~A New Adventure Begins~

Many years ago, in the solitary peaks of Mount Paozu, there lived a single boy who possessed an incredible strength for his age. A boy found in the woods by an old hermit who became his adoptive grandfather and took care of him as his own. The hermit did not know of the boy's true name and thus he gave him a name that would be remembered for years to come. He named him Son Goku.

Goku was taught the art of fighting by his grandfather named Gohan, who was not only a great martial artist, but also a loving person. After his death, Goku was left alone to take care of himself every day, foraging for food and supplies to stay alive.

One day, an unknown girl came into Goku's household in search for a particular artifact that would also affect Goku's destiny. The girl introduced herself as Bulma Briefs, who told Goku that she was in search of the mystical orbs named Dragon Balls. She explained to him that whoever has all seven orbs would be able to summon a giant dragon who will grant the owner any wish he so desires.

After that day, Goku went on a journey with Bulma to find the Dragon Balls. Along the way, he also met a turtle hermit named Muten Roshi, who in his time was the strongest human alive. Goku asked him to train him, but after Goku completed a task to bring him a beautiful woman, who happens to be Launch, Roshi took Goku in as his pupil. The reason was despite the task, Goku had a lot of potential, otherwise he wouldn't accept him so easily. The other reason was that he was the grandson of Gohan, who was also Roshi's pupil. The second pupil that joined the Turtle school was a traveling monk named Krillin, who was at first Goku's rival, but soon became his best friend. Goku and Krillin underwent severe training sessions under Master Roshi's watchful eye, so that they can become strong fighters.

But, something is about to happen that will change Goku's life forever.

One night, after yet another day of Goku's usual, yet severe training, and being denied a dinner by his teacher for failing to bring the stone with the Turtle emblem to him, courtesy of Krillin, who tricked him and took the stone from him, Goku decided to take a boat and go fishing to sate his hunger. Unknown to Goku in his vicinity, there was a certain little mermaid who was admiring the fireworks that were being shot in the sky from the nearby town. This spectacle of many shapes and colors also caught Goku's attention, but he quickly returned to fishing for his hunger was starting to consume him.

But then, the little mermaid started to sing.

"The seven colored wind,
blows across the long plateau.
At the peak,
A nostalgic song was playing.
And before the dawn,
I could hear a melody.
And I knew,
That this song,
Would only bring joy and love."

It was then that her singing really caught Goku's attention.

"Wow, what a beautiful voice." Goku said innocently before he looked around left and right to find the source of the singing. "But it sounds like it's coming from around here somewhere."

"Did someone say 'beautiful'?" The mermaid smiled gently at that nice comment. Goku heard a voice this time coming from the left side of his boat and saw someone in the water.

"Hey! Were you the one who was singing just now?!" Goku smiled brightly as he called out to the unknown person in the water while waving his hand in the air. The little mermaid was slightly hesitant to approach the boy, since this is the first time she is making contact with a human. But when she saw a face filled with joy and innocence rivaling hers, she slowly approached him until she was close to his boat.

"Umm, yes?" The mermaid answered hesitantly.

"Hmm, why are you so thin and scrawny?" Goku asked curiously before he smiled brightly. "Oh i get it, you must a girl, are you?"

"Of course i'm a girl, don't be silly." The mermaid giggled cutely.

"Your singing is amazing." Goku smiled before he looked at her innocently. "But what are you doing all the way out here in the middle of the night? Do you need help to get to the shore?" he asked. The little mermaid now felt considerably relaxed as she giggled a bit from Goku's question.

"No thanks, I'll be alright. See?" The mermaid smiled brightly before she did a backward barrel roll and immediately surfaced back to him.

"Oh wow, you're a mermaid! I wish I could breathe underwater like you, it would be so awesome!" Goku said excitedly. He remembered that he brought a mermaid one time to Master Roshi during his task to bring him a beautiful woman, but it only ended with Roshi getting slapped in the face. That's why Goku could now tell that this little girl was a mermaid.

As for the pink mermaid herself, she had started to like this young boy. Even as far as to fall in love with him.

"It's so nice to meet you. My name is Goku. What is your name?" He smiled brightly.

"My name is…"

Before she could give Goku the answer to his question, suddenly a tidal wave was fast approaching in their direction and was about to hit Goku full force, which made him panic on the spot as he had no way to escape the impending tide, not this far from the shore. Normally it would be easy for him to withstand the force of the impact, but due to his hunger and fatigue of today's training, he received the full brunt of the wave and was sent unconscious in the depths of the sea.

Fortunately, the little mermaid was nearby as she quickly swam to Goku's side and grabbed him, pulling him to the surface and bringing him to the shore before he could drown. However, after she saved him, she noticed that he was in a critical state, the impact of the wave was more forceful than she though.

"Goku." The little mermaid said sadly with teary eyes, heartbroken to see him like this.

