Chapter 2: Solo Mission

Author's Note Part 1: Well guys, I'm starting up the second chapter about 18 hours after posting the first one. But, with everything that's going on in my life that I told you about last chapter, I have no idea when this will actually get posted. As it stands, I'm starting about an hour or so before I'm gonna be eating dinner, so who knows? Maybe I'll lose the mood to write after eating…

But anyways, welcome to the second chapter of this story! As you can see, I've already started to diverge from the last one a bit more in this one, since Shade / Shadow is gonna be taking on a solo mission for himself in this one! However, for those of you reading this, it's not going to be a chapter that was written completely by me for you guys. Instead, I'm gonna be doing what I've done in my other stories, and make this an "Original Chapter".

For those of you who don't know what I mean by that, it's basically like I'm taking an event / situation from a separate anime / movie, and placing it in this story with characters from this series taking the place of the original ones from the original version while at the same time changing the events themselves slightly to fit the story better. In this case, I'm currently writing out the Author's Note without a clue as to what the mission will actually be, but I'll know by the time that I reach it. Heck that's what I do for most of my stories. I simply create / solve situations as they progress.

Anyways, I'll let you guys get to reading the actual chapter now, since I'm sure you all just want to get to reading it anyways.

3rd Person POV:

Death City. The location of the Death Weapon Meister Academy, as well as all the different houses and apartment buildings that housed most of, if not all, the students that attended the academy in question. In one such apartment, Shade can be seen sleeping peacefully in his queen sized bed, the blinds attached to the window above said bed closed, and only allowing a few rays of light to get into the room through the cracks, while the rest of the room was only slightly illuminated thanks to the lamp set up on the bedside table on the right side of the bed, across from the wall.

However, as Shade continues to sleep, a figure raises itself beside his bed, before looking down at his sleeping form. The light from the lamp only slightly illuminates the shape, allowing a human-shaped shadow to be projected onto the wall beside the bed. Then, in the darkness of the room, the person gives a wide smile, allowing slightly sharp, pure white teeth to be seen in the dark as they lean towards the sleeping white haired teenager, said teeth parting slightly with each second they get closer.

However, seconds before the person can reach their target, Shade's eyes fly open, and he quickly blurs out of existence, making the person's large smile change into a frown at the sight, before they're pushed onto the bed as Shade reappears behind them, and keeps their arms behind their back as he leans over them to keep them pinned to the mattress, while at the same time allowing his mouth to be right next to the person's head.

"…When will you learn, Blair?" Shade asks the figure as he leans back, and raises his hand to tug at a cord hanging from the ceiling, turning on the light attached to the ceiling fan above him, and allowing Blair's prone form to be seen clearly by the light shining down from above. In response to his words, Blair shifts a bit in his grip as she turns her head to look at him with a smirk.

"I won't. Not until I finally catch you." She responds, making Shade give a small sigh as he shakes his head, before giving the girl underneath him a smile.

"Of course not Blair." He responds, before pushing her against the bed a bit more, making her give a slight moan at the feeling due to the fact that Shade currently had his groin area pressed against her ass, while at the same time he was pressing her breasts into the mattress. When she lets off her moan, Shade smirks as he leans over once again so that he's able to talk into her ear again.

"Oh? Did you like that?" He asks her in a whisper, making her look at him out of the corner of her eyes with a seductive shine in them.

"I don't know… Do you think I enjoyed it?" She asks him with an innocent tone, before she's forced to close her eyes and let off a sultry moan as Shade does the same thing to her again, his smirk widening at her response to his actions.

"I think that you did Blair. And…" He trails off as he moves his free hand underneath her trapped body, and grabs onto one of her breasts that was being pressed against the mattress, making her moan in response as she gains a slight flush to her face. "I also think that you want me to do more." He whispers to her as he starts to knead the breast that he's holding. This makes Blair look at him out of the corner of her eyes once again as she starts to pant slightly from what the white haired teen on top of her is doing.

"…Please?" She asks him with a small pout, making Shade's smirk become feral as he suddenly pulls away from the purplette, before roughly turning her over, and then moving so that he's holding himself above her form as she lies in his bed with a flushed face as she continues to lightly pant from what he's done to her so far, before he leans down so that his mouth is beside her ear again.

