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As Valka flew away from Stoick, she let out a last cry," Stoick!"She yelled.

"Valka!" Stoick yelled back, waving his hands hardly. He stretched his hand as to hold Valka. Valka too stretched her hand but the distance between them was too much: Valka almost fell off the dragon she was on. In her hand she held a cloth bundle.

There was fire all around them. There was fire burning in some other houses too, but Stoick cared at that moment for his own house and the ones who lived in there.

"Take care of Hiccup." Stoick yelled as he began following the dragon. He jumped over broken wood and punched stray dragons with no particular aim with his fist. But by doing so, he was losing time. Hiccup and Valka were flying away.

"I will." Valka answered as the dragon underneath her took off at the speed of sound, flapping its wings loudly. The other dragons too followed suit and flew away to the east and were specks in no time. And Valka's dragon was one of them. Stoick, tears flowing down, fell to his knees. Gobber the blacksmith came hobbling into the now messed up room.

"Stoick, I saw a few dragons fly to Raven's Point... why what'se Matter huh? Where's Val... Oh..." He realised it finally. Gobber looked around the wreckage. "Stoick..." Gobber faltered. The room was in havoc: the furniture was splintered, the curtains were burning and, and... A cradle stood upturned. Hiccup's cradle, Gobber thought. The little infant was nowhere to be seen. Nor was his mother. They had been carried away by the Dragon that Gobber had seen entering the house a few hours ago. Stoick had jumped in to save them, so Gobber wasn't worried about it at all. But now...

"Astrid," Stoick murmured and stood to his full height. Gobber was at his heels when he rushed out of the house.

"Stoick, they're fine. I just saw them head towards the great hall."Gobber said but Stoick had already gone out. He had lost his child. And he would not lose another's.

Valka's bundle made a gurgling sound. She slowly moved the covers a little to reveal a giggling little baby. The baby's green eyes shone with excitement. Valka raised him a little and, smiling, began cajoling and humming a song to make her son, Hiccup, sleep. But the naughty little baby didn't want to sleep. He began kicking in the air. It took Valka some time to get him to sleep. The stars above were twinkling like diamonds. The dragon glided silently over the clouds. Beneath the clouds was a dark sea. There was no sliver of white to show that the moonlight was with them. Everything was dark. Valka could hardly make out islands. She now was at the mercy of the dragon, the beast that took her and her baby from their family. But still, Valka loved the way how the dragon seemed to jump over clouds. "Cloudjumper," she murmured. The dragon roared lightly and flapped its wings once.

Valka felt weariness take over her and she closed her eyes. The last thing she saw was a constellation that, when joined resembled Stoick. A tear fell on her cheek. It had been a long night.

It was late in the morning when Valka, Hiccup and Cloudjumper (the name with which she had decided to call the dragon) alighted. Cloudjumper had flown in through huge cracks and crevices and had zigzagged through before letting them get off.

Valka remembered flying across a dragon that she had never seen before. The pure white dragon was so large that it occupied the entire floor of the mountain. The top of the mountain was covered in huge icicles, forming a sort of protection for the dragons living inside the mountain. And the dragons... oh there were so many of them that she was stunned into silence. All the dragons had nests and little dragon babies played on the huge Dragon. What wouldn't Stoick give to get this, She thought, the thought sending shivers down her spine.

The place they had alighted upon was quite spacious. But it was evident that this place had seen humans before: there were broken vessels, a few turned tumblers, a few blankets and a platform to work as a bed for two. Two... It hurt Valka to think about Stoick. He must be so sad and heartbroken, Valka thought. Oh, how hard she wanted to go back to him, to be safe in his big burly arms. True, that now she couldn't go back; the Vikings wouldn't believe that they came back after being carried away by a dragon. It was impossible. Dragons were vicious creatures that always and always went for the kill. But then Cloudjumper hadn't killed her or Hiccup. So it had to mean that they had misunderstood these creatures, these noble creatures.

A sound woke her up from her stupor: Hiccup had woken up and had caught Cloud-jumper's attention. The dragon was teasing her son by letting him catch his tail and then again releasing it before letting him try again. Valka's eyes brimmed with tears of joy upon seeing that her son had already begun to form a bond with the dragon. Valka reached out and tickled his chin. Hiccup giggled loudly, swaying his hands around. He grasped Valka's finger in his hands and began to stuff it into his mouth.

"Oh no, you don't," Valka released her hair gently from his hand and held him gently in her arms. Void of any entertainment, Valka began playing with her long braided up Brunette locks.

As a Viking it was only right that she return the heir of Berk back to Berk but if she did so, she knew that the consequences would be grave. He'd learn to kill dragons just like the others on Berk, Valka saw. It was then and there that she decided to stay. Not to go back to Berk. Hiccup will learn to see what I have seen. He will realise the difference. Valka thought.

It was then decided that Valka and Hiccup were dead to Berk and anyone else they knew. Nobody will know about us. Valka decided. We will not be Dragon hunters but Dragon trainers and Hiccup would be the chief of dragons.

As she set out to make the cavern a better place to live in, Valka couldn't help but send a prayer to Thor and Odin that her family back on berk would be safe. Little did she realise that, at that moment nearly hundreds of miles away, Stoick was burning her helmet and Hiccup's toy aboard a ship that bore elaborate designs of Asgard, their Heaven.

They're gone. Stoick felt every part of him getting destroyed. Gone for good.

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Disclaimer: DreamWorks owns 'How to Train your Dragon' Series and Movies. Books by Cressida Crowell.

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