~The end, the beginning~

The violent tornado continued to whirl about, trapping the last vestige of evil that contaminated Lucia's soul. Although it struggled to break free, the power of the elements was not to be underestimated. Unable to free itself, the tornado struck upward above Goku and Lucia.

At the same time in the physical world, the mini tornado that swirled around Lucia had black smoke trapped within.

"The last of the corruption that plagued the mermaid. Well done Goku. Well done indeed." Vignar thought with pride before he returned to cleansing. The winds that swirl around Lucia also intensified before the tornado shot upward, through the opening above the spirit lodge and high in the sky, which the Z Fighters noticed.

"Whoah! What is that?!" Hanon asked in surprise.

"My guess is as good as yours." Rina said seriously.

Then the Z fighters noticed a black shadow letting out a beastly growl that echoed across the open cave. As it did, back in spiritual realm, the giant tornado started to glow from the inside until it imploded from the cleansing process, illuminating everything in sight in large dome of light that continued to expand in size. Switching back to the physical world, the corruption from Lucia's body was melted and carried by the winds upward, eventually cleansing Lucia entirely. When she was purified, the tornado formed into an orb of wind that condensed the black smoke of corruption inside until it imploded harmlessly.

In the spiritual realm, Goku opened his eyes and found himself in what appears to a white void now, but the ground he was sitting on was that of solid, white cloud, having the same feeling like sitting on his Flying Nimbus. Then his attention was drawn as Lucia in her original, mermaid form was slowly waking up and looked up at her savior.

"Goku?" Lucia said as her vision got less and less blurry.

"Hi." Goku smiled brightly.

"Goku!" Lucia said cheerfully as she hugged Goku tightly around his neck and laughed in joy, accompanied by Goku as he reciprocated the hug.

"I'm so happy you're back Lucia." Goku smiled cheerfully.

"Me too." Lucia smiled before she gasped slightly in shock and worry. "Goku. You're all bloody and wounded."

"Don't worry, I'll be fine. The important thing is that you are back to normal Lucia." Goku smiled.

"Was it true about everything you said back there?" Lucia smiled lovingly.

"Yeah, it's true alright." Goku nodded with a smile.

"Even the part that you love me?" Lucia smiled, her eyes glossy with joy as she placed her forehead on Goku's and then closed her eyes.

"Yes. In every meaning of that word." Goku smiled sincerely.

"And the part of marrying me? Are we really going to live together?" Lucia asked, her heart swelling with joy more than ever before.

"Yup. That's what I was planning on if you think you can put up with me." Goku smiled light-heartedly.

Lucia's heart melted in indescribable joy as tears flowed from her eyes, with the pink mermaid princess burrowing her face on his chest and starting to sniff and hiccup loudly.

"Aw man, I made you cry again. I really need to learn what to say outloud." Goku said as he rubbed the back of his head in guilt, but his expression switched quickly to that of big smile. "Wait. You're crying because you're happy, right?"

"You finally figured it out. Took you long enough." Lucia smiled as she wiped the tears from her eyes and booped his nose playfully, making him snicker childishly.

Then the moment was interrupted as both of them noticed a glowing portal forming nearby.

"Whoah. What is that?" Goku asked innocently.

"Is that a way out?" Lucia asked curiously.

"Could be." Goku said before he started getting up, picking Lucia up bridal style.

"Let's go home." Goku smiled.

"Couldn't agree more." Lucia nodded with a blissful smile as she closed her eyes and leaned onto Goku's chest. The young fighter hugged her a bit before he made his way towards the portal. When they entered, they finally left the spiritual realm.

In the physical world, the old shaman had thanked the elements for their aid, while Lucia's and Goku's bodies flashed briefly in pink light. After that, they both opened their eyes and slowly got up from the ground.

"Welcome back Goku. You have done the impossible, which is quite a feat." Vignar nodded in acknowledgement.

"Yeah, but I didn't do all the work, you helped out a lot back there." Goku smiled with a sheepish grin before he looked at Lucia. "And Lucia struggled just as much as I did, if not more. If she didn't, it would have been really impossible for me to save her."

Lucia blushed shyly in response before she broke eye contact and looked down in embarrassment.

"You have an unbreakable spirit, which is something to be admired." Vignar smiled gently before he looked at Lucia. "Even you mermaid."