"Of course Blair." He whispers, before pulling back, and capturing her lips with his own in a heated kiss, which Blair manages to return as she wraps her legs around Shade's waist, while her arms make their way around his neck, the two allowing their tongues to come into play a few seconds later as they begin to battle for dominance.

At this point in time, it's been about a week and a half since the night that Shade, Maka and Soul had found out that Blair wasn't actually a witch. At that point in time, the two currently locking lips in Shade's bed had already began their flirting with one another, and from that night onwards, they got to know each other on more personal levels. It was only a few days ago that they'd officially gotten together, and with the personalities of each of them, it'd only taken so long before this was something that they did on a regular basis.

As the two continue to lock lips, Shade moves one of his hands back to Blair's breasts, and begins to knead one of them, making the purplette separate from the kiss to let off a moan. This causes Shade to smirk in response as he moves his head, allowing him to plant kisses along Blair's neck, which makes her shiver underneath him as she wraps her legs a bit tighter around the white haired teen's waist, while her hands move to the back of his white T-shirt, and grab onto it. She pulls at it a bit, almost as if she's trying to take it off him as he continues to pleasure her.

After a few more seconds, Shade lets off a grunt while Blair begins to give him a seductive purr as she grinds her hips against his own, causing the both of them to gaze at each other with small hints of lust appearing in their eyes. While this happens, Blair gives Shade a coy smile, before the white haired teen returns it with a feral one of his own as his hand makes its way to the back of her shirt/skirt combo, pulls down the zipper that was present there, and then removes it from her body in one swift move. When this happens, Blair gasps at the sudden loss of her clothing, before releasing another moan as Shade kneads her purple bra covered chest.

"How much do you like this Blair?" He whispers to her, before he's forced to give off a grunt as Blair looks at him with sultry eyes, her hands currently grasping his groin since when the two of them were like this, it was the only time Shade allowed his guard to drop.

"Oh, I'd say that I've been enjoying this as much as you're about to enjoy it." She tells him with her cheerful tone, even though it contains a hint of sultriness as she proceeds to push him onto his back as she straddles his waist, and then removes his shirt from his body, letting off a seductive purr at the sight of his toned chest as she runs her hands over the muscles she sees there, grinding her hips the whole time to keep Shade slightly unfocused. "Mmm… Blair likey." She whispers as she continues to massage the muscles that she can see, before leaning down and kissing Shade on the lips.

When this happens, Shade returns it as one of his hands moves back up to her bra covered chest, while the second moves down to her purple panties covered ass, massaging the skin there since the panties that Blair wore were actually fairly revealing, and were practically a thong. When Shade does this, Blair's eyes widen in surprise as a, "Nya~" makes its way past her lips, before she looks down at her boyfriend with flushed cheeks, while her pupils are more like slits now.

At the sight, Shade sighs internally, before he stops pleasuring the girl on top of him, and instead reaches up to push her away by her shoulders, making her look at him in slight confusion as the lust in her eyes recedes, and her pupils return to normal. In response to her confused look, Shade lets off an actual sigh as he swings his legs over the side of the bed, and gets to his feet, before turning to face his girlfriend. "Sorry Blair, but it started happening again." He tells her, making her face become slightly redder as she looks down at the bed.

"Oh…" She mutters in slight embarrassment. One of the downsides to technically being a cat, even though most people might simply classify Blair as a "Neko girl", was that the purplette was more susceptible to her hormones than normal humans. Because of this, her and Shade had only managed to go so far for limited amounts of time before they had to stop, since neither one believed that they were at the stage in their relationship to take things to the next level yet. However, her face is raised from looking at the sheets a few seconds later by Shade's hand as he cups her chin as he gives her a smile, before he gives her a true, loving kiss on the lips that almost has her melting.

A few seconds later, he separates, and gives her a small smile. "Don't worry about it." He tells her, before leaning in so that his mouth is next to her ear once again as he continues to cup her chin in his hand. "And besides, who knows? Maybe you'll be able to act on your instincts sometime soon and get lucky…" He whispers, making her eyes become slightly slanted once again as she begins to pant slightly at his words, looking at him out of the corner of her eyes to see him giving her a curved smirk.

