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Nana: let's start. This history ,as different kind of the collab that I did with Jakaynne (Go check it out! It's about to end!) We'll be faster to publish... (I think) so I want to tell you NOTHING HERE IS RANDOM! (exept the 'word eating' ability of FF)

Chris POV

It was midnight and I couldn't sleep. I walked to Tortuga's roof and sat on it. Then my head started to hurt really bad. Then I was knocked out.

Zach POV

My plan went successful! The green guy is knocked out and now I can bring him to my jet and study him. My father did a great job, except of make bad things of things with me, Chris is the best thing I've ever saw. And perfect. I picked him up and brought him to my jet. I have to tell blue boy or things will get stressing. I put Chris on the capsule, put the oxygen mask on him and activated the liquid to 'conserve' him. The mask would also check the pulse and if he talk I would hear him.

Martin POV/at )3( a.m

I woke up and went to my brother's room.

"CHRIS!" I shouted. You can probably guess what happened: he is gone!

"Martin… It's four A.M." JZ said

"Chris disappeared!" Aviva said noticing my urgency.

Then a call came

It was Zach and the first thing I notice is a capsule in human size with something in it.

"Hello, Wild Kratts." The bad guy greeted.

"Hello Zach. Wait, you didn't called us rats." Koki said

"I just wanted to tell you that I have Chris. Martin, I want you to come here. We need to talk." Zach said

"Okay. Where do we meet?" I asked

"I'm landing about a few kilometers away from you." He said.

I prepared my self to go there. What would Zach want to tell me?

"Welcome to my jet." Zach said as I arrive " LET's go to anoThER place, away from your brother. It's better if he doeSn't know."

We sat on a room only with a taBle And two Chairs. We sat.

"What do you want to talK about?" I asked.

"My father died a week ago and when I went to the hospital a few minutes before he leaving he told me a thing. I didn't believe at first. But now I know it's true."

"I'm sorry for your lost Zach. What did he said?" I tried to know.

"Well… Uh… This is hard to me to say. I'm still his friend and I'm going to say this…" The guy in black started

"Just split it out!" I shouted

"Chris is a robot."

I don't know what to say. Zach gave me the blueprints. A robot with all the humans features except the part under the veins and blood. Better saying the only thing that he doesn't have like a human is the inside. I'm shocked. But he feels pain and bleeds like a normal person!

"I was hopping worse." Zach said." I wanted to tell you so you would not get caught out in more surprise. It's better if he doesn't knows. My dad died before he could tell me what happens if he finds out."

"Okay. I'll do my best. May I just ask you one thing?" I affirmed


"Please don't put any virus or something like that on him."

"He is my friend too. I would never do that."

"Thank you."

Zach lead me to pick up Chris. As he woke up, Zach and I simulate that we were mad at each other.

"I'll get you next time wild rats!"

"It's Wild Kratts!"

We lead back home and Chris was so tired that he went to bed. I told the crew what Zach informed me of. Their reaction was kinda mine. We can't let him know the truth about himself. This will cost me much of me. Hiding something to my own brother! I never thought about that.

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