"Really? I do? Wait, how do you know that I'm a mermaid?" Lucia asked curiously.

"Because he met one years ago, that's why he could tell." Goku smiled.

"Ooh." Lucia said in realization.

"It is as Goku said, had you not been fighting the darkness that threatened to consume you entirely, I would not had him go along with this venture in the first place. You have my respect for enduring as long as you did." Vignar smiled gently.

"Thank you sir." Lucia nodded in respect before she assumed her human form again and stood up, followed by Goku and Vignar.

Outside the spirit lodge, the Z Fighters waited anxiously as they noticed that the ritual was over.

"So master, do you think Goku made it?" Krillin asked in slight worry.

"He did." Master Roshi smiled light-heartedly.

A few moments later, Krillin looked back at the spirit lodge, noticing that Goku, Lucia and Vignar left the tent to greet the other Z Fighters.

"Hey!" Goku waves his hand cheerfully.

"LUCIA!" Hanon, Rina, Karen, Noel, Coco and Seira shouted cheerfully as the mermaid princesses rushed towards Lucia, except for Sara who merely smiled in relief that she was alright.

"Lucia!" Hanon shouted sadly as she hugged Lucia tightly, starting to cry on the spot for being worried sick this whole time, but also happy that she was back.

"Seriously, stop scaring us like that." Rina smiled with teary eyes as she too hugged Lucia, followed by other mermaid princesses.

"Lucia!" Seira shouted sadly as she jumped in front of Lucia and hugged her around her neck. "You're back, I'm so happy you're all better!" She cried out as she buried her face on her chest.

"Hey hey, easy there. I'm sorry that I worried you like that." Lucia smiled gently, closing her eyes and forming a few tears of her own as she hugged Seira.

"Oh Lucia! You're okay, thank goodness you're okay!" Nicole cried out as she hugged Lucia along with Seira, with the other mermaid princesses piling up in a group hug, while Goku folded his arms and smiled silently at the heartfelt reunion.

"Goku, you did it!" Yamcha said cheerfully as he, Krillin, Tien, Chiaotzu, Kaito, Rihito, Sara and Gaito gathered around him.

"I knew you could do it buddy!" Krillin said cheerfully as he grabbed his best friend behind his neck.

"Well done Goku." Tien smiled before Goku chuckled light-heartedly as he rubbed the back of his head.

"It's great to see you back and kicking Goku. Would have been a shame to spend the rest of the school year without you." Kaito smiled as he bumped his fist on Goku's shoulder.

"Well to be honest I'd much rather be fighting a strong opponent then spend another hour in a classroom." Goku laughed slightly before Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu and Kaito also laughed light-heartedly at that, while Rihito, Gaito and Sara smiled silently.

"We can't thank you enough for saving Lucia." Sara smiled.

"Well it only figures, since she is the most important person to him. Right Goku?" Gaito smirked.

"Yeah, you bet." Goku nodded with a smile.

"She's alive and well. Thank Aqua Regina, everything turned out alright." Madame Taki smiled in pure joy with a few tears in her eyes, overjoyed just as everyone else that Lucia was back.

"You should be thanking Goku instead. I hate to be blaspheming at your goddess, but he is the one who deserves all the praise for saving her life." Master Roshi said in slightly serious tone.

"Indeed he does. I have never met a warrior so powerful, yet of spirit so pure and of will of iron. He is definitely a pupil you should be very proud of Roshi." Vignar smiled as he walked between Madame Taki and Master Roshi.

"Thanks for your help Vignar." Master Roshi smiled gratefully.

"It's the least I can do for all the help you provided in years past, my friend." Vignar smiled before he looked at Roshi. "Should there be any other trouble in the future, do not hesitate to come back here."

"We will. Thank you." Master Roshi smiled.

"Also you owe me five million zeni for my services." Vignar teased.

"I knew you were gonna end up there!" Master Roshi shouted angrily before Vignar and Fortuneteller Baba laughed at his expense as he enjoyed teasing him, knowing that he was knee deep in debt to his own sister. Money is something he learned that he can live without, as nature provided all the essentials he needs and it's a much peaceful lifestyle then a hectic life the city usually gives.

As for Michel, he too smiled gently with folded arms at the heartfelt reunion. Now that all's well that ends well, it was time for him to leave the Z Fighters and vanish into the vast reaches of this planet, far away where he would be a threat to no one. However Seira noticed from the corner of her eye that Michel was leaving.