In response to his words, she grabs his shoulders, and quickly pulls him into a heated kiss, which he returns for a few seconds before the two separate. As the string of saliva that connected their lips also separates, Shade gives a small chuckle, before walking over towards one of the doors in his room that led into a closet of his. Meanwhile back on his bed, Blair attempts to get her hormones under control once again, before she stands up, and stretches. After getting all the kinks out of her back, she turns to look at Shade as he finishes getting dressed in his work outfit, which was actually the Assassin-like gear that he wore when he was with Maka and Soul.

At the sight, Blair's eyes become half-lidded as she saunters over to stand in front of him, before wrapping her arms around his neck as she stares into his eyes. "So, you have another job today?" She asks in a slightly quiet voice, making Shade smirk at her question as he wraps his arms around her waist.

"Yeah. I've gotta go and see Lord Death about the information for it in a little while. But, I should have enough time for breakfast before I go." He tells her, making her give him a seductive smirk in response as they separate, before she's surrounded by a golden light. When it disappears, Blair is standing in the same place, but now she's no longer wearing her underwear. Instead she's wearing a white apron, a black thong… And that's it. At the sight, Shade allows a smirk to appear on his face, before it's covered as Blair leans forwards and captures his lips with her own. After a few seconds, she pulls back with a giggle.

"Well then, I'll just go right ahead and make us something." She says, before turning around and heading towards the door that led to the rest of the apartment, turning her head to look over her shoulder at him with inviting eyes at the doorway. "You're welcome to join me in the kitchen as I make it." She purrs, before sauntering out into the hallway that led into the kitchen. At the sight, Shade allows a small chuckle past his lips, before he follows his girlfriend into the kitchen.

Needless to say that breakfast ended up being postponed for a little while after he walked in…

A few hours later, Shade finds himself standing in Xian, China. Looking around the area that he was standing in, he found it devoid of life, which was understandable based on the lanterns that had been sliced apart, along with a few lines carved into the stone. Walking over to one and running a hand over it, he decided that it was likely that the marks were caused by a creature with claws, as opposed to something with a weapon. Looking around again, the whistling wind reinforcing the fact that he was alone, before he noticed something shining from the moonlight a few yards away.

Walking over to it, one of his eyebrows rises at the sight that greets him. Bending down and taking the item into his hand, he finds what appears to be a lion's claw, which was made out of marble. Turning it in his hands, he notices a small pile of blue dust shimmering a few feet away, and turns his attention to it. Bending down to get a closer look, he sees that it's sparkling constantly, and it's not because of the moonlight.

"Hmmm…" He mutters out loud, before looking at the area around the pile of dust. Taking a closer look, he finds that the dust and claw were both present on a platform of some kind, and looking at the ground, he saw what appeared to be lion prints leading away from the pile of blue dust, each paw print leaving behind similar dust. Raising an eyebrow, Shade stands up, before looking to his left as a figure approaches him. When he does this, he sees a man in a security officer's uniform walking over to him. "Can I assume that you are here for the DWMA?" The man asks, getting a nod from Shade in response.

"Yes. Is there anything that you can tell me regarding these items?" He asks the man, holding up the claw, and gesturing to the small pile of dust. In response to his question, the man sighs.

"Those are all that remain of the statue that came to life, and left this area." The man tells Shade, getting a nod in response. "Unfortunately, this is not surprising. Since the ancient palace was excavated, we have seen some… Unusual things in this village." The man tells the DWMA Agent.

"I see." Shade says with a nod, before his attention is brought to the rolled up piece of paper in the guard's hand. "And the poster?" He asks, nodding towards the poster in question, which the guard pulls out and unrolls so that Shade can see it.

"This is the Scepter of Xian." The guard states, the picture on the poster revealing a golden scepter painted onto it, with Kanji depicting its name on either side. "One of our oldest cultural treasures. Last night it was taken from our museum. Perhaps only a coincidence, but… Troubling, none the less." The guard states, before rolling the poster back up in his hands. Shade nods in response to this piece of information.

"Right, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for that as well as the statue. Now, where exactly is the palace?" He asks the guard, who turns and point in the direction it was located.

