Shot of car approaching Front Bay in the redverse. Charlie and Lincolm are chatting.

CHARLIE : You see, I feel like sometimes she'd rather be with those arachnides than with me.

LINCOLM : Oh really ?

CHARLIE : No, I'm hyperbolic… But maybe she wouldn't love me as much if…

LINCOLM : This is ridiculous. I'm sure she likes you for who you are. A ball of muscles with no brain tissue.

The car slows down. They face snowy garage ways.

CHARLIE : Me, a ball of muscles ? I'm as soft as they come.

He slams his door on his buckle, grunts and slams it even harder.


CHARLIE, walking near the buildings : As soon as Olivia dumps you, I'l have you fired of the division.

LINCOLM : You'd like that, don't you ?

CHARLIE, stopping : You know, sometimes I forget you're not…

LINCOLM : The other Lincolm ?

CHARLIE : Yes. I came back too long after his demise and it was hard… I understand you tried to hide it from me while I was resting but… It's just that you look so much alike. And you're so different at the same time.

LINCOLM, walking away toward the containers : That, I know.

They walk past some doors.

CHARLIE : I didn't wanna hurt you, dude.

LINCOLM : Of course not.

CHARLIE : Looks like you're upset.

LINCOLM, stopping abruptly : Look. WHen I got here, people thought I was a ghost. Then slowly, they expected me to do everything just like the other Lincolm. Even Olivia sometimes…

He regrets mentionning this.

CHARLIE : Olivia ?

LINCOLM : She would appreciate if I was like him.

CHARLIE, holding his shoulder : You listen to me. Olivia loves you for who you are. Of course your likeness helped. But she's not a psycho. It's Olivia. She's got a lucid mind.

Lincolm nods.

CHARLIE : Even though she dates you…

LINCOLM halting : Stop.

CHARLIE : It's a joke !

LINCOLM, listening : No, listen...

A series of electronic noises alerts them. Tey turn to a door and force it open. They enter and found a lot a weird appliances. A few computer screens are on. We can see bizarre windows shimmering. Lincolm walks near a box inside of which a rat is regularly popping in and out of existence, like he was crossing between universes.

LINCOLM : Have a look…

CHARLIE : Calling logistics. We need a whole truck. (He thinks a second) Two trucks. There's no reception here.

Charlie leaves. He walks in an alley, looking for a signal. In the garage, Lincolm examines the material. Suddenly, another container door opens behind him. A surprised man looks at him. He looks exactly like the man on board the plane, who took an insulin shot. He runs away. Lincolm follows him quickly. It's night, and the snow falls hard.

LINCOLM : Stop right there !

He runs after him through a labyrinth of alleys. He calls Charlie.

CHARLIE, on the telephone : Lincolm ?

LINCOLM : A suspect is fleeing out back. We need him alive !

CHARLIE : I'm catching him !

He runs toward them. The following shots capture the pursuit accross this scenery ressembling the pilot episode's. But at some point, Charlie has the lead on Lincolm and gets right behind the fleeing man. Both converge hastily in a wide alley, and Lincolm follow a few seconds later. He witnesses the scene. The suspect stops in the midle of the way, he's getting out something from his pocket. He looks sturdily at Charlie, who's 10 meters before him.

CHARLIE, pointing his gun : Hands in the air !

The man seems ready to use the device he's holding.

LINCOLM : Charlie !

A massive shock wave suddenly surges, coming out from many doors at the same time, busting everything off in its way. It throws Lincolm violently on the container wall behind him and totally blurs the zone where Charlie stood.