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Artemis woke up tied to a chair.

"Alright, boy genius, start talking." The speaker was obviously extremely tall, even with the hunched position. He had icy blue eyes aimed glaringly at Artemis' own, tanned skin, and dark blond hair. He was a man who had obviously spent a lot of time in the sun. And he looked murderous.

Of course, Artemis had dealt with many murderers, even at the tender age of thirteen. "About what, exactly? I am prepared to tell you my information...for a price." He put on his best vampire smile.

"Nice try. But you'll be the one who's paying if you don't tell me what I want. First thing's first. When-wait a second, these aren't torture questions! MACE! GET IN HERE!"

"Yes, Skywalker?" The African American from St. Bartlebly's stood in the doorway. Artemis didn't have to see beyond the outline. He could feel his malicious presence.

"Don't you know anything about interrogation?"

"And what should I know?"

"Um, that you don't torture people to find the answers to questions like, 'When did you first feel the Force?'"

"He is a criminal. We cannot be too careful."

Skywalker leaned over and whispered so that only Artemis could hear. "Or too stupid." Artemis got the feeling that Skywalker didn't much like Windu. "Look, I know you're on the Council and everything, but...this is incredibly ridiculous. He probably doesn't even know the terms we use. And why do these questions even matter?"

"You will not question the Council's decision."

Artemis, beginning to like Skywalker (though his assumption about not knowing their terminology was ridiculous, as he had managed to look through Mace Windu's memories), and thinking Windu's argument preposterous, said, "Are you sure? Even groups of people can be corrupt, and if they do not want to be questioned, why do you trust them? What is their reasoning?"

The tall bald man's head snapped to Artemis. "What do you know of the Force and its connection to the Jedi Council?"

The youth smiled. "More than you know."

Mace did the unexpected. "Fine then. I will leave. Skywalker, bring me the answers when you two are done." The door slammed shut.

"The questions?"

Anakin rolled his eyes. "I think you'd better look through them yourself. They're too idiotic for me to say aloud."

Artemis raised an eyebrow mentally, but as he looked through the questions, he began to sympathize with Skywalker once again.

"It seems that these questions are not only idiotic, but unanswerable. All of these are gradual, and it is impossible to truly know, unless you are the Force itself."

Anakin nodded. "One question. Not unanswerable or idiotic." He paused. "I hope."


"How did you know our language?"

"Mace Windu does not guard his memories well."