Chapter 1: Kill the Survey Corps




'Five more minutes…'


'Fine I'll get up…'


'What happened… Was that a dream…?'


Jumbled images flooded into Eren's consciousness. The titans roaring as they ran after him and the others. The horses galloping at top speed to escape. Then silence before a flash of purple engulfed him and his surroundings and then… blackness. Blackness while at the same time… it felt like he was flying.


'Thanks for the reminder…'


The blackness in Eren's vision soon began to fade into a maroon.

'Huh? I guess that's an improvement. Why does this seem familiar?'


'Oh, right, my eyes. I should probably…'


'Open them…'


Eren blinked blearily as the sunlight hit his eyes through the trees. He groaned as he sat up. He squinted uncomprehendingly at the source of the light.

'The sun… so that must mean I'm alive.'

A face intruded his line of vision before it came closer and then he felt someone hugging him around his torso.

"You're okay," Mikasa said as she breathed a sigh of relief, "Thank goodness!"

"Mikasa…" Eren asked, confused, "Mikasa, what happened?"

"Finally awake, you Suicidal Bastard?" another voice to his right said. Looking over Mikasa's shoulder, he saw Jean leaning against a tree a few feet away with a slight smirk. Levi also was there, his scowl was as stern as ever, but Eren knew from the look in his eye that the captain was relieved to see Eren awake and alive.

"Jean! Levi! What happened?!" then he remembered something else, "Wait! Where's Armin?! He was with us too wasn't he?!"

"Tch, address me more formally brat," Levi seemed to growl out, before motioning his head to the tree right in front of Eren "As for Arlert, he's fine. Not awake yet though."

Eren followed where Levi directed and saw Armin propped up against the opposite tree, unconscious. If it weren't for the noticeable rising and falling of his chest, Eren would have thought he was dead.

"Wha- Mikasa, Jean, Captain, wha- What happened?!"

"We're not sure Eren," Mikasa said as she finally pulled away from her embrace, "That last thing I remember was that bright purple light consuming us. Jean and I just woke up a couple hours ago ourselves."

"What?!" Eren asked in shock, before turning to Levi, "Captain Levi, sir, how long were we out?"

"A couple of days. I was the only one who remained conscious as we fell."

"Fell?!" Eren cried out, "Fell from where?!"

"Where do you think?" Levi seemed to scoff, as if answering a question from a seven-year-old, "We were falling out of the sky. I was the only one still conscious, even if it was barely. I managed to keep us from splattering on the ground like ants by latching onto the trees at the last second."

He noticed Levi glancing off to the left slightly as he mentioned this, and following his gaze, Eren started when he saw what appeared to be the result of a multitude of trees that had crashed down not too long ago.

'Wow,' was all Eren could think, 'we must been falling pretty fast to cause that much damage.'

"So what now then sir?" Eren asked much more calmly now that he seemed to have a grasp on the situation.

"We'll wait for Arlert to wake up, then we'll see if we can't find some civilization around here. I ran into some merchants on a nearby road a couple of days ago, they said that they were coming from a place called 'the Imperial Capital' that was just up the way, so we're bound to run into more people at some point."

"Understood." Eren nodded as he slowly got to his feet.

"However," Levi continued, "I don't think that this Capital is where we should be heading…"

"Huh?" asked Eren confused, "But I thought you just said we'll find more people up that way sir."

"I apologize Captain," Mikasa addressed finally, "but I believe I fail to understand as well. If it is more likely we'll find more people at this Capital, why do you not want to head in that direction?"

"Because of what they told me when I ran into them," Levi said. This statement only seemed to confuse the three cadets even more. Heaving a sigh, he explained, "When I ran into the merchants, I had to strike down a monster they called a 'danger beast' as well…


Levi quickly used his 3DMG to attach himself to the back of the Earth Dragon's neck, before in one quick motion, he sliced off a chunk of flesh on the back of it's neck. It staggered for a moment before falling flat onto the road, dead. Before he could think of the strange species of creatures and animals he's seen outside the walls to try and identify it, Levi felt something sticky on his hands holding his gear, and looking down, he saw, to his displeasure, that they were covered in the creature's blood.