"It is in the northern part of the village. However, I would advise against going there. We believe it to be… Haunted." The guard states, and beneath his mask, Shade gives a small smile as he heads towards the palace.

"Well, that's the exact reason I'm here, isn't it?"

A few minutes later, Shade is walking through the main area inside the palace, walking towards the back through the main aisle, and looking around him at all the statues that had been placed there. And he had to admit that he was impressed. He remembered reading that all the statues had been sculpted by hand, and for all of them to seem almost identical was a testament to the skill of the sculptors.

Thinking about it, he felt that there was more to them than that, but at the moment, he couldn't remember. Shaking that thought off as he got closer to the back, he stopped in front of a sarcophagus that had been placed on a platform in the room, and then reaches into his items pouch, which was right next to his weapons pouch, and pulls out a small notebook. This was where he'd jotted down a few notes that Lord Death had given him before sending him out on this mission.

From what the Grim Reaper had told him, the person who was buried here was a man that had gone by the name of the First Emperor. The man had rose to greatness by uniting the many tribes of the land into one great empire. However, like many men who did the same, he became tyrannical, and ruled over everything with an iron fist. Looking up for a few seconds, he sees a tapestry that has a picture painted onto it, most likely a portrait of the First Emperor. And held in his hand was the same scepter that the guard had mentioned was stolen the previous night.

Any chance of those two not being linked is now down the drain. Shade thinks to himself as he looks back down at his notebook. From the notes he took down, he was reminded that the man only started to become tyrannical after his empire started growing, most likely because of the influx in power the man felt. And because of this, he would enslave those who defied him. However, for the ones who followed him willingly, they crafted a golden scepter that would allow the man immortality.

Also noted down, was how in the end, the number of subjects that didn't follow him was greater than those that did, so they were able to overwhelm the emperor, and entomb him in the sarcophagus that was lying in front of Shade. Closing his notebook and putting it away, Shade stares down at the coffin in front of him. While he knew that the man had likely started to form a Kishin Egg inside of him, he also believed that there were better ways of taking someone out than burying them alive.

However, he supposed that killing the man with the immortal scepter would be fairly difficult. But it would have been easy to kill him once they took it away. Unfortunately, it seemed that he would have to do that in their place. Placing his hands in the groove between the coffin and its lid, he gets ready to lift it, only to pause when he hears movement behind him. Removing his hands from the coffin, Shade turns around towards the noise, and is only slightly shocked by what he sees.

Floating in the air behind him was a Chinese dragon with red scales, and glowing green eyes. And as it breathed, smoke exited its nostrils right in front of Shade. In response, the DWMA Agent simply stares at the creature, before sighing. "You know, if I were a normal person, I'd either put this off as a hallucination, or be running for my life… But considering my job…" He trails off, right before the dragon roars in his face. "…Yeah, this is par for the course." He finishes, before leaping backwards and placing his feet against the wall, reaching into his weapons pouch at the same time.

Then, as he leaps off the wall, he throws three Kunai at the dragon, the weapons only getting stuck in the scales, and not penetrating through the flesh. When Shade lands, he stares at his weapons as the dragon curves its body towards him, the Kunai being dislodged, and falling to the floor. "Tsk." Shade stares at the weapons, before raising his head to look at the dragon, which exhales smoke from its nostrils yet again. If Shade had to guess, he'd say that the dragon wasn't amused with his attempt to hurt it.

And he's proven right a few seconds later when he leaps backwards to avoid the stream of fire that the dragon breathes, the flames barely missing him as he makes his way through the statues, before leaping up against a pillar to get another look at the dragon. When the dragon sees him, it immediately turns towards him with a roar of anger, and flies at the pillar. The DWMA Agent leaps off at the last second, making the dragon ram into the support pillar. While dust falls from the ceiling due to the dragon's actions, the pillar doesn't crumble.

Narrowing his eyes at the dragon, Shade thinks about his options. He could face off against the dragon, and try to find a way to take it out, but it was likely that the dragon wasn't actually the cause for what was happening around town, so facing off against it would likely just waste his time. His other option was to find a way out of here, and find out just what was causing all the problems in the area. After dodging another stream of fire, Shade decides to go with the second option.