Willing to do anything to save this boy, she opened her seashell pendant and took her pink pearl out before she placed it on Goku's chest, which glowed with faint pink light afterwards, enveloping the boy's body for a moment or two, healing him in the process. But for some inexplicable reason, Goku was still motionless, not moving an inch.

"Please. Open your eyes Goku." The mermaid pleaded as tears were now flowing down her cheeks.

But instead of doing just that, she was caught off guard a bit when she noticed that Goku was... snoring. Sleeping blissfully in fact, as if he wasn't struck by the tide to begin with. While unexpected, the little mermaid felt considerably better, wiping her teary eyes when she noticed that he was indeed healed. She couldn't help but giggle cutely at his now sleeping form, as if nothing had happened at all.

"It was in that moment... when i fell in love for the first time."

On that night, the little mermaid developed a relationship during her conversation with Goku, the memory that she will cherish for years to come. Unknown to Goku, this mermaid is a future princess of her kingdom under the sea. A little mermaid named Lucia Nanami.

Seven years have passed since that fateful night and Lucia had always dreamed of going to the surface world again to find the boy she fell in love with. The time has come to do it, not only to find Goku, but also to find the pearl that she gave to him. But only she is aware of this, as the others in her kingdom were oblivious to the whereabouts of her pearl.

"Well, i'm off then." Lucia smiled brightly as she is about to depart.

"Princess Lucia, where are you going?" One of the mermaid handmaidens asked curiously.

"It's time to go to the surface and find my pearl." Lucia smiled.

"You are going all alone?" The second handmaiden asked in concern.

"You should at least take your guardian with you." The third handmaiden suggested. This guardian is named Hippo, a talking penguin sporting a sailor hat and shirt, along with blue pants, serving as the protector and guide to not just Lucia, but all other mermaid princesses.

"Don't worry, my ladies. I will protect Miss Lucia from whatever danger lurks in the surface world. And no matter what, I will..."

"Umm Hippo, the princess has already left." The mermaid handmaiden interrupted the penguin's speech as a matter-of-factly while she pointed at the departing Lucia. Hippo and the mermaid servants sweat-dropped at Lucia for leaving so casually. Hippo then quickly bid his farewells before he immediately darted towards Lucia.

"Miss Lucia, wait up!" Hippo called out to her as he swam as fast as he could to catch up with her.

Later at dawn, Lucia and Hippo finally reached the surface world. The pink mermaid princess was sitting on a small boulder in the shore, hidden from prying eyes as she watched the sunrise on the sea's horizon in amazement.

"It's beautiful, isn't it Hippo?" Lucia smiled at the wonderful sight before her.

"Miss Lucia, you need to turn in your human form, otherwise someone might see you." Hippo warned. Even though he can be overprotective at times, the little guardian means well.

"Oh right." Lucia smiled before her fin slowly transformed into legs, signifying that Lucia is assuming her human disguise. When her transformation was done, she got up on her feet with altered appearance.

"Here I come world!" Lucia shouted to the horizon excitedly.

"Miss Lucia, you do realize you're naked?" Hippo pointed out, which drew Lucia's attention. "Be quiet or else you will draw unwanted attention on yourself."

Lucia frowned in frustration at that seemingly suggestive statement as she punched Hippo in the head.

"Thanks for pointing it out, you pervert!" Lucia frowned in frustration.

"Why am i a pervert? You're the one standing around naked like you were just born!" Hippo said angrily as he rubbed his throbbing head.

"I don't care, turn around and don't look!" Lucia said angrily, her face blushing red as she covered her now naked breasts and area between her legs.

"Ugh, whatever." Hippo groaned slightly as he turned around and closed his eyes. Luckily, their home in the human world was close by, so Lucia can avoid any other humans before she could dress up, especially this early in the morning.

Later that day, Lucia was set to reside in a Pearl Hotel in South City. There she would be with the old fortuneteller named Madame Taki, the owner of the Hotel, and Nicole, a mermaid from Lucia's kingdom who is the manager and an older, yet false sister to Lucia while on land. After the young mermaid was introduced with the two, Nicole had given her chores to do around the hotel all day, taking the luggage, washing dishes, washing clothes and the rest of the labors around the hotel.

Finally after all the work, Nicole had given Lucia a break and she decided to have a nice warm bath after a hard day.

"Ahh, this is heaven." Lucia smiled brightly as she added more foam in the tub.

"Miss Lucia!" Hippo suddenly shouted, scaring Lucia as she splashed him with water. "What's the big deal?! I was about to tell you that I found something on my pearl radar!" he yelled angrily while having tick marks on his head. Lucia felt bad that she angered her little guardian like that, at least this time.

"I'm sorry Hippo. Allow me to repay you with a song." Lucia smiled apologetically.

"WHAT?!" Hippo exclaimed nervously as he knew well how will that end up.

"My dear Hippo, you are so nice!"

