Teddy saw flashes, moving too fast to focus on anything before they stopped. It was granny's house. He was being held against mommy. She walked up to the door and knocked urgently. A few moments later granny opened the door. Mommy spoke quickly. Teddy couldn't follow. Granny was crying. Mommy looked at him and started crying too, "Be good for granny Teddy. I'll be back as soon as I can. I love you."

She handed him to granny. What? Why is Mommy leaving? He reached out. Mommy? Mommy! Don't go! He couldn't speak so he cried out. Mommy grasped his hand and smiled sadly, but all too soon, she let go. The she was gone with a POP.

Granny started to take him inside, "Hush Teddy, she'll come back. She has to" Granny said softly.

Teddy woke from his dream with tears streaming down his face. He never really got to say goodbye. She never came back. She was gone, just like Daddy and so many others. Never coming home again. He just lay there, tears streaming down his face as he thought of the last time he saw his Mommy.

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