The story begins in 1954. United States battleships are sailing to the Bikini Atoll, and a large creature is swimming right by them, but the crews don't notice. At the Bikini Atoll, preparations are being made for an atomic bomb test. The creature rises from the water just as the nuclear device goes off.

62 years later...

Henry Hart, better known to the general public as "Kid Danger", in the Man Cave with Ray Manchester, better known as "Captain Man", monitoring for criminal activity, when Gooch contacts them, telling them that there's an attack at the nuclear power plant. The superhero duo get out their gum packs, chew, and blow bubbles, changing into their costumes. They then head to the power plant, and see the creature from 1954, a reptilian beast with spines on it's back, charcoal gray scales, Tyrannosaurus Rex legs, and a face like that of a dragon.

Captain Man remembers hearing stories of the creature from his father. It was spoken of in ancient Japanese legends, and was called "Gojira". The monster, now being called "Godzilla" by Captain Man and Kid Danger, stares down at the duo, it's spines begin lighting up, and it fires a ray similar to the Kamehameha from Dragon Ball Z, and it misses, but Captain Man's hand is now on fire, and it's burning. Captain Man theorizes that Godzilla is radioactive, and it's radioactivity, combined with the radioactivity of the power plant, is interfering with his molecular density. Godzilla fires another ray, this time hitting Kid Danger, vaporizing him, but Captain Man gets out of the way and hits Godzilla with his laser gun.

He then makes a plan to fight the monster king and retreats as Godzilla continues to lay waste to the power plant, consuming all the radiation. At the Man Cave, Captain Man gathers all his weapons, and heads back out after getting world that Godzilla is now in Swellview. Captain Man meets with Godzilla in the center of town, and Godzilla, wanting to finish the job, knocks a tower down on the now nigh-indestructible superhero. Godzilla fires a heat ray, setting the area ablaze.

Soon, the whole area is engulfed in flames, and Captain Man has no way of escape. Soon, Godzilla sees him, and fires yet another ray, destroying Captain Man once and for all. Godzilla roars in triumph and returns to the sea, but not before laying waste to the rest of Swellview.