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She hated Wallace West. She really did. The red headed little bastard. Sure, she liked him because he was Jennifer boyfriend and was nice to her. Nevermind she didn't hate him. She just couldn't tolerate him sometimes, and these was one those times.

Right now he was barricading the door between her and Jen. She found out after hearing a message from the coffee shop owner that she had given her number to Jason. She wasn't even around! But then Jen told her that she heard the conversation and gave him her number she was not happy. She hated Jen right now.

"LOOK Raven! You should talk to other guys you know besides Wally. I mean he doesn't even count!" Jen yelled through the door.

"I'm a guy, and I resent that!"

Jen walked out of the room and stood next to Wally. " You know Richard with Kori. He loves Kori." She said sympathetically. "It was just one drunken night."

"Yeah, Happy 21st to me." Rachel murmured. But he's with Kori. And I know that even after you told him, he still left."

"He said that he would give a couple of million dollars just so don't I won't bother him. Probably thinks I'll go to the media with this. And ruin his engagement to Kori. I thought Dick would be more of a man."

"Just talk to Jason. I mean, I'm sure they are not all bad. Look at Wally." the redhead blushed as Jen kissed him on the cheek. "If not, I'll give your number to Adonis from high school."

" Fine. I guess I call him. But you owe me!" Raven retorted after remembering just how "persistent" Adonis could be.

In an apartment a mile away. Jason looked through his letters. His slightly older brother sent him an invitation. He had not spoken to any of his siblings since he moved out at eighteen. But knowing his brother he was sure that their father had given him his address. He looked at the letters.

You are cordially invited to the union of

Kori Anders


Richard Grayson

on the

13 of August

Jason Todd sighed. It wouldn't look good if he didn't attend this wedding. He stepped out on the family. The family business got bigger after he left. Gathering media attention, he was considered the long-lost black sheep. Funny. He had started his own coffee business. Sure it was a tiny hole in the wall, but it was his. He was never interested in the family business and after the fall out with his brothers five years ago. He wasn't interested in attending this wedding. He barely even knew Dick. The two never getting along together and both were stubborn, and Richard was such a goody goody. Always trying to make himself look better even not caring on how it may make others look.

His phone rang he glanced down and smiled it was the number Jen had given him. It was Rachel. He picked up the phone. "Hello, Jason speaking. How are you, Rachel?"

"How do you even know it was me?" Rachel asked a tad surprised.

He smirked. "I saved your number as soon as I got from your friend, Jennifer. I was wondering if you would like to go out for pizza Friday," he said jokingly remembering that pizza made her sick.

"Haha. Very funny."

He sat a bit more confidently on his couch. "Actually, I was wondering if you like to go out for breakfast Monday morning. Your friend told me you were free on Mondays."

"My soon to be ex-friend," she growled. "Where?"

"I know this little place that does that's only open until noon on the west side of town. Meet me at the coffee shop around say 8:30. If that's okay with you."

"That's just fine," Rachel responded.

"Well. Bye Rachel."

"Goodbye. Jason." He let out a breath he was holding.

"You got a date with the pregnant chick, didn't ya?" Roy had been standing behind the couch the entire time listening to the conversation he moved around the sofa and tossed the baseball he had been throwing in the air while eavesdropping to Jason

"Yes. Did you get the invitation from Dick?" Try to avoiding any further teasing from Roy. Roy looked at his friend. Jason tossed the ball back.

"I got it about a week ago," Roy said. "Are you going to invite Rachel?"

Jason looks over a Roy. "Really Roy! I just met her!" catching the ball that Roy tossed back over.

"And now you're having a baby!" Roy teased. Jason threw the ball lower. He figured that it was worthless avoiding teasing from Roy but seeing as the ball hit it's target right in the crotch making the man keel over in pain. He laughed at the man Roy should know better than to tease him about the people he chooses to go out with.

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