"Tch, disgusting." he muttered as he took out a cloth and wiping the blood from them.

"Thank you! You saved our lives!"

"That was amazing sir!"

Turning to the sources of the voices Levi saw two men running towards him. They appeared to be wearing thick brown furred coats and hats with a metal plate on the front. Behind them, Levi could see a damaged, but still operational, merchant cart behind them being pulled by a brown horse.

"What is this thing?" Levi asked, gesturing to the Earth Dragon.

"You don't know?" one of the merchants exclaimed, "That's an Earth Dragon, a Class One Danger Beast! And you took it out with one shot!"

"It was one of the bigger ones too! That was incredible!" praised the other.

Filing this information away for later, Levi asked, "Do you know where the closest wall is from here?"

"Wall?" the first merchant questioned before pointing up the road where they had been coming, "If you're talking about the wall surrounding the Capital, if you head up this road, it's is just another hour's walk."

"Capital? You mean Wall Sina? So we're behind Wall Rose right now?" Levi asked.

"...Uh... no… We're not behind any 'wall' as you put… You're not from around here, are you sir?" the other merchant asked.

"I guess not." Levi acknowledged. If these people didn't know about the Walls, only one conclusion was drawn from Levi. Somehow, he, Mikasa, Eren, Jean, and Armin were transported far outside the walls.

"In that case," the first merchant said, "we wouldn't recommend you head that way then. The Capital may be the 'big city' but it's been overrun by monsters even more vicious than this Earth Dragon here."

Levi's eyes widened slightly. Could they be referring to… "What type of monsters?" he asked carefully, mentally praying that he was wrong.

"Humans… with the hearts of monsters. The damn place is crawling with them." the second merchant answered.

"You mind elaborating?" Levi asked. The first answer didn't calm his nerves in the slightest, as the Titans were technically giant human-like monsters. Even Hanji had several theories that the Titans used to be humans themselves. The thought alone made him sick to his stomach.

The merchants looked a little hesitant, looking around the forest warily as if someone was watching or overhearing. Finally, the first one grabbed Levi by the collar of his jacket and pulled him in close.

"Hey!" he protested, "Get your filthy hands off of me!"

The merchant ignored Levi's protests. "You see sir, we do have an emperor," the merchant whispered in a voice so low that he could barely be heard even by Levi, "but he's only a child. Our country is plagued by corruption. It's the minister who controls the emperor from the shadows."

"Mini-oomph?!" Levi asked, only for the second merchant to cover his mouth before he could finish the question. This resulted in a small, muffled, series of profanity from Levi before they continued.

"No matter what, you can't mention anything like that in the Capital. Those who oppose… are beheaded!" Levi's eyes widened in shock. True, his kingdom behind the walls had its own harsh treatment when it came to opposition as well. Heck, he even beat Eren up in the middle of his trial so he could be given to the Scout's custody. But even so, and despite his indifferent and cold personality, Levi valued human life greatly, and the thought of innocents being beheaded just for speaking out against the government was enough to churn his stomach.

"On top of that," the second merchant had removed his hand from Levi's mouth and had pulled out some papers from his pocket, handing them to the Survey Corps captain, "They're dealing with this scum as well."

Levi took the papers and saw to his bewilderment that they were wanted posters. They were all different, but the one on top read:






EYE: Red and black

HAIR: Black

SKIN: Fair complexion

HEIGHT: 160cm


REMARKS: Group of Assassins

Below the word 'WANTED' was a sketched out, side view of a young girl with bangs framing her face and long hair with two strands on each side.

Levi took a look at the name of the group the girl in the picture belonged to again. "Night Raid?"

"Yes," the first merchant said, "They're a band of assassins that are terrorizing the area. Like the name implies they tend to attack at night. High ranking officials and the upper class make up most of their targets. Since you're new to the area, we should warn you to be extremely cautious. Rumors are flying around that their hideout is somewhere south of these woods."

(End of Flashback)

"That's all I managed to get out of them." Levi finished, he then fished into his own pocket and handed them the four 'WANTED' posters, "You three look over these and memorize them, we need to know how to identify them, and if we run into them, we need to be prepared to fight. We'll start heading down the road once Arlert is awake. I would like you to inform him of the situation."