Looking around the room, he sees a few grates in the ground. Leaping down in front of one after dodging another attempt from the dragon to ram into him, he pries the grate out of the floor, and looks down at the shaft that it had been blocking off. Luckily, it could easily fit him, and with that in mind, he leaps down just as another stream of fire passes overhead. As he falls down, the dragon attempts to go down after him, except that the only thing that fits is its snout. When it realizes that it won't be able to chase after Shade, it gives a roar of anger, before attempting to breath fire down after him.

Luckily, it only lasts for a few seconds, and doesn't come anywhere close to Shade as he continues to slide down, before shooting out of the hole in a wall that was the exit point. Rolling with the momentum, he's able to come to a stop without hurting himself, and then proceeds to dust off his clothes as he looks around the area that he ended up in. From the looks of things, he'd either ended up in a dungeon underneath the palace, or some kind of area where the First Emperor might have been taken in case of an emergency.

And as Shade continues to walk around the floor, he starts to think that it was the latter, based on all the empty rooms that looked like they would have been used as bedrooms, study rooms, there was even a library. However, at one point, he was forced to stop, and crouch in the shadows when the lion from the town went stalking past, the same blue dust being shaken off its form with each step that it takes. And thinking about it, Shade could recall that the same blue dust occasionally drop from the dragon's form, while the other one inside the large room had remained on its pillar

With those memories, Shade realized that the dust was likely the cause of the two inanimate objects being brought to life. A frown crossed his face at that thought, since it meant that whoever was behind the things happening in the town, likely had more of the stuff tucked away for later use in the future. And when the lion finally left, Shade slowly exited the shadows, before heading in the direction that it had come from, passing more rooms along the way.

Finally, he came upon a room that looked like it would be used for Alchemy, during the era that it had been built in. Nowadays, people would probably use the equipment present in order to practice chemistry. At the sight, Shade's frown returned, and he locked the door behind him before he started searching the place for a jar filled with the dust that he'd seen three times now. Unfortunately, he's unable to find anything before he hears a sound coming from the door, and turns to face it. The sight that greets him is an old man fazing through the locked door, before he notices Shade, and a scowl appears on his face.

"You are not a friend of the Master… He will be most displeased." The man states as he walks towards the DWMA Agent. At the sight of the old man walking towards him, Shade frowns, and turns to face him.

"Are you the one who's been causing all the disturbances around town lately?" He asks, his hand slowly inching towards his katana sheathed at his side. Unfortunately, the old man notices, and holds out his hand towards Shade, before chanting a spell. What follows is the ground at Shade's feet turning to liquid, causing the DWMA Agent to sink a bit, before it solidified once again around his legs, trapping him in the floor. "Shit." Shade growls out as he looks at his trapped legs, before looking back up at the man as he walks past him.

"Though, we may have use for you when he awakes…" He continues, making Shade turn his head to follow the old man's movements.

"I'm guessing by that, you mean either as a servant, or a sacrifice." He states with a frown as he glances at his legs, giving them an experimental tug, only for them to refuse to move. In response to his question, the old man simply gives a sinister chuckle as he walks over to a wall, part of which separates to reveal the Scepter of Xian, and a bag. "So, let me take a guess. You're the one who stole the Scepter of Xian, so that you could give it to the First Emperor after you woke him up with whatever is in that bag." Shade states with narrowed eyes.

"I stole nothing!" The old man exclaims as his grip on the scepter tightens. "It shall soon be in the hands of its rightful owner." The old man continues as he walks by Shade and heads towards the door, turning around to face the DWMA Agent as he does so. "Then, you shall see greatness." The man tells him, before fazing through the door once again. Shade glares at the door that he fazed through, before looking back down at his trapped legs.

Well this is just great. Luckily, I have an easy way out of this. He thinks to himself, his gaze being drawn to his sword. As his hand grasps the hilt, he stops for a few seconds as he hears sounds coming from around the room. Looking up at one of the areas that it was coming from, he found a large group of rats heading towards him. "Well shit." He mutters, before pulling his sword free from its sheath, and then stabbing it into the ground in front of him. At the sight of the katana, the rats freeze, before scurrying back to their hiding places when they see Shade's glare.