"Michel, wait!" Seira darted towards the angelic being, drawing the attention of everyone present. "Where are you going?" She asked sadly.

"The crisis has been averted Seira. It is now time for me to leave." Michel said.

"But where will you go?" Seira asked sadly.

"I do not know." Michel said before he turned sideways and looked at the mermaid child with a face full of sadness, remorse and shame. "But anywhere that is not near the humans. I have caused enough death and destruction to the people of this planet. If I wasn't so blind, so stubborn to refuse the fact that my people were gone for good, then I wouldn't have unleashed the monstrosities that lurked at the depths of the sea and all of that slaughter could have been prevented." He then closed his eyes. "For my sins, I don't deserve to exist. How is that even possible for a being like me to have a place in this world?"

"That was our belief as well Michel." Gaito interjected seriously, drawing the angel's attention. "As I have explained before, both Sara and I have also committed crimes that most people would believe them to be beyond redemption. For the sins of our own, we exiled ourselves into the unknown, but as time passed, we ultimately became the allies of the mermaid princesses and the human warriors in their hour of need. If you so choose it, you can also join our little group and perhaps find your own place in this world."

"I appreciate your words, prince of Panthalassa. But there is no redemption for a repulsive being like myself. How can anyone hope to even tolerate, let alone like someone like me after what I have done? The past events are a proof of that fact, it makes me no better than the monsters that laid siege to South City and killed all those people." Michel said sadly.

"You're wrong Michel." Seira said sadly.

"Huh?" Michel said as his eyes went slightly wide in surprise.

"We do like you. And we will always like a being who is as pure and gentle as you. When I was taken inside you, I saw what sadness was for the first time. It was then that I could feel how your sadness was connected to the gentleness deep within you. And that is something I can never be disgusted about." Seira said sadly before she smiled gently. "In fact, we are proud that you have realized for yourself that no good ever came of hatred. We could never hate you Michel, because I have learned that its not our way."

"That's right. The mermaid princesses sing to express love, not hate." Hanon smiled.

"We sing so that people never lose hope no matter what the circumstance." Rina smiled.

"Indeed. When Noel's life was in danger, I sang in belief that my sister will be alright." Karen smiled.

"And it was her faith that brought her, Goku and the other mermaid princesses to me and save my life." Noel smiled at Karen.

"No matter how deep a sadness or hatred, a song can wash it all away." Coco smiled.

"I agree with all of them completely Michel. There are times where even I have seen the abyss that threatens to consume me. A place where one cannot see hope, when he believes that the love they are looking for has all but vanished." Lucia said seriously before she smiled gently and looked at Michel. "But also at those times there are friends and loved ones who can cheer me up, giving me the strength to keep on going. I know that if I were to reach out, there will always be someone to take my hand. If one does not believe, then one can't be believed in. Nothing has been decided for you. Not love, not friendship, not even your fate. It is all something you make for yourself Michel. It was something I needed to be reminded of time and again, but now I embrace that fact completely."

Michel was left speechless. Despite everything he had done, these mermaid princesses feel for him? They don't hate him? No, apparently they don't. Most people would gladly try to take his life, for his debt to be paid in blood. But not them. And when he glanced at Goku and the other warriors standing beside him, none of them look at him with killing intent.

Suddenly, the pearls of the mermaid princesses glowed in unison and their deity emerged from the sky above the mermaids.

"What the… who is that?" Korin asked curiously.

"That is the deity of the mermaids, Aqua Regina." Sara said seriously.

"Really? She is Aqua Regina?" Korin looked at Sara in slight surprise before he glanced at the deity. "Well that's certainly a sight to see. I've heard stories about your goddess, but have never seen her in person before."

As Aqua Regina's dress flapped back repeatedly, Roshi could see her bare feet and underwear, making him have a slight nosebleed. Madame Taki had an angry tick mark on her face as she noticed Roshi perving out on a sacred deity of the mermaids, making her pull out a hammer from out of nowhere and smack him in the head in a comedic fashion.

"For goodness sake Roshi, have you no shame?!" Madame Taki shouted angrily.

"Sorry, I couldn't help it." Roshi whined in pain as he rubbed his throbbing, overexaggerated bump on his head.