"Understood Captain," they nodded as both looked over the different names and pictures. None of them had color in the pictures, but the descriptions of what they looked like were enough for them to picture it pretty well.

They went by the names of Akame, Bulat, Sheele, and Najenda.


It took another two hours for Armin to finally wake up, and after being calmed and informed of their present circumstances by Eren and Mikasa, the group of five was on the road away from the Capital. Despite this though, Armin and Eren seemed pretty enthused about the idea of them being outside the Walls. It had been their dream to see the outside world since they had been little kids, and now here they were! Mikasa seemed happy and interested as well, even if she wasn't quite as ecstatic. Jean just smirked in amusement at their antics.

It was a couple of hours, into the walk that Armin nearly tripped over a wire.

"Whoa!" Eren said, catching the blonde, "You okay Armin?"

"Yeah! Thanks Eren." Armin said with a nod. Levi then bent down and examined the wire. It was vibrating from being hit by Armin's foot, and following it into the bushes he saw that the wire extended a very long distance.


"What is it Captain?" Mikasa asked.

"From the looks of that wire, it's been placed there to detect intruders. And if I'm right, whoever lives in this area now know that we're here. All of you be ready to fight if they seem hostile." he ordered as his hands gripped his two swords.

The four of them nodded before doing the same. They had to remember that they were technically in enemy territory, or at least unfamiliar territory.

Unbeknownst to them, on one of the cliffs above them was what appeared to be a young girl with a below average height, long pink (Pink!) hair tied in twin-tails on the right and left sides of her head, large pink eyes, and was wearing a frilly pink dress, shawl, combat boots, and black tights. In her hands looked to be a big combat gun, even bigger than her body!

She had been watching the intruders for the past few minutes, waiting for the right opportunity to shoot them down. They may have just noticed the wires right then and there, but it had been put in plain sight on purpose. They had actually activated the first trip wire about thirty minutes ago. Since the wire was so well hidden back then, it would give her and her friends enough time to prepare for the intruders that were passing through the area.

It was a pity really, she actually thought that the blonde was kind of cute. But like the boss always said: Business before pleasure. Then again though, sometimes business killed the pleasure (get it? ;P).

'Okay,' she thought to herself, 'there's no way I can get Pumpkin to take them all down in one shot without drawing too much attention, but,' she aimed her weapon at Levi, 'if I take out the leading guy, the other ones can be picked off easily.'

"So sorry but… sayonara suckers!" she exclaimed as she pulled the trigger.


Levi barely had time to dodge before the energy shot hit where he had been moments ago. He used his 3DMG to attach himself to the tree to avoid the shot, and saw that Eren, Jean, Mikasa, and Armin had done the same and seemed to have escaped the blast. Small victories.

'Damn,' he thought, 'if their weapons are as powerful as that we have no chance… unless.' It was risky, but from what Levi could see they would have to risk it.

"Jaeger!" he shouted, getting Eren's attention, "If it starts to get too ugly, I give you permission to use 'it'."

Eren's eyes widened. Was Levi serious? If Eren turned into a titan in these woods, who knew who would see him. But what Levi had just told him was technically an order. The young scout nodded in understanding.

"I understand Ca-" Eren didn't have time to finish his sentence as he felt Jean suddenly pull him to the side as something purple zoomed past him… slicing off his left arm in the process! The only reason that he wasn't cut in half was because Jean had seen the attacker approaching out of the corner of his eye. Eren screamed in pain as he and Jean nearly crashed to the ground, but Jean managed to get a grip on his gear and shot into a higher spot in a nearby tree for (hopeful) safety.

"Eren!" Mikasa, Armin, and Levi shouted. Mikasa shot towards them to inspect Eren's injuries, he might be able to regenerate, but it took time, two hours to grow a limb back at the very least. Suddenly she felt a presence behind her and twirled around at the last moment to block what looked like giant… scissors?

"I deeply apologize." her attacker muttered as she pressed harder on Mikasa's blades.

