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Chapter 1

It is dark out as we find ourselves out near the Great Wall of Konoha. We see a guard walking, guarding his post. A hawk soon flies past him and locks his helmet on with the hitai-ate on it. On there you can see the Konoha symbol engraved, which shows everyone else who the persons are loyal to. The hawk soon flies up to the column in front of the guard as the guard stares wide eyed. The hawk screeches once more and a grapple is seen. The guard moves towards the edge and sees the enemy coming up.

"We're under attack!" He says as runs towards the door to his left. "Light the signal!"

Before he could open the door, it was slammed open but more enemies. One moves to attack, but he quickly dodges it as he jumps onto the latter and moves up. He reaches the top and goes to light the signal when he briefly stops as he sees a figure in the shadow. Knowing who he is, the guard quickly lights the signal. Soon every guard down every posts follows suit knowing that they're under attack.

"Now all of Konoha knows you're here." He said fiercely.

"Perfect." Said the other man as broke off the Konohan flag and put it over the fire to burn.

We find ourselves outside great doors as they are slammed open. Soon we see a two tall men with brown hair walking in briskly to where a man with white robes sat. Four guards followed silently behind him.

"Your majesty," began one of the men, "Sound has crossed our northern borders."

"Impossible!" Said the emperors advisor. "No one can get through the Great Wall." But any further discussion from him was stopped by the emperors hand.

"Orochimaru is leading them." Said the other man. The emperors gave harden a bit more. "Well set up guards around the palace immediately."

"No. Send your troops out to defend my people immediately." He said walking getting up. He began to walk down the steps. "Yamato, send conscription notices immediately through the whole village. Call up reserves and as many new recruits as possible."

"Forgive me your majesty," began one of the men. "But I believe me troops can stop him."

"I won't take any chances captain. A single grain of rice can tip the scale." He said. "One man may be the difference between victory and defeat."

"Yes your majesty."

"Now Fugaku," said man looked up, "you and Madara are to go and defend. Do you have anyone in mind that can help train the new recruits?"

"Your majesty," said Fugaku, "I have just the two people fit. My two sons, Itachi and Sasuke."

"Perfect choices." Said the emperor. "Sasuke will be brutal with them and Itachi will help them with their resolve. Cunning both. We will starts as soon as the recur outs come in."

We find ourselves in a bedroom. Sitting on the bed is a long pink haired, green eyed girl as she writes down things in her arm that she has to remember. She takes a small portion of rice as she eats it.

"Quiet and amure," she says, "graceful and polite, delicate, refined, poised, punctual!" Soon the sound of a rooster is heard and her eyes go wide. "Oh no!" She says as she jumps off the bed quickly. "Tonton! Tonton!" She yells as she runs through the house. Soon she find the dog. "There you are. Can you help me with my chores today?" She says as she ties a bag around the dogs neck as she runs around trailing chicken food all over.

We see a man near a shrine full of tombstones. He lights a candle and soon gets on bended knee to pray.

"Honorable ancestors," says the man, "please help Sakura impress the matchmaker today." Soon Tonton runs around him leaving more trails as the chickens soon follow. Hearing this noise he says more loudly. "Please, PLEASE, help her."

Sakura soon walks up the steps with a pot of tea and tea cup on a tray. She bumps into her father. The tea cup breaks but luckily her dad saves the teapot.

"I brought a spare." She said pouring tea to her father. "Now remember the doctor said three cups a day."

"Sakura!" Says her dad stopping her talking. "You should be in town. Remember we are counting on you to hold up the–"

"Family name. I know papa." She says hiding the writing on her forearm. "I won't let you down. Promise!" She says as she starts running away. "Wish me luck!"

Her father looks on a bit amused, but lovingly none the less. He looks at Tonton and says, "I'm going to pray some more, just in case."

We find ourselves in town as we see an older woman, almost looking like Sakura, but with gray hairs and pale blonde color, as she paces back and forth. A woman steps out.

"Mebuki, is your daughter not here yet?" She asks. "The matchmaker is not a patient woman."

Said woman looks on with a worried look on her face. Soon it changes to a bit of annoyance. "If she doesn't get here soon I swear I will ground her for life." She sighs. "I should have prayed to the ancestors for luck."

"How lucky can they be?" Asks a woman with blonde hair. "Anyways I have all the luck we'll need. Just watch." She says as she covers her eyes and walks into the coming traffic.

"Tsunade! No!"

"Yup!" Said Tsunade. "This crickets a lucky one!"

As soon as she finished we see Sakura arriving on a black horse. She herself a bit of a mess. "I'm here!" She says. She looks at the look her mother is giving Hera cringes a bit. "What?" She asks. "But mama I had to–"

"None of your excuses!" She says as she leads her inside. "We have work to do."

