A familiar green blue twister rammed into Black Manta, sending him crashing through the dining hall ceiling.

"My son," Orin cried in horror, his eyes locked on to the dead man's switch laying on the floor.

"Is safe," Garth reassured him, completely ignoring me. "My students removed him from Manta's henchmen before my attack."

"Thank you, Garth," Orin said graciously, a look of relief spreading across his face. His son was safe, and that's all he cared about. I turned away from them, preparing to go after Manta.

"Kaldur," Orin began, but one glare from me was enough to silence him.

"I will capture Manta for you," I said bitterly, my presence exuding resent. "But that is all I will do for you." Swimming towards the hole Manta left in the ceiling, I felt any connection I had with Atlantis dissolve. The woman I loved was dead, my people hated me, my best friend despised me, and now my king had betrayed me. I would not be returning to Atlantis ever again. As I stood on the roof of the palace, I found myself face to face with my father.

"So Kaldur'ahm, does it hurt to know your king sees you as someone to be discarded, a soldier to be thrown aimlessly at the enemy and expected to die?" He asked, attempting to disorient my emotions, but my heart was already frozen and unfeeling. I did not reply with words, but rather launched into a violent assault. I began with punches, ignoring the jolting pain that each blow against the metal armor sent through my body. My father was not ready for the sheer ferocity of my attack. Even with his armor, I was driving him back. He hit me with a laser blast, sending me tumbling backwards through the water. In retaliation I drew my hilts, blinding my father with my sea serpent tidal wave, followed by crashing down on him with dual maces. He went back through the ceiling of the palace, and lay unconscious on the floor. I looked down on him through the hole in the ceiling, and watched as Orin and Garth rushed over to disarm and place him in cuffs.

"My debts are paid," I called down to them, my anger sated. "Do not expect anything from me ever again." With that I swam to the zeta station, leaving Atlantis for the last time.

After my return to the team, I told them all what had happened. Most wanted to convince Batman to remove Aquaman from the League. Tigris and M'gann offered to punish him themselves, but I insisted they did not. I would let the League handle the matter. Batman informed me later that nothing was to be done at the moment, as Aquaman was within his rights as King of Atlantis to do what he did, but this matter would be brought up at the next meeting discussing membership. Although, these actions would definitely affect how he was viewed by the League. As for me, I was just glad to be alive.

That's it. Short chapter because I was originally going to finish this last chapter, but then I saw the perfect opportunity for a cliff hanger. So yeah. Sorry, not sorry. But yeah. This was fun. I also have an idea for a really powerful emotional and psychological piece. So I am going to work on that first chapter. I will hopefully have it up in the next two weeks, but pieces like that take time. The title, when it comes out, is going to be Screaming in Silence, so look for it if you want; or don't, it's whatever. Later people

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