Chapter 1: Hello I'm

well this story start's in a dank dark cavern at the bottom of a cliff were a pair of twins fell one year ago threw out that year one of the sister's Hannah had almost starved to death that is till she ate the remain's of her dead sister {I know gross} causing the young teen to slowly change into a Wendigo but unown by her or her old friends and siblings she was actually with child during the fall causing a change to happen so unlike the other Windigos Hannah kept her sanity and had her son who she named Ben and this is where Your story starts.

"momma, Aunt Beth I think someone's coming up the mountain" a small what looked like five year old said sitting at the edge of a cliff where his Aunt and mother had fallen of off a year ago. 'lately Momma and Aunt Beth have been trying to figure out how come I seem to be able to increase my rate of growth or stop it altogether and how come I'm smarter than the average one year old (heck I act like a eighteen year old)' Ben thought holding the 'stolen' jacket that he had gotten from his Mom's old cottage he knew he was small for a five year old but come on he is supposed to be one he had a rats nest of brown hair blue jean pants and his favorite brown jacket. Ben cut of his musing when he heard the rustling of leaves near by Ben got up and morphed to his half form {unlike his mother who is always stuck in her Windigo form Ben can switch between his human form and his half windigo form with the smaller claw's and his skin paler than what is natural and his eye's seemed to glow more and of course his eye's seemed to turn to slits} "it's just me Ben" Hannah said jumping out of the tree line showing her full on Windigo form pale skin taller than the average guy long limbs and sharp teeth staring down from a tree with her big glowing eye's "I still say that pink does not work on you" Beth said appearing floating in between the mother and son 'oh yeah did I tell you my Aunt Beth's a ghost that is haunting us although it's more like she's bored and follows us around and talks to us a lot' Ben thought then noticed what his Aunt had said 'looks like mom's wearing a pink jacket with long sweater pants again' Ben thought shaking his head "so what were you saying Ben" Aunt Beth said looking over Ben's shoulder "someone's coming up from the ski lodge" Ben said pointing at the conveyor belt that was moving up with what looked like one person on board "yeah you're right well let's check out who it is then" Hannah said smirking before jumping from tree branch to tree branch in fast straid's with Ben running after

when the duo reached the main road to the washington cottage they saw a pale young teen with sunken eyes wearing an old jacket with no sleeves walking calmly up the road although he did seem to mutter to himself sometimes "uh it's Josh" Hannah said thanking that it was night right now otherwise she wouldn't have been able to see "yeah it is but why is he mumbling to himself and did he get paler" Beth pointed out only for their conversation to be put on hold when Josh started walking closer to them allowing them to hear what he was muttering "crazy doctor wants me to be around friends huh well I can be around friends, no doctor Hill I did not call you crazy, oh what should I use I think I should get some payback for my sister's hm" Josh said going right bye said sister's and his nephew "well I can say this one thing he has gone insane without us" Hannah said worried "yeah hey Mamma what do you think he meant by getting revenge for you guy's" Ben asked staring after his uncle "hmm most likely he want's to pull a heavily over the top prank on are old friends that will scare them good" Hannah said grinning evilly "well we could always help with that and along the way we could start slowly pulling him out of his insanity" Aunt Beth said matching Hannah's grin "well then let's reintroduce ourselves" Ben said getting up to follow his uncle only to be pulled back down "oh no you don't Ben right now all he would think is that we are figments of his imagination we need to wait and watch" Hannah said following her brother through the shadow's "yeah and while you two are doing that I will go into his head and pretend to be his imagination while also boosting up his spirit's so it would be easier to break" Beth said dissipating.

the three of them followed Josh up into the cabin with Hannah and her son climbing in by a upstairs window and followed him to the kitchen were he seemed to compose himself right now if any one even there friends were to look at him he would pass of for not going insane but Hannah and Beth could see right through it noticed he's finger was twitching and many other thing's no one else would have noticed "hello friends and fams no no here let me fix this okay" Josh said telling the people that was going to see this video about coming back for their yearly anniversary and so on until he finished "know then time to get ready for some guest's oh hey Beth" Josh said walking right past Beth then he walked backward looked back at her causing Beth to wave at him "hm I must be getting a better imagination you look almost like a ghost version of Beth" Josh said looking her up and down "well that would be because I am" Beth said walking up beside her brother and putting her arm around him he must of realized that his imagination could not make him get cold and have goosebumps and they could not touch him causing him to stare hard at Beth "what are you expecting me to say boo" Beth said smirking "you're you're real you're really a ghost" Josh said staring at his or what used to be his sister "of course she is after all you should know are sister from some half planned hallucination" Hannah said coming out of the shadow's so that she was hanging over her brother "well you can't be real I've never seen anything that looked like wait Hannah" Josh said noticing the tattoo "yep uncle Josh that's my mom and your sister" Ben said coming out of the shadow's right next to Hannah two seconds later there was a thud and Josh was unconscious on the floor "well that went better than I thought" Ben said "so what now Hannah" Beth asked "simple you get all the spooky stuff ready as well as help Josh, I'll try my best to keep the other Windigos from hunting, and Ben you stay here with your uncle Josh okay" Hannah said "fine by me" Ben said sitting down on the counter and with that they split up to get there jobs done

{so what do you guy's think I got the inspiration when playing Until dawn to get a good Windigo so I thought of this, and don't worry I will try to get to my other work soon} Ghost the Fox