What Lucia thought was a nice song was actually horrible to say the least as the entire hotel was shaking and trembling from Lucia's screeching noise, aggravating Hippo in turn rather than calming him.

"Lucia, stop it!" Hippo shouted angrily, indeed silencing Lucia as she looked at him innocently. "How many times do I have to repeat myself? Mermaids without their pearl are completely tone-deaf! Seriously, what were you thinking?" Hippo exclaimed in frustration.

"You don't have to be so grumpy." Lucia apologized before she sweat dropped and narrowed her eyes slightly in doubt. "Are you sure that your pearl radar can be trusted? It seems rather broken."

"No thanks to your screeching! Besides, my radar never failed me, and by far this is it's strongest reaction!" Hippo protested as the radar showed a signal of the pearl in the vicinity of the city. But since it was night time and who knows what dangers lurk in the surface world, he decided to postpone the search for tomorrow.

"The pearls are the most important items that every mermaid princess needs to protect her kingdom. And aside from that, you need it to become an adult mermaid." Hippo lectured Lucia strictly, despite having repeated himself many times before.

"Yes, i know." Lucia said groggily, starting to be a little sleepy as she slowly plummeted inside the warm bath.

"And if we don't find the pearl, you may never be an adult mermaid and…" Hippo stopped when he noticed Lucia's upper body submerged in water. "What are you doing? No sleeping in the bath tub!" He shouted.

Later that night, Hippo and Nicole discussed in private about Lucia herself, in a dark room where only the moonlight illuminated their surroundings through the window they were looking through in thought.

"Are you sure we shouldn't tell Miss Lucia the truth? That her pearl is needed to restore the balance in the sea world." Hippo asked as he continued to look through the window.

"No, she's too young to bear such a burden. We will refrain from telling her for now, i want her to enjoy herself. Despite her duties, she is a child after all." Nicole said in serious voice.

"The perils in the sea with not resolve by themselves Miss Nicole. Eventually she will have to bear that burden if peace is to reign again." Hippo said seriously as he looked at Nicole.

"Eventually." Nicole said seriously as she glanced at Hippo before she turned around and departed from the room, leaving Hippo alone. Even though she too wants Lucia to be a responsible and mature princess, she didn't want to overburden Lucia with such things. At least not yet.

Meanwhile, Lucia was lying in her bed sideways, daydreaming about Goku and their very first encounter seven years ago, simply excited to meet him again after all this time. But soon enough, her eyelids went heavy as she was slowly drifting into a deep slumber.

The next morning, she was walking along the beach away from the city, smiling brightly as she watched another sunrise while wearing red boots, blue shorts and red-white shirt with star in the center. But while she was taking in the beautiful scenery while continuing her walk, she heard someone grunting loudly from the distance. With curiosity overtaking her, she went to see who was making that noise. Then she gasped inaudibly as she saw a very familiar figure with an innocent look on her face. The young man was tall, muscular and had a spiky black hair. She lingered a little more to find out if he was the one she fell in love with years ago, while the young man jumped around doing flips and dodges, punches and kicks, almost as if he was fighting an invisible enemy.

Then the young man stopped after he sensed someone was watching him. When he looked around trying to find the source of the unknown energy, he found a cute blonde girl not far from him. Curious for the newcomer he temporarily stopped with his training session and started to slowly approach her while panting a little bit from all that training.

"Hi. What brings you here?" The young man smiled as he stood in front of the girl.

When she saw him up close, Lucia was surprised that he had that same hairstyle and the same smile like that boy all those years ago. It then clicked in her mind and realized that the boy from long ago was him. He was Goku. She then blushed at how much he changed, he certainly got more handsome and more muscular from all those years of training.

"Umm, hi. Have we… met before?" Lucia muttered shyly, but Goku looked at the girl with innocent, but confused expression while blinking a few times. He had never met this girl before, though she did look like a nice person. Nevertheless he decided to introduce himself so that he wouldn't appear to be rude in front of a girl, as taught by his grandpa that he should be as polite as possible with them.

"Uhh, no, I don't think so." Goku said innocently before he smiled. "Well, my name is Goku. What is your name?"

"Oh, my name is… Lucia. Lucia Nanami." She said blankly, kinda disappointed that he couldn't recognize her, but then again she couldn't blame him. Her human form is a lot different than her mermaid form, having shorter hair then two long pigtails with dirty blonde color and brown-orange eyes instead of crystal blue eyes.

"Lucia. It's nice to meet you Lucia." Goku smiled. Lucia blushed a bit in response as she looked down shyly. "Say, what are you doing all the way out here all alone? The city is pretty far away." He asked curiously.

"Well, I like to come early in the morning to watch the sunrise, and the ocean feels so great at this time too." Lucia smiled as she looked towards the sea, though still having a blush on her face.

"It sure is. That's why I love to come here and train every morning, it's really peaceful." Goku smiled as he too looked towards the sea.

