Chapter 3: Kill the Authority (Incomplete)

"Let's make a pact, that when we die, we die together!"

"We're going to be leaders in the Imperial Capital."

"And make enough money to save the village! We'll be heroes!"

Tatsumi gazed solemnly down at the two stones that marked the graves of Sayo and Ieyasu. Two amazing friend and good people that were taken from this world too soon.

'So much for that…' he thought sadly, 'now I'm out here all alone…'

Tatsumi didn't have time to dwell on his friends long though when he felt a pressure on his head.

"Gah! Don't sneak up on me like that!" he exclaimed back up and almost falling off the cliff. Fortunately, it was only Leone and Armin.

"Sorry Tatsumi," Armin smiled, embarrassed as he wasn't really aiming to scare the kid.

"So have you decided to officially join yet?" Leone asked.

"I told you guys-!"

"You really do have the makings of an assassin you know," she interrupted, tapping Tatsumi's nose playfully.

"I-I don't really think that's the best way to convince him to join Leone," Armin stuttered.

"It's not a matter of whether or not I'd be good at it alright? I just don't want to kill people."

"Yeah, well Armin and his group were saying the same thing when they joined as well, but as you can see little brother Armin here is settling quite nicely," Leone slung her arm around Armin's shoulders and pulled him in a little too closely to her assets for his liking, but he endured it.

"Now c'mon," she swung her other hand around Tatsumi's neck and began dragging the two away, "Armin and I are going to introduce you to the gang."


Jean was in the kitchen with Sheele reading a book. It talked a lot about the history of the Capital and how the Empire first came about. Jean was never much of a reader, even back home in the walls, but it was the only thing he could do at the moment to take his mind off of all the corpses he had seen the night before. The way the bodies had been hanging from chains and clawing at the cages, their faces frozen in masks of horror had reminded far too much of when he had found Marco's body.

"You okay Jean?" asked Sheele.

He started, finally noticing how hard he had been clutching the book he had. He blew out a breath, "Yeah, I'm fine."

"You're thinking about what happened last night aren't you?"

Jean looked at Sheele. He didn't want to admit it, but this temporary assassin didn't really sink in until last night. Though they had been told by Night Raid, he had a feeling they would never have been prepared for what they had seen last night. It had shaken him so much he could barely fall asleep last night.

"I'll get used… eventually," Jean said uncertainly.

"Jean, it's okay to feel the way you're feeling right now," Sheele reassured him, "true you talked about fighting those titan things back at your home, but those were monsters, not other people. I may not have been in the professional military, but I'm sure all the soldiers went through something similar to what you are as well."

Jean smiled at Sheele's words. To honest if he hadn't seen this woman in action, he never would have suspected she was an assassin. She was probably one of the kindest people he had the pleasure of knowing.

Then she noticed the book she was reading.

'Mend Your Airheaded Ways. 100 Ways to Kill Your Airheadedness,' Jean smirked in amusement, 'maybe Connie or Sasha could pick up a thing or two from that book.'

"Here's the meeting room," Leone said as she and Armin lead Tatsumi in, "This is usually where we discuss the missions that we are assigned.

"Hey Jean, hi Sheele," Armin greeted with a smile. Jean nodded in greeting.

"Whatcha doing?" asked Sheele.

"Showing Tatsumi around and introducing him to everyone, figured it would help him make up his mind about joining," Leone explained.

"What?" asked Jean, "You mean after everything that you saw last night you still haven't joined yet?"

"Take it easy Jean," Armin said trying to pacify him, "he's just a little nervous, that's all."

"Exactly," Leone said, ruffling Tatsumi's head much to his chagrin, "so I was thinking you two could give him a few words of encouragement, okay?"

"Hmmm," Sheele said, "Well, since we showed you the location of our hideout… if we can't convince you to join the team, then you'll be dead."

Tatsumi looked more scared than convinced after that statement, even Jean and Armin were a little disturbed how plainly she had said that.

"Uh, was that supposed to be an encouragement or a threat?" Tatsumi asked anxiously.

Jean grinned nervously, "I think what Sheele's trying to say is to just give this decision plenty of thought, that's all. I'm sure she wasn't serious about killing you if you wanted to leave,"

"Exactly, just think about it okay?" Sheele said before going back to her book.


Turning around the group saw Mine entering the room.

"Leone, Armin, why'd you bring this loser back to the hideout?"

