Chapter 4: Hope

Wanda woke up to the sound of a baby crying. She rubbed her eyes, swallowing against the lump in her throat. She remembered where she was. She had such a horrible dream.

Wanda was in a dark hall, turning around Bucky was standing there. "James," she whispered. Reaching up to touch him, her hand went through him.

"I'm no good for you," Bucky told her.

Wanda pulled her hand back, looking at her palms to see blood. Looking up, she saw blood pouring down Bucky's face. "James! James, no!" she exclaimed. She reached for him, but her feet were cemented to the floor. "JAMES!" she screamed.

Now here Wanda was laying, fighting tears, fighting the heartbreak.

Clint was in the kitchen making breakfast, the kids were talking excitedly. Wanda walked down the stairs with her hair pulled up. Her eyes were red from crying. "Wanda?" Natasha said gently.

"I need air," Wanda told her, going outside.

Natasha looked at Clint, who gestured for her to follow her. Natasha placed her son into his high chair before going after Wanda.

Wanda sat in the tire swing staring out at the field. "We could hear you crying," Natasha told her gently, pushing the swing.

"It was a nightmare," Wanda replied.

"It wasn't just a nightmare," Natasha said gently.

Wanda closed her eyes. "He doesn't want me," she whispered, "Do you know what it feels like to have someone reject you?" Natasha continued to push her gently. "To have your heart ripped out and stuffed down your throat?" she asked, the tears burning her eyes.

Natasha frowned, she couldn't say she had, as she was the one who did the rejecting at first. "He's afraid," she told Wanda, turning the swing around.

"What are you talking about?" Wanda asked.

"This is the first real thing he has felt in over seventy years that wasn't death," Natasha answered.

Wanda was silent, her arms crossed over her chest. "So he's afraid, he's afraid that if he let you in that you would one day see what he sees every day and that is a monster," Natasha told her.

"But he's not a monster," Wanda answered.

"That's not what he sees. He sees a murderer, a cold-hearted killer that doesn't deserve everything you are offering him," Natasha insisted.

"And what is it I'm offering him?" Wanda asked.

"Hope," Natasha replied.

Wanda scoffed a little. "Seriously, he lost everything the day Zola took him and turned him into the Winder Soldier. What kind of hope would he have after waking up realizing he is not who he was brainwashed to be?" Natasha asked. Natasha stroked the hair from her eyes. "You see our fears, Wanda, you know what scares him," she reminded her.

"If Clint had told you to leave and never come back, would you?" Wanda asked.

Natasha looked at her. "I had told him to walk away from me, but he stayed," she replied truthfully. Wanda stared at her friend before nodding her head slowly.

Bucky was sitting in his quarters restlessly tossing and turning on his bed. He couldn't sleep, no matter how hard he tried his mind was restless. He started to wish Wanda was there because she would keep the nightmares at bay. Bucky shook his head, sitting up in his bed. He wasn't going to think about her, she wasn't going to manipulate his dreams anymore he had to deal with this on his own without her abilities.

Getting out of bed, he went to get a shower.

Going down the hall, Bucky stopped when he saw some of General Ross's men coming down the hall. He started backing up slowly. "There he is," a soldier told him. Bucky ran down the hall with the men right behind him.

Steve went to meet with Bucky in the training room when Bucky ran right by him. "General Ross we found the target," he heard one man say.

"No, wait!" Steve insisted.

The men ignored him completely, chasing after Bucky. Steve ran after them at full speed.

Later on, Wanda was sitting on the porch, rocking back and forth on the swing. "Natasha told me about your talk," Clint told her as he sat next to her. Wanda glanced at him as she played with the ring on her index finger.

"I'm just…lost," Wanda replied.

Clint wrapped his arm around Wanda's shoulders. Suddenly, the phone inside the house rang. "I've got it," Natasha called out.

Natasha was holding her son on her hip as she grabbed the phone. "Barton residence," she answered. Natasha's eyes grew wide. "When did this happen?" she asked. She nodded her head slowly. "Where is he now?" she asked. Natasha nodded again. "I'll let them know," she assured the caller before hanging up.

Natasha walked onto the porch. "Nat?" Clint asked, standing up.

"General Ross found Barnes, he escaped the compound but they're sending out a massive manhunt for him," Natasha answered.

"Dammit," Clint muttered.

Wanda got up. "Get me to the airport, now," she insisted. Clint followed her over to the truck as Natasha held her son on her hip.

Wanda arrived back at the compound to find Steve sitting in an interrogation room. "Steve," she called to him. Steve looked up. "Where is he?" she asked.

"I don't know, they arrested me after finding him, I don't know where he is," he answered.

Wanda let out a deep breath. "No, no," she whispered, "He'll kill them if they find him."

"We need to make sure that doesn't happen," Steve answered.

Wanda nodded her head slowly. "I'll find him," she assured Steve before leaving the room.

Wanda made her way towards Bucky's quarters. "Miss Maximoff, Mr. Barton," General Ross called out. They both stopped. Clint grabbed Wanda's arm, pulling the young woman behind him. "I believe you have some information you have been withholding," he stated.

"I didn't know Barnes was here," Wanda answered.

"Is that so?" General Ross asked.

Clint pulled Wanda behind him even further. "Stay away from her, General, " he answered, "She's just a kid."

"Legally she is an adult so I can question her," General Ross stated.

"Not while I am here," Clint answered.

General Ross glared at him. "We haven't done anything legally wrong so you have no right to question us," Clint answered.

"I believe you are under suspicion for aiding an international fugitive," General Ross answered.

"Do you have proof of this?" Clint asked.

General Ross was silent. "Then we have nothing more to say," Clint answered, grabbing Wanda's hand. Wanda gripped his hand tightly as they went down the hall. Clint pulled Wanda closer, his arm around her waist. "When I tell you to go, you go and find him," he told her.

"I don't even know where to start to look for him," she insisted.

Clint kissed the side of her head. "You know how to find him," he assured her, "Then just make sure he stays hidden. It's not safe here, for either one of you." Wanda nodded her head slowly as she stood in front of Clint. Clint stroked the hair from her eyes. "You're like another daughter to me," he told her, "I want you to be safe."

"I will be," she answered.

Clint kissed her forehead, hugging her tight. Wanda hugged him back, closing her eyes tightly. "I will see you soon," she assured him.

"Stay hidden, don't come searching for us no matter what," he told her.

Wanda nodded. "Go," he insisted. Turning around, the young woman took another step towards the door before she looked back at her friend. Clint gave her a simple wave, crossing his arms over his chest. Letting out a deep breath, Clint closed his eyes and ran his hand over his face.

Walking towards his truck, he became aware he was being followed. "Mr. Barton," General Ross called out. Clint turned around slowly, looking at the General. "Don't think that because I don't have any evidence of this case, I do have evidence of your past of aiding fugitives," he stated.

"My wife was never a fugitive, when I married her, it was perfectly legal," Clint answered.

"She was then, but you were ordered to kill an assassin that was a threat to this country, instead you brought her into it," General Ross stated.

Clint stared at him. "I made a different call," he answered simply.

"Is that call the same one Miss Maximoff is making?" Generla Ross asked.

Clint smirked a little. "I guess we'll have to find out won't we?" he asked. With that, he got into his truck and drove back to the airport, leaving General Ross standing there with a glar