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I WAS WORRIED. Why? Well, one of my friends and leaders had betrayed them and my entire group, and stabbed the other leader with a poisoned dagger. Poisoned! We had still trekked up the Eastern Seaboard with the leader, Percy Jackson, doing their best to keep him alive, but he had been in a coma since the stabbing and betrayal. When we finally reached Propýrgio's walls, we got Percy medical attention as fast as we could, and now the entire group was waiting for news on his condition.

I looked around the room, taking in the appearances of the other four members of the group. Katie, the only other girl, had dirt brown hair that was kept in a simple ponytail and her irises were the colour of grass, befitting a daughter of Demeter. However, these eyes were red-rimmed and puffy, due to her crying about the fact that their leader could very well die. The de-facto second-in-command, Malcolm Lawson, was doing better - his piercing grey eyes weren't puffy, and it was difficult to mess up his close-cropped golden blonde hair. Leo Valdez, the son of Hephaestus who could control fire, had his face in his hands, so I could only see his curly brown hair. Will Solace was doing his best to comfort Katie, but he looked sad as well, putting a damper on his surfer-esque look.

It was then that a doctor, with the blonde hair and blue eyes of a child of Apollo, walked into the room.

"Good news! We've managed to get the poison out of his system, and he should make a full recovery," he announced in a cheerful voice.

"When will he wake up?" inquired Malcolm.

The doctor looked at his watch and hummed. "He should be awake at around eight AM tomorrow. I suggest that you five should go find lodging for the night, and return in the morning."

We looked at each other, before nodding and standing up from our seats. The group then walked out the door of the hospital waiting room. We rode the elevator down to the lobby before exiting the building. Artemis's chariot was just peaking over the horizon, and it was getting dark. Malcolm lead us to one of the many helpful maps of the nearby area. We were currently in Manhattan, and in the immediate area, there was only one hotel: Elysium Suites.

The group made the decision to sleep there for a night, before returning to the hospital to check in on Percy. Using the money we had gotten during our trip, we managed to pay for two rooms: one for the boys, one for the girls. They both had two beds, so Katie and I got to sleep in our own beds, while the Stolls had to share a bed.

As I snuggled up in my blanket, trying to go asleep, I had thoughts about Percy and what our group was going to do now. Were we going to try and live as normal a life as we could, or would we fight against the people that took everything from us? Only time would tell.


I SIGHED AS I put my forehead in my hand and my elbow on the desk I was sitting at. I had been put in charge of gathering information on the new group of demigods that had shown up today with their leader in a coma. Based on what I got from the hospital the leader, Percy Jackson, had been admitted to, he wouldn't be awake until tomorrow morning, and the rest of the group had already left to get some sleep.

Just the thought of sleep causes me to yawn, right before somebody walks into the room. Said person is my twin, Jason Grace. I'm the daughter of Zeus, he's the son of Dad's Roman form, Jupiter. How are we twins, then? I once asked by friend Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, how it was possible. It wasn't fun.

"How's the intel gathering going, sis?"

I shrugged. "I haven't been able to get anything yet since I just finished reading all the info we already have, and the leader's in a coma and won't be awake until tomorrow, and the rest of the group have already gone to get some sleep."

"Thinking about following their example?"

"Yeah," I said, distorted by my yawn.

He chuckled. "So am I. See you later, sis."

"You too, little bro."

I put the sheet of paper with Ancient Greek neatly printed on it, listing all the information we already had on Leo Valdez, into the folder I'd taken it from, containing the dossiers on all the other members of the group. Following this, I stood up and began to walk from the military building to the barracks where my squad slept.

When I reached our barracks, I was greeted by my squad's tank, Clarisse LaRue, daughter of Ares. "Hey, boss."

"Hey to you too, LaRue."

A small snort of laughter brought our attention to Michael Yew, son of Apollo, our archer and healer. "That rhymed. You were a poet and you didn't know it."

I groaned. Apollo is also the god of poetry, so of course his son is going to say something like that.

"So, how's the investigation on the newbies going, boss?"

"I only know what's in the dossiers so far. The leader's in a coma and the rest had most likely already gone to sleep by the time I was finished reading up about them. I'm going to interrogate them tomorrow, after I get a good night's sleep, so good night."

As the daughter of Zeus walked down to the girl's room in their barracks, the daughter of Ares called teasingly, "Don't let the bedbugs bite, boss!"


I woke up groggily in a hospital bed, trying to remember what had caused me to end up in said bed. I then remembered: it was Luke! The traitor stabbed me with a dagger and ran! Still, we were only about halfway to Propýrgio when that happened; I highly doubted that it would take me that long to wake up after simply being stabbed.

Arriving to answer my questions was a doctor that looked like a surfer except for his clothes - they made it obvious his profession. "Ah! The patient is awake. How do you feel?"

As I went to talk, I realized that my throat was parched. "Fine, except for feeling very thirsty," I croaked.

The doctor shrugged. "That is to be expected. After all, you were in a coma for about five days!"

I gaped, before shaking my head and coming to my senses. "I don't think a normal dagger wound would cause that."

"This wasn't a normal dagger." The doctor frowned. "It had a poison on it. The poison is what sent you into the coma. The medic in your group was only able to heal the stab, not get the poison out of your system."

I ground his teeth in anger. Not only did Luke stab me in the back, both literally and figuratively, he used a poisoned blade, the dishonorable kátharma! I forced myself to relax and think about the rest of the people that had been betrayed by Luke.

"Where are the others?"

"Oh, they're in the waiting room, ready to see you. Speaking of that," he trailed off as he put his hand on a button that I guessed was an intercom of some sort. "Could Malcolm Lawson, Katie Gardiner, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez, and Will Solace please come to room 306? The patient is ready to see you."

A smile crossed my face as I saw the people that had been in the slave camp with me for the past six years enter the room. The first person to reach me was Katie Gardiner, who had practically flung herself at me with a hug, but she was still gentle.

"P-Percy! Y-you're ok-okay! I th-th-thought y-you were go-going t-to d-" That was when she stopped talking and just cried into my hospital shirt.

"It's okay, Kate. I'm here now, I'm okay. I'm not going anywhere, it's okay, Kate," I said in a low, quiet voice as I patted her back, attempting to comfort her. As I looked at the others, a small smirk twisted my mouth. "Maybe you should let the others take their turns with me, Kate," I whispered.

"Oh. Oh, right." The daughter of Demeter stepped back, as her face flushed. The next second, almost all of them were around me. Will, being the doctor in our little group, checked me over for any remaining injuries, even though I had been in hospital just last night.

Piper spoke first. "So, fearless leader, what are we going to do now?"

I playfully glared at her for the nickname, before raising an eyebrow, silently asking for more specificity.

She rolled her eyes. "I mean, are we going to try to be normal citizens, or are we going to," she punched her palm with her fist, "fight the people that took everything from us?"

I looked over the entire group. "I'm not sure. Maybe we should have a vote?" That garnered the attention of everybody else.

"So, all in favor of joining the military and fighting the Titans?"

Everybody raised their hands. "So, it is unanimous. As soon as I am out of the hospital," there were some chuckles, "we will enlist in the military to fight the Titans."

Just then, there was a knock on the door, before it opened. Stepping through it was a girl around my age with short spiky black hair that framed her face, electric blue eyes, and freckles across her nose.

"Hello. I'm Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus. I'm here to investigate the group of demigods that arrived in Propýrgio yesterday."

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kátharma: Son of a bitch. Greek. Found via Google Translate.