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20 years later

Felicity Wilde walked into the apartment building, smiling around at the nostalgia of the lobby, remembering how she and her siblings had run around in here. She headed up the steps toward the third floor, memories of her kit-hood resurfacing. She passed a few mammals who lived in the apartments, some she recognized and waved, others were brand new. But mainly it was nice that no one was flocking her and asking for autographs.
Reaching the third floor she ran over to the door labeled 2M and burst through without knocking. "I'm here," she sang with great dramatics, throwing her arms out as if presenting herself.
Only a few seconds after she had opened her mouth a large ball of gray fur tackled into Felicity, nearly knocking her down. She smiled and returned her mother's hug, happy tears pricking at her eyes, "Hey, Mom."
"Hi, sweetie," Judy pulled back and held her daughter at arms length. Flecks of white decorated her gray fur and her mouth showed age lines but Judy Wilde was still as sprightly as the day she first arrived in Zootopia despite her age. "Let me look at you, did you get taller?"
"Afraid not, Mom," Felicity grinned, "Maybe my utter joy just makes me look taller."
Judy raised an inquisitive brow, "And I guess that utter joy isn't because you're visiting your family?"
"Well, that's part of it," Felicity admitted. "But I also…met someone."
Judy clapped her hands together, "Oh darling that's great. Don't tell your father."
"I will not," she agreed with her mother. Her father had scared off many a boy she had tried to bring home. "But speaking of where is he?"
Judy led her daughter into the living room where Nick was snoring on the couch, strands of gray fur dotting his red pelt. "Nick," his wife called out and the fox jolted awake.
"I wasn't asleep," he yipped immediately. He looked over his shoulder at the two, "I wasn't-oh, Superstar."
"Hi, Daddy," Felicity walked over and wrapped her arms around her father's neck, a purr rising in her throat.
"How's the best actress in all of Boarway?" Nick asked, patting her arm affectionately.
"Doing good, Daddy, doing good," Felicity kissed his cheek before releasing him and standing up straight. She looked around the room, "So am I the first one here?"
"Afraid Violet beat you to it," Judy told her daughter as she sat down next to Nick, the fox immediately wrapping his tail around her. "She's in the kitchen, refusing to let me help."
"Our little flower is so bossy," Nick added, looking at his wife as if he believed that's where his daughter had gotten it from.
"Sounds like her," Felicity said, leaving her parents to watch an old movie starring the musical legend Gazelle and heading into the kitchen.
Violet was a renowned chef, one of the youngest in the world, even owning her own restaurant, one of the few that catered to both prey and predators. And now she was effortlessly cooking, a carrot stir-fry sizzling on the stove and a cricket loaf in the oven while Felicity stirred a bowl of blueberries and batter. Her ears twitched when she heard Felicity enter and turned, smiling sweetly when she spotted her younger sister: "Hey, Feli."
The younger sister opened her arms wide; rolling her eyes Violet placed the bowl down and walked over to embrace her. "How you been?"
"Fantastic," Feli let her sister go and walked over to stand with her by the stove. "And you, Chef Wilde?"
Violet smirked at her sister, catching the suggestive tone, "You know what they say, Feli. The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach." They both chuckled before speaking in unison: "Don't tell Dad."
They spent a few minutes of Felicity trying to get a lick of the blueberry batter and having her sister swat her away with a spatula, when they heard the door open and a voice spoke, "Anybody home?"
"Todd!" Judy's voice called happily. The two sisters walked out of the kitchen to see their mother tackling their brother into a hug. Todd returned the embrace tightly, smiling tenderly at his mother before leading her back to the couch. He grinned teasingly at his father, "Hey Old Fox."
"Hey, Bed Wetter," Nick quipped back, his smile just as mischievous.
Felicity and Violet giggled while their brother's ears flushed pink. Judy swatted at Nick, "Stop it; you two always tease each other like this. You're more like brothers than father and son." She looked up at Todd, "How's everything in City Hall?"
"Crazy as usual," Todd sat down next to his parents, "We're going to throw a surprise party for Mr. Hoofbert. Not going to lie a few of us are scared the surprise will give him a heart attack."
"Assistant Mayor Wilde," Nick said suddenly with a smug smile. "I'll never get tired of hearing that." He then muttered something under his breath that sounded incredibly similar to: "Suck it, Bellwether."
Todd looked over his shoulder to smile at his sisters, "Hey girls."
"Hey Bed Wetter," they greeted with cheeky grins.
He scowled at them, "Coming from the Thumb Sucker and Mrs. Blankie."
It was his sisters' turn to glower, Felicity crossed her arms, hiding the thumb she used to suck non-stop. Violet looked away, "Mr. Blankie was the best," she mumbled defensively.
Todd looked around the room, "We're missing someone."
A moment later they heard the sound of running footsteps before the runt of the litter, Officer Jonathon Wilde of the ZPD, burst into the house. He rushed into the living room; "I'm here-" he stopped when he saw the entirety of his family. "Oh, I see. Make sure the runt shows up last."
They all spread their arms out, "JONATHON!"
"No, no, don't pretend you're happy to see me," he crossed his arms and looked away, but his lips were turned up into a teasing smile. His larger siblings walked over and pulled him into a group hug, tickling him until he burst out laughing and dropped his upset facade.
