Shot of a flying plane. Night. In the cabin, the seatbelt light is turned on. Hostesses inform the passengers that the aircraft is going to meet some turbulences. One of them panicks. He is the same man as the one in the pilot if the tv show.

He quickly pulls out a briefcase from which he extracts a seringe in order to take an insuline shot. Near the window, his neighbour tries to calm him down.

PASSENGER 2 : My friend, it's just an electrical storm.

PASSENGER 1 : I understand.

PASSENGER 2 : We're not flying through a vortex, ok ? We're not gonna get ambered in flight.

PASSENGER 1 : Of course, yeah.

PASSENGER 2 : Here, gum ?

PASSENGER 1 : No, thank you.

He opens his briefcase again and grabs a metal instrument, tall as a pen. He unscrews some parts and screws some others. The device continuously glows red. Then green, green, green, and red. He panicks even more and gets up.

He struggles to move forward in the shaking corridor. An alarmed hostess is after him, urging him to sit down. Lightnings brutally change the colours of the scene. She grabs him by the arm, he turns backs, with a terrified face.

PASSENGER 1 : We're all gonna die !

HOSTESS : Sir, please sit down ! You're scaring the other...

PASSENGER 1 : You don't understand, you've gotta pull...

He stops and gapes at the show before him. The seats are trembling. Many objects are shimmering. An seatbelt here, a pillow there. All begin vibrating just like when an objects crosses the frontier between universes. Soon, the whole other end of the cbain is afflicted.

COPILOT : What the hell is happening over here ?

PASSENGER 1 : You've got to land this plane, now !

PILOT, behind : What is he talking about ?

COPILOT : Calm down, sir...

He looks behind the frightened man. The other half of the plane is shimmering.

PILOT : What's going on ? Answer me !

He triggers the auto-pilot. The copilot slowly turns his head.


Shot of the plane from outside. It flys peacefully, with the whole end half shaking and glowing. The image begins vibrating just like when we cross to the other side. When it happens, the end half of the aircraft stays, without the first half, and starts to fall.

Red Opening.