"Well done, my mermaid princesses. It is a true challenge to love those whom you would hate. However, it is also one of the most noble of acts. And now because that emotion has truly awakened within you, sing the melody born of it." Aqua Regina smiled sincerely.

"We will Aqua Regina!" The seven mermaid princesses nodded in unison before they looked at Michel.

"Now Michel, listen as we now sing a song dedicated to both you and Mikaru." Lucia smiled.

"Live for you, mermaid voice!" All seven of the mermaid princesses said in unison.

"Let wishes start coming true
let love prevail over all
let the rainbow paint the skies
let hope exist within."

"Let no one to be saddened
let everyone take great joy
let the smiles be everywhere
live to the fullest."

"The strong remain firm
and give in to no one
but the strongest are those
who always find a way out."

"The strong have faith
while others bow their heads down
so even for a while
let all be brave."

"You have the strength
so find everything best for you
and then give your all
for happy end."

"For yours and the others you
will fight that is known
too all."

"For what lies within my heart
I'll give it to you with all my might."

"We stand together as one
and give our dreams to no one
for this song is...
is for the bravest."

As they were singing, both Michel and Mikaru inside the angel's body could feel an intense, yet soothing feeling brimming with happiness and joy the likes that both of them never felt before.

"We are cheerful
Cause world waits for us,
for hope and the love
we give our voices."

"Do you have wish
that we are better,
set it to motion
bring forth that change."

"We will create
a world fit for all,
it may seem tough
but it is quite easy."

"Do you have wish
that we're all lively
make that wish happen
make someone happy."

"What is this feeling? Such grand, yet warm and gentle feeling. This pleasant feeling that washes my entire being. It makes me feel… happy." Michel and Mikaru said simultaneously. For the first time, they both had a blissful, carefree smile on their faces, as if the crushing weight of the world had finally lifted from their shoulders.

"Goku, look. Up there." Krillin said as he pointed at the sky. Goku looked up where Krillin was looking and was surprised when he discovered faint sparks of light descending in their direction.

"Whoah. What is that?" Goku asked in wonder as he noticed not only one spark of light, but several more that formed and descended in their direction.

Eventually when they were close enough, they glowed in bright rays of light. And within the light, three angelic beings can be barely seen. Their figures are extremely similar to Michel's, but their entire bodies glowed in white light, so the Z Fighters could only see their silhouettes.

"Are those… my people?" Michel asked, for the first time in his existence legitimately surprised and shocked at the sight before him.

"Michel. We must apologize to you. We wished to run from our fear and sadness at our own destruction, so we turned to our emperor. For that we laid a heavy request and your remains on your companion Fuku. It is very tragic that the darkness consumed him. So many attempts over the span of many millennia to restore you only made him descent further and further into desperation and madness. It is a blame that can be solely placed on us." The first angel spoke.

"However, even as we have come into being now, we can feel it. The feeling of warm love that permeates all living beings. The Panthalassa, the mermaids, and even the humans." A second angel smiled.

"Therefore we feel enough has been done. Come Michel, let your soul be free and return with us." A third angel smiled.

"How can I go back?" Michel asked sadly before he looked down with pained expression. "I am nothing but a copy, an imitation formed from a fossil. A thing that was created and not born, a thing with no friends, no family, an empty husk without purpose or meaning."

"Not quite, our beloved Michel." The first angel smiled gently.

"Huh?" Michel's eyes went wide in surprise.

"You may have not realized in your sorrow and pain, but when a new life was breathed into you, you were reborn as one of us. Come Michel, join us, so we can finally rest in peace, knowing that this world is in a good care of these noble heroes." The second angel smiled.

Michel didn't hesitate as he started to hover in the air, slowly but surely flying towards his kin, extending his hand in reunion longed for.

"Michel…" Seira said sadly. Michel heard her calling his name and turned to look at her with a gentle smile.

"I am taking on the guilt of crimes that can never be forgiven. There's simply no use in trying to prove otherwise. However, I believe that one day our paths will cross again. Until then…" He then looked at the entire group. "Farewell." He said in gentle tone before he turned around and departed with his kin to the heavens he is yet to discover. But as he did, suddenly Mikaru's spirit emerged in front of Rihito.

"Brother." Mikaru smiled gently.

"Mikaru?!" Rihito exclaimed in surprise.