When they're gone, Shade exhales, before calming himself as he takes a few deep breaths. Then, a few seconds later, his hand twitches, before the ground around his legs is suddenly cut to pieces. Shade climbs out of the hole, the sliced rocks falling down to fill in part of the hole in the process, before sliding his katana back into its sheath as he turns to the door, and runs towards it, unlocking it quickly and throwing it open. When he does this, he finds the lion from town standing in his way, a growl coming from its mouth. At the sight, Alex pauses, before frowning as he crouches, and pulls out a Kunai that he holds in his hand in a reverse grip.

No words needed to be said for the DWMA Agent. All he had to do was take out the lion in front of him, and then go back to the main room of the palace to take down the old man, and the First Emperor. With that in mind, Shade leaps at the lion, making the living-statue leap towards him at the same time. Shade slides beneath the beast, stabbing it with his Kunai, and slicing it along the bottom, before getting back to his feet to watch the lion land without any problem and turn to face him.

Glancing at the ground, he saw a lack of any kind of blood, and his eyes widen as he realizes that the powder that brought it to life did only that. It brought the inanimate object to life. It didn't give it life. So, with that in mind, Shade puts his Kunai away, and pulls his Katana out of its sheath once again. This time, when the lion charges him, Shade waits a few seconds, before he seems to disappear, and then reappear behind the lion a few seconds later as it slows down. As his katana clicks back into his sheath, the lion falls to the ground in pieces, before Shade turns and heads towards the set of stairs that would hopefully lead him up to the main room.

As he climbs the stairs, he thinks about the dragon from earlier as well. If the same dust was used on it, then it would make sense that his Kunai didn't pierce it. It wasn't that the dragon's scales were keeping his weapons from piercing its skin, it's that the dragon didn't have any skin to begin with, and its entire body was made out of marble. Meaning that at best, Shade had to decapitate the thing, or slice it to pieces like he did to the lion.

When he gets to the top, he sees the old man standing on top of the coffin, chanting as he pulls the bag from earlier out of his robes. Alex's eyes narrow on the man as he conducts the ceremony that's no doubt meant to bring the First Emperor out of his slumber, and back to the world of the living. However, he's distracted from the old man by a familiar roar, making him turn in the direction it came from to see the dragon glaring at him. When the old man hears the roar, he turns to see the dragon glaring at Shade, making the man laugh.

"You may be clever boy, but the Emperor's Guardian shall make sure you perish!" He exclaims as the dragon flies towards Shade, making the DWMA Agent leap backwards as the dragon slams into the ground, before it breathes fire at him, singing his clothes when he's unable to completely dodge in time. Quickly patting down the embers to put them out, Shade looks up just in time for the dragon to ram into him, sending him flying backwards into the main aisle. Pushing himself to his feet, Shade pulls his katana free from its sheath, and watches as the dragon charges at him once again.

As it gets closer, Shade allows himself to relax, before he disappears once again, only to reappear behind the dragon, just before it falls to pieces, just like the lion. The old man can only stare in shock at what just happened, giving Alex the perfect opportunity to remove a Kunai with chain from his weapons pouch, and send it flying, wrapping around the old man, and pulling him towards the DWMA Agent. The man can only yell out in surprise, before he's knocked out when Shade chops him in the back of his neck.

When the old man faints, the magic that was present in the air disappears, and everything returns to normal. Laying the old man on the floor, Alex makes his way over to the coffin once again, this time lifting up the lid to find the body of the First Emperor, still sleeping. At the sight, Shade pulls out a Kunai, frowning slightly. While the man was evil, and a quick check revealed that he did, indeed, have a Kishin Egg, it still felt wrong to the teen to take the man's life while he was sleeping and couldn't do anything about it.

However, he pushed those feelings off to the side, before bringing the Kunai down and stabbing the man through his heart. What followed was the usual events. The man's body became black, before that same body disappeared as the red soul underneath was revealed. Shade picked up the soul, before placing it in his items pouch, and then turning around and headed back over towards the old man. As Shade picked him up and started to leave the palace, he decided to bring the old man to the DWMA, where Lord Death would likely place him in one of the lower dungeons.

