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Well touch my mouth and hold my tongue, I will never be your chosen one.

I'll be home, safe and tucked away.

You can't tempt me if I don't see the day.

The pull on my flesh was just too strong, stifled the choice and the air in my lungs.

Better not to breathe than to breathe a lie.

Cuz' when I open my body I breathe a lie.

I will not speak of your sin.

There was a way out for him.

The mirror shows not, your values are all shot.

But oh, my heart was flawed I knew my weakness.

So hold my hand, consign me not to darkness.

So crawl on my belly til the sun goes down.

I'll never wear your broken crown.

[Mumford & Sons – Broken crown]


Children in my age often feel safe and happy when their loving mother and father tuck them under the warm fuzzy blanket in their bed and give them good night kisses. Small giggles and chuckles of embarrassement when their parents would give them kisses on the forehead and cheeks. Small whispers of nothings shushing them to sleep. The feeling of home, and being something that fucked up my life.

I used to be the naive kid with big blue eyes that I got from my father. Untamed teal hair that I got from my mother. I was small built, and often very quiet, no one really knew if I was there until I said something. Often scaring the other kids at the park, only leaving rumors of ghosts behind me. I didn't have many friends. Even my parents used to forget me when I was standing next to them quiet like a good son should be. One of the reasons, I stopped approaching others, was because they told me I think differently. Always when I saw someone get hit and beaten, and they came up to me and talked behind the back of the person who flew the hits. I didn't blame anyone, I often told the others "He has a reason why he is a bully. There's a reason for anything". It seemed like no one else had the same idea, that the bully only hit others weaker because he was an ass. My mother later told me I feel sympathy for others.

My parents often tucked me to bed and covered my face in kisses, and whispered to me sweet nothings.

"Angels are watching you son." my father would say rather proudly and confident he was right.

I often chuckled and giggled and just brushed it off, pulling the blanket over to hide my nose under and gave my parents a look of glee.

Every night was the same, my father would say the same thing every night, as they tucked me to bed, covered me in kisses and then left the room when I fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I had always been afraid of the dark. Something felt, wrong. I called out to my parents, my eyes glued to the door to my room that was slightly open. I call out, but no one answers. I just wanted a glass of water.

"Angels are watching you son." my dads voice rang in my mind, giving me courage. I fisted my small hands and pulled them close to the chest and took a deep breath. As I looked up, I saw two shadows with wings on their backs. I gave a small smile and stepped out of bed and walked downstairs.

We lived in a two story house, it was a beautiful brick house with a beautiful front yard with red and white flowers covering the front. But at night, especially this night, the house felt cold and dark. I took small steps down the stairs and turned to the kitchen to the left. The kitchen counters were too high for the small me, so I silently took a kitchen chair and dragged the chair to the counter so I cold take some water. I tried to do so, as quietly as possible so I wouldn't wake up my parents. I reached up to a glass and filled it with water, closing the tap after.

I drank the cool water, the dry feeling disappearing soon after. I quietly put down my glass and dragged the chair back to the table. Small quiet steps back upstairs to my bed. I tucked myself under the blanket and watched to the corner of my room near the window. Moon light shining through to the room. The two shadows of angels, still near the corner.

I whispered to myself "Angels are watching over me." and fell asleep soon after.

If there's something I could change in my life, I would have never woken up that morning, and never gotten out of bed. But I cannot do that. The first thing that woke me up was smell. The smell of iron, I think. The next thing that catched my interest was the sound of flies buzzing around.

My mother is a cleaning freak, she hates flies, she often put honey in a cup under the window and the flies always got stuck in the cup and she threw it away. But why was there so many flies in my room now, surely the flies don't just multiply during one night?

I opened my eyes and I'm greeted by the sight of the corpses of my parents.

My parents are undressed, nude and on their knees their hands clasped together like a prayer. Their shoulderblades are cut open and bent to form two wings on the back, wires hanging from the ceiling and hooked to the flesh to hold it up. Blood dripped to the floor, the whole bedroom floor was bloody. Even my bed sheets had small prints of blood. But what scared me the most was that above my head was two bloody handprints that formed a pair of wings. 'Shh... Angels are watching you'

I feel a rush, I jump back and try to press my back to the wall behind me, rejecting the sight in front of me, it can't be happening. There's no smell anymore. I feel how my throat hurts, I'm probably screaming, I can't hear a sound. I was in shock.

I don't remember much after that. I called the police to my home, I don't remember much from that call either, I probably just shouted Help! Repeatedly until the cops came. What the poor cops didn't know that they would be greeted by the sight of a child and a pair of bloody corpses. After many examinations they found out that my parents insides where messed up and parts where missing. Liver, lung and hearts where carved out and never found.

Father, mother, today. I, Kuro, found a friend, he follows me around, he is a lonely man, he always smiles at me, and greets me when I look in the mirror. He has painteed his face black and has black and sometimes white eyes. He even has beautiful horns on the sides of his head! He always keeps the monsters away from me. He is a nice man. My only friend.

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