Chapter 2

Fujimi High School

0947 April 16, 20xx

Day 1

Kat and Wolf both jumped up and ran to the window. The screaming continued and looking down into the court yard, they saw a man at the gate, pushing his arms through the gate while three people inside knelt by the body of a fourth man down on the ground, blood pooling around him. It was a good distance away but it appeared that the downed man's struggles became less, and finally he stopped moving entirely. From the motions of the other three, it looked like the guy had either become unconscious or died.

After a minute or so, the body began moving again, and the woman teacher appeared to be checking him out when he reached up and grabbed her by the blouse, pulled her down and sank his teeth into her neck. She screamed, fell over backwards and thrashed about for a minute, then she too stopped moving. The guy who bit her managed to get to his feet and made for the other two teachers who took one look and bolted. The dead guy started following them into the school in a slow shuffling gait.

As he moved away towards the school, the downed woman teacher started to move after a minute or so, and got to her feet and followed the other shambling figure after the two who had run away.

Kat looked at Wolf in shock, "What the hell is that? Look at those two coming towards the building. They are both covered in blood and shuffling like they are half asleep."

"Damned if I know, but the office should be on the phone to the cops by now."

"It looks like the guy outside the gate has moved on. I don't see him anymore." Kat said as she kept looking down at the two shuffling 'things'. As she watched they disappeared below her line of sight, heading for the main entrance.

A couple of minutes later the PA system came on and a man started to make an announcement in Japanese. Kat started to translate until the man started shouting, there was the sound things crashing to the floor and then the announcement broke off in a scream of agony. As she turned to Wolf with a shocked look, faint screams started to percolate through the walls of the guest lounge. Wolf told her to stay put, and he headed to the door. The screaming was getting louder, and he opened the door a crack to see what was going on. Not seeing anything down that end of the hall, he opened the door some more, and stuck his head round to see in the other direction.

The hall was filling up with running students, all headed in his direction. As they streamed past, a couple of them caroomed into the door and knocked him back into the lounge. He got back into position and shoved the door open again. This time he was lucky. Most of the stampede was past him and he looked again. He still heard the screams, much closer now, and saw what looked like several students being attacked by teachers and other students. He watched one girl try to back away from a teacher and fell to the ground when he lunged at her. He watched as the girl screamed in agony as the teacher bit into her arm and tore loose a chunk of bleeding flesh. What the fuck was going on? The kid screamed a couple more times and then went slack and silent. The thing that had been a teacher sat back on its haunches, and continued to munch on his mouthful of flesh, before bending forward and tearing off part of her face. A moment later the girl "woke up" and got to her feet, shuffling about aimlessly amid the bodies and munching things. Another scream behind him seemed to draw her down the hall in his direction. He quietly backed up and watched as she passed. Dead eyes, blood all over her cloths, shuffling along. What the fuck?

Very quietly he backed away from the door, not wanting to risk any noise from closing it. Thankfully the door opened outwards, and the next critter that staggered into it, slammed it shut and all it could do was bang on the door. He moved back to Kats' side and whispered to her, telling her what he'd seen.

Face white, she never said a word, grabbed his arm and pulled him back towards the windows and pointed. Down below, chaos reigned. Students were running all over, chased and dragged down by other blood covered kids and adults. Some of them tried to fight back, throwing books or whatever came to hand, but all ended up being dragged down screaming. As they watched the chaos below, some blurred shape flashed by the window and ended on the ground with a thud. They looked down to see a husky blonde haired man, skull crushed and bleeding out on the pavement. The court yard had become a slaughter house as the number of screaming, running people decreased with ever increasing speed. For ever one that was bitten, a few moments later that same person was now part of the attacking horde. It didn't take long and the courtyard was empty of living souls. The reanimated creatures slowly milled about, bumping into each other and walls, benches and any other object in their path. It seemed that with no more screams to draw them, they had no reason to do anything other than to shuffle about.

Wolf looked out past the fence around the school and there was no difference. The few people he could see were blood covered, ambling… Zombies. He couldn't see one single person who appeared to still be human. He glanced at his watch. About half an hour, maybe a bit more since they first saw the guy trying to push through the gate. He turned toward Kat and put his finger to his lips, then motioned her to follow him to the farthest corner of the room.

