friend about it would always get the same answer. That she's fine and that there's nothing to worry about and then would change the subject. But after two months of this happening, the two finally decided to do something about it by confronting her at home to finally get to the bottom of it. "I take it you both are here to get Kira to talk about whatever is going on with her?" Asked Noshiko to the two after opening her front door to see them.

Though the older woman had an idea of what was going on but she had thought it best to wait for her daughter to come to her. But life it seemed was going to go another route and well, she wasn't about to deter it as she'd long known that these two were more than just mere Humans thanks to her Senses. "We are." Answered Scott with Cora nodding firmly in agreement.

"I'm about to kick her ass if she doesn't tell us what's really going on."

Of course, Scott and Noshiko both knew that wasn't going to happen for one reason or another but wisely kept quiet on the matter. Knowing it'd just irk the somewhat tough girl. "Hmm, well, good luck to the two of you and thank you as well for being such good friends to my daughter."

The two smiled at her and made their way past her and to Kira's room. Whom tried to ignore them at first but they weren't having it and she reluctantly let them into her room. "Oh, I thought I was gonna have to force our way in." Cora said.

"And if I'd been naked?" Challenged Kira petulantly and getting a smirk from her girl friend.

"Then we'd have been treated to a blushing Scott and things would've been awkward for awhile. But no biggie." Shrugged the girl with a smirk.

Kira herself couldn't help but blush over the imagery that invoked and even Scott himself was blushing a little, causing Cora to feel even more amused. Coughing uncomfortably, Scott spoke up. "A-Anyway, we're uhh, we're here 'cause we need to talk."

"A-About what? Th-There's nothing to talk about."

There might have been some believability to that if their friend had been looking at them and not stammering when responding. "Girl, spill. You know we have your back in whatever's going on, no matter what." Cora told their friend in a gentle manner as she grabbed her by the shoulders.

Sniffles came from Kira and growing ever more concerned, Cora wrapped her up in a hug. "Look… Look at the more recent pictures on my p-phone." Came Kira's muffled voice.

Confused and cautious, Scott grabbed his friend's phone and stood next to his girlfriend so they could see the pictures together. And what they saw surprised and worried them considering each photo featured some strange orange Aura around Kira. "N-Now you see why I've been acting so strangely lately. I'm, I'm somehow becoming some kind of monster."

Both looked at the girl as she had pulled away from Cora's hug. "What? No! You are not a monster at all." Scott told her sternly.

"He's right, babe, you are nothing of the sort."

"But… I look like something from Hell."

Scott placed his hands on her shoulders. "Kira, I know monsters when I see 'em and you are nothing like that. Okay? I'd know as I've dealt with a few, I promise. If anything, this… Aura, looks like you are being surrounded by a Guardian Fox or something." He told her in a kind and consoling manner with Cora nodding in firm agreement.

"I think we should show you a secret of ours and then help you figure out whatever this is that's going on." She added.

Her words making Kira confused by that as Scott looked at his girlfriend unsurely and gained a nod of assurance in return. "Alright, now don't be scared, okay?" Cora told her in a gentle manner.

"What, what are you talking about?"

But nothing was said as the two backed up and before her very eyes, the two's faces shifted and extra hair grew along the sides of their faces, their eyes turned gold and fangs appeared in their mouths. Causing Kira to back up with a frightened gasp as she covered her mouth. "Wha-What are you guys!?"

Scott quickly changed back while looking away from her, fearful of her rejection of him while Cora remained headstrong. "We're Werewolves, I'm a born Wolf while Scott was Bitten by my Psychotic Uncle Peter." Informed the Brunette haired Hale with a bit of sadness about her.

"And we've much to talk about, children." Came Noshiko's voice from the doorway of her daughter's room.

Causing the trio to turn her way and to their shock, seeing her eyes glowing orange! "M-Mom!?"

Her mother smiled in her direction. "Kira… You and I are what's known as Kitsune, we are of the Fox people to put it simply." Informed the mother as her eyes returned to normal.

This made Kira's eyes widen in shock and surprise. "Oh. I umm… I think I'm gonna pass out now."

Prompting Scott to quickly catch her before she could fall. "I guess we do have a lot to talk about." Muttered Cora as this had been the last thing she had expected!


Author's Notes: Well that was fun to do and refreshing considering its been awhile since I wrote any Teen Wolf.