A/N: Sorry this loaded incorrectly to start with. It's just a short, fluffy piece I wrote for Inky Coffee.

Alexis let herself into the loft. It was quiet. She had expected to see her Dad at home. She could smell coffee. "Lucy, hi."

Lucy answered with a perky, "Hi, Alexis."

"Is my Dad home?"

"No, he left 13 minutes ago."

Alexis walked into the kitchen. There were 2 used coffee cups on the island. She walked toward the sofa. There were 2 wine glasses on the table behind the sofa. "Lucy, was someone here with my Dad?"

Lucy responded simply, "Yes."

"Please, tell me that my Dad isn't cheating on Kate."

"Your Dad isn't cheating on Kate."

"Then who was here for wine and coffee?"


Alexis's mouth dropped open. She stood holding the lipstick-tinged wine glass. With a broad smile she asked Lucy, "Is Kate living here?"

"Yes, she is."

The sound of a key in the lock alerted Alexis. Rick walked into the loft. Alexis turned towards her father, the wine glass in hand. She looked at him and lifted the wine glass with a smirk. "You're busted, Dad."

"What are you talking about? Mother was here."

"Lucy outed you and Kate. You two are back together."

"Lucy, how could you tell her?"

"She asked,"Lucy responded.

Rick grinned broadly at Alexis. "Yes, we are. It's a secret. No one can know."

Alexis and Rick walked to each other. Rick wrapped Alexis in his arms and kissed the top of her head, "Pumpkin, you can't tell anyone."

"I won't tell, promise. You should have told me, but I'm sure there's some dangerous thing happening. Keep her safe, Dad. And keep yourself safe, too. Please, promise me that."

"I will. I promise."