Judy awoke with a terrible pressure on her chest, her eyes peeked threw to see Nick still on top of her, snoring as loud as he could. She tried to wiggle her broken arm under his heavy body. She wiggled and gave him a nudge.

"Nick, Nick!" she shoved

"Uh- what?" Nick woke all groggy, snuggling closer to her naked body.

"Nick, your heavy please get off of me"

"OH! Sorry" Nick rolled over, only to find himself falling of the bed into a pile of feathers. The feathers flew up in the air as his body made impact on the floor, more falling onto Judy's head.

"Wait? What the-!" Judy sat up, her body was a tad sore as she sat up, feathers covering her body, the bed, and the floor. Did he rip up my pillows? Judy looked around her apartment, OH no… what did we do? Her apartment may have well been destroyed by an earthquake, everything had either been fallen over or broken. Nick wasn't kidding when he showed her his wild side, and she couldn't deny that she loved every moment of it. Judy looked over the side of bed, Nick stilled passed out on the floor. She was scared to assess the damage of the bed; it was worse than she had thought.

The sheets were torn to shreds along with her clothes she was wearing yesterday, Judy groaned and laid back on her headboard only to find it was broken too. Me and Nick broke the bed? She tried to remember the events that played out, yes they rocked the bed…hard.

"Nick, Nick wake up!" she threw a torn up pillow at him.

"No, you made me tried Carrots" he curled up into a comfy fetal position on the floor.

"You broke my bed!"

"WE broke your bed" he smirked up at her, "and also your kitchen table"

"What!? My table!" she looked to see her table missing a leg and on its side. Oh my gosh…what did we do on the table? Nick could see her facial expression, he sat up leaning his chin on his paw.

"I became your prisoner on the kitchen table" he winked

Judy's body went red hot; she threw another pillow at him. "First the door, and now my apartment is in shambles, help me up and clean!" She hopped of the bed only to be met by a stabbing pain in her thighs.

"Ugh Nick, what did you do to me?"

"I showed you my wild side, and you were DEFINITLY not complaining" he smiled at her, trying to find what was left of his clothes. He picked up his shredded shirt, "Naughty bunny, look what you did to my shirt! You showed me your wild side too", he stepped closer to her and whispered in ear "and I was not complaining" and he planted a kiss on her lips. Judy melted into him, wanting to start all over again, the events played out in her head again, gripping Nick's neck fur wanting to break more stuff with him. There moment was cut short when her phone buzzed, Judy pushed Nick aside and ran to it.

It was Chief Bogo

"Oh no! We completely forgot to call the Chief" Judy shouted

Color drained from Nick's face. Shit

Judy answered her phone, "Hello?"

"HOPPS! WHERE ARE YOU AND WILDE! YOU DIDN'T SHOW UP TO WORK THIS MORNING" He yelled through the phone, Judy had to distance her ears from his angry voice.

"I'm sorry Chief, um… we were unable to call this morning, there was an accident and both Nick and I broke something.. umm" Ugh this is not going well.

"You're not making any sense Hopps, broke a something? Did something happen?"

"Yes Sir, both me and Nick fell and.."

"Save it Hopps, I'm actually at your apartment now, I was coming to check on you when you didn't show up, I will be up in a moment" and he hung up.

Judy froze.

"Nick, quickly! Get dressed the Chief is coming up!"

"Wait what!?"

Judy franticly tried to pick up the damage, "Get dressed now!"

Nick ran into the bathroom to put on some clothes as Judy tried to dress herself. She couldn't get her arm through the loop of the shirt.

"Ugh Nick, come and help me" Nick emerged from the bathroom, dressed in a blue shirt and kaki's. He helped Judy put on a blue fleece shirt as she put on a pair of black leggings.

"Can I take those off you later?" he winked. Judy hit him in the arm, desperately trying to clean up her apartment, throwing everything that was broken or torn in the closet. It was too late, the chief entered through the towel that was supposed to be the front door. Damn, the front door.

The Chief eyes were wide with shock as he assessed the damage of not only her door, but her apartment. He had no right to judge on how she did her cleaning. But this was horrid.

"Hopps, what in the hell happened here?" he snapped, he looked to see Nick was also in the apartment. "Why are you here Wilde?" he glared. He looked to see Judy cradling her arm, a pink cast wrapped around it all the way to her shoulder, and Nick had a green cast around his wrist.

"What happened to you two?" said Bogo. At that exact moment, Nick took a seat in one of her kitchen table chairs, not noticing the carrot pen. He sat on it, and the recording played.

"Oh Nick…harder, keep going, harder!...Yes Judy! Ugh yes!"

Nick ears were pinned in fear as Judy stood with her mouth agape. The Chief stood silent, turning blue, then a shade of purple, and was it possible to have your skin turn a crimson red? He wanted to pretend that he didn't hear what he thought he had just heard. Judy winced as he glared at them both and then too her bed, torn apart with a broken headboard.

Without skipping a beat, "You two in my office in an hour" and he walked out.

Judy was mortified, absolute horror on her face. She turned to Nick with an enormous death glare.

"You…. recorded…" she snapped.

Nick sat up, holding the carrot pen in his hand, "It' called a hustle sweetheart?" he laughed nervously.

"Ugh Nick! We are in so much trouble right now"" she glared at him. How could this get any worse?

Nick winced at his wrist, making his way to the kitchen to find his pain medication.

"What are you doing? You can't take that; we have to meet the Chief in an hour!" She ran towards him, trying to pry the pill bottle out of his hands.

"I'm in pain, and the doctor says when I'm in pain I take these" he smiled, he kept her at bay with his paw on her head as he popped two pills in his mouth.

"Ugh Nick, NOOO!"