However, there was another reason for training at the beach. The reason that has to do with the night when he met the little mermaid, the night that was etched in his memory. Since that fated night when she rescued him, he wanted to meet her again. Even though he is known to be clueless when it comes to girls, since the only girls that he had ever truly known are Bulma and Launch, he wasn't completely dense as he felt something in his heart that day that wouldn't go away even after all these years. Though what it is exactly, he doesn't know, at least not yet.

"Hmm? What's wrong Lucia?" Goku asked curiously as he noticed that Lucia's face went red a little, thinking that she might be sick or something.

"Nothing, it's nothing." Lucia said nervously while trying to hide the blush, but her face was redder then before which only worried Goku a bit.

"Are you sure? Your face is all red." Goku said innocently while leaning closer to Lucia's face to check on her, which made the pink mermaid blush even more as her face was as red as a tomato and her heart was beating at a fast rate.

"Gosh Lucia, are you sick?" Goku asked innocently in slightly worried voice as he placed his hand on Lucia's forehead to check if she had a temperature. Her head was now spinning with emotions at the moment as her entire body was fuming, having no idea what to do next.

"I'm not sick! I'm going!" Lucia screamed with embarrassment as she quickly turned around and ran back to the hotel so that she may calm down and gather her thoughts. "Oh, how embarrassing." She thought as she continued to run away from him, leaving Goku completely confused at what just happened.

"Well that was weird." Goku said blankly. After a few seconds of confusion, he pulled out a pendant under his shirt which contained a pink pearl. "Could she be that girl? She does look familiar." He thought as he tried to find a comparison between Lucia and the mermaid from his childhood, but to no success. "Nah, that's impossible, she's a human and that girl was a mermaid." He chuckled lightheartedly, rubbing his head before he put the pendant back in his shirt and turned around. "Alright then, back to training." He smirked before he jumped in the air and started to throw another flurry of punches and kicks.

Goku had journeyed throughout the world after he got saved by the mermaid, fighting many strong opponents in the process, and his greatest challenge was an evil being named King Piccolo. A sinister villain of unfathomable power, he nearly killed Goku during their fight, until little Goku mustered all of his strength into a powerful punch that penetrated through his chest, mortally wounding him and securing his victory. But before he died, he preserved his essence in an egg that would soon rise in a few years, avenging his death and completing King Piccolo's retribution. He was trained by the Guardian of the Earth Kami and his assistant Mr. Popo to prepare him for the battle against his son, Piccolo Jr. in three years time. After completing his training, he had several months left until he faces Piccolo, so he traveled to South City where he would continue his training and be fully prepared for the battle to come. Though Mount Paozu was his original intention, Bulma invited him to come to South City for reasons he is yet to find out.

But, during his exciting adventures, he always wanted to meet that cute little mermaid again. He had no idea why though, but it's simply something he wished for from time to time.

Later that day, Lucia was enrolled in the Yokomori high school, where she would study besides doing all the work at the hotel and meet new friends along the way. As she made her way to the school board to see in which class she will be, her face was filled with surprise and joy to see Goku standing behind the crowd. As for the spiky-haired fighter he was pondering about being scolded by Bulma while looking at the school board, the day that certainly wasn't forgotten.

"Goku, since you've been raised in the woods, I will enroll you in high school, so that you may have a decent education and not being a brainless oaf all the time." Bulma said strictly. In truth, Goku's place is in elementary and not high school, but considering his age, high school is the only way to go. Besides, with her connections, it shouldn't be a problem. As for Goku he wasn't thrilled at all by the news as he always considered schools to be boring, he thought Master Roshi's education was enough for him.

"But why do I have to go? It sounds so boring. I wanna train and get stronger." Goku complained to Bulma childishly.

"No buts Goku! You couldn't even tell a boy from a girl without touching their private areas! You are going to school and that's final!" She yelled at Goku furiously. He knew there was no way to get out of this mess, so he decided to get along with it while he was in South City.

And the school uniform didn't help things either.

"Man, I hate wearing this stupid thing. Why can't I wear my normal clothes?" Goku thought to himself as he pouted in annoyance while loosening the collar buttons a bit. Everyone at school was obliged to wear uniforms, much to Goku's annoyance. The boys had to wear white shirt and blue pants, while the girls wear red and pink shirt with red skirt.

"Goku, hi!" A familiar voice broke Goku out of his inward whining. When he glanced to his right to see who it was, he was pleasantly surprised to find the same girl he met back at the beach.

"Hey Lucia, it's great to see you again. Are you going in the same school?" Goku asked cheerfully.

"Yeah." Lucia nodded eagerly before she turned towards the school table. "I'm trying to see which class I am, but I can't see." She complained childishly as she got up a bit on her tippie toes, trying to see through the crowd of students at the school board without success, while Goku couldn't help but snicker childishly at her struggle.

"Don't worry, ill check it out for you." Goku smiled as he went forward and looked at the board for her name. After a few moments of searching he discovered where Lucia was placed, and it made him happy to know that Lucia will be attending in the same class as him. At least he will have one familiar face entering the class with him before he gets the chance to meet the other classmates.