After delivering his report to Lord Death, and leaving the, what Shade assumed to be, Shaman with his boss, the DWMA Agent then left the DWMA, and headed back to his apartment. Unlocking the door, he walked in, before closing and locking it behind him. Then, he headed into his bedroom, finding Blair sleeping on his bed. He chuckles at the sight, before shaking her awake. As she slowly opens her eyes, she stretches, before blinking to adjust her eyes after waking up, and then turning to face the smiling Shade.

At the sight of her boyfriend, Blair immediately wakes up. "Shade!" She exclaims, before promptly pulling into a hug, which presses his face into her breasts. Shade doesn't resist, and simply lets it happen as his girlfriend goes on about how she's happy that he's back and okay, before removing him from her breasts to pull him into a kiss, which he returns. After a few seconds, they pull apart, smiling at one another. After a few more seconds, Shade gets off the bed, and walks towards the door, looking over his shoulder at Blair as he does this.

"How about I tell you about my mission over some dinner. Cause after what I just did, I'm pretty hungry." He admits, getting a smile and nod from his girlfriend in response as she leaps out of the bed, and follows him to the kitchen to get some food. What followed was Shade explaining his mission to Blair while the two of them had dinner, his girlfriend listening to it the whole way through, her expressions revealing exactly how she felt about certain parts. By the end though, Blair was smiling about how Shade managed to finish his job, and get home unscathed.

A few minutes later, the two are in the bedroom, Shade only in his pants while Blair is in her witch outfit, the latter giving Shade a shoulder massage with a smile on her face as her boyfriend relaxes under her touch. After the day he'd had, Shade greatly appreciated his girlfriend's offer for a massage. His stiff muscles relaxed under Blair's fingers and hands as they worked out the kinks in his shoulders and back, allowing Shade to sigh as he sags into the mattress underneath him, a content smile on his face. The purplette continued the massage for a few more minutes, before her hands moved from his back to the tops of his shoulders, and her fingers moved over them in a more sensual way, a sultry smile appearing on her face, even if Shade couldn't see it.

However, even if he couldn't see the grin that appeared on his girlfriend's face, Shade could feel the way her fingers glided over his shoulders, and it made a smirk appear on his face as he uses his arms to lift himself up off the bed, and turn to face Blair, finding her face right in front of his before she captures his lips with her own. As the two kiss, Blair lifts herself off her boyfriend slightly, allowing him to turn underneath her so that he's lying on his back, which lets Blair lean down so that she can press her body against his own as they continue to kiss, their tongues reaching out to meet and dance.

As the two continue, Blair's hands begin to trail over her boyfriend's chest, massaging it in a more intimate way than when she was massaging his back earlier. Shade responds in kind, his hands trailing over the purplette's back, before unzipping her shirt/skirt, and swiftly removing it allowing him to trail his hands over the skin of her bare back, making Blair arch her back in response, separating her lips from his as she lets out a slight gasp, which allows Shade to sit up and begin to lay kisses along the side of her neck, making Blair reach her arms around his back at the feeling she gets from his actions.

Shade smirks as he continues to trail kisses up his girlfriend's neck, before reaching her chin. When this happens, one of Blair's hands reaches up to grab the back of his hair, before she shoves his mouth to her own and snakes her tongue into his mouth, making him groan into the kiss in response to her actions as she presses herself against him while pushing him down into the bed. Shade's eyes meet hers, and he sees that her pupils are becoming slits once again. However, at the moment, he can't find it in him to care. So, he reaches up, and proceeds to knead one of her breasts as they continue.

The reaction he gets is Blair once again separating from him to let off a "Nya~" in response to his actions, before she leans forwards to rest her chin on his shoulder as she moans into his ear, and grind herself against him, getting a grunt from Shade in response to her actions as she starts to pant, her breath tickling his ear as she continues. After a few more seconds, Shade grabs her wrists, before turning them around so that he's lying on her as he presses her into the bed and captures her lips with his own, getting muffled moans into the kiss in response to his actions as Blair's legs wrap around his waist.

In their new position, Blair continues to grind against him, while he removes one hand from her wrist to knead her breast through her purple bra, allowing her to move her freed hand to the back of his head and press against it to make sure he continues kissing her. As they continue with their session, Blair's instincts begin to get the better of her, and she turns them over once again so that he's lying on his back as she sits on the bed a couple feet away from him, panting from their actions so far. Shade stares at his girlfriend's flushed face, taking note of how her pupils are just like those of a cat's, and filled with lust. In response to the sight, he only smirks at her before pushing himself back so he can rest against the pillows pressed against the headboard. "Here kitty, kitty." He says in a low voice, and the response he gets is Blair pouncing at him.

