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"Hello. I'm Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus. I'm here to investigate the group of demigods that arrived in Propýrgio yesterday."

"Hello. I'm Percy Jackson, son of unknown. I'm the leader of this little group."

Thalia raised an eyebrow. "Son of unknown? That's odd...If you want, we have a test that can tell you who your godly parent is."

I shrugged. "I'll take it later. Now, you were here to investigate us?"

"Yup," she answered, popping the p, "standard procedure."

She glanced down at a clipboard she was holding, which I assumed had the questions she was going to ask us. "First of all, were you taken to a slave camp?"

I shuddered, before answering in the positive. It continued, with the daughter of Zeus making sure not to ask any questions about what we experienced in the camp early on. Following us answering questions about our lives before the war, she gently transitioned to the subject of the slave camp. We told her about the labor we did, as well as the entertainment part - gladiatorial combat against monsters and other slaves, and other forms of entertainment for the Titans. None of us went into detail, as we didn't want to relive those memories.

"Well, now that I've learned what I could of your pasts from you, it's time for me to ask you guys what you were planning on doing?"

I looked around the room, at everybody else. "We were actually planning on enlisting when I got out of here."

Thalia didn't look surprised. "Well, you do have the right number for a squad, and you've gotta have skills to trek up the Eastern Seaboard and survive. Still, you'll have to go through training before you can officially become a squad in the military."

"What's the training like?" asked Piper.

"It's three months long. For the first month, you learn Greek-style combat, the second month you learn Roman-style combat, and the third you learn to combine the two. At the end you pick your equipment, and then you officially become a squad, with a name of your choosing."

Malcolm shrugged. "Sounds reasonable."

Thalia looked down at the paper held by the clipboard she was carrying, and presumably seeing that it was filled out, nodded. "That's all I need from you guys. Who knows? Maybe my squad will be one of the ones that train you?" she mused, as she left the room.

I looked to the doctor. "Hey, doc! When will I get out of here?"

The doctor, obviously a son of Apollo, looked at a screen for a bit, before looking back at me. "You should be free to go within the week. You still have to recover from the poisoning, even though we got it out of your system."


I, along with Piper, Malcolm, Katie, Leo, and Will, were walking to the enlistment center. We saw military police patrols, in the form of walking squads or groups of patrol cars. There were many buildings which had been repurposed, and one of these was our destination. Originally, the most important military building in Propýrgio was known as the Empire State Building. It was where Olympus connected to Earth, and that still held true - you could still ride up to the 600th floor. Now, all of the other floors were for military use - training soldiers, making plans, and the other stuff necessary for running a military during a war. Essentially, it was now the Olympian Pentagon. The actual Pentagon was under Titan control, but it wasn't used as their main nerve center.

Anyways, when we arrived at the Building, we were searched by military police, before being allowed into the first floor, which was where you would enlist. We were greeted by a man behind a desk. He looked to be middle-aged, with greying brown hair, kind brown eyes, and a simple beard.

"How can I help you?" he asked.

"We would like to enlist as a squad, please," spoke Piper. I may be the leader, but she is better at talking.

"Of course! First of all, your names?"

After we told the man our names, he was able to pull up the dossiers they already had on us. We told him that the only thing we knew about who my divine parent was was that they were definitely not a goddess, as I had a mortal mother. Thinking about her made me sad, but I pushed it aside. I was the leader, after all. I couldn't afford to let those feelings distract me. Anyways, the man had me go through a test. It was fairly simple. I only had to put my hand into a device, and focus on using any powers I had. As I did so, I felt a strong tug in my gut. A loud beeping emanated from the machine.

The clerk was surprised. "According to the test, you're a son of Poseidon." As if to confirm his words, a holographic green trident appeared over my head, signifying Poseidon officially claiming me as his son.

"Well, now that we know your godly parent, we can finish up the enlistment."

And so we did. We chose our squad's name, the Hurricanes, in honor of my newly-discovered father. After all, Poseidon was the Stormbringer, not just the god of the seas. After that, it was just listing our specialties. I was a natural swordsman, so the clerk wrote that down next to Leader on the form. Malcolm, true to his nature as a son of Athena, was listed as our strategist, but also our crossbowman. Leo was, of course, our blacksmith and machinist. Will specialized in healing, and Piper became our go-to talker. Katie, as she had been during our trek up the seaboard, was our pathfinder, using her nature powers to find or make ways for us to travel.

"Now that the form's all filled out, I'll just have to turn it in. You should get a message soon telling you when your training will start, and who you'll be training with."

"What's training like, exactly?" I asked.

"Well, it's three months long. For the first month, you'll be learning Greek techniques and how to use Greek equipment. After that, you'll be learning Roman techniques and equipment. For the final month, you'll be trained in how to combine what you've learned. At the end, you all choose what equipment you want to use. Good luck! Also, you, kid," he pointed at me, "you're probably going to have to go up to Olympus to speak to Zeus soon. Be prepared."

I smiled at him in thanks. "I will be."

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