When they both were in the corner Wolf started to whisper to her.

"Whatever this is, it spreads rapidly by bites. I timed it out at about 1 minute, 30 seconds from the time the victim stops moving until they come alive again and start attacking."

Kat was pretty rattled. She whispered back "Great. We're living Dawn of the Dead. So what do we do? There are masses of them. You saw how they ganged up on anyone they found. How are we gonna get out of here? We can't fight them, we have no weapons. Maybe we can hide here til the police and whatever respond. They had to have called the cops, don't you think?"

"Look out the window farther out, over the city. You see the smoke rising in spots? I suspect we can't here the sirens screaming down there because they are too far away and we're behind a set of double windows. What ever this shit is, it's not just here, it looks like it's all over the city. I think we're on our own. It's up to us to get ourselves out of here."

Kat started to tremble, and Wolf wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tight to him. "We're gonna be alright Kat, we just have to stay calm, keep our wits about us and do everything we can to make sure we keep clear of those critters."

She continued to shake, a death grip on him, and he continued whispering. "Come on Kat, where's the tough broad I used know? Nothing ever fazed you. Shit, remember that accident we had to clean up while I was driving tow truck that summer to make some money for college? You were the one who grabbed the fire extinguisher and dove into a 15 car pile up and pulled that kid out of the wreck just before it burned. That wasn't me who did that, it was you. Come on, get your shit together and let's figure this out. We are smart, and they are dead. All we gotta do is figure out their weak points and use them."

They stood wrapped around each other for several minutes until the shakes had stopped. When she let go of him, she kissed him for the second time.

"Let's see what we can find in here that's useful."

As she turned to explore the room, Wolf grasped her arm.

"Shoes. Take em off. We can't make any noise that might attract them."

With that he let her go and reached down to pull of his own shoes. She did the same, and put them on a table then started to explore. First thing she did was to quietly open up the cabinets at the counter. As she expected there were quantities of drinks and snacks and she started pulling out some of everything. Bottled water they had lots of. Poky, the every present chocolate dipped cookie sticks, tins of Bisuko, and other snack foods were also on hand. Thank god they weren't in the faculty room. There was next to no food in there, only some vending machines.

Wolf in the mean time was looking round for something to use as a weapon. The pickings were looking pretty slim. Since the room was used to entertain guests such as parents or high education officials it was pretty empty of the usual clutter you would expect in a room being used. Food and drinks, yes. Magazines, a trophy case, the school crest on a wall mount. Some furniture, tables with low legs, (he'd forgotten that most Japanese sat on the floor.) One useful thing he did find was a map of the school buildings, all in Japanese of course. Otherwise? They were shit out of luck for anything that might be useful as a weapon.

He wandered back over to Kat, who was packing the food into doubled up garbage bags. He rummaged quietly through the cutlery, and there wasn't anything useful there. He supposed he could stab a critter in the eye with a chopstick but he'd no intention of getting that close to one. After the one had slammed the door shut, and bumped into it for a while, they hadn't heard anything other than a muffled moan occasionally. He went over to the door and listened for a moment, then very quietly opened the door (thank god for well oiled hinges) and peeked out. The nearest critter was a good 30 feet away, slowly shuffling away towards the larger mass down by the stair case. He closed the door again.

As he walked by the trophy case again, an idea hit him and he waved Kat over.

"Can you read these and tell me what they are for? Which sports?" he asked.

"Sure, but why?"

"I want to know if they teach any of the fighting arts here. We may find some weapons somewhere. There is absolutely jack in this room."

"Of course they do. Staff, pike, sword and archery." She replied.

"Ok, there may be some hope for us yet. Where do they teach these? Where are we on this thing anyway?" as he handed her the map.

She took the map, and started pointing out the various rooms used, and finally pointed to the guest lounge.

"OK, now we have to get there. But before we go out that door, I want to do some observing. What do the critters react to? What draws them? Time to do some experimenting. But first I'm going to secure that door better. I doubt they can figure out how to turn a door knob but lets not take any chances."

"So we sit here for a while?" She shrugged. "I guess that is as good an approach as any. So what do we do?"

