Chapter 9


Mother Gothel paced the floor of her tower, golden sunlight shining through the nearby window, reminding her of her precious flower. She had to make it Hogwarts, and fast. The only problem was that she had no means of finding it, or getting to it.

She thought perhaps that she could snatch a broom from a witch or wizard and fly there, but that still didn't fix the problem of where to find Hogwarts.

Her next idea was to head to the train station and follow the railroad tracks on her stallion, but that would risk her being discovered and would take perhaps two days on horseback. And yet, it sounded the most plausible of any idea she could conjure up. Besides, now that she thought of it, she could still avoid being seen if she-

Mother Gothel paused as she spotted something lying on the floor; something that didn't belong there.

A brown, quite weathered, satchel sat before her in a heap, a bit of glinting gold reflecting the light of the sun where it sat.

She crossed the room swiftly and scooped up the curious bag. She reached in and pulled out a beautiful, gold tiara laden with diamonds and rubies. This belonged to the crown princess of Corona who disappeared many years ago. The same princess who resided with Mother Gothel for eleven years; Rapunzel. But she could never know that. If somehow she made it back to the king and queen of the kingdom, all hope would be lost of her ever being youthful again.

Just as she was about to put the crown back, she spotted something else. A crinkled bit of parchment just barely stuck out into the light. She grabbed it and unrolled what evidently was a wanted poster. The picture was of a young boy, perhaps Rapunzel's age, called Flynn Rider. It read:

Wanted: Flynn Rider. If found, please bring to Sphen's Orphanage immediately.

'An orphan boy?" thought Gothel. Could that be who this satchel belonged to? That could be a very useful card to play if she ever needed to. She thought for a moment. She had only a matter of months before she was certain Rapunzel would begin to suspect the truth. She had to act, and perhaps this boy, this 'Flynn Rider' was the key.

She ran to her room and grabbed clothes, food, and her mother's silver dagger. Rapunzel was coming with her no matter what.

Her bag packed, she raced down the stairs and mounted the royal stallion she had tethered to the base of the tower. She set out for Hogwarts and Rapunzel, satchel in-hand.

She stopped in London, then snuck to the secret train tracks behind King's Cross station. She began her journey across the British countryside and nothing was going to detour her from her goal.