"Apology not accepted," Levi growled out as he swung with his 3DMG towards the purple-haired attacker from behind. Blades extended. He was about a foot from striking when he soon found himself sailing backwards, as a solid kick hit him full on in the stomach, causing him to cough out spit in surprise and pain as he sailed through three trees behind him before skidding to a stop on the forest floor.

"Captain!" Levi vaguely heard as he groaned and struggled to stand. He may be 'Humanity's Strongest Soldier' but even he was human. And being kicked through three trees was starting to prove it as he wheezed and coughed in his attempt to get air back into his lungs. He was barely on his feet when he immediately had to avoid being speared through the skull by his attacker who was clad in very sturdy looking and moveable armor. He somersaulted on the ground before latching onto the tree again, swinging around and kicking his attacker on the side of the head, causing him to stumble back.

"We-hell!" the armored man said as Levi flipped back into the tree, out of reach, "For a scrawny kid, you have a pretty hard kick!"

Levi stiffened, before a rare, but very noticeable tick mark appeared on his head. "Excuse me?!" he hissed as he lunged at the armored man again. Unfortunately he was forced to withdraw as he pushed one of his blades into a guard position before pushing off the wire in front of him and latching onto another tree. For some reason, he had a feeling that if he hadn't avoided it, that wire would have decapitated him.

"Impressive," a voice praised to his right. Looking to his right, he saw another boy about Eren's age with green (Green!) hair and eyes and red goggles on his forehead. His clothing consisted of a long green jacket with a fur-trimmed hood over a white and red ringer shirt and blue jeans with brown shoes. "Not many people will react in time to escape Crosstail that easily. It's obvious you've got plenty of experience when it comes to fighting."

"I don't recognize you," Levi addressed the boy, before turning to his armored opponent, "but I'll go off of a hunch and say that you're Bulat. Member of Night Raid if I'm not mistaken?"

"So! You know who we are already!" Bulat said, sounding impressed, "Unfortunately that also means we can't let you leave. We don't want the Capital to know the location of our base, even if the information comes from bounty hunters."

"I apologize, but my companions and I aren't bounty hunters." Levi, he then attached his gear to another tree before swinging around into what appeared to be Bulat's direction before being caught by another tree trunk and hurling in the other direction. This action caused Levi to nearly impale the teen through the torso, but he managed, in a slight panic, to jump out of the tree and swing using his wire to the ground next to Bulat.

"And as for that 'scrawny kid' comment," Levi continued, "I'll have you know, I'm thirty-six."

There was silence from about five seconds before the two males balked.

"That old?!"


Mikasa gritted her teeth as she attempted to push back against the scissors, but they were surprisingly strong. Her eyes widened fractionally when she saw that the upper parts of her blades were cracking.

"Mikasa! Behind you!" she vaguely heard Armin shout as he swung to another tree. Now he was being chased by what looked like a pink-haired and clothed girl carrying a huge and scary-looking gun. She was firing energy shots at Armin every chance she had, with the blonde escaping them by a hair's breadth.

Jean wasn't in the position to help either, as he, with Eren in tow, was trying to avoid what looked like a robust, blonde haired woman with cat ears, claws, and a long skinny tail to top it off. She was grinning ferociously from the branch that Jean was forced to jump from.

"I'm going to tear you limb from limb!" she promised with a glint in her yellow feline eyes before pouncing after him again, causing Jean to frantically swing to another branch to escape.

After jumping away from the purple-haired girl, Mikasa then immediately had to to block and parry the scissors again. She didn't know what those weapons were made of, but they were extremely strong.

"Please stop it!" Mikasa heard Armin shouting as she dodged the swipes of the scissors, "We're just passing through! You don't have to attack us!"

"Like we'd believe that for a second," the pinkette spat, "bet you're just another group of assassins that the Minister put together. What's that symbol on your cloak mean huh?"

"We weren't sent by your Minister! The symbol on our cloaks is 'The Wings of Freedom'. There the symbol for a division within our kingdom's military!" Mikasa shouted.

"Kingdom?" the purple-haired girl asked, "Are there any kingdoms around here?"

"Of course there aren't Sheele!" the pinkette shouted, "she's probably just making it up!"

