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"How are you feeling now?" Hiccup asked, turning his head around.

"Great! WHOOHOO!" Genera swooped down and rose up beside the dragon rider on her Nadder, Jasmine. Hiccup smirked, looking ahead. Genera had fear of heights and two weeks of constant flying with the best dragon rider in the land, she seemed to finally get over it, although the initial weightlessness after taking off and the heaviness after landing were a few topics she still needed to work on. But it didn't matter, she was doing perfect for a new flyer, Hiccup had to give credit for that.

"well, wanna go home? Mom's gonna be sick with worry for us." Hiccup chuckled looking at the olive brown haired ex-Viking. Genera smiled at him, her silver eyes full of sparkling amusement.

"Yep, let's go." She nodded before the dragon reverse geared and swooped back. "Race you." She smirked and took off.

"You know I'll win." Hiccup shook his head and raced after her.

Lucky for them, they had arrived minutes before Valka came, Hiccup first as usual. Genera's brother Sadmir's leg had healed completely and he was busy scratching a Gronkle on the underneath when they dropped in.

"Where've you been?" the brother frowned looking at the riders.

"I still can't believe you actually pushed her off the cliff." Hiccup said in mocking disbelief. "She is a good flier."

"Tell that to her. She was the one who started it that time." Sadmir shook his head getting back to his work just as a storm cutter landed and Valka, the Dragon queen got off, taking her helmet.

"Hey, Mom." Hiccup took the helmet from her and Genera filled in a pitcher that Valka drank from. Sadmir wiped his hands just as Redcod came in with his notebook under his arm. "Found Anything?" The red head asked.

"No, nothing." Valka sighed. "They've just vanished off the archipelago. No ships at all." She hunched her shoulders, moving the pitcher in her hands as she looked at the children with huge eyes. Valka had set out to search for Drago Bludvist's armada for the past full week. It was some miracle that they had disappeared off the earth without a trained dragon's watchful eyes. It was confusing. Everything was.

"Maybe they won't be coming back for some time now." Genera shrugged, pulling them deep into thought. After what felt like hours although it was only minutes, the silence was broken when Valka got up and stretched her limbs.

"I think I'll go on another trip." She sighed cracking her knuckles as she reached out for her helmet.

"Mom, you've gotta rest. We'll do it for you." Hiccup spoke, snatching her helmet.

"Hiccup -"

"Actually we could." Sadmir cut in middle of Valka's talk on getting a look from Hiccup. A look, over the past two weeks that he had assumed that meant Psst... Something to tell you. Need to get far. "You've been away for a long time. I think its best if we take over. Just for today." The teenager looked at his benefactor in the eyes, silver meeting green as he added the last words hastily seeing the Dragon Queen's raised eyebrows.

Valka thought for a minute, staring at Sadmir. She trusted him enough, besides he needed to exercise his healed leg. How long was he going to sit doing nothing? Also, Valka trusted Sadmir's judgement, and his word that he had given to her in confidentiality to watch out for Hiccup.

"Alright." Valka smiled. She pulled her helmet lightly out of her son's hand and placed it on the ground. "Off you go." She shooed them with her hands lightly.
"Yeah!" Hiccup pulled a fisted hand down as he whistled for his dragon. "Come on bud." Valka raised an eyebrow and looked at Sadmir. Sadmir shrugged his shoulders, smiling in a sorry way as Hiccup took off. Sadmir shook his head and nodding to Valka took off too.

Genera had been hoping Valka wouldn't notice her. But sadly, she did.

"Why didn't you go?" She asked the girl once she noticed that someone was missing.

"I – I... It's a long story. I was tired and I'd been on a flight already." She shrugged quite not meeting Valka's eyes.

"That's fine. Come and help me will you?" Valka patted her back. Genera nodded as she saw her Deadly Nadder settling for a nap. She wouldn't be flying for some time now.