"Great, looks like we'll be attending classes together." Goku smiled cheerfully before he turned sideways. "Come on, let's go and find our classroom, i don't wanna be scolded on a first day." He said nervously, mostly because of how Bulma would react, while Lucia couldn't help but giggle a little from his nervous expression.

"Sure thing." Lucia nodded with a bright smile before she followed Goku. As they were departing, a certain blue-haired girl watched them with great interest.

While Goku and Lucia were walking along the hallway trying to find their classroom...

"Hey, who's the girl walking alongside Goku?"

"I wonder what their relationship is."

"Are they a couple?"

"I'm so jealous."

"Aww, they look so cute together."

Many hushed gossiping happened among the girls as they noticed Lucia walking alongside Goku so closely, though the young fighter paid no attention as he was walking casually with the usual smile on his face.

"So, Goku is popular here." Lucia thought curiously as she looked left and right at the loving faces from the girls around them. Ever since Goku arrived in school, let alone enrolled in it, he was welcomed by a lot of girls, who offered him to take a tour with them around the school or even asking him on a date. But he kindly refused them, telling them that he had a lot to do, even though the only thing he does is train.

After they found the classroom, they have found two empty seats next to the window. Goku sat on the desk to the back, while Lucia sat in front of him, all the while having a shade of red blush the entire time she was with Goku. The young fighter didn't had a clue why, but he thought it was a normal thing with Lucia because she seemed just fine to him.

"Goku, what were you doing this morning all alone at the beach? You looked like you were fighting someone." Lucia asked curiously.

"You've never seen someone training before, have you?" Goku smiled.

Lucia silently shook her head in reply, never having physical training or in martial arts her whole life to know of such a thing. Her kingdom never adopted that custom and from what she learned, the mermaid's method of fighting is with their pearls. All the more reason to retrieve it from Goku, but without revealing her true identity. If she did then she would risk of being reduced to a sea foam, which is a fate that she wants to avoid no matter what.

"Well, it's basically a physical workout which makes you stronger and more experienced fighter, depending on how intense your training sessions are. What I was doing was that I imagined an opponent in front of me and then I tried to make it as realistic as possible. Dodging, countering, punching and kicking and so on." Goku explained.

Lucia was amazed that Goku had grown into a strong fighter. Though she is yet to see the full extent of Goku's abilities, she did had a sneak preview of how he trained before being interrupted.

"Can I... come and see you train sometimes?" Lucia asked shyly as she looked away with red blush. Goku still had no idea why is she blushing so often, but he again shrugged it off as girl stuff.

"Yeah, of course." Goku smiled, thinking it was no big deal if she came along.

"Really?!" Lucia smiled brightly in immense happiness as she looked at Goku.

"Sure, i don't see why not." Goku shrugged.

Lucia was now so happy, glad that things are turning out great so far, she might get closer to him sooner than she thought. But then Goku's stomach started to growl, which made Lucia giggle a bit when she noticed his rather blatant call for sustenance.

"Sorry, guess i got a little hungry." Goku grinned sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head before he stood up from his seat. "I'm gonna go get something to eat. See ya later." He waved goodbye as he left to eat at the cafeteria to consume a large quantity of food.

After he left, a blue-haired girl from before took the opportunity to introduce herself to Lucia.

"Hi, are you Lucia Nanami?" The unknown girl smiled. Lucia had no idea who the girl was, but she didn't want to be rude so she gave her a simple nod. "My name is Hanon Hosho, but you can call me Hanon. Can i call you Lucia?" The girl now known as Hanon smiled. She appeared as a nice girl, so she decided to continue the conversation with her.

"Yeah, of course." Lucia smiled as she nodded again.

"Is that guy your boyfriend? He's so handsome." Hanon smiled.

"No, he's not!" Lucia screamed a bit in a high-pitch while blushing heavily, though at the back of her mind she wants Goku to be her boyfriend more than anything.

"Hey, what do you say we go to town after school? I can show you a few tips on how to get a guy." Hanon smiled, with Lucia happily obliging as she nodded excitedly.

The first day of school didn't last long at all, as all the students did were writing a class schedule before they all departed to their homes. After they were done, Lucia and Hanon went to town as agreed upon. The two girls got to know each other well as they were visiting clothes and jewelry stores, trying out outfits and jewels of every sort while having a conversation about various topics, most notably concerning Goku, if not solely to get a laugh or two out of Lucia's almost comedic, exaggerated reactions on her crush. Eventually they have both arrived at another clothes shop, but this time it was female only as it also contained underwear and the such.

"Hey Lucia, come here! I found a good swimsuit for you." Hanon said cheerfully as she took the swimsuit she had her eye on.

"Really? Which one, which one?" Lucia said excitedly as she approached her friend.