"It's true!" Jean shouted at them from the position he and Eren were on the ground, trying desperately to avoid the lion-girl's clawed punches and slices, "Listen bitches! We don't want trouble, we were just passing through the area when you suddenly ambushed us!"

As Eren stumbled to the right, he stopped short when he was nearly impaled through the skull when a longsword with a red handle fell from the sky and buried itself in the ground an inch away from Eren. From above, a young girl with long black hair and red eyes leapt from the trees and landed beside the sword, which she drew from the ground.

Eren stepped back and drew one of his blades with his remaining arm. The severed limb had stopped bleeding already, but it would be another two hours at the least for the whole limb to grow back.

As the girl straightened up, she revealed herself to be Akame, one of the Night Raid members on the 'WANTED' posters. She showed no emotion as she lifted her sword in front of her. Eren struggled to keep his own blade steady with only one arm, his nondominant arm as well!

"Eliminate." she said simply before charging at Eren with the speed that Eren had only seen Levi display when he was in the midst of a titan attack. He barely had time to block the sword attack before she tried to send a jab with it at his stomach, but he managed to roll out of the way at the last moment. Eren had a sinking feeling that no matter what, he absolutely could not get hit with that sword. If it even nicked him, it was over for him.

He and Akame shared several more blows, but Eren could feel the blade slipping from his grasp. Finally, Akame managed to use her sword to disarm the young titan shifter as he stumbled backwards.

"You're done." she said simply before she swung her sword, about to make the final blow to Eren's torso… but it never came.

Eren opened his eyes and cautiously lowered his one and a half arms. He saw that a mechanical arm had stopped Akame's strike.

"What are you doing?" Akame asked the newcomer. It was a woman with short silver hair and a purple left eye. The other eye was covered with a black eye patch. Her right arm was made of a green metal and her black outfit easily showed her cleavage. Eren recognized her from one of the 'WANTED' posters as well. Najenda, the supposed leader of Night Raid.

"Stand down Night Raid," she ordered, "I do believe these newcomers are telling the truth."

At this proclamation, the lion girl swiftly released her hold she had on Jean's neck, causing him to land on his butt and rub his throat gingerly while blushing in embarrassment, no doubt over the fact that he was bested by a girl. Sheele helped Mikasa to her feet. She had previously had her pinned down with the scissors on either side of her prepared to cut her in half. The pinkette lowered her gun from her readied aim as Armin, whom quickly but cautiously lowered to the ground from his tree. And finally, with a flick of his wrist, the green-haired boy untangled Levi from one of the wired traps that he had somehow managed to get caught in and was nearly sliced to pieces. He landed flat on his back. How humiliating.

"So my assumptions were correct," Levi groaned as he lifted himself up, shooing away Bulat's (now unarmored) hand of assistance, "You are Night Raid."

"Yes," Najenda nodded in acceptance. There was really no use denying it now. "And may I ask who you and your friends would be?"

"Not friends," Levi hissed, "subordinates. I go by Ackerman. Levi Ackerman. These four brats are Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Jean Kirstein, and Eren Jaeger."

"From your clothing and your names I can assume that you aren't from the Capital are you?" Levi was impressed. He could tell from how the woman held herself that she was the veteran of many battles (if her eye patch and mechanical arm weren't enough indication of that) and was very observant. She must have been quite high up.

"No we aren't. We recently arrived here to tell you the truth. But I assure you that we aren't from the Capital, nor are we bounty hunters."

Najenda raised an eyebrow in interest. She seemed suddenly eager to learn of the newcomers. "Well then, why don't we continue this conversation back at our base shall we?"

"Boss!" the pinkette exclaimed in protest, "You can't possibly expect us to trust them just like that do you? For all we know they could be lying to us and putting up an act the Minister paid them to do."

"And why would we do that," asked Mikasa, "if you were the people we would be facing with our 'act'?"

"Quite right," Najenda said in agreement, "and Mine, we know about the bounty hunters in the area like to travel in groups far bigger than this. And if they were really bounty hunters, at least one of them would have tried to escape and alert his companions already. And I never said that I fully trust these people, but I see no reason right now to doubt their words."

