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We all have thought of killing someone, have we not?
How does it feel, how do you think
it will feel?

We all have this fantasy, a utopian thought, of how this world should be.
There should be sacrifices made to create your utopia?

That's where we cross paths, we, mortals don't seek the same thing.
Our thoughts, actions, speech indeed connects to one another, but, it doesn't mean we are the same.
While, I would kill the criminals, one should kill the bullies, another would kill innocent.

We are the same, but indifferent.

This is my design.


I feel irritated, is something I would say if someone were to ask me how I feel right now. But they haven't, for a long time. They think I'm sick, ill of some sort. If I were to ask them why, what kind of illness, what am I diagnosed with. They would flum over and say I would be to sick to understand, or it would be to complicated to explain. But, if my ex- college asked, they wouldn't say anything, because they haven't found anything. It feels like they have a sick fantasy, of keeping me locked in this...cage. Stare at me, feed me pills, force me into an straight jacked, because they would feel superiour, watching me like a wild animal.

But, I can't blame them. I see it in their eyes, the facination, the thrill of seeing someone weak trying to fight back, knowing that they can do anything but kill. But that doesn't mean they can use, other methods. All I feel for them is pure empathy, or that's what I would call it. I don't see cold hearted bastards, no, because I can see myself in them, I like to think, how they think. That's probably why they locked me up, not knowing what they're dealing with. Afraid, of not being able to controll me, is something they are afraid of. What they don't know is that I'm afraid of myself as well.

08:00 AM

The nurse is about to enter my room. Three knocks are heard behind from the metal door, no more, no less. Three knocks. She enters the room, white tight nurse dress, ends just right above her bum. Makes her look sluty, but that's my personal option. Blond locks curl around her doll like face, her hair only reaches to her chin. Big doll like eyes, with a beautiful color of green. She has black stockings that reaches above her knees, black pair of shoes with a small heel.

Her innocent like face turns into a nasty snarl, as she looks down at me with pure disgust. Probably took hours for the demon to put makeup on to look like an angel.

She's probably enjoying the feeling, being above, watching a lesser person like me, chained to the wall in a straight jacket. What she doesn't know is I see more than that, slutty outfit of hers.

She takes a firm grip under my chin and forces my jaws to open. She forces the pills inside of my mouth and quickly forces in a glass of water. I could do two things. Drink the water and swallow the pills or allow the water to flow into my lungs, start hacking everything up and get a visit to the doctors.

So I drink, allowing myself to swallow the pills.

"You're lucky that you have visitors today, but don't expect anything yet." she snarls.

I gaze at her nameplate that's placed right above her chest. Enma.

"Well, we'll see about that." I mumble, mean while laughing at the irony of her name. "We'll see about that."

She looks down at me like she just wants to spit down at me, like the filth I am. But she leaves the room, grabbing the small cup that once held the pills and the empty glass with her.

I've never really enjoyed company, going social with anyone. Just eye contact makes me fustraited. Just the eye itself, is a symbol of power, did you know that? It makes me feel so small under the gaze of an eye, I feel the eye watching me. Cold shivers crawl against my back just by knowing somebody is watching. Just being forced to talk in a few situation makes me stammer. Surely I can mumble, but that's when I'm talking to myself and it's not ment to be heard by anyone else.

I just turn my gaze back to the white ceiling. They say the color white, should be a calming color, that's why they have all the hospital rooms painted white. But this isn't your normal every day hospital, no this is a mental hospital. Just the thought of color white makes me sick to the pit of my stomach.

Hopefully my visitors, will make my irritation a bit better. Whom ever they may be.

"Oi, Akashi! Are you sure this is the right place?" F.B.I agent Midorima Shintaro fumbled and looked towards the building with an uncertain gaze.

'Welcome to Echo mental hospital'

F.B.I agent, leader of team GoM, Akashi Seijuuro turned around to face his team that stood behind him except Midorima whom stood next to him.

"Listen up, and pretty damn well. We are now in Echo mental hospital to meet our hopefully-new team member!" Akashi announced, voice high filled with pride.

"So, is our new team member... working here?" Kise Ryouta, the new kid in the team, asked.

Akashi turned around to continue walking. "No, he's a patient here. No further questions about him until we meet him."

The other team members of GoM looked at each other and shrugged, still wondering why they would have a hopefully-new team member who's a mental patient.

"So, why is the hospital named Echo?" Aomine Daiki, asked.

Midorima pushed his glasses up in a classy way and gazed through his fingers towards Aomine "Because here they bring the really sick. They say all the patient does here is scream, so their screams echoes through the halls of this hospital." he sighed. "They even have a rumor that if the hospital ever close, the screams would still haunt the building"

Aomine felt a shiver down his spine "Yo! That's not cool man, don't try to scare me!"

"So the great Aomine finally admits he's scared" Kise chuckled, patting Aomines shoulder.

Aomine just turned his gaze away and mumbled something that resembled a 'no'.

They entered the hospital, smell of bleach and pills entered their nostrils. Slowly walking towards the entrance desk, Akashi in the lead, the others hot in heel.

"We have an appointment with Patient 0000, would you please tell us the room we will be interviewing him?" Akashi gave a small forced smile towards the lady behind the desk as he showed her his F.B.I badge. She fumbled, and rose from the chair with hurry, and while nodding, she started walking towards the stairs, assuming she was showing to which room to go, they followed.