"This one." Hanon smiled brightly as she showed a small, bikini top with spots all over the fabric.

"What?! No way! I'm going to be seen by guys too in that, you know!" Lucia screeched a bit in embarrassment.

"Yes, that's the point of bikinis, they are made for male eyes to see on a female. And with this beauty on, it will be easier for you to make a move on Goku. He's training on the beach Lucia, there is no better opportunity for something like this." Hanon smiled like it was no big deal.

Lucia remained silent as Hanon did had a point there. She is by no means a lecherous and straightforward girl like Hanon, but apparently she knows a great deal of how to draw a man's attention. If this is what she has to do to earn a few points from Goku, not fully aware of his personality, then so be it.

After Lucia returned home, she told Hippo about going to watch Goku train at his usual spot on the beach, which worried Hippo a lot.

"Are you serious? But Miss Lucia, you know if the water touches you, you will turn into a mermaid, he will see your true form. And you know what will happen next if he does." Hippo warned.

"Don't worry, Hippo, i won't stand near the water. If it will make you feel better, you can come along too." Lucia smiled.

"No, I need to find your pearl before someone else does." Hippo said in serious voice, realizing the severity of the situation if anyone else found the pearl. It is a rather powerful object which in wrong hands could potentially destroy an entire city.

"Pleeease Hippo? And don't say anything to Nicole, okay?" Lucia pleaded to Hippo to come along. Hippo grunted slightly in defeat as he couldn't resist her cute plea. In the end he reluctantly tagged along with her, mostly to prevent her from doing anything foolish.

The next day, Lucia and Hippo waited for Goku to arrive not far from the Pearl Hotel. Hanon also decided to come with Lucia so they can hang out together. As for Lucia, she was so happy that she will spend time with Goku after all these years, though she did blush a little in embarrassment as both of them were wearing bikinis beneath their zipped shirts. It was a sight that admittedly drew Hippo's attention as well, but he forced his focus only on finding the pearl that Lucia lost.

A few moments later, Lucia noticed that Goku was closing in on the mermaid.

"Hi Goku!" Lucia called for him happily.

"Hey there Lucia. Ready to go?" Goku said cheerfully, wearing his usual training outfit, which consisted of orange pants and shirt with Turtle emblem on his back and left side of chest, along with black-blue boots, black sash and undershirt and blue wristbands. Lucia got a blush from seeing him like that, the outfit made him more muscular and cuter then he already is.

"Yeah I am. Let's go." Lucia smiled before Hanon approached Goku to introduce herself.

"So, you must be Goku I heard about. My name is Hanon Hosho, but you can call me Hanon." She smiled as she extended her hand to shake with Goku's. Goku was glad that Lucia already made friends in school, and any friend of hers is a friend of Goku's.

"It's great to meet you Hanon." Goku smiled cheerfully as he shook Hanon's hand in greetings before he noticed something behind Lucia. "Umm Lucia, what is that behind you?" He asked curiously as he pointed at a small animal behind her.

"Oh that's my penguin pet, Hippo. I wanted to bring him along too, if that's okay." Lucia smiled.

"Sure, why not." Goku smiled.

"Goku? Can i ask you something before we leave?" Hanon asked with slightly mischievous smile.

"Huh?" Goku said curiously before he turned sideways. "Sure, what is it?" He asked innocently.

Then Hanon unzipped her shirt and revealed a light blue bikini, with tie side bikini panties and triangle top. If Lucia didn't know that this was part of Hanon's plan, she would be fuming mad that Hanon of all people was making a move on her Goku.

"I'll show you just how much the guys are into women in bikinis. If he reacts like i expect him to, you can only imagine how will he react when he sees you in it."

Lucia recalled Hanon's words, looking down and blushing a bit in embarrassment at the thought that she has to do what Hanon is doing right now. She was inwardly feeling a bit nauseous as these lecherous provocations are certainly not her style, she's always been more on a romantic side.

"Well, what do you think? Looks really attractive, doesn't it?" Hanon said as she smiled seductively, winked at Goku and posed a bit so he could have a good view of her outfit.

"Yeah, it looks nice." Goku shrugged, not having a clue where she is going with that question. And that casual, unimpressed answer surprised and slightly shocked the mermaids.

"Looks... nice?" Hanon muttered, shocked that he wasn't aroused at all at the beautiful, sensuous sight in front of him. And that dumb look on his face makes his statement genuine, which makes the situation really embarrassing, for Lucia and Hanon both.

"Well, let's get a move on while the sun is still high." Goku smiled as he turned his back on the girls and waved his hand before he departed.

"Wow Hanon, he wasn't stunned at all." Lucia said in astonishment as she looked innocently at Goku.

"I don't understand, this works on guys every single time." Hanon whined a bit, about as baffled as Lucia if not more.

"Maybe i should have worn casual clothes instead, i feel so embarrassed right now." Lucia said as she hugged herself, not feeling comfortable before she pulled her own zipped shirt down in futile attempt to cover her bikini panties more.