When this happens, the purplette capture's her boyfriend's lips in a frenzied kiss spurred on by her instincts, while her hands travel across his entire body, the need to continue her session with her mate overflowing her mind. A smaller part of her manages to reign in the part of her that's seeking a more intimate session, while at the same time, that small part of her is very much thankful that's it's not her time to be "in heat". On the outside though, Shade continues the make-out session with his girlfriend, one hand kneading her breast, while the other travels down to her ass to start to grope it, making Blair separate their lips once again.

"Nya~ So good Shade-Sama…" Blair breathes out with glazed over eyes in response to his actions, getting a slightly feral grin from her boyfriend in response to her words as he squeezes her breast.

"Yes, Blair-Chan?" He whispers in a low voice, making Blair's eyes widen, before she promptly captures his lips with her own as one of her hands stops massaging his chest to move down to his pants, and grasp the slight tent that had appeared there, making Shade grunt into their kiss in response, allowing Blair to take control of said kiss as she presses herself against him, and as a result, presses him against the headboard of the bed while trailing her hand over the tent in his pants as her tongue moves around in his mouth and she moans into their kiss.

Shade, for his part, while he had known that their session would most likely become something like this when he decided to continue even when he saw her pupils becoming slits earlier, was still a bit surprised at just how intimate Blair was being. At the moment, he could very well have taken her arms with his hands, and separated her from him, but what she was doing definitely felt good to him, and he wasn't opposed to letting it continue. That being said, he did move the hand that was kneading her ass around to her front, and began to trail his hand along the front of her panties, eliciting a louder moan into their kiss, while Blair began to work her own hand harder as a result.

As the two continue their session, their movements get more erratic, while the kiss that they share becomes even more frenzied, their tongues dancing even when their lips separate from one another. However, it wasn't much longer before it came to an end, as Blair's eyes widen and she separates from her boyfriend.

"Nya~~~!" Escapes her lips as she twitches a bit, while Shade grunts as his girlfriend's hand clenches around the more intimate part of his body through his clothes, the purplette falling onto him after a few seconds, the two of them panting as they lay there in bed with one another, Blair's pupils slowly returning to normal as the two's breathing evens out. After a minute, Blair lifts her head off her boyfriend, and the two's eyes meet, before they close as the two share a love filled kiss, the purplette melting into it as it continues. After a few seconds, the two of them pull apart, before Blair giggles.

"I didn't think it would go that far." She tells him with a slight flush to her cheeks, getting a chuckle from her boyfriend in response.

"Yeah, well, I figured it'd probably go at least close to how it did when I didn't stop you earlier." He admits with a shrug, getting a cat-like grin from Blair in response.

"Oh? Were you expecting to go further Mr. Dark and Mysterious?" She asks him with a glint in her eyes, using the name that she'd been using during the time that Shade had been going after her with Maka and Soul. In response to her words, Shade shrugs while giving her a smirk.

"Who knows?" He asks her with a wink, getting a giggle from his girlfriend, before she gives him a peck on the lips as she gets off him to stand beside the bed.

"Well! I think I'm going to go ahead and take a bath… You're free to join me." She invites him with a sultry look in her eyes as she winks at him, making him chuckle in response.

"Thanks for the invitation Blair, but I get the feeling that if I do, we won't be taking much of a bath… And while it would be enjoyable, I'd rather our first time be memorable." He admits, making Blair's eyes widen in response, before a real smile makes its way onto her face as she leans forwards to capture her boyfriend's lips in another loving kiss, which he returns, before they pull apart.

"Thank you, Shade." She thanks him, getting a smile from the white haired teen in response.

"Of course, Blair." He tells her, getting a similar smile from her as she turns around and heads towards the bathroom as her boyfriend gets out of bed in order to change into more comfortable, and clean, clothes. After changing, Shade got into bed, and fell asleep listening to the water run in the bathroom as his girlfriend got the bathtub ready for her bath.

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