Felicity walked into her office on the top floor of Smoak Tech. The minute she saw him her jaw dropped. He was gorgeous. His blue eyes and cool demeanor made it impossible to think. She took a deep breath and headed to he desk.

"I am Mrs. Smoak, I am the head of the company. I huh, not sure, where we have to go from here" she stumbled still drawn in by those beautiful blue eyes.

Oliver stared at the woman in front of him. Her eyes sparkled in the sunlight and her golden hair seemed to radiate in the sunlight. He only heard her say her name but her voice sounded like an choir singing. He closed his eyes and tried to breath because he had a job to do.

"Mrs. Smoak" Oliver started to say and she broke in and said "please call me Felicity". "Alright Felicity, I'm agent Queen but please call me Oliver. I wanted to go over the day of the explosion with you again. I know you've probably told this story to a ton of people but I want to hear it first hand.

Felicity took a deep breath. She didn't want to remember that day. It was horrible but she knew to find out what happened, she needed to talk. "Alright Oliver, this is the story"