"This is what you give me to work with?

Well, honey, I've seen worse

We're going to turn this sow's ear

into a silk purse"

Says the woman as she pushes Sakura behind changing walls as she strips her dumps her into cold water.

"Brr!" Says Sakura. "It's cold."

"It would've been warm if you arrived on time." Said Mebuki scolding her daughter a bit.

She moves to scrub her forearm o my to see the black ink. Sakura gives her a sheepish look as she glares at her daughter.

"Heh." Says Sakura.

"We'll have you washed and dried

Primped and polished

till you glow with pride

Trust my recipe for instant bride

You'll bring honor to us all"

"Hold this," said Tsunade, "we'll need more luck than I thought."

"Wait and see

When we're through

Boys will gladly go to war for you

With good fortune

And a great hairdo

You'll bring honor to us all

A girl can bring her family

great honor in one way

By striking a good match

And this could be the day"

Soon we find ourselves in a room with cloth. Sakura is standing on a stool as women move around her making a silk kimono for for the matchmaker.

"Men want girls with good taste



Who work fast-paced

With good breeding

And a tiny waist

You'll bring honor to us all"

They walk out of the room and down to wear she has to get makeup put on. Although I prefer to go all natural, but I guess it what's must be done. Thought Sakura. She sees children playing and smiles, but soon she frowns as she sees a boy takes the girls doll. She quickly snatches it away and gives it back to the child. Her mother glances at her and smiles a bit, but to Sakura it seems like a stern stare.

"We all must serve our Emperor

Who guards us from the Huns

A man by bearing arms

A girl by bearing sons

When we're through

You can't fail

Like a lotus blossom

Soft and pale

How could any fellow

Say "No Sale"

You'll bring honor to us all"

"There - you're ready" said her mother giving Sakura a loving look.

"Not yet" said Tsunade, her fathers you her sister.

"An apple for serenity

A pendant for balance

Beads of jade for beauty

You must proudly show it

Now add a cricket just for luck

And even you can't blow it"

She said as she winked at Sakura. Sakura walks out and looks at the sky with a worried look on her face.


Hear my plea

Help me not to make a

fool of me

And to not uproot

my family tree

Keep my father standing tall"

Her mother gives her the umbrella real quick as Sakura runs to catch up to the other girls.

"Scarier than the undertaker

We are meeting our matchmaker


Guard our girls

And our future

as it fast unfurls

Please look kindly on

these cultured pearls

Each a perfect porcelain doll

Please bring honor to us

Please bring honor to us

Please bring honor to us

Please bring honor to us

Please bring honor to us all"

"Haruno Sakura," said the matchmaker when she stepped out.

"Present!" Said Sakura standing up, hand up high.

"Speaking without permission." She said as she walks back inside.

"Oops." Said salir placing a hand on her forehead.

Her mother and aunt look on worriedly. Sakura walks in and the doors shut. The matchmaker walks around her analyzing Sakura.

"Too skinny." She says. "Not good for bearing sons."

The cricket inside Sakura's dress jumps out real quick as she goes to catch it. She sucked and quickly hides it when the matchmaker turned back around.

"Recite the final admonition."

Sakura nods her head. "Fulfill your duties respectfully. Reflect before you snack–act!" She corrects herself. "This shall bring you honor and glory." She finished as the matchmaker kept walking around her.

"Come this way." She said grabbing the arm with the ink. "To please your future in laws you must have a sense of dignity and refine your poise." She said running her fingers down her face marking herself.

Sakura stared as she missed the cup, but quickly caught herself and poured tea in the up, but soon notices the cricket in the tea. The matchmaker takes the tea.

"Pardon me." Whispers Sakura as the matchmaker is about to drink.

"And silence!" Says the matchmaker starring at Sakura.

"Could I just take that back real quick." But unfortunately the tea was spilled on the matchmaker.

The cricket jumps into the older woman's kimono. She starts jumping around and knock down a pit of hot rocks, which she accidentally sits on. She gets up once more and starts jumping once again. Sakura picks up her fan and opens it. She starts fanning the woman only to have the fire light up. She runs out of the room.

"Put it out!" Says the woman once outside. Sakura pours the rest of the tea on her, bows and walks to her mother. "You are a disgrace!" Yelled the matchmaker. "You may look like a bride, but you will never bring your family honor!"

With that she walked back inside. Both woman puts their hands on Sakura as she looked down dejectedly. Murmurs were heard all around.

"Come now." Said Mebuki softly. "Let's go home."

With that they turned around and left.

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