As they walked through the corridors, they heard screams and moans from patients all around them. It sounded like there wasn't even one patient in this corridor that wasn't screaming or moaning in pain. But they stopped in front of an metal door, that stood out from the rest. The other doors were made out of plastic, even wood, but not metal. So was their maybe new team mate behind this door?

There wasn't an sound coming out from the room at all, was it isolated, or was he actually being quiet?

The nurse knocked three times at the door, as she did so, other patients shut up. Did they fear what was behind that door, or why had the other patients gone quiet?

The nurse opened the heavy door with force, and stomped in. The others followed right after.

There was a thin man in a straight jacked bound with chains to the floor and wall, sitting in the corner furthest from the door. His teal hair was covering his fore head and eyes, as his head leaned forward, looking down at the floor. Black comfy combat pants were slipped on his legs, his feet battered and dirty. He lifted his head, leaning his head back to the corner behind him, looking straight into their way. His eyes were the color of ice blue, his gaze unfocused on where to look.

"Why so many p-p-people. You k-k-know I-I don't like to-be so-social." he stammered.

"Can't do anythin' 'bout it, boy. So just shut 'p and listen to 'em" the nurse said in matter of fact, she sounded bored, and showed no care for the patient at all.

She just turned away and handed Akashi an alarm from one of her many pockets.

"Sound the alarm if he does anything." and she left the room.

The little heat that was left in the room, seemed to go away when the nurse shut the door behind her. The air seemed cold, it seemed like small frost flakes would build up in the room just by the cold silence. Easily to be broken.

"So, what do I own the pleasure?" the young man mumbled, giving a small glare to the team. His nervous act seemed to have disappeared. "I see that you aren't here for just any kind of visit, are you here to seek help?" he mused.

The other team members of GoM were about to deny it, but the leader cut them off before they even had the chance to say anything.

"Indeed, we are here to seek your help."

The young man hummed. "You know I can't help you so much here." he lift his arms that were bound into a tight knot in the straight jacket.

"Of course not, that's why you're coming with us."

The black old Chevy pulled in next to the hosue of the crime scene.

The GoM had somehow managed to fit all six of them. Patient 0000, or known by his name Kuroko Tetsuya, sat on the lap of the teams titan, Murasakibara Atsushi.

As the team stepped out, Kuroko streched his arms and legs and massaged his neck giving a satisfied crack out. He took a deep breath, of fresh air, his nose catching the scent of blood.

"So, where are we?" he asked, turning his bored gaze to Akashi.

"We are now in Evergreenstreet 14, this where we found our victim tucked into bed, inside her house." he sighed "She had gone missing for two weeks, but what stands out the best in this case, is that her skin was pealed off."

Kuroko didn't seem to even flinch when he heard the ending of Akashis line."May I go inside? I would like to go alone." Akashi just nodded.

As Kuroko proceeded to go inside the house, Aomine grabbed Akashis shoulder and forcefully turned Akashi to look at him. "Dude! We picked him up from the MENTAL hospital a couple of hours ago, and now you trust him to go into the crime scene ALONE." he shouted. Akashi just glared into Aomines eyes, till the man holding his shoulder started cold sweating and eventually let go.

"This is not the first case he worked on, and it won't be his last." Akashi mumbled

"That KID isn't even F.B.I!" Midorima protested.

"Well, that KID is probably the only way we find our killer" Akashi shot back.

I open the door silently, the family is sleeping upstairs.
Slowly stepping forward, I make my way to the girls room.

I lay her down on her bed, she looks so peaceful, that's not the way I wanted her to leave.

She's still asleep from the drugs I gave her earlier.

I can give her a peaceful farwell, but that doesn't mean I will forgive her.

I wrap my fingers around her neck, and start putting pressure around her neck, slowly trying to break the windpipe. She doesn't seem to notice a thing, when her life is slowly taken away from her.

I pull out a knife, and start cutting her, from the head, down to her stomach, to her arms and hands, to her legs and feet.

Soon she lays still, blood red, tucked in her bed. Blood leaking down to the floor.

I leave her house, locking the door after me, and leave.

The girl rests peacefully.

Kuroko came out from the house, slowly approaching the team.

"Well?" Akashi asked, expecting a good answer.

"She was drugged to sleep, before taken into the house at night, strangled in her sleep, she died before the person started pealing the skin. Delicate work, carefully taken, but the killer did not have any feelings for her at all, he seemed to do it more carefully because of the parents sleeping inside the house."

"So she was slee-" Akashi was about to say, but was cut of by Kuroko.

"What makes me wonder, is why he came to the house, why bring her back?"

Akashi frowned, he hated being cut off. "Well?" he said.

"Because, chicken skin is actually easier to peal than human skin, but it doesn't make it difficult. Such delicate work. So, I'm saying, she wasn't the first victim at all... there's more." Kuroko explained.

"So, you suspect there's more victims out there?" Kise questioned, slightly impressed by Kurokos work.

"Well... What I'm trying to say is, this feels like a message... A message of something begining. He wasn't ment to do it now, but surely the victim pissed him off somehow, or something pissed him off so he could show us, what he can, and is about to do."

So, the question is, what are we going to do?

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