"Well if we didn't bring him, he probably would have reported us to the authorities," Armin pointed out.

"Yeah, and besides, he's one of us now," Leone explained.

"And nobody bothered to ask for my opinion?" the pinkette demanded before staring Tatsumi in the face with eyes of a hawk.

"I won't allow it," she said with finality, turning around and sticking up her nose, "it's obvious you're not cut from the same professional cloth as the rest of the group. I mean just look at you,"

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?!"

"Don't let it get to you," Leone reassured him, "that's just Mine's way of saying hello!"

"Hmph!" the pinkette sniffed before walking off.

"A-Anyway Jean do you know where Eren, Mikasa, and the Captain are?

Jean took a second to think before answering Armin, "I know Captain Levi and Mikasa are helping Akame hunt for something, as for the Suicidal Maniac, I think he's out on the training field with Bulat, why?"

"Just wondering," Leone answered for Armin, "we're introducing Tatsumi to the rest of the team so…"

"Oh," Jean nodded, "Well have fun,"

"Um, thanks!" Tatsumi said as Leone dragged him out of the room with Armin trailing behind.



Eren panted as the giant hooked sword he had been using slammed into the ground. He and Bulat were, just as Jean guessed, out in the training field. Bulat took a good liking to Eren, in a brotherly way as he noticed that Mikasa already had eyes for him, and ever since they finished their beginner course began training Eren every day to his breaking point. He hadn't yet told the titan-shifter, but he saw some great potential in him.

Today, Bulat wanted Eren to work on his upper body strength when it came to swordplay. Both had been out, shirtless, swinging giant swords and spears all morning. While Bulat had always been impressed with Eren's ODM gear, more often than not there wouldn't be a suitable environment to use the gear, therefore he needed to have his other skills up to par as well.

"I think that's enough, for now, Bro," Eren said after catching his breath, "my arms really hurt."

Bulat stopped twirling his spear around and looked at Eren with a smile.

"Come on! You still got some excess movement in those muscles of yours."

Bulat walked over to Eren and helped him lift up the sword again, holding his arm firmly, Eren's body trembling as he struggled to keep it afloat.

"Just concentrate," he coached, "You have to sharpen up your focus. If you can cut out all that extra movement you'll be able to hang in there twice as long."

Eren's body shuddered as he slowly moved the sword out and away in front of him.

"I got it," he gritted his teeth.

"You'll be an unstoppable force before you know it. You just need a firm touch."

"Okay," this time Eren managed to smile back at his trainer.

"Wow Eren, working up a nice sweat there huh?"

"Huh?" Eren looked over towards the training field entrance to see Leone, Armin, and that new kid they picked up last night, Tatsumi. In Eren's mind, besides the fact they couldn't leave witnesses at the scene, he didn't really know what the others saw in this Tatsumi guy. Sure from what he saw he could hold out against Akame okay, but the blow that he had blocked in the chest had been from pure luck. Then again though, he hadn't been trained as an assassin his whole life either, nor was he the most observant person on the planet, so maybe they saw something he simply didn't.

"Oh, you're the fellow we picked up the other day right?" Bulat asked as he walked over.

"Huh? Wait how do you know about that?" Tatsumi asked, a little freaked out.

"Hmm? Oh! I should've known you wouldn't recognize me like this. I was wearing my armor the first time we met."


"Name's Bulat, and this is Eren," he said holding out his hand.

"Nice to meet you," Eren said, being courteous enough to offer a smile.

"Um… hi there."

"And yes, he's gay," Leone said, with a smile.

Eren and Armin looked at Leone confused. Gay? What did that mean?

Bulat laughed as Tatsumi suddenly cringed away, "Now don't give him the wrong idea… yet."

Eren stared as Bulat's cheeks darkened slightly, then went slightly bug-eyed. Oh… that's what she meant.


Levi and Mikasa just finished hoisting the giant bird-like danger beast they caught over the fire pit. As Akame tended the fire to make sure it would be enough to cook it, Mikasa couldn't help but noticed how huge it was.

'I bet if Sasha were here, she wouldn't wait until it was cooked all the way,' she quipped mentally. If there was one thing the team learned about Akame in their stay here so far, it was that she and their own potato girl had a monstrous appetite.

"What's this damn thing called again?" asked Levi after turning the bird around on the spit for a while.

"Evilbird," Akame answered, "very rare, high-class danger beast."

