Their hooves pounded the ground, desperate to escape the threat of what was behind them. Five horses galloped through the Forest of Giant Trees. There were still several miles from HQ, and their enemy was gaining fast.

"Captain Levi!" a boy with blonde hair shouted to their leading rider in a panic, "What do we do?!"

The leading rider gave a very forced sigh, "We'll try and outrun them. If we keep this pace up we should make it back to base in time. Do not try to fight them; we can't afford any one of us getting hurt!" He gave the order in a monotonous and stern voice. His subordinates knew what that meant well enough, and that wasn't to question his orders.

The rider on the blonde's left, a dark-haired, green-eyed young man his same age chanced a look back, but nearly lost the balance of his horse at the unexpected action.

"Eren!" another member of the group, an ash-brown haired boy, snapped, "Don't look back!"

The boy, Eren, nodded his head before facing forward again. The girl riding near Levi, with short black hair, glanced back and gave him an encouraging nod. All five of the members were part of the Survey Corps that were tasked with taking back land from monsters that had been hunting them for over a century: the Titans. They looked like overgrown copies of their human counterparts, but unlike their younger copies, the Titans had a great taste for the blood of humankind, driving them to extinction nearly overnight. Mankind was forced to retreat behind high walls for about a century of uneasy peace.

But about six years ago, two of the Titans, known as the Colossal and Armored, broke through Wall Maria as if mass destruction was child's play. Mankind was forced to withdraw behind Wall Rose as twenty percent of them were wiped out.

Then, another five years later, the Colossal appeared again, and broke through Wall Rose, forcing mankind to withdraw again, behind Wall Sina.

However, thanks to an unexpected turn of events, Eren Jaeger, a young cadet in training discovered he had the strange power to transform into a titan, and he used this power to beat the titans back and reclaim Wall Rose again.

It had been a year since that event, and since then Eren and his two childhood friends, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert had since joined the Survey Corps to win back land taken by the titans so that humanity could live in peace again.

After witnessing their superior skills and combat skills in action and in training, the three were then later integrated into a brand new squad alongside several of their other graduates under direct command of Levi Ackerman.

Currently, Levi had taken Armin, Mikasa, Eren, and another member of their graduating class, Jean, on a mission to survey the surrounding forest once again, and believing that it would be routine, they decided not to bring backup with them.

However, they had greatly underestimated their situation as two four meter and a seven meter titan were barreling towards them. Their eyes glistened with hunger and glee, their faces far too happy for the savages they were.

The trees that towered over them were large and broad, perfect for their 3D Maneuver Gear. As they continued to ride, Eren wondered just how easily it could be for the five of them to take down these titans here and now, they weren't Abnormal, just plain stupid. However, looks were deceiving. Even if they were stupid, it wasn't like they didn't stand a chance against him, Jean, or Armin, Levi and/or Mikasa no, but if they attacked at once, then maybe. The young titan-shifter felt sweat beading into his palms causing his hands to slip across the leather harness as his heart beat loudly in his ears as he heard the footsteps get closer.

Then suddenly, they stopped.

"Mikasa? Armin? Jean?" Eren asked after about thirty seconds of silence, other than the clopping of their horses.

"I don't hear them anymore either!" Armin replied. Mikasa nodded. Jean looked grim-faced.

"All of you stop!" Levi ordered as he pulled the reigns before ejecting himself. Obeying his orders, the four of them slowed their horses and got off as well.

"Captain look!" Jean exclaimed pointing in the direction that the titans had been coming from. Or used to be coming from.

The titans were still in close distance from the five of them but the way they were acting was very abnormal for even titan behavior. The three of them were still standing but they looked confused as if there was something in the area other than tasty humans that could grab their attention. They would occasionally glance in their direction, causing them to tense and ready to spring into action if they charged again. Finally, being the strangest behavior, the three titans turned and bolted in the other direction, leaving Eren, Jean, Levi, Armin, and Mikasa alone in the forest.

For a whole minute no one in the group said a word, only listening to the loud, eerie silence that now surrounded the forest. Even Levi seemed to be in shock, though the emotion wasn't visible on his stoic face. Levi narrowed his eyes at this new development. Why would these titans suddenly grow a brain and run away from them? Had they been intelligent the entire time?

"They ran," Mikasa said, finally breaking the silence, "away from us… Why?"

"What can you make of it Captain Levi?" Armin asked.

Levi said nothing for a moment before frowning deeply as a small theory formed in his head. "I don't think they were running from us. They were running from something else."

"Okay." Eren said, "But what would scare away a titan?"

The split second the words left his mouth, Eren got his answer. In the blink of an eye, at the bottom of their feet, the ground suddenly glowed a bright violet circle appeared right under their feet. At the center, closest to where Armin was standing, was another circle with white and black sides and two circles of the opposite color in their drops, and it was slowly rotating. That wasn't the terrifying part however. What was terrifying was that the circle seemed to be consuming them! As it moved farther up their bodies and away from the ground, their feet were replaced with nothingness.

Though Levi was the only one to not shout in terror, the confusion and fright was completely visible on his face. Not knowing what it was that was happening, he said the first thing he could think of.

"Brace yourselves!" he managed to shout out, just as the violet circle overtook them, and they vanished in a wink of light.


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