Judy scooted over and patted the place between her and Nick, inviting Jonathon to sit with them. He complied, accepting a hug from his mother and letting his dad ruffle up the fur atop his head.
"How's everything at the ZPD?" Judy asked eagerly, she and Nick had been retired for a year but she still missed the thrill of her old career.
"The chief had another one of her weekly screaming matches," Jonathon told her. "Apparently someone keeps leaving donuts crumbs all over the floor."
Nick scoffed in amusement, "She's her father's daughter all right. That reminds me," he looked over his son's head to his wife, "I miss old Buffalo Butt we should invite him to tea sometime."
"Catch any criminals?" Judy asked Jonathon, deciding not to remind Nick that Bogo hated tea.
"I caught a raccoon burglar," her son chirped happily. "Chased him through Little Rodentia."
Judy let out a wistful sigh, "Memories."
"Come on, Mom," Felicity nudged her. "You can't go back on the force because Dad would follow you."
"And Dad can't go back on the force because he'd end up breaking a hip," Todd added.
"I am right here you know," Nick spoke up. "Seriously this is what I get after spending endless nights awake and exhausted, feeding and changing you little monsters?"
"We love you, Dad," all four kits said in unison.
Just then Jonathon twitched his nose, "Is something burning?"
Violet let out a horrified gasp and dashed back into the kitchen crying, "No, no, no, no, no!"
"Sounds like dinner's ready," Judy chuckled, standing up. "Kids, go help your sister get everything out and set the table. I'll get your father off his tail."
They obediently disappeared into the kitchen, Judy grabbing her husband's paws and trying to pull him off the couch.
"I feel like an old fox, Carrots," the fox moaned.
"That's cause you are an old fox," Judy said, managing to pull him up onto his feet. "But you're my old fox."
Nick smiled down at her, his bones creaking from years of solving crimes, raising children, and keeping up with his wife. "And you're still my dumb bunny."
They walked into the kitchen, their kids already having the table set. They all sat together, enjoying Violet's five star meal that got saved in the nick of time. They talked about their jobs; the latest Boarway play Felicity was going to star in (being very careful not to mention her new infatuation in front of Nick). Todd was preparing for a meeting with Herds and Grazing, planning on pulling out all his Wilde charm for it. Violet would be catering a wedding next month, the best part was that it was an interspecies wedding. And Jonathon was in the middle of a case of stolen heirlooms. All in all the Wilde kids had full plates and were progressive. And their parents couldn't be prouder, be it entertaining people through acting or cuisine, or servicing them by protecting or leading, they were truly making the world a better place.
After dinner Judy moved to wash the dishes but her kids sent her and Nick back to the living room, promising they'd clean up the kitchen and then they could all watch a movie together. The rabbit complied, leading a yawning Nick back to the living room where they snuggled against the couch.
"How come we don't have our flower cook all our meals?" Nick asked, his paw draped over the couch's arm and his legs crossed, his bunny leaning against his chest.
"Because she's busy," Judy reminded him, enjoying the sound of his heartbeat against her ear. "Don't you like what I cook?"
"Well…" Nick trailed off then laughed when Judy gently elbowed him. "You're cooking's first class, Carrots."
"Har, har."
"I love how much the kids look like you," Nick breathed into his wife's ear. "They act just like you too."
"They look and act like both of us," Judy told him. "That's why they're amazing."
Nick wrapped his arms around her and cuddled against her. "I love you, Carrots," he breathed, feeling a sudden wave of sentimentality.
"I love you too," she replied easily, her voice warm and genuine.
"It feels like just yesterday you were passing out in the bullpen and nearly giving me a heart attack," he chuckled against the fur of her shoulder, "The first close calls of many."
"I did make you put up with a lot didn't I?" Judy asked, reminiscing over their many adventures, "Sorry about that."
Nick gave her a weird look, "Sorry? Carrots I found it an absolute honor every time you almost got me killed."
She shook her head before resting her head under his chin, "And I'm honored you didn't once hesitate to follow me into the belly of the beast…although I could've done without all your complaining and terrible puns."
She felt his stomach jump as he chuckled, "You know you love me."
"Do I know that?" she lifted her head to look up into his eyes. "Yes, yes I do." Judy leaned forward and kissed her husband.
A few minutes later the four Wilde kids walked into the living room to see their parents had fallen asleep on the couch, Judy lying across Nick's chest, the fox's arms wrapped around her waist and their breathing synchronized.
"Aww," Violet and Felicity cooed at the sight. It was a sight they had lived with their entire lives, despite the years their parents had never once gotten tired of showing each other affection. True love will do that to you.
"Should we wake them?" Jonathon asked in a whisper.
Todd shook his head, "Let them rest, we can have a family movie night later, we're not going anywhere."
"Alright," Jonathon said then stepped forward and faced his siblings, a grin splitting his muzzle. "So…who wants to have our favorite debate?"
Todd and Violet let out annoyed huffs while Felicity smirked. "We have that debate every time we get together," she pointed out. "And not once did we ever come to an agreement."
"Maybe tonight's the night," Jonathon suggested teasingly. "So tell me, brother and sisters of mine… Are we funnies? Or are we boxes?