"I want to play with the critters out in the courtyard. As long as we don't make any noise up here I doubt they will be drawn. First things first, I need ammo. Some of those water bottles ought to do."

He walked over to the counter and noticed some smaller beverage containers, yogurt or something from the picture. He picked up a half dozen and then went to the window. He examined it, determined how it opened and then noticed the entire panel could be unlatched and removed. Bonus!

Very quietly pulling the panel down, he put it aside and had a good look out the window. The critters were all still milling around. He watched as they ran into walls, each other, benches, trees, and all the rest of the things in the court yard. Then he saw something even more interesting as he watched a couple that were up on a sort of terrace slowly shuffle to the steps leading down. One by one they both walked up to the first step, took one more step and went down face first. One got up again, its face a mashed pulp. The other one lay still and didn't move again. By now he was certain. They couldn't see.

He reached down on the floor and picked up one of the yogurt cans. Seeing a critter fairly close by facing away from him he pitched the can. It missed and went skittering off a dozen feet or so. He noticed the dead that were near by turned towards the slight noise, but then after a while went back to aimless shuffling when they couldn't find the source and it didn't repeat. Kat fired one into a group of them. It bounced of ones' head, and fell to the ground. No reaction. The noise of it falling was washed out by the shuffling and moaning. There was no reaction to being hit on the gourd with a bottle.

Wolf walked over to the nearest table and picked up a vase. He turned back to the window and pitched it down along the face of the building. The shattering sound caught the attention of a fair number of them and they all turned towards the sound and shuffled towards it. Some actually walked into the wall. He and Kat pitched a dozen or more bottles and vases, all with the same reactions. Hit one and it didn't feel a thing. Make a noise and they were drawn. They couldn't see anything, which little detail was reinforced when Wolf picked up a table and dropped it to the ground. The shattering noise was a lot louder than any of the other tries, and it drew more critters from farther away.

Wolf turned away from the window. He went and grabbed a bottle of water and sat down. Kat came over and sat beside him, leaning into him and putting her head on his shoulder. Neither one spoke. Both were thinking.

"I just had an idea." He whispered.

"So did I... You first."

We drain a bunch of cans, tie them on a line and jiggle them out the window. Rub them against the wall. We can use it as a call, and get a lot of them over here under the window."

"Ok, and then what?" she asked.

"Simple. We set fire to them, or try to. We can drop burning papers and cloth from the seats down on them. If we're lucky they won't feel it, or notice it. Hopefully it will spread among them. Most clothing these days is synthetic and burns like hell."

Kat thought about it for a moment. "Hmmm. I noticed a jug of furniture polish under the counter. Maybe it's flammable. If it is, pour that on them first then toss the match... OK so we need some line. Which we don't have."

"Oh, but we do Kat, we do" Wolf turned to her with a grin. "I'll start cutting the cords on the blinds while you go empty some cans."

As Kat quietly emptied some cans into the sink, Wolf reached into his bag and pulled out a Swiss Army knife, one of those multi tool kinds that were popular long before Multi Tools became the stainless steel deals so popular today. He'd had his since he first started to sail. The blade, sharp as ever, made short work of the thin synthetic cords. He tied a few together until he had about 20 feet of line, and put the rest into his bag. By that time Kat had drained a dozen or so cans, and found a metal water pitcher as well. He punched holes into the cans, and strung then onto the line, then tied the pitcher to the bottom. Kat picked up the bottle of polish, which did have the international flammable symbol on it. Wolf handed her a box of matches and they went to the window.

He lowered the line down the outside of the building until it was just at ground level, then started jerking it up and down and swinging it from side to side against the building. It worked like a charm. Critters from as far away as a couple of hundred feet started moving towards the noise. After about 10 minutes of this they figured it was time to light the barbeque. He poured the polish into a glass, and flung it out and over the crowd. He continued until the bottle was empty, then turned and winked at Kat. "Light em up!"

Kat set a bundle of papers alight and tossed them out the window. The bundle fell onto a critter, then fell to the ground. She waited a minute to see if it would catch, and after a moment, smoke started to rise from that spot.

The critters did nothing about the flames, just kept on thumping into the wall, looking for the sound that had attracted them. In short order there was a very merry but quite smelly bonfire going down there.