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Chapter Four

Soon we find ourselves out among the trees as we see a young woman disguised as a man with a horse. There hidden by themselves she talks to her companion. The horse looks at her with a bored expression.

"So…" she began, "what do you think of this?" She clears her throat before she begins. "Hey! Where can I sign up?" she tries in a deep raspy voice. "I see you have a sword, I do too. They're very manly." She finished trying to pull out her sword and failing. Her horse soon starts laughing at her and lands on his back. "I'm trying ok?"

She placed her shoe back on, the one which she threw at her horse. She sighed dejectedly as she moved a few branches and looked out onto Konoha camp.

"Who am I kidding? It's going to take a miracle for me to get into the army." She said to herself. "What was I thinking? Sakura you have to think before you do sometimes."

"Did I hear somebody ask for a miracle?"

Sakura jumped, startled, and turned around to see fire and smoke. A figure soon started coming out.

"Let me hear you say argh!"

"Ahh!" Said Sakura as she fell back slightly and hid behind a giant rock. Khan right behind her.

"Close enough. Well, Sakura prepare yourself for your miracle has arrived. I was sent by your great ancestors to lead you to your mastery." Said Mushu, the cricket making shadow puppets. Mushu kicked him and bent down. "If you're going to stay, help out." He said and he got back up. "For if the army finds out you're a woman, the penalty is…death!"

"Who are you?" Asked Sakura as she came out from behind the rock.

"Who am I? who am I?" He repeated. "I am the guardian of lost souls. "I am the powerful, the pleasurable, THE INDESTRUCTABLE…Mushu." He finished finally showing himself to Sakura.

Both Khan and Sakura stared at him. Soon enough Khan started stomping on poor Mushu. Sakura reacted and pushed Khan to the side so Mushu can recover. Mushu got up and quickly made a recovery.

"So my ancestors sent a little lizard to look after me?" Sakura asked as she picked up Mushu to inspect him.

Mushu got out of her hold.

"I'm a dragon…DRAGON…not a lizard. I don't do that tongue thing." Mushu said.

"You're…" began Sakura only to be interrupted by Mushu.


"Little." She finished.

"Of course! I'm travel size for your convenience. If I was my real size you're cow here would've died from fright." He said patting Khan's nose only to have Khan try and bit his claw. Lucky for Mushu he moved it just in time. "Down Bessy. Well you see my powers are way beyond your imagination. My eyes can see straight through your armor."

Sakura quickly moved her arm to cover her chest as she slapped Mushu across the cheek. Mushu flew and landed on the floor with a yelp.

"Okay…that's it man!" Said Mushu rubbing his face. "Dishonor! Dishonor on your whole family! Write this down cricket…dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow, dishonor—"

"Stop." Said Sakura softly as she placed her hands around Mushu's mouth. "I'm sorry…I'm sorry. I'm just nervous. I've never done this before."

"That is why you have to trust me and no more slapping me." Sakura nodded her head as Khan came behind her. "Alrighty then! Let's get this show on the road. Cricket get the bags. Let's go cow."

Sakura walked until she reached the entrance of the camp. She stood behind a pillar with a look of worry on her face. Mushu came out from behind her back in her armor.

"Ok, let's go in and give them your man walk. Shoulders back, chest out, legs arched and go." Mushu said as Sakura did as she was told.

She soon started walking all awkwardly into the camp. Every other soldier looking at her weirdly. She passed a few men and she saw them picking their noses and cleaning in between their toes with chopsticks.

"They're disgusting." She said almost gagging.

"They're men." Said Mushu rolling his eyes at her queasiness.

She saw a group of three men standing apart from the rest. One was blonde haired with bright blue eyes, the other had brown hair put into a low ponytail with lavender eyes and no pupil, and the other was black haired shaped like a pineapple with black eyes. She was about to walk up to them, when she stopped instead and chose not to.

Now these three young men know each other. They were talking among themselves when the blonde haired one noticed our dear Sakura.

"Hey Neji," began the man, "does that guy over there resemble more female than male?"

"Naruto, every heard of baby features. I mean look at Sasuke," said the black-haired guy, "he gets his soft features from his mother."

"Actually Shikamaru," said Neji, "Naruto is right. Give me a sec. Byakugan."

Neji activated his family bloodline. He looked at Sakura and what he found surprised him. His eyes widened a fraction before composing himself.

"Guys, that soldier is a girl."

"Then we have to report her." Said Shikamaru.

"No." said Naruto and Neji together.

"If we do she dies." Said Neji. "And I don't want her death on my conscience. By the way for some reason she seems to hold tremendous power. Power that can rival Sasuke's and Naruto's."

"Really?" Asked Naruto. "Then let's go befriend her."

He was about to start walking towards Sakura only to be stopped my Neji.

"No. we can't let it be known that she's a woman. Yet remember we have a duty to do. We have to act like we don't know how to fight. We have to be one of them. Sasuke and Itachi are in charge of this whole thing. AND…de definitely cannot tell Sasuke about this girl. For some reason, she here. And she has strength. Let's see how she taps into it."

With that all three of them nodded their heads and pretended that they didn't notice a thing.

Back to Sakura and Mushu, Sakura was standing next to another soldier.

"You have to be tough like this guy." Said Mushu as the man spit on the floor. "Now punch him. It's how men say hello."

Sakura naively followed Mushu's orders and punched the poor guy. What she didn't noticed was the amount of strength she has within herself, but all of that she will find out on her own later on. The soldier stumbled forward and into a bigger guy. Unbeknown to them, Naruto. Neji and Shikamaru were watching.

"Looks like you made a friend Kiba." Said the big guy.

"Shut up Choji."