With that said the pinkette, Mine, had no choice but to abide, though the present grimace on her face showed her disdain of the situation.


It took about fifteen minutes to make it back to the base. On the way though, Eren, Mikasa, Jean, and Armin tried to engage in small talk with some of the members. Some attempts were more successful than others.

"I'm sorry about you arm Eren," Sheele said to Eren suddenly, giving a deep, apologetic, bow, "But when we saw you all in the forest, our first orders are to attack and eliminate. I'm really am sorry."

"Don't worry about it," Eren said sincerely, before gesturing with injured limb that was already steaming and repairing itself slowly, "you were just doing your duty. Besides it will grow back in a-"

"Jaeger." Levi snapped in a sharp tone and shot a warning glare in his direction.

"Grow back?" the lion-girl, who was introduced as Leone, questioned skeptically, "What are you talking about?"

"Captain," Armin said, "they are already witnessing it firsthand. Don't you think it will be appropriate to offer an explanation?"

Levi heaved an irritated sigh, "You make a good point Arlert. Fine, but only on that for now."

All the members of Night Raid were looking at the Survey Corps members questioningly now.

Mikasa was the one who answered, "Honestly, not even we know all of the details, but apparently when Eren was younger, his dad injected him with some sort of serum that gives him the ability to grow back parts of his body. It still takes a while though, it will be another hour at the very least for that arm to fully replace itself."

"Really now?" Bulat asked, sounding impressed, "Must come in handy in the midst of battle."

"Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't," Eren admitted with a sheepish grin.

"Suicidal bastard." Jean muttered under his breath, that fortunately no one heard.

Any further conversation was halted as they approached the hideout. The Survey Corps were inwardly impressed at how well hidden it was. It looked like a tall, multi-storied building built into the bottom of the small hill. It was even painted to the same color so that unless you were close to it, you could mistake it for part of the mountain.

To put it simply, the Night Raid base was difficult to locate, but easy to defend in case of attack.

As they entered, The Corps noticed that the base also had some decently sized training grounds and baths. Though in Levi's standards they probably could do for a good scrub down before he even put his little toe in them.

When they entered the main room, Najenda sat herself down on a chair located in the middle of the far wall. The Survey Corps. were positioned within the middle of the group where all the members could keep an eye on them if they tried to escape.

"Alright Levi, if it's alright that I call you that, where exactly are you and your subordinates from?"

Levi heaved another sigh. Now came the hard part. Levi, with inputs from the others, explained where they were from, and then gave an explanation as to why they lived in the place that they described. The Titans. When they described what they were and what they did, most of the members of Night Raid looked either shocked, sick, or showed looks that said they didn't believe them.

"Okay," Mine said with a huff, being one of them, "I've heard people make up some pretty interesting yarns, but how exactly do you expect us to believe something as ridiculous as that?"

"We don't," Levi admitted, "but whether you do or not isn't up to us. That's where we're from and how it came to be that way for our people. It's your own choice to believe us or not, bitch."

A giant tick mark appeared on Mine's forehead at the name. "WHAT WAS THAT ASSHOLE?!" she shrieked as she then attempted to tackle him, but was held back by Leone and Bulat.

"Well," Lubbock, the green-haired boy, said, "then again, either they are telling the truth, are crazy, or they are pretty good at lying."

"Most of the story seems to fit though," Leone said, "it explains their weapons and the weird symbol on their coats."

"Not to mention that I've never seen people that looked or dressed like them, even when I was still in the military." Bulat added.

"I'm confused." Sheele said.

"I'm hungry." Akame said.

"Enough!" Najenda shouted, silencing the room before she continued, "While this story may seem a bit out of the ordinary, I do believe that these people are being honest with us… as much as they want to anyway."

"What do you mean?" asked Lubbock, "Do we trust them or not?"

"For now, yes, we can trust them."

This seemed to release some sort of tension in the room. However, Najenda already had suspicions on how they got here, and as she approached the next question, she hoped she was wrong.

"Do you happened to remember how you all got here Levi?" she asked.

Levi nodded. This information he strangely didn't feel cautious about sharing. He could feel in Najenda's tone that she already might have an idea of how they got here.