"I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you. I realize that I never was a good sister, that I never appreciated everything you did for me. But at this point for what it's worth, I want you to know that I couldn't have been more blessed to have a brother like you." Mikaru smiled gently.

"Mikaru." Rihito said sadly as tears flowed from his eyes, heartbroken that his beloved sister will leave him forever.

"Lucia. I'm sorry for all the pain I caused you, for all the suffering you had to endure in your very soul. I wish you a long and happy relationship with the person that I grew to love. Not as much as you, but loved all the same." Mikaru smiled gently at Lucia before she looked at the spiky-haired fighter. "Goku. I can't thank you enough for what you did for me too. The last couple of weeks we spend together… was the happiest period of my life." She said sincerely, while Goku nodded silently with a smile in response.

"Goodbye everyone." Mikaru smiled gently before she hovered backwards towards the angelic beings, disappearing into the radiant light. When she did, the angels did the same as the rays of light started to die down and the angels disappeared from sight into nothingness.

"So, she's gone with those angelic beings." Lucia said sadly before she looked at Rihito. "I'm sorry that we couldn't separate her from Michel."

"It's okay Lucia. I realize now that there was no way we could save her, I faced the fact that she would permanently reside in Michel's body." Rihito said in slightly serious tone before he looked at Lucia and smiled gently. "But I am content with the knowledge that my little Mikaru can rest in eternal peace with them."

"Look. Up in the sky." Hippo said as he pointed at what he saw. The Z Fighters again looked up and noticed a spark of light falling from the sky.

"What is that? A snow?" Goku asked curiously.

"Not snow. It's…" Lucia stopped mid-sentence as a familiar figure formed from the spark of light. "It's Aqua Regina."

"Again? But what is she holding in her arms?" Hanon asked curiously.

As the deity hovered down closer and closer to Rihito with a gentle smile on her face, she silently handed over that which was wrapped up in her arms. Rihito gasped in shock to discover it was a baby, the one he immediately recognized.

"Mikaru?!" Rihito exclaimed in surprise. Aqua Regina nodded silently in confirmation before she hovered back and disappeared into nothingness.

"What?! No way! Are you saying that baby is Mikaru?!" Goku shouted in surprise as the Z Fighters gathered around Mikaru.

"Shh, quiet. Not so loud." Lucia scolded Goku as she gestured with her finger to hush him.

"Oh, sorry." Goku said nervously in lower tone as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Yes, there's no doubt about it. I remember the day Mikaru as born as if it was yesterday. This little baby is indeed Mikaru." Rihito smiled blissfully as he held baby Mikaru in his arms.

"Mikaru. This time you'll be able to live a happy life. Because you've been reborn, blessed by this many people." Lucia smiled gently.

But then a moment was ruined when a loud growl erupted from out of nowhere. The growl was so loud that everyone was forced to close their eyes and cover their ears, except for Rihito who covered Mikaru's little ears.

"By Aqua Regina, what was that noise?!" Rina exclaimed in frustration.

"It's my stomach growling." Goku said in embarrassed tone as he grabbed his stomach. Everyone in turn fell down on the ground in comedic fashion, except for Rihito.

"Seriously, you and your stomach sometimes." Rihito said seriously in annoyed tone.

"Sorry, everything happened so fast I forgot I didn't eat anything in a while." Goku grinned sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Well, I can't see any better occasion to celebrate Goku's successful rescue mission and Mikaru's rebirth. What do you say guys?!" Bulma cheered as she raised her right hand high.

"Yeah!" Everyone cheered in agreement, except for Gaito, Sara, Rihito, Madame Taki, Roshi and Vignar who merely smiled and nodded.

And so it was that the Z Fighters returned to South City in Bulma's airship. The first stop they made when they reached one of the four capital cities of Earth is land on the street near the ruined Pearl Hotel.

"Man, this place is a mess." Krillin pointed out.

"Yeah, it's going to take forever before we get this place back in business." Nicole said in slightly sad tone as she rubbed her head.

"A little break from work will do us both good, don't you think?" Madame Taki smiled.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Nicole smiled.

"Hanon!" A boy called out cheerfully to the blue mermaid. Hanon gasped loudly, her heart skipping a beat as she immediately looked in the direction of the voice.

