The sun peeked through the white satin curtains and leaving a glow in the blue color room. Judy rolled over, her ears over her eyes. "Ugh, morning already?", she rolled over and felt through the sheets for the warm body of her husband Nick Wilde, but he wasn't there. "Huh…. He must be up", she thought.

Judy jumped off the bed and caught herself with the dresser, she felt nauseous, her head felt like it was hit by a train….she clutched her stomach, maybe I'm just hungry .. she thought. She put on her uniform and walked into the kitchen where the smell of fresh eggs made her stomach lurch. Nick was at the table, already in uniform. His green eyes met violet as he watched Judy emerge from the hallway.

"hey carrots, sleep in much?" nick smirked.

"what didn't you wake me?" Judy stated as she sat in a chair next to nick, started to inhale the plate in eggs in front of her.

"you looked so peaceful, I wanted to give you a few extra minutes in bed this morning…you know, since these past couple of nights we haven't really been sleeping …. He winked and laid a kiss on her cheek.

Judy turned red hot, and blushed, it's crazy how time has flown by…it has been 3 years since Nick and Judy met, solved the biggest case in Zootopia and have become partners. Just about two years ago, Nick confessed his love for her after Judy was asked to the officer's ball by a bobcat on the force. Nick was already planning on asking her, but the bobcat named Thomas was faster than him. He saw them talking in the lobby, he was so infuriated that he ran into his office and cursed and yelled at the top of his lungs. She can remember like it was yesterday..

"Damn! Doesn't she know how much she means to me?! How much she has changed my life!? *he started talking to the wall* Judy I love you! I have always loved you! And now your going to the ball with that useless son of a gun!"

"actually….. I said no…"

Nick turned to find judy standing at his door, her smile wide. "I said no…. because I said I'm already going with someone" she smiled, she came closer and hugged Nick tight.

"I love you too" she replied, as she looked at him, tears streaming down her face. Nick laughed nervously.

"I guess you heard that huh? You bunnies, so emotional". He leaned in and kissed her for the first time.

A couple months flew by and he purposed to her, and a few months after that they got married and huge party was held at the Police Station at city center. They have been married about a year and a half, they live in an apartment at savannah central. Small, but perfect for them. But, ever since they have been married, they haven't been able to keep their hands off each other. They wreck their apartment almost every night, and it's true, judy and nick haven't slept much..

"I have to head in early" Nick stated, snapping judy out of her thoughts, "I promised some of the guys I would show them how to use a new app on their phones".

"Ok, that's fine, I will be right behind you" Judy slid off the chair to grab her things, the pain in her stomach came back and she gasped and she fell to her knees.

"Judy!" Nick rushed to her side and picked her up, "are you alright?" his hands going straight to her forehead.

"I'm fine" judy panted, "just feel a little nauseous".

"Should I call you in sick?" nick stated with a worried look.

"No, I'm okay, let's go, where are going to be late".

Nick and Judy headed to the police station, the guys were waiting anxiously for nick in the lobby. Right when he walked him he was attacked with questions on this new phone app. Judy walked to the bull pen, took a seat next to Emma, a small white Lynx who joined the force a couple months, and quickly became Judy's best girlfriend.

"Look likes your hubby is a popular one" Emma stated, while sipping her coffee.

"You have no idea" judy sighed, "he was a con-man once, he knows all the loop holes with phone apps these days"

"What a guy, hows the married life treating you?"

Before Judy turned to respond, but as she did she felt her world spilt in half, her body felt light, the room was spinning, her body slowly falling off the big chair. She felt soft hands catch her and someone scream her name, and then it went black.

Voices started coming into play… soft at first… and then louder.

How is she!? What happened!? Wake her up!? Judy could tell it was Nicks voice, man he was sexy when he was angry.

"She passed out, I caught her before she hit the floor" that voice was Emma's, thank god she caught her. Judy could start to feel that she was in a soft bed, hospital maybe? Her eyes slowly started to open.

"Judy!" nick rushed to her side, they were in a hospital. Next to her was Emma, Chief Bogo, and the doctor who was a badger, nick held her hand and squeezed it tightly. "You gave me quite a scare carrots".

"What happened?" Judy looked at Nick, still feeling dazed.

"Mrs. Wilde, you passed out, and your friends brought you here, your husband said you were feeling ill, is that correct?" said the doctor

"Yes, that's correct, but I thought It was a stomach bug" Judy said as she looked at nick who was worried out of his mind.

"I must speak to Mr. and Mrs. Wilde privately please" the doctor asked.

"Of course, feel better" Emma smiled and left the room.

"Take the day off Judy, I mean it" The chief stated and followed Emma out of the room.

Nick and Judy looked at the Doctor who was flipping through her charts, Nick squeezed Judy's hand harder.

"Is there something wrong with her Doc?" said Nick

"I ran some tests on her, just to make sure her blood pressure and her heart was fine".. she flipped to the last page of her chart, "but I did find something" said the doctor

Judy held her breathe, Nick was squeezing the crap out of her hand.

"What's is it?" said Judy.

"Judy Wilde" the badger smiled "Your pregnant".