"Don't worry Lucia, I'm sure you'll have a better luck once we get to the beach." Hanon said optimistically as she patted Lucia on her back before they finally went after Goku.

As Goku, Lucia, Hanon and Hippo made their way to Goku's usual training spot away from the city, they were passing by the surfing tournament that was held at the nearby beach.

"Hey, Goku?" Lucia smiled.

"What is it?" Goku asked curiously.

"Have you ever done surfing before?" Lucia asked curiously.

"No, i never did." Goku said casually.

"I think you should compete, I'm sure you'd do great out there." Lucia smiled brightly in excitement at the thought of Goku surfing the waves.

"Sorry Lucia, but that's something i was never interested in. I'd much rather be training and continue to push my limits." Goku smiled as he pumped his left fist.

During their conversation, Hippo had a strong reading on the pearl radar. It always said that the pearl was close, but he couldn't tell where exactly. Then moments later, Goku's attention was drawn from the mermaid as he sensed a malicious energy, which strangely enough was in the sea not far from the surfers who are striding the waves.

"What is it Goku?" Lucia asked in slight worry at his sudden change of attitude.

"Something's not right." Goku said seriously as he carefully observed the sea where the surfers continue to stride the waves.

Almost on cue, a storm suddenly occurred, with gale winds blowing in their direction and thunder rumbling from the sky. Goku also noticed that from the next big wave, someone bolted from the water, grabbed the surfer and pulled him underwater. Turns out that he was right as there was indeed someone in the water who is causing all this mess.

"Listen girls, I need you to stay where you are and keep away from the sea. I'll be right back." Goku said seriously, concerned for the well-being of the girls before he ran fast to the beach and jumped in the water. Lucia could also see that there was a powerful villain stirring up trouble and she decided to help Goku, even though she didn't had the pearl, leaving Hanon and Hippo alone.

After Goku jumped in the sea, he saw ripples of water in the deeps and swam there to check it out. When he was close enough, much to his surprise he noticed a woman with what looks close to a mermaid's tail, but her face had a menacing grin that spells trouble.

"Who is that? She doesn't look like a mermaid." Goku thought as he frowned seriously. Even though he couldn't breathe underwater, his training helped him to hold his breath for an extended period of time, long enough to deal with whoever that woman was.

"A human coming to the rescue? How cute, but your heroics will only get you killed." The unknown assailant said as she held close the orange-haired surfer wearing red-black surfer suit in her custody.

Goku knew immediately that he has to save him fast before he could drown. That being said, he assumed his fighting pose and was about to charge at her. But as the witch was about to unleash her attack on the young fighter...

"Hold it right there!" Another voice suddenly said from Goku's left side.

When he looked to his left, to his surprise he noticed a pink mermaid swimming towards them. He then gasped inwardly with eyes wide in shock as he recognized the mermaid. She had the same pigtails and crystal blue eyes like that little mermaid all those years ago. It was her. He finally found her. But this happy reunion will have to wait for the time being, first he has to deal with the evil menace in front of him.

"Ahh, a mermaid princess. I have waited a long time to find you. Now I can take you to my master, along with your pearl!" The assailant grinned wickedly before she formed her water blasts in shape of a dragon to attack Lucia. That prompted Goku to pull out his power pole so that he could knock her out and save the mermaid, seeing that she wasn't that strong after he sensed her energy. But just when he was about to attack her, a pink glow was emanating underneath his shirt.

"What in the world?" Goku thought in surprise as he pulled out a pendant from his shirt. "That never happened before." A few moments later, he looked at the mermaid in realization. "She needs her pearl back, that's why it glows." He then broke the chain around his neck and threw the pendant to the mermaid.

It was only after Goku threw the pendant towards the mermaid that drew the attention of Lucia and the witch. As it made it's way towards it's rightful owner, the pearl instantly took the form of a microphone, allowing Lucia to easily grab it. When she did, Goku was caught by surprise when the mermaid was surrounded by a large orb of light. Within the orb, Lucia's entire body started to glitter in rainbow colors as she could feel a surge of unknown power the likes she had never felt before. When the glittering ceased, her mermaid fins shaped into human legs and revealed her donning a peculiar uniform consisting of pink dress with short skirt and lacy pink gloves and boots. This was a sign that she finished her unintentional transformation into her Idol Form.

"Whoah! That's new! I didn't know she had that kind of power." Goku thought in amazement to that sudden transformation. Not only did she change in appearance, but her power level increased by a significant amount. Though it wasn't nearly as impressive as King Piccolo's when he fought him, this is indeed a surprising turn of events. Even Lucia couldn't believe how much she changed, both in power and in appearance.

"Wow. Is this really me?" Lucia said in amazement as she checked out the outfit she had on. "My goodness, what style!" She said cheerfully before she chuckled cutely as she loves the new outfit she has on.

