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Rapunzel was a little girl. Her mother said that she was too little to go Outside. Outside was a big place. Rapunzel knew all this, but that did not stop her wishing that she could leave her tower. Now that she was a little older, she had been thinking about the Outside a lot lately.

On her sixth birthday, her mother had given her a new hairbrush; it had soft bristles and a silver backing. She loved it. It felt so soft on her hair.

That evening, Rapunzel's mother slowly brushed her hair with her new brush in front of the fire. As she sang the special song, Rapunzel thought about Outside again. She wondered whether, because it was her birthday, she could go Outside, just maybe.

It wouldn't hurt to ask why she couldn't.

As soon as the song was finished, Rapunzel asked her mother, "Why can't I go outside?"

"The outside world is a dangerous place, full of horrible, selfish people. You must stay here, where you're safe. Do you understand, my flower?" said her mother firmly, while pulling the brush through her long hair.

"Yes mummy," said Rapunzel. And she did now. If there were bad people, there was no reason to go Outside.

But that evening, after Rapunzel was put to sleep, she waited until her mother was in bed. As soon as downstairs was quiet, she slowly crept down the stairs, her hair gliding down after her. She glanced into her mother's room, then quickly ran to the big window. There they were, just like they were every year on her Birthday! The Lights swept up into the sky. Shining out into the night, rising further up, up, up...

She wondered, as she always did, how they were made. They were so beautiful. Maybe one year, when she was older, and more... better at running away from dangerous people... her mother could – maybe – take her to see the Floating Lights up close. To see where they were coming from.

But for now it was perfectly wonderful to watch them from the window. To watch the beautiful Lights floating away up into the sky... it was perfectly wonderful. Rapunzel sunk down, resting her head on her arms, gazing up into the beautiful sky.