The silent alarm on Quentin's phone went off. He checked the camera feed which had been turned off. The outside cameras were never to be turned off. He tried the indoor cameras and got the same thing. He started to panic and if his baby was in trouble then he had to go to extremes and there were two men he knew who would take it to the extreme. First thing's first though, he had to call Sara and make sure she didn't go home.

Back at the house

Oliver went after the closest man to him with a gun. He hit the guy right in the throat and he went down hard though right behind him were like three more men. Oliver groaned and sat down on the couch with Felicity sitting down next to him.

Felicity and Oliver promptly found themselves seated on the couch across from their kidnappers. Felicity held Oliver's hand tightly. She was worried that her sister and the kids would come home at any time. Oliver just wanted to know why these assholes ruined his perfect day with Felicity. "I demand to know what's going on. I am an FBI agent and personal guard to Ms. Smoak. Your looking at many years in prison for this" Oliver said more for himself then anything. "We just want a word with Ms. Smoak not her bodyguard" one of the men said. Felicity looked at him with a snarl. "Well, you have my undivided attention but my bodyguard stays with me" Felicity said almost growling.

The man shook his head. "Ms, Smoak we need you to stop being so loud about certain things. The companies that have hired us don't like what you've been saying and hoped that the little incident you suffered at work would close your mouth but it hasn't. The shootout with you resulting in your sister being in the hospital hasn't. So now we are here to let you know that if you don't stop poking your nose into everything, we will make sure something really bad happens to someone you care about" the man says dropping a hospital pamphlet on the table.

Staring daggers at the man Felicity shoved the pamphlet back at him. She knew what he was implying and it wasn't going to scare her. "Laurel would hate me more if I stopped doing what I believe in and we will stop you before you can hurt anyone" Felicity said grinning an evil grin.

The man smirked under his mask. "Then don't be surprised if Laurel never wakes up to tell you that herself" he said and then out of nowhere grabbing Felicity by the throat. Oliver stood and reached for her but the man next to him pointed a gun at Felicity's and tells Oliver to sit back down. Oliver nods not wanting Felicity to get harmed. "This will be just a little warning for our little friend here" the man says and pulls back his fist and Felicity closes her eyes waiting for the impact but it never comes, instead she finds the man letting go and herself on her knees.

Felicity opens her eyes and sees the man who had her lying unconscious on the floor. She looked around and saw Lincoln standing next to her, Blood on his fist. Michael had knocked the others out. He offered her his hand. Shaking a little, Felicity took it and Lincoln pulled her up with little trouble. Thanking him she ran over to Oliver and sat in his arms. He held her tightly letting her know everything would be alright.

As soon as Oliver had calmed Felicity down, he looked up at the two men. "Now do you want to tell us why you look like my uncle and his boyfriend or are we going to continue keeping secrets and there be no trust" Oliver said not letting go of Felicity. Felicity looked up at them hoping that they would agree with that. She needed more answers not more questions.

Lincoln and Michael looked at each other and nodded. "Alright kid, we will tell you everything but from here on out we are in charge of protection around here got it?" Lincoln said gruffly. Oliver nodded and Lincoln delved into the story.