But not long after she admired her outfit, the music of the Legend of the Mermaid started, which she remembered from her childhood. When she looked at the evil siren in front of her, she realized what she needs to do.

"Huh! Nice try!" The witch shouted angrily as she unleashed her water dragons at the mermaid.

"Oh no you don't!" Goku thought seriously as he cupped his hands sideways, readying his signature attack. But before he could even start charging it up, Lucia already started to sing the lyrics.

"The seven colored wind
blows across the long plateau.
At the peak
A nostalgic song was playing.
And before the dawn
I could hear a melody.
And I knew
That this song,
Would only bring joy and love."

Goku's eyes went wide in another surprise as the water dragons disintegrated when they were in Lucia's vicinity, which shocked her opponent. The evil witch started to attack her again, but her blasts were nullified by the power that was emanating from Lucia. Goku was amazed that the mermaid had that kind of power, to be unfazed by her volley of water attack. What surprised him is that the song did not affect him at all, while it brought severe pain to the witch.

"Look to the east,
What do you see?
Little birds flying far away.
Are flying off to a place,
Full of love,
It's like a treasure."

As Lucia continued her singing, the pain was more severe to the witch by the minute. Goku was starting to run out of breath, but he had to hold on a little more so that he can see the fight to the end. But then, he remembered about that surfer floating away from the witch.

"Oh no! What am i doing?! If I don't save him right now, he will drown for sure!" Goku thought in panic before he quickly dashed towards the surfer, grabbing him by the waist and then swimming towards the surface as fast as he could.

Eventually he reached the surface as he pulled the surfer to the shore away from the sea. The lifeguards were nearby, so Goku left him for them to take care of. And he could still sense his energy, so he sighed with relief that he was still alive.

"Alright, he's safe. Now to get back to the mermaid before that witch pulls some kind of cheap shot." Goku thought seriously as he ran towards the sea again and jumped in the water. Apart from that, he had finally found her after seven years and he will not miss this precious opportunity.

"The seven seas have always been my paradise.
A place where all the love in my heart is realized.
Even after,
a night in the storm,
The joy in my heart,
can always be reborn.
Listen to the melody of seven lands.
It will always be here till the very end.
Even if no one remembers this,
I won't forget.
Legend of the sea."

"Loving power of the mermaids." Lucia pointed at a witch, signifying her finishing move. "How about an encore?" She winked.

"This isn't over, mermaid!" The witch growled at this humiliating defeat before she disappeared in a short whirlwind.

"So, this is the power of the princess." Lucia smiled in amazement as she looked at her microphone, still surprised at the power she received after activating it. With the battle won, she reverted to her mermaid form. But just when Lucia was about to head back to her friends, Goku caught up with her, waving with both of his hands with a goofy smile on his face while holding his breath at the same time.

Later after the battle, Goku and Lucia in her mermaid form went to the beach where Goku was training, far away from prying eyes, sitting on a rock far from the shore, so that Lucia could maintain her mermaid form.

"Are you alright? Did she hurt you?" Goku asked in slight concern.

"No my dear Goku, I'll be fine. Thank you for helping me back there." Lucia answered as she smiled sadly while tears formed in her eyes. She wanted to see Goku for a long time and this was her chance to express her joy.

"It was nothing, really." Goku smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head before he smiled brightly. "But I can't believe that I've finally found you. I can't thank you enough for saving my life all those years ago."

But Goku was caught off guard as the mermaid couldn't hold back the sobbing and hugged him tightly, with tears of joy flowing down her cheeks as she burrowed her face on his chest. Moments later, Goku hugged her back to soothe her crying.

"I missed you so much Goku." Lucia said while sniffing a bit out of happiness.

"Hey hey, it's okay. I missed you too." Goku said with childish innocence in a soothing voice that calmed Lucia a bit.

At the beach behind Goku and Lucia, Hanon and Hippo have watched the whole scene unfold.

"Oh no, she is falling in love with a human. This is bad, this is bad, this is bad!" Hippo shouted as he panicked about randomly, but Hanon started to be a little frustrated as she punched Hippo on the head.

"Cool your jets, will ya?!" Hanon said in frustration before she looked back at Goku and Lucia. "We need to be level headed and keep a close eye on those two. One slip and it can be all over for her."

A few moments after he rubbed his head for the pain to pass, Hippo noticed that she was clutching a winged seashell pendant in her hand, exactly the same in appearance like Lucia's, only hers is blue.

"What?! You're a mermaid princess as well?!" Hippo asked in surprise.

"I am. But i am not so foolish to reveal myself so casually to a human like she did. Only time will tell where will that action lead." Hanon said seriously.

Hippo nodded in agreement as right now his only concern was Lucia, and his greatest fear was that she will admit to Goku that she was a mermaid that saved him while in human form and risk turning into a sea foam. Alas, today is a joyous day for both Goku and Lucia, and little do they realize that the greatest journey of their lives is about to begin.