"Myself, Jaeger, Kirstein, Ackerman, and Arlert were out on patrol about ten miles from the Survey Corps base. We were ambushed by a small pack of titans so we were forced to turn back. About halfway back, something somehow caused the titans to stop following us and run in the other direction. Shortly afterwards, a light appeared underneath us, and seemed to absorb us into it. Next thing I knew, the five of us were falling from the sky. I was the only one still conscious. I managed to latch onto some trees with my gear and keep us from hitting the ground in time. Since then we've been in the forest trying to find our way back."

Najenda nodded her head before standing up and moving to a small bookshelf. She removed a book with a old leather covering and began to flip through it. Finally, after stopping on a page, she held it open for the Survey Corps to see. On the inside of the book showed an outline of an amulet-like object as well as several paragraphs on what it was and what it could do.

"There's an Imperial Arms called Shambhala. As it says in this book, it has the ability to send objects and people through time and space by creating things known as 'portals'," Najenda explained, "Up until this point it was believed that the weapon could only send things through the portal to other areas of the globe, but now it would seem that it stretches as far as to send or bring things from other dimensions."

"Wait," Armin said suddenly, "what are you saying?! That we were brought here on purpose?"

"Maybe you were and maybe you weren't," Najenda said, "My theory at the moment is that the wielder may have been testing or experimenting with the weapon in which resulted in this accident. I'm assuming it was an accident because the Imperial Arms is currently in Capital hands, so count yourselves lucky you aren't in their custody right now."

"What's the purpose of you telling us this?" Levi asked impatiently.

"Very well," Najenda said with a chuckle, "I'll get to the point. Night Raid would like to make a deal with you."

"And that is?" Levi asked irritably.

"If you five are willing to become temporary members of Night Raid and assist us and the Revolutionary Army in fighting against the Imperial Capital, in exchange Night Raid will assist you in finding and obtaining Shambhala and returning you to your own kingdom. That is our deal."

Eren, Mikasa, Jean, and Armin shared uneasy looks. Like the 'WANTED" posters said, these people were technically murderers, even if they did it for the greater good. If they got involved with this group it could bring them more trouble than they would want. Then again though…

Levi heaved another irritated sigh. Everyone could tell that the Captain wasn't pleased in the slightest about this arrangement. But above all else, Levi did things he believed would assist his subordinates, going as far as to disobey orders if necessary, to get back to the Walls in one piece. And if it meant joining this group of potential murderers, then so be it.

"It seems we don't really have much of a choice in this," Levi tisked, "Fine, my subordinates and I will assist you, so long as you keep your end of the bargain."

"Very well then," Najenda said with a satisfied smile, "I would like to officially welcome the five of you into Night Raid."

"I second that!" Leone said with a grin, doing a fist pump.

"Akame, please show our newest members to their new rooms. And Eren, are sure that your arm is going to be alright?"

"Yes," the young titan shifter said, "you'd be surprised how often this has actually happens. It should be fine in another hour or so."

"Alright then, I'll take your word for it. Akame, you may proceed."

The girl in question led them down the hall to their rooms. All of them, secretly to Levi's relief, got separate rooms. They each had a bed against the wall, a desk with some shelves, a dresser, and a closet opposite of the bed.

"Dinner will be in an hour," was all Akame said before leaving them to get settled.

Little did any members of the Survey Corps. know, but the adventure that was about to unfold would not only change the course of the Empire they were inhabiting, but even the destiny of their Kingdom own as well.


All people must one day turn to ash, so too must nations fall to ruin. Despite the Capital's wealth and prosperity, it has become wild with corruption. The pompous and the vile run rampant throughout the city. These demons are beyond salvation, and are therefore silenced in the darkness by an elite group of assassins.


AN: So there's chapter 1 for you. I know, I know, it might be a bit rushed, but honestly, this was the only way I really saw it going and working.

So this is what I have in mind for this story. Starting next chapter, the story will go through the Akame ga Kill anime storyline, and then when Attack on Titan Season 2 comes out (Eek!) I will then mold into that. That is the plan, but it might change. We'll see.

Hope you enjoyed, and R&R please!