Gather around boys and girl young and old, for a story of a quest, and the occasional joke attempt.

It's dark and snowy upon a mountain top. The snow is actually from a current snow storm that totally wasn't for plot driving reasons, and happened naturally. Two figures come across an old cabin. It appeared to be old, yet it had looked well kept. They walked in and looked around, closing the door, just strong enough to hold back the raging winds.

The first figure had a natural feminine voice, rolling their tongue at the end of a few of her words which was revealed when she spoke to her partner, and she took off her cloak, shaking the snow off and hanging it up. She was revealed to be some form of cat human hybrid, tail and ears included.

"It's getting crazy out there, isn't it?" The cat person said.

"Yeah, but are you sure this is the place?" The second one replied.

The second figure hung his cloak up somewhere else, speaking with a gruff voice

"Listen Parker, Grey is the one guy I know who figured out how to use magic, and I'm the only one I know who he told where he went. You want the story? You'll have to trust me." She responded.

Parker shut up from there.

"So… do you have any food?" She asked, "I maaaaaay have eaten mine already…"

Parker stared at her for a moment. "You must have amazing metabolism, you look almost the same as when we left. How are you still hungry? And why didn't you just fill up your inventory with food?" He questioned.

"Shut up… besides, I thought I'd do a bit of mining." she lightly blushed under her fur and went into the other room to look for some food, and a furnace to smelt.

"Tell me when you find something! I'm gonna be over here… reading… or something…" He pulls a book out of his pack and begins reading

"Hey, I finally found something!" The cat person shouted from the other room.

Parker put the book down and got up to see. "Great, what is it?"

"Grey's secret stash of cat treats!" She said excitedly.

"Cat treats? this whole time and you found… cat treats…" He said, shaking his head while doing a blocky facepalm.

"Yep! You said to tell you when you find something and I did!" She said.

"Well tell me when you find something important." He replied, before turning around and exiting.

"Oh yeah, and a note to find Grey's apparently hidden area." She shouted.

"What?! Why didn't you start with that?" Parker shouted back.

"Because," she paused, "I found the treats first."

"Well read it out then!" Said Parker.

"Ahem… The small detail putting you in a bind, something you should replace once you find." She read.

"What does that mean?" Parker puzzled.

"Grey always loved wordplay and puzzles, so it's natural this wouldn't be easy… hmm… a small detail… what's small here?" She explained and asked.

"Well… there's a spot in the bookcase..." Parker guessed.

"Ooo! Try putting one of your books in there!" She said excitedly.

"But I like these books!" He whined.

"Do it or I'll claw off one of your fingers and force feed it to you" She said, instantly switching tones from nice and cheery, to dead serious, which scared Parker into doing it, and after a redstone setup, a trapdoor opened.

"L-ladies first." He said, scared of the she-cat.

"Thank you." She said, climbing down the ladder, with Parker following.

Hey guys! After... what has it been like a year? Anyways I'm finally back, and I've never posted in minecraft so most of you can't tell who I am... but this is a message to the people who follow me. So yeah.