"Would explain why it put up such a huge fight when we caught it," Mikasa observed.

"Indeed," said a female voice, "makes it quite the good catch."

The trio looked up and saw that it was Najenda, back from reporting to the Revolutionary Army.

"Welcome back boss," the red-headed assassin greeted.

"So," Levi drawled as he stopped rotating the spit, seeing that the Evilbird was about down, "what did your higher ups have to say regarding my team?"

"I'll admit, they were a bit hesitant about allowing outsiders to assist us, fear of ulterior motives and all, but once I explained your… unique situation to them, they gave me the official green light. Congratulations Levi, you and your four subordinates are now official members of the Revolutionary Army and Night Raid."

"That's great," Mikasa said, with a slight smile.

"Boss," Akame said, holding up a packet "the mission report from when you were gone."

"Would have been done sooner had a certain someone took their observation job a little more seriously," Levi drawled darkly.

"Leone?" the boss asked, although, from her tone, she already knew the answer.

"Yup," Mikasa confirmed, popping the 'P' at the end.

"Food's done," Akame said, reaching up to grab a leg, and tossing a couple meat pieces to her two 'assistants'.

Mikasa smiled as she took another bite. Yeah, Sasha would definitely be jealous right now. She looked up from the meal though when she heard voices coming from behind her. She saw it was Leone, Armin, and the new boy Tatsumi.

"Hey Akame, Mikasa, Levi," Leone greeted.

"Captain Levi to you, Blondie," the older man ground out, only getting more irritated when Leone simply shrugged it off.

"What the- I just now noticed they're eating a giant bird! Did they catch that thing themselves?"

"Armin, Leone, catch," Akame said, chucking two more legs to the blonde. Leone caught her's with ease, while Armin flailed around to catch and hold the hot meat before getting a good grip.

Tatsumi then focused on Levi his eyes widening, "Hey, you're the one that beat up Aria last night!"

"Yeah what of it brat," came the reply, "if you want my personal opinion, what I gave her was too light of a punishment. She deserved much more than what she and those bastards she calls a mother and father got." Tatsumi could only pale at that even though he actually agreed with Levi on the inside.

"As you can plainly see, Levi is the grouch of the group," Levi narrowed his eyes at the comment, "Akame here is our resident wild child, and Mikasa here has a thing for Eren from what I can see."

"Leone!" Mikasa gasped and shot up from her spot in shock.

"Oh whoops! Did say that aloud? Sorry Mika," Leone said, laughing nervously.

"Well, have you joined us yet?" asked Akame suddenly, directing the question to Tatsumi.

"Um… no," was the answer.

"Then I'm sorry, but I won't be sharing any of our dinner with you."

From the expression, Tatsumi gave though didn't look like he minded that much. Then again Akame had already tried to kill him twice already so it was only natural he felt that way.

"Hey, is it just me or is everyone a little extra jacked up today?" Leone asked.

"Najenda's/the boss is back," Levi and Akame answered together.

"The boss?" Tatsumi asked. Armin nudged him and pointed to just over Levi's head.

"Ah! Boss!" Leone exclaimed.

"Hey," Najenda greeted.

"Welcome back, did you bring me anything good?"

"Now why would I do that?" Najenda asked as she ominously raised her hand up, "About one of your most recent assignments? According to Levi, you completed it three days overdue."

"Oh crap!" the blonde assassin blurted as she attempted to bolt in the other direction. She didn't get far though as Najenda's arm shot and grabbed Leone by her tube top and began dragging her back.

"When facing a powerful opponent it's unwise to get caught up in the fun. Shouldn't you know better than that by now?"

"Okay, okay, I learned my lesson please let go!"

"Anyway," Najenda turned serious again, "tell me about the boy."

"Well Ms. Najenda," Armin said, "this is Tatsumi, we ran into him last night on our mission."

"Yep!" Leone said, springing up, "He's going to be joining us!"

"Hey! I haven't agreed to anything!"

"Does he seem promising?" Najenda looked at Levi this time.

"He definitely needs training," the Corporal replied, "but his confidence certainly makes up for it in my opinion."

"See?" Leone said, smacking Levi's back again, "All we want you to do is try."

"That's not what you said before!"

"Akame, Mikasa, Levi," Najenda said, standing up and putting her cloak on, "go get everyone together, I want to hear about everything, including that boy."


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