Okay, I am in love with this film. I love the premise, the characters, and damn the friendship between Nick and Judy is precious!

As soon as it finished I had an idea for this story, and I really hope you enjoy it :)

Zootopia. A place without messy conflicts; a place where predator and prey mingle together in a peaceful harmony.

If only.

With animals come instincts born into the bloodline of any particular species. Instincts make things horribly messy. No matter what any predator said, no matter how loyal prey portrayed themselves to their supposed enemies, there was always that underlining current of tension that would never truly go away. That hunger that twisted painfully in a lion's gut, that twitch of fear behind the eye of any mouse.

No matter how professionally hidden, instinct was always going to be a problem.

Or perhaps a problem to most.

However, the fox and the rabbit in Zootopia, forever seen laughing and joking and causing havoc in the name of the law, would always be that sliver of hope that kept the town on its feet.

Yet even the closest of friends had their bumps in the road, just as Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps were going to learn the hard way. There was only so long that a fox and a bunny could play nice before reality kicked in.

Fellow animals didn't like the friendship. They hated it, in fact. They saw it as wrong, unsettling, against the laws of nature. Crazed minds believed that life in Zootopia was a joke, a fraud; make believe. No. Prey was prey for a reason. Hunters killed prey to survive, not run around saving idiot civilians living a lie.


Nick and Judy were not the faces of a new generation of equality and unlikely friends. They were enemies, natural born enemies, and somebody had to remind them of that.

The fox was a cunning, sly, crafty deviant.

A rabbit was, well, a rabbit! What use was one of those other than eating and selling carrots? Unbelievable!

Judy Hopps, you were about to be put in your place: at the bottom of the food chain.