Melissa And

The Ice Rink Battle

Disclaimer: As always I own nothing but what you see here. This takes place during season 2's Ice Pick episode.

Summary: Melissa, curious about just what the heck her son's been up too, decides to follow him and gets more then she bargained for.

For some time now, Melissa McCall had been growing increasingly concerned and curious about what all her son was getting up too and when she saw him heading out, she figured now was a good time as any to see where he was going. A part of her wondered if she was over reacting as it could just be that he was going to see Stiles or perhaps Allison despite the break up they had. And when he arrived at the Ice Rink, that particular line of thought about Allison was only re-inforced in Melissa's mind. A frown came across her face though when she saw that there was only one other person besides herself and her son in the building as she quietly snuck around to a good position that would allow her to hear the conversation between the two boys.

Melissa was quickly confused by the conversation that followed between Scott and the other teenager who's name was Boyd, though her heart broke a bit for the boy who obviously felt very lonely. But at least Scott was trying to convince him of another path instead of whoever this Derek person was that had evidently offered the young man something he was wanting. The Derek in question made his appearance, along with two other youths and it was quickly made clear that her son and this man had differing opinions about certain things and she quickly had to stiffle the horrified gasp when the blonde girl sprouted fangs and growled.

"Okay, hold on, this isn't exactly a fair fight." Yeah, no kidding on that one!

"Then go home Scott." Derek told her son and then looked towards the two teenagers who immediately started to advance towards her son.

Something that worried her greatly as there was no telling what they would do to her boy! But then Scott let out a growl as he got down on one knee and somehow shattered the ice with a fist before looking back up. "I meant for them." And then let out a blood curdling growl that honestly terrifed the absolute Hell out of Melissa.

Was her son somehow like the blonde girl!? And if so, why never tell her!? She was his mother damnit and had every right to know! Especially if there was something that could be done to help reverse whatever had happened to him and the girl known as Erica. One thing was clear however, while they clearly had the advantage of numbers, her son obviously had more experience then they had. And it made Melissa wonder just how long he'd been involved. Especially since she didn't think Scott even knew how to fight that well! Once they were down, her son started to speak again. "Don't you get it!? He's not doing this for you! He's just adding to his own power okay? Its all about him. He makes it feel like he's giving you some kind of gift when all he's done is TURN YOU INTO A BUNCH OF GUARD DOGS!"

The passion in her son's voice surprised her greatly as the man known as Derek just smirked at Scott's words, as if he didn't give a damn at all about what was being said about him. And what Melissa didn't know however is that Derek knew she was there as he'd spotted her during the fight. But he was leaving her alone for the time being as he had no desire to cause more trouble at that point in time. Especially when he was still wanting Scott on his side. Melissa watched as her son slid the two teenagers across the ice towards Derek like it hadn't taken an ounce of effort and part of the mother wondered why his asthma wasn't even acting up as surely it would with all the exertion he'd done during the fight!

"Its true…" Began Derek as he looked straight at Scott while Melissa wondered what was going to happen next.

"It is about power." Finished the man as he opened his hand and his nails became claws as he walked towards her son with his eyes somehow becoming red instead of the yellowish golden color the others had.

The nurse and mother was starting to feel very worried in that moment for her son as Derek advanced on him as he moved his head and menacing fangs made an appearance and he let out a growl. It was clear however that while her son may have had some experience, this Derek clearly had even more while Boyd looked a little scared while Melissa herself had tears coming down her face. When her son was underneath the man's shoe, she could no longer stay where she was and rushed over to her fallen son, screaming at the asshole who was cutting off his air supply to remove his foot. "Melissa, trust me when I say I have no desire to permanently harm your son." The man told her and she had a hard time believing that.

"You'll have to excuse me if I don't buy that at all."

Derek chuckled in response, but thankfully took his foot off her son and walked away while giving a look in Boyd's direction. Boyd jumped off the machine he'd been sitting in as her son got up to his elbows while she stayed right near him. "Don't, you don't want to be like them." Tried her son to the young man.

"You're right." And Melissa had hoped with all her heart that meant he was actually listening.

But when he raised up his sweater and shirt to reveal a nasty looking bite with blood on it, there was a feeling in her gut that said it was already too late. Especially with how Scott was looking in that moment. "I wanna be like you." Boyd told him with a small smile on his face before walking away to join the others.

"Scott! We need to get you to the hospital sweetheart!" Spoke up Melissa frantically after realizing he was bleeding.

"What? No! I'll be fine mom." Replied Scott as he struggled to get up with her reluctantly helping him to do so as she was highly worried his injuries would only get worse.

His response though definitely did not make Melissa happy as she felt he was just being stubborn! "This is not the time to be stubborn!"

Had the situation not been so serious, Scott would have been asking why the Hell his mother was even there to begin with. But he definitely would find himself doing so later when things had calmed down. "I'm not being stubborn! It'll heal on its own just fine okay? And when it does, I'll show you its all better."

She wanted to argue against that as she could hardly believe he'd be fine after what he'd endured in that fight. But the conviction in his voice told her she should give him the chance to prove it despite her instincts to do otherwise. Finally, she gave him a nod and helped him get out of the building. "Mom, I don't know why you're even here right now and I'll ask about it later, but please just stay away from them okay? Even if they act friendly just stay away until I say otherwise."

Melissa quickly nodded in understanding as she wasn't exactly in a hurry to be around them anytime soon. Though she hoped that didn't make her a horrible person in some way. "I have so many questions for you mister." She said in the end as they got into her car.

"And I'll answer the, just… Just not right now."

She could accept that, even if she hated it a lot and drove him to Deaton's as he requested while he made a call to Stiles. And Melissa couldn't help but wonder if that boy knew of what was going on. One way or another though, she would get answers!

Author's Notes: Well that was certainly one fun way to do the reveal for Melissa. Hope you guys enjoyed! And if you want a follow up, let me know!