***Just a little poem I wrote during class today. To put you lawyers at ease, copyrighted things go to Tim Burton. Happy?

Just the bored king of Halloween who walked into the forest

And found Christmas Town, all bright and shiny

Colors. He brought back souveneirs to let everyone

Know about this new holiday.

So obsessed with Christmas that he told Lock, Shock, and Barrel to

Kidnap Santa Claus.

Everyone helped to make their own Christmas. They

Let things get out of hand.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel took Santa to Oogie Boogie.

Instead of fixing this, Jack became the

New "Sandy Claws". In the Human World, he

Got gunned down. He went back

To Halloween Town. Realizing what had happened, he battled

Oogie Boogie to save Sally and Santa. Although he

Never knew it at first, he needed his simply-meant-to-be.