Valka pulled out a few threads as she began stitching them back on her cape. She also began singing a song, oblivious to the fact that someone else was listening to it too. Genera sat down, mesmerised by the mother's deep heavy voice.

"...I have no use for rings of gold; I care not for your poetry,

I only want your hand to hold, I only want you near me..."

It was so sweet. So gentle. So full of love. So... mother like. Hearing her, Genera yearned for her own mother. She missed her family and she treasured Sadmir more than ever. Even if he had tripped her into the ocean that could've killed her. Valka didn't deserve it. No, she didn't.

Just as the song came to an end, a soft shrill sound took root in the air. The sound lingered in the air like a dew drop trying not to fall off the leaf. It was so relaxing that Valka slump her shoulders, letting the cape fall from her hands as she closed her hands and let the sweet music take hold of her. A smile formed on her face as she drowned in the music. The notes hovered in the air for a long time, she felt it so. A few minutes when it ended, she snapped out and turned around, partly in shock and partly in annoyance. She got the shock of her life when she saw that Genera was smiling at her, an instrument lowering from her hands as she grinned.

"You sing well." Genera complimented and lowered her eyes shyly.

"That was beautiful." Valka smiled in awe. Who knew Genera could play instruments? "What is that you played? It was lovely."

"This is a flute." She pointed out to the instrument that Valka noticed for the first time. It wasn't much: just the hollow of a tree branch with holes. One side was sloping to the other. There were intricate runic patterns carved on the flute. "It goes like this," She positioned the sloping edge in her mouth and placed her fingers lightly on the six holes, her mouth on the seventh hole. "I'll play your piece." She smiled before blowing into the hole and moving her fingers. It took Valka some time to understand the Mechanism, and when she did, it was lovely to see. Genera blew into the pipe and drummed her fingers methodically over the holes. Each hole, when covered gave a sharp tone and as she moved her fingers farther from her face, the sound grew shriller and the music began taking its rightful place. Genera looked so calm while playing the instrument. She closed her eyes and played the instrument on instinct. When it was over, Valka clapped loud and hard.

"Beautiful piece." She smiled as Genera reached out and gave her the instrument and Valka fingered the instrument tenderly. There was something familiar about its grasp that made the Dragon Queen wonder in awe. She turned the flute and saw a small mark near the end.

The words were very simple – H.D.L.

Valka looked up. "Hiccup?"

"Yeah, He made it – but how did you realise..." Genera rubbed her arms and looked at the mother in confusion.

"H.D.L. Hiccup Dragon Lord." Valka chuckled as she saw Genera's mouth drop down. "A title he wishes to take after I retire." Valka shook her head. "How did he make it?"

"He made it from my old one. It was my father's and I took it after – after him." Genera finished abruptly, becoming upset.

"Either way it is beautiful." Valka said hurriedly, anxious to change the topic. She knew about the tragic death of the SkullShell tribe in the summer sea.

"Thanks." The young lass sniffed and wiped a tear.

"Will you teach me?" Valka asked.

"Tell me when to start." Genera smiled as she pulled out another flute from inside her dark blue shirt. This one was clearly meant for someone bigger than her. The lass passed the instrument to the woman who grasped in her hands with reverence.

"Let's begin then." VAlka positioned the flute in the right method before she blew into it

"Hiccup, what is it you want to tell me?" Sadmir was tired of yelling out his name. Not once did Hiccup turn his back to look at the tiresome rider.

"There!" the brunette sighed as he spotted land and hastily landed, Sadmir at his heels.

"Hiccup -" Sadmir uttered in disbelief.

"I found my dad!" Hiccup cut him off, breathless.

"What? But you said -"

"He died, true. But he hasn't died." Hiccup was smiling wide. Sadmir could clearly see how much the news meant to him. The elder one too grinned.

"I know right?" Hiccup was jumping around in ecstasy. "He is still here."

