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Seasons 01, 02, and 04 (Frontier).

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I opened my eyes with a groan. "Geez that hurt."

"Where are we, Nikolas?"

That was a good question. I look over at my partner, Sunmon, and then around us. "I think we're in Odaiba Park…?" My brain told me that's where I was, but the truth is I've only seen this place from pictures. We hadn't been anywhere near Odaiba, well we hadn't even been in the Human World earlier.

"WAIT! Where is everyone else? Are they okay? They have to be around here somewhere, right? Right?! Mom and dad are going to kill me if something happened to her!" I jumped up to start looking around – which was a very bad idea, by the way. My legs collapsed under me, reminding me of the fight that made us end up here.

"Big brother! I'm so glad I get to go to the Digital World with everyone today!" Cecily, my 12 year old sister, exclaimed as she came bounding down the stairs. I laughed, "Of course you are! You haven't gotten to go in quite a while and everyone's missed you!" Cecily had been out of the hospital for a week now, and our parents agreed that she was good to go back.

Everything had seemed normal. Everyone and their partners were excited to have Cecily back in the Digital World, especially her own partner –who had stayed in the Digital World since her accident. Ray and Edgar bickered for a few minutes before going off to see who had learned the new soccer maneuver better. Avery sat away from everyone, furiously typing away at her computer, enjoying the peace and quiet.

Everything was normal, too normal, and it was my fault the fight occurred that caused the destruction.

"I should've paid more attention. Hmph, what kind of leader am I?" I started to sulk, not very appropriate for a 16 year old, but I honestly didn't care. Sunmon floated over to me, "Don't blame yourself, Nikolas. I should've sensed them. So it's not all on you. Besides, there was no way we'd win. Not alone anyways. Two Mega levels against all of us, even if the majority went to Champion and myself in Ultimate, would've wiped us off the face of the Digital World. So don't sweat it, buddy!"

I knew I shouldn't blame myself. Sunmon was right, but I couldn't help but feel responsible.

Wait, there's no reason to think like this. Dad always told me, "As leader, you are responsible for them, but you are not responsible to carry the burden of blame alone. Your teammates are your friends and family, they'll help you. You are all responsible for the blame and the victories. Never forget that."

Thinking of dad always did cheer me up, even if we didn't have a lot of family time anymore. "Alright! Let's figure out where we are! Let's see if I can call Avery. She could tell us what happened better than anyone else!" With a miniature pep talk, I pulled out my phone, quickly finding Avery's number and hitting 'call'. It rang once and someone picked up. "Hello?"

"Avery, hey it's me."

"Uh, you have the wrong number. There isn't an Avery here."

"Ha-ha, nice joke Allie. Seriously, where's Avery?"

"There's not an Allie here. You have the wrong number. Seriously. Bye."

Even though the line went dead, I couldn't put the phone down. I looked back at the contact in my phone. It was Avery's. Wait, the date is wrong. It was July 6th…. My phone said it was April 15th. As I sat there, trying to figure what in the world was happening, a very familiar looking girl walks through the trees into the small clearing.

She starts to say something, but stops herself and instead stares. I start to ask her why she's staring, but I realize the reason is sitting on my head. Sunmon decided to take a nap on my head.

We stare at each other for a moment, before she says, oh so quietly, "You have a digimon on your head." I can't help but laugh, "Oh, yeah. So you know about Digimon too, huh?"

Of course she does, stupid. You're just staring at your own mother, who's a DigiDestined, a Chosen Child, I mean, stupid question.

She laughs, "Well, obviously. But yes. I'm Kari Kamiya." Mom. I can't help but smile. Mom really was all the amazing things dad would go on about. 'Find a girl like your mom. Someone sweet, kind, smart, loving, strong, and wonderful.' Kari suddenly looks at me, expectedly. "Oh, I'm Nikolas. Nikolas Kanbara." CRAP! I can tell mom knows the name by the way her expression changes. "Kanbara? Are you related to Takuya, by any chance? I can really see a resemblance between you two." AGAIN, CRAP! Of course she'd bring up dad. I can't lie! Esepcially if we run into him, she'll see how much we really do look alike. I really wish I looked more like mom right now. "Uh, yeah. We're like second cousins or something like that. I've never met him, which is why I'm here actually! I heard he was in Odaiba!"

Sunmon, who had decided to wake up, looks down at me. His expression screams what he's thinking, "Nice save, but you're going to be in so much trouble when this blows up in your face."

Kari seemed to think that was funny, as she's doubled over laughing. "You're partially right. He's in Odaiba today, but he lives in Shibuya. I'm waiting for him to finish an errand for his dad right now. 'Second cousins or something.' You two look so much alike, you could be brothers or even father and son!"

If only you knew, mom. Wait, dad's in Odaiba. Right now. Think Nikolas, what would Avery do in this situation. 'Try to figure out where and when you are.' Odaiba Park is where but what is when? I mean, I'm here right now, but that's probably not the right answer. My only clue is mom. Mom's definitely not old enough to be a mother yet, but she knows Dad. So let me think. Mom and Dad met when they were 17. Dating at 18. Married at 20 (21 for Dad). She doesn't seem to have a ring on, so we're in-between 17 years old and 19 years old.

"So you're friends with my cousin?" Simple question. If she says "yes" that means they are not dating yet. She stops laughing at this, and suddenly looks away shyly. "You could say that, but we're dating. Geez, it's embarrassing to say out loud." Great, so mom's AT LEAST 18. How in the world did we end up back in time? Is this screwing up my existence? This is way too much.

Well, at least she can't kill me if something happened to Cecily. Although neither of us exist yet…

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