"Nagisa! NAGISAA!" Hanon called out cheerfully with teary eyes as she rushed towards the boy without a second to hesitate, immediately hugging him tightly around his neck and burrowing her face on his chest. "Nagisa, my dear sweet Nagisa! You're okay!"

"Hey hey, It's great to see you too Hanon." Nagisa smiled shyly as he blushed a bit from the sudden hug.

With the overwhelming joy brimming in her entire being that Nagisa was alive and well, Hanon quickly plunged her lips in Nagisa's. The boy was caught off guard with that move, but a moment later he reciprocated the kiss as it felt in his entire being a sensation he never felt before, especially when its Hanon that he is kissing with right now. While they were smooching, the Z Fighters smiled silently at another heartfelt reunion.

"I'm so happy for you Hanon." Lucia smiled as tears of joy formed in her eyes.

"Well, I wonder if I'll get a kiss like that anytime today." Another familiar voice spoke out in the opposite direction. Now it was Rina's turn to be overwhelmingly relieved and happy as she discovered that the newcomer was…

"Masahiro!" Rina called out as she too quickly ran towards Masahiro and hugged him tightly. Masahiro hugged her back and lifted her off the ground, making a circle before he put her down while maintaining the hug.

"My dear Rina. You're alive." Masahiro said happily.

"As are you. I'm so happy that you are." Rina smiled, starting to sniff and hiccup a bit as she too burrowed her face between his right shoulder and neck.

"Yeah, about that… how is it that I'm alive?" Masahiro asked curiously.

"What does it matter? You're back." Rina said in joyful tone as she melted in Masahiro's embrace, but she was caught off guard when the green-haired boy pushed her away and looked at her with rather serious expression.

"It matters. I should be dead right now, how is it possible that I'm alive again? Not only me, but all of the people who were killed by those snakes from the sea." Masahiro asked seriously.

"We used the Dragon Balls to revert the damage cause to the people of this city." Noel smiled as she walked next to Rina, followed by Karen.

"The Dragon Balls?" Masahiro asked curiously.

"Yeah. They are magical orbs that have the power to grant any wish, including the one that can restore the lives taken by those snakes. That's how you were brought back to life, along with all the people who were killed." Karen explained.

"That sounds too good to be true." Masahiro said in slightly skeptical tone.

"I know right? And yet here you are, alive and well as if nothing happened." Karen pointed out with a smirk.

If it was anyone else he would have called them a liar, but not so much with Rina and her friends. He was still skeptical about it, but remembering how he was impaled by that bulky snake man with a razor sharp trident and inexplicably waking up next to him, it wasn't so farfetched to believe that there were wish granting orbs that can resurrect people.

"I guess miracles do happen, huh?" Masahiro smiled as he looked at Rina.

"Yes. They do." Rina nodded with a gentle smile before a moment later Masahiro hugged her tightly again.

"Thank you Rina. I simply don't deserve a woman such as you." Masahiro smiled with closed eyes, having no idea how else he can express his gratitude to a woman unlike any he ever met in his life.

"You're the only man who truly does." Rina smiled lovingly before the two of them leaned close into a deep loving kiss. Noel and Karen, along with the rest of the Z Fighters smiled at yet another happy reunion.

A month has passed as South City underwent a mass reconstruction and the much anticipated preparations for Goku's and Lucia's wedding were underway. The location where it took place was a wide, grassy area nestled near the cliff overlooking the open sea. It was a proper location as it's to signify the union of a surface world with the sea world. And more importantly, the love that Goku and Lucia share towards one another in their own unique way.

All of Goku's and Lucia's friends assembled to witness the wedding ceremony of the young couple: Krillin, Bulma, Dr. Brief, Panchy, Yamcha, Puar, Tien, Chiaotzu, Launch, Master Roshi, Fortuneteller Baba Oolong ,Korin and Yajirobe, along with Hanon, Rina, Karen, Noel, Coco, Seira, Sara, Gaito, Kaito, Nagisa, Masahiro, Madame Taki, Nicole, Hippo, Yuri, Rihito with Mikaru in his arms and even some of their school friends like Daichi, Kengo and Oyonuki.

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When Goku and Lucia kissed each other, loud cheers followed from the audience. The young couple broke the kiss, with Lucia blushing in embarrassment while Goku grinned sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head. For Lucia, this was the happiest moment that ever happened in her life and it was something she will never forget. Lucia Nanami, a mermaid princess of the North Pacific, now wife of the Earth's greatest champion and the most innocent and purehearted man she had ever met.