"But how did you find out?" At that moment the dragon rider's face fell as he awkwardly tried to move out of his vision. Sadmir got down from Greyblade. "How did you?"

"I may have gone on a flight the previous night." The rider shrugged in a very flattering manner. "That time I may have crossed an island. Where my -"

"You visited a village?" Sadmir stared, wide-eyed. Although this was something he should not have done, Sadmir admitted this was something Hiccup would do. Shrugging the thought off his mind he asked, "Why are you telling me this? Tell it to your mom, right?"

"She knew about it. All this time and she didn't care to tell me a word." Hiccup frowned. As he went in deep thought, Sadmir couldn't help but notice how familiar he looked. He had the doubt the first time he had met the dragon rider but didn't care to confirm any of his suspicions. Sadmir wasn't the type of boy who'd let go of his suspicions that easily. Hence it was surprising that the thought had slipped of his mind.

"Sadmir, I want to visit that place." Hiccup spoke, snapping the older teenager back to the present. The rider was staring at the boy intently.

"What? They'll kill you. You can't go in there with the Nightfury -"

"I'm not going there with a Nightfury, Sadmir, oh for Thor's sake." Hiccup rolled his eyes as he bent down to pick a stone and flung it over the length of the island, the stone making contact with the sea with a PLOP! His eyes lit up in anticipation "I have another idea. But that's not what I want with you."

"With m – me?" Sadmir was now unsure as to what Hiccup's intentions were. It was as though everything he had been taught was turning against him. a sweat drop rolled down his cheek which he hastily wiped.

"I want you to take care of Toothless while I've gone." Hiccup placed a hard hand on his friend's shoulder. Sadmir frowned and shook his head.

"He's not going to listen to me."

"Oh yes, he will. If I tell him." Hiccup nodded. "And Sadmir?"


"Please, keep this a secret between the two of us." Hiccup asked. Scratch that, he pleaded, his eyes serious and determined, as though what Sadmir did didn't matter to him. Sadmir didn't know what to do and so he went with the affirmative.

"I will." The Viking nodded.

"Thanks friend." Hiccup stretched his hands out.

"It's my pleasure." Sadmir went and hugged him. "For you, anything. But for now, checking the perimeters is all what we have to do." Sadmir pushed him away lightly.

"Yeah." Hiccup nodded, grinning as he ran and jumped onto Toothless' saddle. "Best we finish that."

Hiccup wondered what his mother would tell if he ever got to know of his plans. Probably she'll kill me. and then bring me back from Valhalla and again kill me. The idea that his mother would kill him was so ironic that Hiccup smiled as they flew back to the nest, with news that no ships were seen.

It was such a special moment when Hiccup and Sadmir saw that Genera was teaching the Dragon Queen how to play a flute.

"Mom," Hiccup smiled as he kissed his mother on the cheek and went to drink some water while heavenly flute music filled the air with Hiccup's favourite lullaby.

"I'll swim and sail the savage seas, with ne'er a fear of drowning

And gladly ride the waves of life if you'll marry me.

No scorching sun or freezing cold will stop me on my journey,

If you promise your heart and love me for eternity..."

One of the best songs he had ever heard. Valka was playing the flute wonderfully for a beginner, but the one who stole the day was Genera. Hiccup was glad that the flute was comfortable in her hand. This had been one of the recent times she had played the instrument, the last time being a day before her parents had died. Ever since, Sadmir told Hiccup, she had plainly refused to play the instrument ever, ever until now.

It felt good to see his friends happy. Sadmir was grinning, twirling a Nadder scale. Redcod was eating cooked fish, some which he offered to Hiccup who refused kindly. Genera winked at Hiccup before continuing on the music.

Everything was perfect.

Hiccup just had to plan how to get into the island his father ruled. In the most honourable way. And he got his solution when he saw the ship he had seen for the first time five years ago sailing in the direction of Berk that night.

"Good." He nodded. "Time to execute plan A."

Beside him Sadmir nodded. "True."

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