Author's Note: I don't even know. R27 fluff, I love sleeping in warm cool areas.

Edited 6/9/16

"Reborn!" Tsuna cried out. "It's too hot~!"

Reborn gave no mind to him and continued snuggling against the younger boy. He gave a sigh of content.

Tsuna protested for a few moments before squirming and cuddling back. The breeze was nice.

Reborn chanted under his breath, "Warm, warm, warm."

It was one of those moments where Reborn would stop everything and become a lazy clingy bastard.

"-love you." Reborn murmured softly, his curly sideburns bounced as he leaned his head to cuddle into Tsuna's neck.

But he guessed, it was adorable too. Especially with his pendent to cuddle with Tsuna no matter where he was (Tsuna had a heart attack when Reborn jumped on him in the middle of a meeting; lucky the other Don was too traumatized to do anything), if a bit tedious.

Tsuna sighed before letting the warm sunshine wash over him as well.

The bright wide sky enveloped the two of them and it made him realize how much his life changed ever since he met Reborn. He smiled sleepily, "I love you too Reborn."