"Good now slap him in the butt." Said Mushu.

Sakura did as she was told and Kiba turned around and growled at her.

"I'm goimg to punch you so hard, your ancestors will get dizzy." He said and he grabbed her collar.

"Kiba," said Choji holdig him back, "calm down. Now repeat after me…hum." Kiba did just that and soon his red faced turned back to normal. "Better?"

"Yes." Kiba grumbled as he was let go. "Ah you ain't worth my time chicken boy."

Sakura heaved a sigh of relief and turned around to walk away. If only Mushu could let it go just the same, but unfortunately for Sakura that wasn't the case.

"Who you calling chicken boy? You limp noodle." Mushu sais as he wuickly hid under Sakura's armor once again.

Kiba turned around and grabbed her by the collar of her armor. He balled up his fist and was about to punch her when she ducked. Instead he ended up hitting his other comrade. A skinny, [ale guy with black hair and black eyes. Soon an all-out brawl started with Sakura right in the middle. Lucky for her she knows how to weave her way in between masses of bodies.

Inside a camp we find two older men, with two younger men. A map in between them, all four strategizing as the emperor's advisor looks on.

"I will take the main troops here and fend of Sound, while you two train the new recruits." Said one the older men.

"As you wish father." Said one of the young men.

"Itachi," said their father, Fugaku.


"Let Sasuke handle their training. You just watch and help along. You see anyone struggling encourage them, but if you see that they can't do it by no means then they go home."

"As you wish."

"Sasuke," Fugaku turned his gaze to him, "as soon as Yamato thinks you are ready, Madara and I will be waiting for you at the battle field…captain."

"Captain?" Sasuke asked. "What about Itachi?"

"He's already made it to captain. Now it's up to you. I have faith in you."

"Don't you think somebody with more experience will do, general?" Asked Yamato.

"First in his class, amazing skills, great military lineage. Sasuke will do just fine." Spoke up Madara for the first time.

"Of course." Said Yamato.

"I will do you both proud." Bowed Sasuke.

They all stepped out and saw the mass of bodies fighting. Madara and Fugaku got on their horses and said fairwell to their sons and they rode off. Sasuke turned back to the group with a look of annoyance on his face. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked to see that it was Itachi giving him an encouraging smile.

Keep calm little brother for I have a feeling that one of these men will be the grain of rice that tips this war in our favor. Thought Itachi looking back at the group.

Sasuke walked up to the group with Itachi in tow. Naruto, Neji and Shikamaru off to the side watching them while trying to hold back their laughter as they saw just how much of a mess Sakura unknowingly caused, but one look at Sasuke's face had them calmed down.

"Teme's mad." Said Naruto.

"Hope the girl survives." Said Shikamaru.

"She will." Said Neji.

"Soldiers!" Bellowed Sasuke.

The group dispersed and all you can see was sakura in the middle huddled over herself. Poor girl. Thought Naruto, Neji and Shikamaru as they neared the others.

"He started it!" They all said.

Sakura quickly got up and wiped herself of as she was calming herself down. She looked up at Sasuke and her breath hitched. Oh dear. Great Sakura. The one time you get near a really cute guy and he's giving you the glare of death. Too bad you're here as a guy and not a woman, but who am I kidding. Someone like him will never think twice about someone like me. One who fails her family. She thought to herself.

"You are?" Sasuke asked bringing her out of her thoguhts.

"Uh…I'm Saku. Kizashi's son." She answered quickly.

Nice save. Thought Naruto and his two friends.

"Never knew Kizashi had a son." Said Itachi making himself known.

"He doesn't like to talk about me much. Doesn't like many knowing about me or my sister Sakura. Heh…"

"Well, I'm Itachi and this is my younger brother Sasuke. He will be training you all until we are ready. He is your captain and I'm here for moral support. So everyone give it your all." Itachi said. "Oh and Saku I need to have a word with you."

Sakjura gulped as everyone else dispersed and she followed Itachi. Sasuke gave his brother a confused look, but he just waved his hand off. They both walked out of the camp and up to the trees. They stopped and Itachi turned around to face her.

"Sakura, right?" he said startling Sakura. "Tsunade sent word to my fiancé Shizune who told me about you. Your aunt is worried. She knows the penalty of you being found out. So I'm letting you know you have one person watching out for you, but I get the feeling you'll be having more. So don't worry. I won't reveal you and neither will the others. The three young men ypu were going to talk to. Theyre friends and they may know. Blame the Hyuuga and his eyes. For now, act like nothing happened and all will go well. As for training, do your best and no matter how tough Sasuke becomes don't give up. You'd be surprised at how I know you. Our families are friends but we lost touch. You may not remember because you were to young, but I do. So for now just act natural. And don't walk like you've been walking. No men walks like that. Observe and follow. You are Tsunade's niece."

With that Itachi left Sakura all to herself pondering over everything he said which was a mouthful. If what he says is right, then I have allies who I can trust, but first things first. Get through training and win Sasuke's trust and approval. While doing that, don get caught. Piece of cake…NOT! What was Itachi thinking. Oh well. Back to camp I go. Thought our dear Sakura.

When she got back to camp everyone was glaring at her.

"You," said Sasuke, "along with everyone else will be picking up every single grain of rice and tomorrow the real training begins. I may not know what Itachi has planned but I'm your commanding officer and what I say goes."

With that Sasuke walked away and everyone was about ready to pounce on Sakura again. Lucky for her Naruto intervened.

"Alright dattebayo! Let's get this thing going or we'll never be done." He said winking at Sakura.

They know. Thought Sakura as she watched Naruto, Neji and Shikamaru stick close to her but not too close. Just hope they choose to help out when they think it's right or I'm screwed.

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