As Goku and Lucia slowly walked along the long, white carpet leading towards the cliffs, the bells started to ring, the doves were loose to fly in the sky and rain of white petals were sprayed on the young couple. When they reached the end of the white carpet, all of the girls present grouped up as Lucia prepared to throw the bouquet of flowers she held in her hands. Eventually she did as she threw the bouquet high in the air, while Goku snickered childishly as the girls reached out their hands and struggled to catch the bouquet. But it was way out of their reach as the bouquet fell on Krillin's head instead, catching it afterwards by mere instinct. The fighter was caught off guard that he had the bouquet of all people and when he glanced innocently at Noel, she blushed cutely as she glanced away from Krillin and looked down in embarrassment, making Krillin laugh nervously and have a blush of his own as he rubbed the back of his head.

"NIMBUUS!" Goku called out for his cloud.

Almost on cue, the famous yellow cloud descended from the sky and landed right in front of the newlyweds. Lucia squealed a bit in surprise before she laughed cutely as Goku scooped her up bridal style and then jumped on Nimbus, sitting on it before he dashed in the air. Goku and Lucia waved goodbye to their friends and loved ones as they departed towards the open sea. But as soon as they were miles away from their friends, both of them looked towards the sea below.

"Hey Lucia, look. Down there. Are those mermaids? There are so many of them." Goku asked in surprise and curiosity as he pointed down, noticing hundreds, if not thousands of mermaids with different hair colors waving their hands to them.

"Yes, they are. And they appear to be the mermaids from all seven kingdoms." Lucia smiled brightly.

"Really? Wow." Goku smiled brightly in pleasant surprise, glad that she has all those people coming all the way from the ocean floor to congratulate them on their marriage.

The mermaids below waved happily and cheered at the newlywed princess, with Lucia waving cheerfully back at them before they disappeared from sight below Goku's cloud as it continues its course. As they did, Lucia looked at Goku's onyx eyes lovingly, while Goku looked at her innocently for a moment before he too smiled sincerely, both of them leaning towards each other into a deep loving kiss. Then they broke the kiss and looked at each other again.

"I love you Goku." Lucia said blissfully.

"I love you too." Goku smiled blissfully as well.

Those three words meant more to Lucia than Goku could possibly imagine, so much so that even tears of joy formed in her eyes from the magnitude of affection she felt in those words. She then leaned her head on Goku's chest, melting in his embrace as the winds blew in their direction from flight.

And so the wedding ceremony ended in joyous bliss for one and all. After all the adventures, all the perils they faced, it finally culminated to this. Goku, an adoptive grandson of Son Gohan, a pupil of the Turtle House, a World Martial Arts Champion, now a husband to a mermaid princess he started to cherish above all things. Just like in the moment from a year ago after his battle against Piccolo, in the night when he and Lucia were lying on a blanket at the beach gazing at stars and the moonlight, he contemplated on the future ahead for him and Lucia. He had no idea what the future has in store for him, be it what other opponents will appear to stir trouble or what will his everyday life be like as Lucia's husband. But as always, he will continue to keep improving himself as he tends to do on a daily basis. And thanks to Lucia, it will not be only in martial arts department.

~The End~

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At the same time, far away into the vast reaches of space, things were not as dandy as back on Earth as an unknown jungle planet was eradicated of all life, it's cities left in flames and ruins, the streets littered with blood and corpses of alien citizens. And it was all the doing of a single, powerful individual. An imposing humanoid warrior walked forward, his appearance shrouded by the massive flames burning behind him. When he was revealed, it was a man covered in blood and gore wearing a peculiar black and brown armor, having a very big and long black hair reaching the back of his knees, a tail very similar to Goku's wrapped around his waist and a strange device attached to his left ear.

"Well, that's another planet conquered. Pitiful weaklings, they were never a match for a Saiyan warrior." The Saiyan smirked arrogantly with folded arms before he removed the bloodied device from his ear and looked at the stars above him. "And after all these years, the planet that you have been sent to should have been eradicated as well brother. But I'll give you a few more years for good measure. If you were not thorough enough by the time I get there, then I will have to dispose of you for failing our mighty warrior race… Kakarot."

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