Here you go! Part 2! Sorry if there are any grammar errors, I read this over like 100 times. Anyways, I hope you like it, typing this also made me laugh so hard. I'm glad everyone likes it so much! Enjoy!

Nick cradled Judy close to his chest, her ears still dripping from the shower. She held her right arm close, hissing with every step they took. Nick took the stairs and headed towards the entrance of the apartment.

"Don't worry Carrots, I will get you there in no time". He lowered his right arm over and pulled her sweatshirt over her head, it was windy, and she was still soaking wet.

Nick headed out the front door until he stopped dead in his tracks….Houston we have a problem.

"Nick? What's wrong?"

"Umm…..I walked here"

"You what!? You have a car, where is your car!?"

"Hey now! I was I supposed to know that you were going to fall in the shower, I was close by anyways so I just walked…."

"Ugh!" Judy threw her head back and winced as she slightly moved her arm.

Nick's ears lowered, he had to get her to the hospital. Damn it, the onetime your girl needed help you fail to bring transportation, stupid Nick! STUPID, she will probably never ask for help from you again.

Nick tighten his left arm around Judy, and let go with his right, he swung her onto his shoulder like a baby. Nick reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone.

"Nick, what are you doing?"

"Calling for backup"

It didn't take long for Finnick to show up in his decked out van, you can hear the French rap music miles away. He pulled up to Judy's apartment and rolled down the window.

"Yo, need a lift?" Finnick lowered his shades, confused on what stood before him. Nick cradling his bunny friend as she held her arm to her chest, her face said it all….she looks pissed Finnick thought.

"Thanks man, I owe you one" Nick hopped into the front seat with Judy on his lap.

"Where to?"

"Savannah Central Hospital" said Nick

"Damn Rabbit, what happened to you?" Finnick peeked through his shades at Judy, who had a fierce scowl on her face.

"I fell in the shower; I think I broke something."

Finnick laughed hysterically, "Well damn that sucks! too bad rabbit…. Hey how did you get out of the shower anyways?"

Judy's body froze, she tried to swift in Nick's arms to look out the window, to be out of Finnicks sight. Nick's ears fell, gulping loudly as he was flexing his left hand, remembering what he accidently touched..

Finnick put two and two together, he laughed out loud "YOU SLY DOG!" Finnick punched Nick in the arm as he almost ran a red light.


"YOU DOG, YOU SON OF A GUN, THAT'S MY BOY!" Finnick laughed hysterically.

Judy turned hot red and try to bury her face in her sweatshirt.

"Finnick, shut up!" Nick used his left hand to flick him in the ears.

"Alright, sorry man, anywhere we are here".

Finnick pulled out to the hospital entrance, Nick opened the door and Judy hopped down from his lap, stomping through the hospital doors.

"Carrots! wait up"

She was angry, Nick glared at Finnick as he shut the door behind him; Finnick rolled down the window.

"Hey, sorry that I made your girlfriend mad"

"She isn't my girlfriend Finnick"


Nick started walking way.

"Hey Nick!"

Nick turned around looking back at Finnick. Finnick lowered his shades, "How was it?" he started wiggling's his eyebrows, he knew exactly what he was talking about.

Nick smiled wide and gave him two thumbs up. It was great! It was more than great; it was amazing he thought to himself.

"You Sly dog!" Finnick laughed and drove away.

Nick walked into the hospital entrance, finding Judy sitting in the waiting section with a clipboard in her lap, trying to fill it out with her left hand.

"Hey Carrots, allow me"

Nick took the clipboard from her and sat down.

"Hey, sorry about all of that, Finnick can be an idiot sometimes"

"It's fine, I'm glad he was able to give us a lift"

"How are you doing?"

"It hurts, a lot"

Nick's ears lowered, she was in a lot of pain and he was probably making everything worse. He looked at the clipboard and began filling the paperwork out for her, she told him everything he needed to fill in, he then took the clipboard to the front desk and the sheep receptionist took the clipboard from him, "The doctor will be with you in a moment" she said.

Nick sat next to Judy, she leaned her head on his arm. "Thanks Nick, for helping me and everything"

"Anytime Carrots" he wrapped his arm around her.

About 45 minutes later an antelope came to the waiting section with a clipboard, "Judy Hopps?"

Judy stood up with Nick and followed the antelope into a room. The antelope took her temperature and pressure, and asked why she was in today. She stated she fell in the shower and something is broken. The antelope left and came back with the doctor who was an artic fox. Nick stood still, this fox was the same height and everything, just all white. He approached Judy with a worried look .

"Hello Ms. Hopps, I'm Doctor Gates, I hear you have something that might be broken?"

"Yes, my right arm" Judy winced.

Nick almost fell out of his chair as the doctor put his hands in the collar of her shirt to feel around her collarbone, shoulder, and down to her elbow. Judy let out a little cry and Nick stood up from his seat. How dare that fox hurt her like that! Jealousy started to burn in his chest, seeing the way this artic fox was touching her. Dr. Gates turned to look at him, "Hello sir, are you with her?'

"Yes I am"

"Well it looks like your friend has definitely broken something, I need to take an X-ray"

Nick nodded as they carted her away.

It felt like an eternity that she was gone, he clenched his hands tightly together in his lap. About 15 minutes later, Dr. Gates returned asking him if he wanted to come and see the X-rays. Nick followed him to the radiology room where he saw his Carrots being wrapped in a cast from her elbow all the way to her shoulder. Dr. Gates put her results on the board and turned the light on, "She has broken her elbow in 3 pieces, here, here, and here, this will take at least 2 months to heal but we will see, the less activity she does the better, are you her boyfriend?"

Nick peeked behind his shoulder to see if Judy was listening, she looked too pissed off as the antelope was wrapping her arm. "Yes, yes I am" Nick stated.

"Okay then, she needs plenty of bed rest, and I will give her pain killers for the pain, but I will warn you this will make her very loopy, and not herself".

"No problem Doc" Nick smiled. This is going to be interesting…